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Cookworks Mini Oven - Stainless Steel with Microfibre HSB® Cleaning Glove
Cookworks Mini Oven - Stainless Steel with Microfibre HSB® Cleaning Glove

43 of 50 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars very good oven with some practice, 22 Nov. 2012
I bought this Cookworks oven after having used a conventional, full sized oven, halogen oven and a russel hobs mini convection oven. The russel hobs broke after about 2 yrs and the halogen after 5 months. I can't first stress enough if you want your money to last longer, then get at least a 3 yr guarantee and if your decide to fork out quite a bit then look at 5 yrs but look closely at the terms of the policy as sometimes they're not worth it. (Argos do good value 3yr extended warranties). Halogens are well known for not lasting long till the bulb goes (likely to blow from 1-3 years) and then cost relatively too much to buy a new bulb get someone to fit it. If your thinking about getting a microwave instead or a combi oven, are you really gonna get it checked every year to make sure it's not leaking? I have seen at laskys they include annual checks with their extended warranties, but even then, what about when the warranty expires? Even if you do annual checks, what about if it starts leaking a few months after the check?

Anyway, I now realise that the fan stops mini convection ovens from burning the food from either the top or bottom elements by spreading the heat more evenly and allowing you to do some proper baking. (the Russel Hobbs tended to burn). With the elements so close to the food relative to a conventional full sized oven and without the fan your looking at an effect which makes it almost like a grill.
Also, the Cookworks has elements at both the top and bottom. My halogen was pretty good but with no bottom element, large volumes such as decent sized cakes, bread and pies would not cook underneath very well. I never used the extender ring but although it would give more space, I expect this problem would be amplified as the bottom would be even further away from the heat source. Even thin crispy pizzas would not crisp underneath and remain under-cooked and a bit soggy. The halogen I had was 1400 watts so it could supply the heat but just not exactly with the right choice of direction.

This cookworks oven doesn't have a light tho but it is pretty easy to see the food inside, just doesn't look as good as the halogen bulb does.

Build quality is good. No digital controls to go wrong, good sturdy dials.

Says in the manual that it doesn't automatically turn the heat off when the timer ends but it actually does seem to turn off automatically which is a bonus compared to a standard conventional oven.

Cooking with both top and bottom heating elements and the fan seems to be the safest, most versatile setting but contrary to a standard oven, having the fan on actually seems to make the overall heating effect cooler so I've found I need to have it about 30-40 degrees hotter than the recipe requires which is a significant amount really. So bear in mind the temperature guage goes to 230 degrees but with both elements and fan you'll only get it up to round 200. On the other hand, the heats going to be getting into the middle of the larger volumes more effectively so you won't get things burnt on the outside and undercooked inside. The fan is not a failsafe however, so if something is prematurely brown or crisped on top for example but has a while still to cook then sling some tin foil over it for a bit, maybe taking off a few minutes before you eventually take it out. With the fan off, I need to experiment more but I'm finding it does get possible hotter than the guage claims but this is dependent on which shelf the food goes on.

You have a good choice of 3 shelf locations. You can cook a good sized souffle in there, in fact two if you have a smaller additional dish at the side.
Cooked a lovely sponge. Jacket potatoes took quite a while, next time, I'll switch the fan off sooner in order for the jacket to get really crispy. I'd cut very big ones in half or you'll just be waisting electricity. Same goes for roast potatoes - big pieces could mean double the cooking time and less surface area available to get crispy.
with the Russel Hobs, I discovered (unfortunatley on christmas day) that if you totally load up the oven, things will take a lot longer to cook if they do cook at all! that was 1100w tho so less powerful but I expect the same principal would apply for this oven.

It does slip around quite easily on the work surface so be careful about that (cats, children, dogs etc.).
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Sony Cyber-SHOT DSC-WX1 ( 10.6 MP,5 x Optical Zoom,2.7 -inch LCD )
Sony Cyber-SHOT DSC-WX1 ( 10.6 MP,5 x Optical Zoom,2.7 -inch LCD )

5.0 out of 5 stars excellent, 19 July 2012
I love this camera. Looks great and surprisingly compact. The panoramic function is brilliant. However, if you print panoramic on A4 it's not really big enough and to view on a pc screen is a bit small. What I do is print out a panoramic picture over 5 A3 pages and stick them together (you can do this in the Paint programme). Looks great on the wall. Don't expect massive detail and sharpness close up though on the panaronamic function but still is surprising how much detail it does pick up considering it's been blown up over 5 A3 sheets.

Although you can play around with the settings on this camera using the manual options, I find the automatic setting good, quick and easy enough and usually use this but with the flash off inside as flashes tend to distort the colours.

Brother MFC-5890CN Network Ready A3 Colour Inkjet Multifunction Printer with fax
Brother MFC-5890CN Network Ready A3 Colour Inkjet Multifunction Printer with fax

4.0 out of 5 stars generally a good buy, 19 July 2012
I only really use this printer to print. Have copied a handful of times and not tested it as a fax machine.

For the price, it is great considering it can print A3. Be warned, it is bulky though. Have to feed through A3 sheets one at a time or it doesn't pick up the paper properly. Does not print really fast so be patient.

I tried with brothers own inks but they're so pricey that I now purchase an ink system with refillable cartridges that I found on ebay and that also had a 1 year guarantee and video to show how to use it. Would recommend that, didn't find the colours any duller or worse than Brothers own brand.
Sometimes though, I do get black marks on the edges or quite a stripey picture. Could be due to the ink cartidges I use though.

No Title Available

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars great buy, great machine, 19 July 2012
I did end up forking out a lot more than I originally intended and had ever thought any vacuum was worth. My son suffers from dust mite allergies so I wanted to buy a vacuum that not only can have a HEPA filter but that also has HEPA classification for the whole machine. (You do have to buy the HEPA filter seperately as it only comes supplied with a carbon filter). After researching the market, I realised that considering the whole machine is HEPA filtered, this is a good price relative to others I found available. It also has the benefit of being able to upgrade the vacuum head to one that tells you once part of a carpet has been vacuumed enough for combating allergies and so when you can move onto the next section. However, I do wonder if that is just more of a pricey gimmick as how can it really monitor how much of the smallest particles have been lifted?
Anyway, This vacuum replaced a vacuum that had a reasonable enough spec but I was not expecting my rug to come up like new; Since the lounge rug seemed to have got grubbier and grubbier, I was preparing to chuck it some time soon. However, the Miele removed so much more than my original vacuum. When you put your hand over the head you can feel great suction and can see the carpet pulling up.
I did have to contact Miele as after just a handful of uses, the vacuum was showing red to indicate that the dust bag was full or suction had been lost. I changed all filters and dustbag but still it indicated loss of suction. But I could feel with my hand and see that it was still working just as powerfully as before. Miele would have looked at it but I decided I can tell myself when to change the bags etc., the suction indicator is not really necessary as (at least on my unit) it is not accurate.
I am very pleased with it and the extended warranty I purchased means I should get many years good use from it.
(I do not find it heavy or attachments hard to change like I read in some critical reviews.)

Knitted Peru Hat with Peak Available in Black with Grey pattern. Unisex One Size Adult/teenager
Knitted Peru Hat with Peak Available in Black with Grey pattern. Unisex One Size Adult/teenager

4.0 out of 5 stars For smaller heads!, 26 Mar. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The hat itself is fine, nothing wrong with it and nice unusual styling.

However, I have a larger than average head size for a female. It is not really big but sometimes a one size hat is too small although they usually do. Although I could still get it it on, this hat was too tight.

Plum Products Play Trampoline
Plum Products Play Trampoline

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Good purchase, challenge to put together, 26 Mar. 2012
This is a great trampoline really.


I like that my son doesn't have his vision impaired while he is bouncing; it's not a large trampoline and I imagine I would feel claustrophobic with a safety enclosure. Instead, I opted for interlocking, shock absorbent safety matting from ebay which I doubled up to 2cm thick (laid on concrete).


I am not a regular exerciser and although sporty when younger, I never had any power in my arms so putting this together proved a challenge - nearly gave up but after a little thought I managed to succeed through mind over matter!


I tried to put the matt on by attaching opposite springs at first but gave up on this idea as some seemed impossible to stretch over the spring. Instead, I attached the springs to the matt in a haphazard order starting with the easiest ones. I had to use the pull tool provided and sit on the floor with two feet up against the frame either side of the spring in order to get leverage by leaning back and pushing with my feet. I was left with about four springs which I just could not attach. I had to enlisted the help of a fit, average build young man who managed to attach two but couldn't pull hard enough to get the final two on. A second, on the larger side of average man tried but was still fustratingly about 7mm too far out. At this stage, I was disappointed and was considering whether the alignment was out - giving up or starting over again. As I was bolting in the frame, it was not that difficult to allign bolts and tighten them so I didn't think the alignment would be too much of a problem.
Then I realised that if I stood it on it's side with two feet accross the ground and the two springs that needed attaching at the top, I could get the required leverage by holding onto the pull tool and gradually applying more and more pressure through body weight by almost hanging on the tool! (I had to get up a bit higher than the trampoline to do this so I stood on the doorstep which was conveniently the perfect height above the yard level). I still needed someone to help as I needed to pull down with two hands and someone else needs to hook the spring in the loop while it was being stretched.
I would recommend that you try to attach the mat to the springs primarily with the trampoline the right way up and only as a last resort and on the final few springs would I turn it side ways and use my own body weight and gravity. The reason I say this is that I envisage that if you pulled it down too much then the frame could brake or a nut. Although this trampoline seems well built and strong I wouldn't want to put the frame under unnecessary pressure. However for the final couple of springs I expect it is fine and may help to realign the frame if that's a problem.


In summary, you do really need two people to do this I think unless you are rediculously strong and can pull all the loops with one hand so you have the other hand free to hook the spring in while the matt is being stretched.
The second person does not have to be strong, a kid could hook it in the loop while the matt is stretched. And if you turn tha trampoline on it's side and finish it off like I did, then the first person does not have to be particularly strong either. I didn't have to use all my body weight and I am about 12 stones (female). You would need a strong grip though.
You also need fairly strong wrists to put the rubber feet on. At first, I thought they were impossible to get on as they where too small but then realised that the knack is to apply pressure at the same time as twisting the feet on. (The bolts at the bottom of the frame may have to been tightened first).


It took me about an hour and a quarter to do which, after reading reviews for various trampolines, seems reasonable (although it felt like about two and a half hours!).


I did manage to get a metal splinter in my finger though and a small cut on my wrist trying to get the feet on. The instructions do recommend gloves but obviously you loose grip with gloves - I didn't use any.


Just a final note on selecting a trampoline: If you're not too familiar with your measuring distances then I'd recommend always measuring out the size of a trampoline before purchase as you really can't tell from pictures. Even with a person stood next to the trampoline you still can't get a really accurate idea of the scale although at first you may have assumed that it is a certain size without question.

Cowon X7 160GB Portable Media Player - Black
Cowon X7 160GB Portable Media Player - Black

1 of 3 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars sent it back - disappointing., 14 Mar. 2012
Brought this because apart from the ipod classic, this was the only mp3 player I could find that had such a large capacity and I had read that the volume on the ipod with the large capacity was really low so chose to try the cowon. Touch screen responsiveness is rediculous, I just found it impossible to use because of this.
It also didn't seem to have a logical flow to it but this may have been because I was not used to it and had previously only used ipods.
Also kept freezing.
Very bulky and heavy.
In the end, sent it back - Amazon - always good to buy from had no problems with this. Got the good old ipod classic instead which I found not to have a volume problem after all.

USB Internet Radio and TV Dongle For Your PC Computer or laptop -- Over 16,000 internet Radio Stations
USB Internet Radio and TV Dongle For Your PC Computer or laptop -- Over 16,000 internet Radio Stations

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars great product for dance music, 4 May 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
If you're really into your house, techno, trance, drum'n'bass etc. then this is one of the best music buys you could make this year. Adds a whole new spectrum to your music listening experience.

Apple iPod classic 160GB - Silver - 6th Generation
Apple iPod classic 160GB - Silver - 6th Generation
Offered by TheBuzzer
Price: £459.00

5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars great product. (better than cowon x7), 4 May 2011
I don't see why people have complained about this not being loud enough - it is. I originally bought the cowon x7 but it kept skipping tracks, would freeze and need to be reset and the scroll was so sensitive I don't know how anyone can get it to work. The cowon x7 is often said to be the only other serious contender in the alternatives to the ipod at this level of capacity but I am convinced the ipod is much better (and cheaper).


3.0 out of 5 stars good price but cheap print, 22 Dec. 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: HADRIAN DUVET SET - KINGSIZE
you cant see in the photo that the print is not such high quality as it's done in such a way that close up it does not look like real tartan - it's hard to explain but it's the way the pattern has been printed onto the duvet cover.

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