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Elegies [DVD] [2008]
Elegies [DVD] [2008]
Dvd ~ Machine Head
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £6.97

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5.0 out of 5 stars Desire To... Watch Again And Again, 30 Nov. 2005
This review is from: Elegies [DVD] [2008] (DVD)
Unfortunately, when this DVD was released, I didn't have enough money to buy it, so after a couple of agonising months of my friend watching 'Elegies' again and again, he lent it me and I finally got my grubby mits on, what has to be said, could be the single greatest music DVD in the history of music DVDs. Let me tell you all: the wait was most definitely worth it.
This is not just a DVD with a live show and the band members acting like idiots like most run-of-the-mill DVDs are these days. This is far better. Yes, there is a live show as the Brixtom Academy with Machine Head musically tearing every crowd member apart like 5000 sacrificial lambs, and there are clips of inspring vocalist/guitarist Robb Flynn, ace of bass Adam Duce, lead axeman Phill Demmel and powerhouse drummer Dave McClain occasionally having a good time, but to be honest, this pratting about is not what the DVD is about.
To me, the greatest feature of this overall brilliant DVD is The Making Of Through The Ashes Of Empires. From the exhilerating highs of headlining the With Full Force festival and playing to thousands upon thousands of people and the frankly abysmal lows of being eventually forced to write a (probably never to be released) radio-friendly song and sitting in front of a camera selling themselves to record companies, this documentary grabs the whole length of time from MH's 2001 release Supercharger to the American release of the hellishly metal Through The Ashes Of Empires and rams it through your skull, forcing you to take everything in. It is an awesome piece of video, a real credit to Machine Head for laying everything out for fans to see.
The promotional videos for 'The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears', 'Days Turn Blue To Gray' and 'Imperium' are included as well, as well as short clips showing how they were made, which is interesting as well as fun to watch.
This DVD is the best DVD I have personally ever watched, and I can say that truthfully. It may have something to do with SF Bay Area thrashers Machine Head being my favourite band of all time, but even people who don't consider The Head to be their favourite band watch the DVD every night for 2 months. Surely that conveys the pure awesomeness of this release. Surely that makes you want to part with your hard-earned cash for this masterpiece of video technology.
If not, you're missing out on the best. I mean it.

Chimaira [Limited Edition]
Chimaira [Limited Edition]

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5.0 out of 5 stars Words Cannot Describe, 13 Aug. 2005
From the first drum beat to the final chord, this album proves to the world that Chimaira's finest hour was not when they released their sophomore effort 'The Impossibility Of Reason' but right now. 'Chimaira' is simply one of the greatest metal albums ever released, with the insanely intense vocals of Mark Hunter, the crushing riffs of Matt DeVries, the blistering solos of Rob Arnold, the earth-shattering bass of Jim LaMarca, the intoxicating sampling of Chris Spicuzza and the cannon-like drumming from Kevin Talley all blending into one to smash you over the head with raw, unadulterated rage.
Nothing Remains is the perfect opener, with a heavy-as-lead riff and a solo that rivals early Metallica. Inside The Horror, heavy as a damn elephant once again, has got to be the headbangers favourite on the cd. Other stand out tracks have to be Comatose and Left For Dead, in which Mark Hunter vents his anger at a 'father' who chose money over family. Lazarus is a blinding closing track; the personal lyrics still echoing in my ears... 'Never had a chance to say goodbye.'
The bonus cd is awesome. The two tracks cut from the standard cd are brilliant, heavy as heavy can be with the same level of skill displayed in these as in the first cd's tracks. Why these weren't included, I don't know, but the live tracks on the bonus cd just kick you right in the face and say 'We're Chimaira, Come See Us Live And We'll Kick Your Ass.' Mark Hunter's instruction before 'The Dehumanizing Process (live)' makes you wanna get up and form your own Wall Of Death and go crazy when the riff blasts in...
Ahh, words cannot describe the absolutely immense power that this album has. Nothing Remains but for me to let out the biggest understatement of the year - this album is incredible.

Offered by Todays Great Deal
Price: £4.08

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4.0 out of 5 stars An Album You Must Gain, 30 Jun. 2005
This review is from: Hunter (Audio CD)
I'll start by telling you how I got into A Life Once Lost. I was wandering around Nottingham one day and there were a bunch of people, dressed in the same clothes as me, with a cd player blasting out this music that sounded cool, although I had no idea who it was. I walked up and asked who this band was, and they said 'A Life Once Lost' and since I had a spare bit of cash this Monday, I nipped to Derby and picked up the album Hunter.
This album hits you hard from beginning to end with pure unadulterated noise which your ears will tell you is simply brilliant. From the opening track Rehashed to the final track, you learn that ALOL are not your average band that scream in their songs. A Lif Once Lost is a band with emotion and talent as proved in their fabulous single Vulture and even more so in the second track of 'Hunter', Needleman.
I could rant on for hours about how good this album is, but the only way you will find out truly how good 'Hunter' is, is to buy it.
Right now. You will not be disappointed, unless you're expecting classical music or gangsta rap.
Seriously, this album is great, not the best I've EVER heard (nothing will beat Machine Head's 'Burn My Eyes'), but it's well worth the moolah.

Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £3.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Behold Our Beloved Trivium, 19 Mar. 2005
This review is from: Ascendancy (Audio CD)
I got this album from on of my local stores yesterday and I stuck it in my cd player, expecting it to be a good album with 2 great songs on, but I was wrong. This album is entirely awesome, from the beautiful intro of 'Ascendancy' to the hardcore - dashed with softness - vocals to the cruching guitars, the list goes on and one for why this album is great.
Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr is song I bought the album on, and I'm thankful I did because all of the songs are of the same quality as Pull Harder... including Like Light To Flies and A Gunshot To The Head of Trepidation.
I really, truly suggest to any fan of Metallica or Slayer that they should buy this album because it is what's great about metal today.

The Rise of Brutality
The Rise of Brutality
Price: £7.07

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5.0 out of 5 stars Love 'em or Hatebreed, 13 Nov. 2003
This review is from: The Rise of Brutality (Audio CD)
Love them or Hate them, there is no denying the awesome force of Hatebreed. Place 'Perseverance', the new albium's predecessor, in your CD player and don't be surprised if you're headbanging within 30 seconds. Flick on 'The Rise Of Brutality' and you'll be starting a pit in your own house.
Hatebreed are that extreme.
'The Rise Of Brutality' is an album that hits you hard from the first note to the last. It kicks your ass and leaves you laying.
The pure heavyness of the guitars sends unwavering shockwaves through your body, while the pounding drums leave you wondering if goverment bomb disposal units are outside. Not only that, but the pure rage in the vocal work of Jamey Jasta make you wonder how you ever lived without...
'The Rise Of Brutality' by Hatebreed.
Hatebreed is one of the most extreme bands I have ever heard and 'The Rise Of Brutality' is an album that keeps me happy and will make casual listeners take notice and become hardcore listeners - ALL HAIL HATEBREED!!

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