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Dicks Picks 3
Dicks Picks 3

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Full of flavour, 9 Nov. 2012
This review is from: Dicks Picks 3 (Audio CD)
I bought this back in 2001 as my first live GD cd and I certainly didn't realise then that it was going to open up a whole new world for me.
The songs, jamming, and in particular the segues immediately caught my attention. One track joining another and another...in a concert setting can be an exciting adventure for the band to play, and for the listener to experience. Another thing noticeable was the way the rhythm section worked together to bring it all together during tricky and or risky passages.

I'd previously read that GD's 1st sets were often lacklustre and used as a warm-up only. This gig doesn't show that at all.
The entire first disc from 'The Music Never Stopped' onwards is a trip to enjoy. And much tighter than I was expecting. Garcia's improvised soloing shows a high level of intellect that is indescribable. 'Sugaree' is the perfect vehicle for showing such intellect.
Then comes Weir's Lazy Lightning > Supplication. By this stage I knew I was on a winner. 'Help On The Way' > 'Slipknot!' > 'Franklin's Tower' was the icing on the cake. There was pure magic being made right there. Disc 1 = outstanding!
The excellence of disc 1 continues throughout disc 2. It's the stuff that dreams are made of. 'Estimated Prophet', 'Eyes of the World'...and the rest that follows is like a flow of the best wine available.
The weak tracks on this 2 disc set aren't weak at all. It really is that good.

Beautiful stuff.

Dick's Picks 8
Dick's Picks 8

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Acoustic & Electric Heaven & Hell, 9 Nov. 2012
This review is from: Dick's Picks 8 (Audio CD)
A giant amongst giants. This gig has it all. The warmth of an acoustic set. The ferocity of a lion in the electric sector.

I knew that I was in for a treat as soon as `Don't Ease Me In' was about half way through. I hadn't previously heard acoustic versions of some of these tracks and was totally floored by them. The band are relaxed and comfortable from word `go'. Great versions of `Black Peter', `Cumberland Blues', `Deep Elem Blues'.....the list goes on. I never skip any tracks on disc 1. It's so full of atmosphere and intimacy. An outstanding `Uncle John's Band' finishes what was a dream first set.

The New Riders of the Purple Sage played a set with Lesh, Garcia & Kreutzman lending their services, none of which made it onto this Pick.

The Dead then came on to continue their gig with amazing electrical storm energy.

The first half or so of `St. Stephen' is missing and has to be faded in. From here on disc 2 is wicked. "Cryptical Envelopment' > `Drums' > `The Other One' > `Cryptical Envelopment' > `Cosmic Charlie' is a ride not to be missed. The whole band play like they're possessed. 'Casey Jones' chugs along nicely, but it's Jerry on fire in 'Good Lovin' that closes disc 2 perfectly with mouth-watering soloing.
Disc 3 contains a classic `Morning Dew'. Then comes my favourite teeth-grinding version of `Viola Lee Blues' - wild to say the least. Garcia is an animal on this. Its peaks blasts out of the speakers. You could imagine that your head would warp if you witnessed this gig in the flesh. `We Bid You Goodnight' is the perfect way to warm down from the rigorous brain exercise of the entire experience leading up to the finale.

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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Warning!! Not for casual fans, 7 Nov. 2012
Stay away from this one unless you're a Zep nut that will collect any unofficially released Zep stuff.
The band had this professionally filmed, but I'll warn you now that the performance is terrible.
Page was so strung out by this stage that any solo, long or short was so sloppy that it was embarrassing. Plant's voice continually cracks and hurts the ears.
They did put on some great shows during this tour even when they were erratic. Sadly, this Seattle 1977 gig is possibly the worst I've heard by any band.
Zep are my fave band ever. The only reason I've reviewed this is to warn any curious casual fan so that they don't get put off by this performance so much that they judge Zep on this performance alone. There are loads of great live Zep performances out there on audio, especially from pre-72.

All You Need Is Now [deluxe Ed
All You Need Is Now [deluxe Ed
Offered by jim-exselecky
Price: £6.99

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars All You Need Is This, 27 April 2012
First of all, I need to say how refreshing to the ears this album is. It's hard to imagine how a band can come up sounding so fresh & vital so late in their career. And yet, so many of the fans that were obsessed with them in the 80s wouldn't even get to hear this album at all - I know this from speaking to old friends.

Some of the tracks like 'Girl Panic' & 'Safe' would've been big hits if given the airplay that their 80s hits received back then.
My favourite track would have to be the very cool title track `All You Need Is Now'. I can hear slight resemblances to U2's `Achtung Baby' in the production, which isn't a bad thing at all.
Blame The Machines, Being Followed, Leave A Light On, The Man Who Stole A Leopard, Other People's Lies, the interlude Return To Now, are all very good to excellent tracks. There are no actual throwaway tracks, which means the album flows very nicely.
Overall, a very good album that's still growing on me - my star rating for this album may grow as well over time as a result.
This album has also inspired me to dig into their back catalogue such as 'Astronaut' which I've found to be a winner as well.

Well done boys.

Listen Like Thieves 2011 Remaster
Listen Like Thieves 2011 Remaster
Offered by positivenoise
Price: £5.44

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Consistently Brilliant, 20 April 2012
I finally bought this on cd after owning the vinyl back when the album was originally released in 1985. I thought it was amazing back then and time has certainly not done it any damage. In fact now that the singles aren't rammed down your throat by radio stations, a fresh listen after many years has confirmed for me at least, that this is as a great a pop-rock album as any I've ever heard. The production is crystal-clear and the songs flow perfectly in the order they're listed.....seriously perfect!
It's very hard for me to highlight individual tracks although I will point out a track with a driving beat that I couldn't understand why it wasn't a single - Same Direction.
I can't paint a better picture than I've already painted about this album. All I can do is (VERY) highly recommend it.

The only thing I don't understand and annoys me a little with this remaster is that there were no extras included. What You Need was also released as an extended remixed 12" vinyl single that used to be played in nightclubs back then. At least that track could have been included as an extra. It still won't annoy me enough to drop its star-rating though.

Give it a listen and see what you think.

Wish You Were Here [Experience Edition]
Wish You Were Here [Experience Edition]
Offered by Discover Music
Price: £22.96

88 of 98 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Raving & Drooling, 7 Nov. 2011
I already give the original album 5 stars and it's been reviewed a zillion times. The interest here is in the 2nd disc. After hearing a few bootlegs from the Wish You Were Here tour over the years, I'm already familiar with the 2 tracks `Raving & Drooling' & `You've Got To Be Crazy', which were renamed when they finally appeared on the Animals album released in 1977. To me, the intensity and energy of those tracks performed live on the WYWH tour were the highlights of that tour. This live recording of Shine, Raving & Crazy is amazing. The performances are top-notch and the audio is so clean and fresh to the ears - you can't beat this for a live 1974 recording. I wasn't sure of what to expect because of some live discs I've heard included in Deluxe albums released by other artists that were hardly better than an average bootleg. This will blow you away - turn it up!!
Wine Glasses - can't tell you much about it except that it doesn't offend the ears.
The alternate versions of Have a Cigar & Wish You Were Here are of real interest for any hardcore fan.
Roger & the boys supply the vocals on this version of Have a Cigar. Waters didn't think his vocals were right for this track at the time. Roy Harper happened to be recording an album at the same studios at the time so Floyd asked him for his assistance for the original album version.
The actual structure of Wish You Were Here is different, let alone a different lead at the start from Gilmour. Add to that the violin solo played by French jazz violinist Stephane Grappelli up high in the mix as a lead instrument and you have something very different from the familiar version.

Pros and Cons of disc 2:
Pros: the whole of disc 2 is what a lot of us fans have prayed for.
Cons: not enough live material. It would've been awesome to have the whole Wembley gig, warts and all.

Excellent release.
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Dicks Picks 5
Dicks Picks 5

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Shakedown indeed!, 24 Dec. 2010
This review is from: Dicks Picks 5 (Audio CD)
Thanks for tuning in.
I can't say I'm a big fan of post-1977 live GD, but this late 1979 gig is a very pleasant surprise. I basically bought this as a result of reading about an outstanding version of Uncle John's Band (a major personal favourite) contained within by fan reviews on Amazon USA, and a couple of the music forum posters here on Amazon UK - you know who you are:)
Cold Rain and Snow starts off the gig in a very relaxed fashion - not particularly energetic, but well played and sung.
Things really pick up by the time they get to Me & My Uncle/Big River. The energy level & focus has increased, and it hasn't got much to do with the fact these are faster-paced tracks - it's the intent.
At this stage of my first listen, I've noticed that the recording is very clear and the balance between the instruments & vocals is mostly right - this hasn't always been the case with this series. The only slight problem, and I mean slight, is that Weir & Mydland should be a little lower in the mix at times.
I've never been a fan of Alabama Getaway in the past but this version absolutely rocks! The performance is adrenalin-rushed and Promised Land follows on in the same fashion. I will definitely never skip Alabama on this cd.
The moment I'd been waiting for comes next.....Uncle John's Band! Apart from the playing, I can see a major reason why this version is so highly regarded - Brent Mydland. This guy provides great backing vocals throughout the show and I wouldn't be surprised if Bob & Jerry, knowing that he hits the right notes, were using him as a guide to align their own vocal pitches to.
A very odd and unbalanced performance of Estimated Prophet flows on from UJB. It kinda stumbles along at the start. A few minutes later, it starts to build up beautifully in the first jam, then falls apart as the guys lose focus. Bob makes it even worse with a horrid vocal approach. I'm thinking maybe he was bored with the original vocals he used to do on this track and tried to inject it with a more aggressive approach - no Bob, it doesn't work.
Speaking of aggression, the boys are going for it on The Other One. Jerry comes in a line early for the backing vocals but have no fear, they're switched on to carry on a hot rendition.
Jam 2 contains great sound effects and goes into Not Fade Away - this is one of the songs where it's obvious that Bob is too high in the mix.
Brokedown Palace is so damn good at this gig - a highlight for sure - very sweet.
Being a pre-1978 fan, I haven't heard many versions of Shakedown Street. The few I've heard, including the studio version, have always impressed me. This is my favourite version so far - cool stuff - warts & all. The transition into the UJB reprise isn't a clean one but it works itself out into a nice reprise.
I held off wanting to purchase this 3cd set for most of the decade. Now after hearing it, I just laugh and know that I now have something else to look forward to listening to in the future.
There's plenty to like on this cd set and I'd definitely recommend it. Enjoy.

The New "Rolling Stone" Album Guide
The New "Rolling Stone" Album Guide
by "Rolling Stone"
Edition: Paperback

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars what a rip-off!, 8 Dec. 2010
I'll keep this as short as possible.
How could Rolling Stone put their 'supposedly' respected name to this crap??
There are omissions and errors throughout.
Omissions include: george harrison; deep purple; 13th floor elevators (although roky erickson makes it); nine inch nails; asia; howlin' wolf; ella fitzgerald; the albums "live at last" & "reunion" by black sabbath; legendary john coltrane albums "blue train", "lush life" and soultrane".
Errors include: "thank you" by led zeppelin is listed as being both on "led zep 2" & "houses of the holy"; under the ry cooder listing, it is suggested that you look under the "buena vista social club" albums in the anthologies section at the back of the book but there is no listing for 'buena vist..'.
For some unknown reason the reviewers in this edition seem to skip reviewing certain albums (that are actually listed) in an artists' listing if that artist has more than a handful of releases.
A laughable matter is when an album is reviewed as being a "disappointment", yet manages to get 4 and a half stars.
This is just at a glance - I can't be bothered with this 'cash in on the strength of the name "Rolling Stone"' crap.
Unfortunately, there is only the option of rating this between 1-5 stars. I would have given it a zero if that was an option. Don't waste your money like i did.
I'm tired and grumpy....leave me alone!

Dicks Picks 15
Dicks Picks 15

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!, 8 Dec. 2010
This review is from: Dicks Picks 15 (Audio CD)
1977 was a magnificent Grateful Dead year live-wise. I'd go as far as saying it was 'the' year of the most consistently great shows by the boys - a personal viewpoint of course.
Be warned - the energy levels are high on this night. I won't go through every track but this particular volume from the great Dick's Picks series is one of my very favorites. And here's why:

The clarity of the recording is very good. The balance between the instruments and vocals is much better than many GD shows.
Disc 1: The guys are switched on from the very start with a nice rockin' Promised Land. Bobby fluffs the lyrics for a moment but it doesn't make a difference as they settle into a fine opening.
Me & My Uncle has always been amongst my favorite cover tunes they did, and this version is as good as any from '77.
This slowed down version of Friend of the Devil works brilliantly. It's always a risk that you may lose the feel of a song when it's changed or slowed down - especially after the original version was a 'hit' amongst fans - no problem evident here.
I mentioned energy before - you'll find it a-plenty on this rampant version of The Music Never Stopped, which features a brilliant jam with Jerry on fire. I haven't heard this track sound better....ever!
Disc 2 is my equal favorite `disc 2' of the whole series.
It starts off with a classic Bertha which segues perfectly into a joyous Good Lovin' - a jump in tempo from medium pace to party-mad.
Loser has Jerry providing some heartfelt vocals and well-executed chipped guitar notes.
Estimated Prophet is performed with amazing cohesion & ease for a freshly recorded track - you can really tell Bob is enjoying it.
Next up is a sensational Eyes of the World that will carry you off to god knows where - sublime.
Samson & Delilah absolutely rocks! Best version I've heard.
Disc 3 has Terrapin Station sounding the way you'd want it to be - brilliant. I always thought that the last section of Terrapin as being like Kashmir is for Zeppelin with its excellent extended ending.
Sounding good? I doubt that you will be disappointed.

Weir Here
Weir Here

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Ol' Bobby-boy has been misrepresented..., 30 Nov. 2010
This review is from: Weir Here (Audio CD)
First of all, I'm a big fan of Bob Weir's playing ability. His rhythym style is well thought out & executed - not conventional at all and very refreshing. In a live setting, he is simply outstanding and my favorite 2nd-string guitarist ever.
I'm giving this album 3 stars because of the lack of thought by whoever picked the tracks assembled on this compilation - I hope it wasn't Bob.
Yes I would've liked to see Greatest Story Ever Told on here but this isn't my main gripe. At least we get Lazy Lightnin'/Supplication.
The major annoyance for me is that the 2nd disc is full of Grateful Dead live performances which are available on other Grateful Dead live cds. Those performances are fine but I would've thought that the live material assembled on the 2nd disc should've come from Bob Weir's live performances outside of Grateful Dead. This release is baffling for this reason.
I made the mistake of purchasing this without looking into what was included in this set - it doesn't do the great man any justice as to the great material he actually has. I can only recommend this (disc 1) for anyone who wants a small taste of his output. Hopefully the powers that be release another compilation that makes sense.

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