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Rock Against Bush Vol.1
Rock Against Bush Vol.1
Offered by CAC Media UK
Price: £6.60

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5.0 out of 5 stars Somewhere in Texas, there's a village without it's idiot..., 26 July 2004
This review is from: Rock Against Bush Vol.1 (Audio CD)
Well this album really is superb. It's full of some of the finest punk bands around (NOFX, Pennywise, Offspring, Less Than Jake, Against Me, to name but a few) and out of the 23 tracks, 18 are previously unreleased, so thankfully it's not another compilation album which you find is pointless owning because you already have all the tracks that are on it!
Obviously though, the main reason why this compilation was released was to raise awareness of how bad/stupid/rubbish "President" George Dubya is and how he needs to get out of office and it certainly does that through various mediums - obviously through the mainly political lyrical content of the songs, as well as the extensive sleeve notes by Fat Mike (which includes "20 reasons to hate George Bush Jr." and "20 more reasons..."), and the brilliant dvd, which includes eye-opening documentaries about the war in iraq and other Bush scandals, such as the election itself. The dvd also has a hilarious stand-up routine mocking George Bush by comedian David Cross and also has music videos from Anti-Flag, Bad Religion, Strike Anywhere and NOFX, which can't be bad at all!
Now to the actual songs themself. Most types of punk rock are catered for with a nice variety of hardcore (Rise Against), ska (RX Bandits), so-Cal (NOFX, Offspring, Pennywise), pop-punk (Sum 41, New Found Glory) and even acoustic (The Ataris). Naturally, this brings with it a wide scope of bands that is sure to attract a wide variety of fans, from old skool punks who would be attracted to the CD by Social Distortion and Jello Biafra with DOA to younger fans who don't actually know too much punk but buy the CD because it has Sum 41 and the Offspring on it (and before you go mental, I'm not trying to say that only bratty little 10 year olds who watch MTV all day like these bands!). The good thing about this is that maybe someone might buy the CD because they know there's a new track by a couple of their favourite bands, and then they'll get introduced to a few new ones who they go on to really like.
The highlights of the album are Sink, Florida, Sink by Against Me! (a band who you MUST check out!), Jaw, Knee, Music by NOFX (as a NOFX enthusiast, I was particularly excited about hearing a new track by them), Baghdad by The Offspring, Sad State Of Affairs by the Descendents, The Brightest Bulb Has Burnt Out by Less Than Jake featuring the legend that is Billy Bragg, and The Ataris' simple yet really stunning and effective acoustic version of Bad Religion's Heaven Is Falling. These are just a few of the great songs, as every single track is brilliant and is completely worth the money.
This really is one of the best compilations out there and is one that has a great political message with it, even if, like me, you're not American. It's still worthwhile for people outside the USA to know of how bad Bush is as America is such a huge influence on the world in so many ways - both good and bad. Anyway, go and buy this cd right now. You'll be able to hear some top quality punk that you've never heard before and will also be able to reflect on the fact that, as well as all the political scandal and so forth, the fundamental fact is that George Bush Jr is just a general fool who can't even eat a pretzel without almost choking to death and thinks that Africa is a country.
Go and enjoy - Fat Mike really has done good...

Price: £9.42

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5.0 out of 5 stars Angry Shout Along Hardcore From Punk Rock's Finest........., 20 Feb. 2004
This review is from: Rancid (Audio CD)
Well first of all, if you really liked ...And Out Come The Wolves and Life Won't Wait, then don't expect this to be much similar! Rancid (2000) - as it's known due to Rancid already having another self-titled album - is a record full of fine scream-along hardcore, with the average song clocking in well under 2 minutes.
The opening track Don Giovanni kicks the album off to a good start, lasting only 38 seconds before bursting straight into the ultra-angry Disgruntled.
It's not all screams and shouts though - songs such as Let Me Go, Radio Havana, Rwanda and Black Derby Jacket will for sure make you sing along with them in no time (well that's if you can reach Matt Freeman's low notes that he sings in Black Derby Jacket anyway!).
A great thing about this album is how the singing is spread out pretty well - Lars Frederiksen, Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman each have very different types of voices to each other and this gives the album a nice mixture. Of course, as you'd expect in any Rancid album, Matt Freeman's bass playing is completely out of this world! If you thought his solo in Maxwell Murder from Out Come The Wolves was good, well you aint heard nothing until you hear the masterpiece of four-stringing soloing that takes place during Axiom.
The thing I really like about this album, and I suppose, the thing that seperates it from other Rancid records, is how there isn't a quiet or slightly more laid-back moment throughout. Right from Don Giovanni through to the brilliant GGF, this album is full of pure, fast-paced, punk energy. And with 22 songs in less than 40 minutes, there really isn't any room for dull moments.
Best tracks - Let Me Go, Dead Bodies, Antennas, Black Derby Jacket, Young Al Capone, GGF
Most impressive moment - the aforementioned bass solo by Matt Freeman in Axiom
There, I've told you all you pretty much need to know - now go buy, buy, buy!!!!!!!! (oh, and if there any other rancid albums you aint got, go buy them too - it's all good!)

Punk In Drublic
Punk In Drublic
Price: £9.58

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5.0 out of 5 stars NOFX's Finest Album..., 20 Feb. 2004
This review is from: Punk In Drublic (Audio CD)
Released in 1994, this album was somewhat over-shadowed by the commercial success of Green Day's "Dookie" and Offspring's "Smash" (both fine albums by the way!), but Punk In Drublic is by far one of the finest albums of the punk genre. Kicking off with the classic Linolium, the fast-paced drumming and sharply-focused musicianship make this album a real joy from start to end. The lyrical content is quite varied as well, with Fat Mike singing about political and socially-aware issues in songs such as Don't Call Me White, Perfect Government and Lori Meyers. There's also, as in any NOFX album, space for more comical and less serious songs lyric-wise, such as Oi-oi anthem The Brews, Punk Guy and My Heart Is Yearning. After a few listens you'll have pretty much every song in your head all day long.
Now go and buy it you loser!!!!!!!!!!!!

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