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Breaking Bad: The Complete Series [DVD]
Breaking Bad: The Complete Series [DVD]
Dvd ~ Bryan Cranston
Price: £25.75

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1.0 out of 5 stars Total failure of quality control, 2 Sept. 2017
Fantastic series. However like many others have found out the discs have inherent built in problems. They feel the cheapest and act accordingly.
Stopping and stalling in disc after disc. I have tried playing on other machines both DVD and blu Ray and the faults persist.
Avoid the box sets in any form . The packaging just adds to the problem. Removing a disc from the card sleeve results in inevitable contact between the two and these discs, believe me, scratch remarkably easily. The cheapest of the cheap.
Corporate greed is as usual to blame. And as the US of A is the birthplace of the anything goes to make a buck attitude the origin of this product speaks for itself.
Have returned the box sets on three occasions. Some of the sealed sets I received had clearly been returned by other disgruntled buyers. Some of the discs were loose,covered in finger marks and scratched. So it appears that when defective box sets are returned they are simply resealed and sent out for sale again !!! Like I said above nothing stands in the way of corporate greed.

Finish Liquid Gel Lemon 1 Ltr
Finish Liquid Gel Lemon 1 Ltr
Offered by MightyHousewares
Price: £8.94

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1.0 out of 5 stars If you want stained cups buy this, 13 Jan. 2017
This review is from: Finish Liquid Gel Lemon 1 Ltr
Buy this at your peril. For years they sold an excellent product in white liquid form which really did the business.
Then this gel rubbish is foisted on the marketplace.
Never previously had any problem with tea stains on cups.
This gel will NOT remove tea stains so you end up washing your cups by hand.
Doh !! Who in their right mind thinks this new product is any good. Did they do a semblance of product testing ? Impossible to believe they did.
The white liquid product has been discontinued so as we will never buy this gel rubbish again we will have to test out other ( not Finish) products.

10 Cloverfield Lane [DVD] [2016]
10 Cloverfield Lane [DVD] [2016]
Dvd ~ Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Price: £4.50

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2.0 out of 5 stars A tragic waste of a good idea, 13 Jan. 2017
Next time I see a film with "directed by Dan Tractenberg" attached I will avoid. No cliche is left unused in this mess of a film. The underlying premise is original but that's where the originality ends.
Plot holes abound and the last 20 minutes is wholly ludicrous. The girl hero in that period becomes a cross between Ripley and Sarah Connor. Totally unbelievable. The need for an end like it is presented is clearly for the great unwashed who need their dose of impossible feats and daft daring do.
Scares? None that I could see.
As for the normally excellent John Goodman he is sadly miscast.
He just doesn't come off as the hard nosed slightly screwy survivalist .
As for the two other actors they were pure vanilla . In other words totally unmemorable.
All in all a great wasted opportunity.

Images of Barbarossa: The German Invasion of Russia, 1941
Images of Barbarossa: The German Invasion of Russia, 1941
by Christopher Ailsby
Edition: Hardcover

2.0 out of 5 stars Maps where are you ?, 29 Nov. 2016
Worth buying only for the photographs.
For such a vast subject matter there is unbelievably only ONE map !!
Absolutely incredible!
That makes the text accompanying the different stages of the three German spearheads almost totally pointless. You have no ability to see the attacks,changes of direction,Russian counter attacks,where forests and swamps are,no sign of rivers or the smaller towns.
Therefore the great detail offered of the different armies employed by both sides is next to pointless.
Only buy if it's a bargain basement price.
Look elsewhere for any meaningful insight into this most momentous part of history.

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Tracker and Sleep Wristband - Red
Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Tracker and Sleep Wristband - Red
Price: £61.24

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1.0 out of 5 stars A great waste of money, 24 Nov. 2016
Avoid. Simple as that. Had problems since purchase with getting the thing to sync. That's with my computer never mind my phone or other device.
Customer support is a joke. Generic responses every time. No individual thought involved. And you wait day after day before the standard response comes thru.
Something which is not cheap comes with with so much baggage. Nothing is perfect I accept. However problems every week in getting the thing to sync is totally unacceptable.

The Big Sky [DVD]
The Big Sky [DVD]
Dvd ~ Kirk Douglas

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2.0 out of 5 stars Where does the horse come from ?!?!?!, 29 Oct. 2016
This review is from: The Big Sky [DVD] (DVD)
Plot spoiler alert !! Kirk has been shot and he is taken to hide for a week under a waterfall ( as in Last of the Mohicans ) to recover. No horse anywhere in sight. When they emerge from the waterfall he is riding a horse !! Daft or what !
Thought this was a great film when I first saw it in my youth. Looking at it now one is so disappointed. I remember more action yet the film is almost devoid of any and is clearly studio bound for the most part. The river scenes are decent but very episodic and repetitive.
Kirk is kirk I.e predictable and playing the same guy over and over again like he always did. Take away "Ace in the hole " and " lonely are the brave" and he had a nondescript career.
This film is saved by the always excellent Arthur Hunnicutt. A top character actor if ever there was one.
Hawks proves what a vastly over rated director he was. Red River was a fluke never to be repeated.
This film proves nostalgia ain't what it used to be !
Won't be bothering to return to this film any time this century

Alfred Hitchcock: A Life in Darkness and Light
Alfred Hitchcock: A Life in Darkness and Light
by Patrick McGilligan
Edition: Hardcover

5.0 out of 5 stars Simply the best there is on Hitchcock, 11 July 2016
Outstanding. There is no better book to buy on Hitchcock than this . If you only buy one Hitchcock book then this is the one. Head and shoulders above all the competition...and there is plenty out there.
Gives new meaning to " exhaustive research" . Does not regurgitate the many repeated stories about Hitchcock without thoroughly checking their bona fides first...and changing some of them in quite material ways.
While the Spoto book has its followers it isn't a patch on this book. For a start he doesn't try and trash the man as Spoto did after Hitchcocks death. He treats him look a human being who has his faults but is blessed with an artistic genius which constantly shines through.
McGilligan in my opinion wrote the best books presently available on Jack Nicholson and Clint Eastwood. This book on Hitchcock is in the same vein.
One minor ( and it is very minor ) quibble is his views on Cary Grant. Clearly doesn't think much of him as somebody who tries to change his role or dialogue in Hitchcocks films or his ability to extract the maximum financial reward he can.
This is however a highly recommended book.

Obsession [DVD] [1976]
Obsession [DVD] [1976]
Dvd ~ George Litto

2.0 out of 5 stars Major disappointment, 7 July 2016
This review is from: Obsession [DVD] [1976] (DVD)
Over rated. How many Hitchcock references can you squeeze into one film ? I stopped counting after four . Vertigo obviously but the reflection in eyeglasses from Strangers on a train,the locked room from Rebecca ,the scissor stabbing from Dial M for murder and oh yes the face closing in like Grace Kelly in Rear Window....there is probably loads more...is this a tribute or the the work of a talent free director who hasn't got an original idea ?
Cliff Robertson does what he always does..nothing in that impassive way which works with actors who can act with their faces which he appears unable to do.
The final 20 minutes or so looks hurried as if the budget was running out and the end of the road for the excellent John Lithgow simply doesn't make sense and seems wholly contrived.
Started off in decent fashion but soon falls flat and just a bit obvious as to what's to come.
De Palma films always promise much but leave me thinking they should have delivered so much more.

Einhell BG-EL 2300/1 2300W Single Speed with 3-Function Blower Vacuum
Einhell BG-EL 2300/1 2300W Single Speed with 3-Function Blower Vacuum
Offered by Transtools
Price: £32.50

1.0 out of 5 stars Cheap and nasty, 26 Jun. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Talk about a waste of money. Flimsy plastic that splits and cracks with bits flying out at great speed. Very dangerous. The collection bag started to disintergrate after first use. The zip must cost all of one penny as it broke very quickly. Cannot think of a single positive for this item. My machine is now in the bin as it is wholly unusable without a bag with a zip that works. If it was possible to give this thing a minus score I would. It goes without saying that any potential buyer should not for one second consider this as a purchase.

The Brave [DVD]
The Brave [DVD]
Dvd ~ Johnny Depp
Offered by Champion Toys
Price: £3.75

1.0 out of 5 stars Depp is the cigar star Indian. Mr Wooden, 10 Jun. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: The Brave [DVD] (DVD)
Avoid at all costs.
If somebody offers you this for a penny or even free don't accept.
Stinks of a vanity project.
Depp plays his usual one note wooden self.
Dreadful on every level and even a minute cameo from Brando cannot save this steaming pile

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