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crazygal (england)

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Nintendogs Labrador Retriever & Friends (Nintendo DS)
Nintendogs Labrador Retriever & Friends (Nintendo DS)
Offered by Renaissance
Price: £24.95

17 of 17 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars FANTASTIC DOGGY FUN!, 27 Jan. 2008
I really like this game, its so good!
you buy a breed of dog, you can keep 3 at home and 5 at the dog hotel, you can unlock breeds buy raising your trainer points or connecting with other nintendogs game owners. you can buy and breed you want, name it, teach it commands, take it for walks, see how it dances to music, stroke, feed, give it something to drink, play with it, bath, groom and acessorise your puppy or puppies. you can buy your care products at the pet supply shop, you can get toys and acessories while on walks. you can also meet other dogs while on your walks. with a beautiful scenery, your walks are great, your dogs walking meter will increase so you can go on a nice long walk together. i feel training your dog can be hard, if you have a smart dog breed, then it won't be so hard. stroking your dog is great, your dog reacts so realastically to your kind actions, but marks madly and gets angry at some mean actions, and i mean REALLY bad actions, not small mistakes, but don't worry, your dogs allways in a good mood. your dog might runaway if you don't care for it properly. your dogs react to SOME, pieces of music, you can make your own music on your keyboard, you have to buy one though. you have toys, acessories, extras, music, clockes and care items. you can read books on different sections of training and caring for your dog. enter it in competitions, you have to pracrice first though, you can earn money from competions and all your competions will be filed into your dogs compition file and all the tricks it has learned will be stored into the tricks file on your dogs status. you can check if your dog is hungry, thirsty, clean, whats its eaten lately, name, gender, breed and how many minutes youv spent with it for a day. you can bath and groom your dog, long haired have a different shampoo and brush than the short haired. you can donate a dog you don't want anymore, buy new things, get money by selling some of stuff or put some of your dogs into the doghotel. you can take them for walks and meet new dogs and get presents, your dog will go to the toilet on the street though. you can change your room, eneter competitions, feed, give it something to drink, play, stroke and train your dog. everything is so realastic. the graphics are just WOW! the background sounds are good too! i really like this game, i hope my review was helpful to you, i definitely recommend this game to ANYONE.

Purr Pals (Nintendo DS)
Purr Pals (Nintendo DS)
Offered by CD Dixie
Price: £10.95

74 of 78 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars a great cat game, 2 Jan. 2008
purr pals is a very good game. you can choose from 40 different types of cats. you buy more than one cat giving it a name and becoming its owner. you stroke your cat, your cat will purr as you do so but if you squirt it with the watergun when you feel it has been naughty it will let out a painful 'meow!' you can go into different rooms, there are lots of furniture in each of the rooms so if you click on any piece of furniture you can make your cat do something on it. you can feed your cat different cat food and you can groom it too! you can also buy new toys for your cat and have a really good time playing with your new toys. you can earn money from getting a high score in competions and your allowence will give you some money to work with too! the amount you get is based on how well your cat is doing and how your looking after it. there are four mini games you can play to earn money. the amount of money you earn is based on your success in the game, or the amount that your suppossed to be payed is given to you when you do as well as expected. theres the music game were you click on notes to make the song perfect, its harder than you think with most of the songs being a bit tricker, but its a great challenge to take on. theres the copy cat game were you have to copy your cats moves with some buttons, but its gets quite hard, but its a good challenge. the next game is the cupid game, shooting all the hearts with the bow and arrow is not as easy as you may think, but its a really good challenge. the last but defenitlely not least is the ball game. you have to throw the ball into the net until the time runs out, its not easy but trying to beat your score is very good and challenging, but you may do better than last time! grooming your cat also has a time limit. you can conect with other purpals users and host a meeting or join a meeting, meeting other cats is fun! i hope my review was helpful to you.

Bratz: Forever Diamondz (Nintendo DS)
Bratz: Forever Diamondz (Nintendo DS)
Offered by CD Dixie
Price: £9.88

4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars ummm...., 29 Dec. 2007
i bought this game and i hated it! it has little mini games that you have to complete you get onto the next, after you have completed them all, you can go onto your next location. you can also go into the bratz bus and put makeup on, buy clothes or trade clothes when you connect and look after your pet. i hated it all. the graphics are bad, the mini games are lame and it was a real waste of money, so i sold it and got my money back, then i bought a different game. do not buy this game, i do not recommend it. i hope i have helped you out!

Pony Friends (Nintendo DS)
Pony Friends (Nintendo DS)

10 of 12 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars wonderful horse fun, 29 Dec. 2007
I got this game a while ago and i loved it! first you have to get a horse, you can buy a breed or you can make your own horse up, making your own horse costs more than getting an real breed. you can go on trail rides and if you find a gate or increase your horses fitness you can unlock the next trail ride, there is a map of all the trail rides you have unlocked and are able to go on, the ones that are still waiting to be found will be shown as a padlock. when you go on your trail ride, you can take pictures of all the wildlife, you have ten shots availbale, sometimes you will take pictures of animals you already have in your scrapbook but other times you might take a picture of a new animal and it is put in your scrapbook. if you complete a set of pictures in your scrapbook you will get a reward! but some animals are only found at a certain time of day, some animals are found at all points of the day. you can not steer your horse, instead there is a pathway you must take, you can choose wether to gallop or to walk at anytime on your trail ride. after a trail ride or trail rides your horse will get very dirty, espiecally after more than one trail ride. first you must groom your horse with the body, main and tail brush. next you must wash your horse with shampoo and conditioner and rinse it with a hose full of water. you might need to wash your horse with some flea powder if needed. next you have to scrape off all the mud off your horses hoof and then pick at the stones until they fall off. sometimes shells and coins get stuck in the hoof, if you complete a set of coins or shells you get an award. when you go to the map you can see the pony club, the pony club is a club were ponies race. blow into the michrophone to get your horse running faster than the others and win. when you win first place you unlock the next race in the list of races, after you complete all the races you can race any of the races in any order and it won't matter anymore. sometimes you are asked to complete tasks on your trail rides, when you complete those tasks you get paid. sometimes there are secret items hidden in trail rides, if you find them you can keep them! you have a to-do-list of things you must do, when you complete all the chores on your list you get paid and with that money you can buy care supplies (shampoos and medicine) food (vegetables, treats, hay and oats) accories (sadels, blankets, horse shoes and rains) decorations (hair and main styles and designs for the horses rump (hip))you can check on your horses health and the vet will tell you what you need to now. a woman will help you through everything, giving you tips and advice in a non-annoying way, she does not annoye you at all at anytime. you can have up to three horses, you can keep them in the feilds or in the stable. you can check if your horse is healthy, happy, clean and loved. check on your horses awards to see what you need to increase, speed, stlye or fitness. once you have every trail ride unlocked, every accesorie and you have every meter full, you are ready to retire your horse and choose one out of four careers for your horse. you can exercise your pony, the more successful your horse is the more different kinds of tricks it will do. you can watch little parts of the pony and friends video and you can also check what accesories you have and which ones you need to get. dress up your pony in so many awesome styles and you can connect with other pony owners as well! you can name your pony and call it over and stroke and pat it. feed your pony its favourite food and make it happy. check your collection of shells and coins to see which ones are left to find. the graphics are amazing and all the sounds are spectaculiar. i defenitley recommend this game to horse lovers and to people who really want to feel like they have a horse and to understand how it is to own a pony. its a very peaceful game and makes you want to switch on your DS everyday and play. i hope my review was helpful to you!

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