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6x Screen Protector for Samsung WB200F Protection Film - Crystal-Clear, Bubble-Free
6x Screen Protector for Samsung WB200F Protection Film - Crystal-Clear, Bubble-Free
Offered by protectionfilms24 - (screen protectors)
Price: £2.49

5.0 out of 5 stars Great., 5 Mar. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Fits perfectly on my samsung camera screen easy to apply. you have to have your own cleaner and card however. Touch screen still works great through it.

[PACK OF 2] SONY PlayStation PS Vita SLIM / Vita 2000 FRONT & BACK Clear Screen Protectors with Cleaning cloth (PS Vita Slim 2014) - TECHGEAR
[PACK OF 2] SONY PlayStation PS Vita SLIM / Vita 2000 FRONT & BACK Clear Screen Protectors with Cleaning cloth (PS Vita Slim 2014) - TECHGEAR
Offered by TECHGEAR Solutions
Price: £2.95

4.0 out of 5 stars Does what it says on the tin., 5 Mar. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Does what it says. Perfectly cut to fit and comes with cleaning cloth and application card. Back panel was hard to fit, buts thats down more to the design of the vita. Touch functions work perfectly through the protector.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (Original Game Soundtrack)
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (Original Game Soundtrack)
Price: £6.59

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars 80's Injection, 29 July 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Nails what it sets out to do: A soundtrack styled after 80's film synth and drum machines. Echoing the likes of something out of a John Carpenter or Michael Mann film. Think Miami Vice or Escape from New York and you're most of the way there. You will swear you have heard some of these themes or sounds before in an 80's film or an older game. Some tracks are quite catchy too! However this soundtrack isn't complete, i have noticed some tracks that appeared in the game that are not here - the biggest ommission being "Hunters". The Majority IS here though and I enjoyed it.

Ghost In The Shell - Stand Alone Complex - SAC 1st GIG - Complete Box Set [DVD]
Ghost In The Shell - Stand Alone Complex - SAC 1st GIG - Complete Box Set [DVD]
Dvd ~ Masamune Shirow
Offered by Direct-Offers-UK-FBA
Price: £12.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Great series, going to have to watch the second sometime!, 8 Feb. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought this boxset a little while after watching both films and hearing these episodes where a little easier to follow. I really liked the films but found the plots a bit too complicated for me!

The plots in this series can still get a little complicated, but i still found them fairly easy to follow (maybe because there is more time spent explaining what is happening).

The episodes are split up into two types:

Stand alone: These episodes are classic "for television" templates where the plot is self-contained within the episode. Each one being a "case" for the section 9 team.

Complex: A large plot that goes on throughout all of these types of episodes, refferred to as the "laughing man case".

Overall i can easily say i liked this series A LOT more than the films themselves! Great cyberpunk adventure!

Hitman: HD Trilogy (Xbox 360)
Hitman: HD Trilogy (Xbox 360)
Offered by bnhlmt
Price: £15.73

3 of 5 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars A Good HD collection. Great challenge. Too bad blood money was untouched., 3 Feb. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
WARNING: Do NOT bother buying this collection if you are only after Hitman 4: Blood money. The game in this collection is the EXACT one on the 360 released in 2006. They have literally just re-printed the disc. If you already have the game for 360, dont bother. If you only want that game, its cheaper to buy the original 360 game somewhere.

Ok now onto the review! If you have played these games before, you know what you are getting. The gameplay/ controls/ sound in hitman 2, 3 and 4 are exactly the same as when they released. The graphics have only been "HD'd" up a little. I can't say how much work has been done on the graphics (they already looked great back when they released) But they look nice and crisp here. Of course they are going to be some sharp edges and weird animations (and hilarious ragdoll!), they are old games with a facelift.

If you have not played a hitman game before: They are a "cult" stealth series where you play as the "hitman" agent 47. The missions basically go like this throughout the three games: You get a briefing to kill X amount of people (who deserve it). You then choose your equipment to take and then are sent to the mission. Your job is then to "solve" the semi-open levels and kill the targets. Trying to make it look like you were never there. Or you can just go on a killing spree if you like.

Each mission usually has a few different ways to kill the targets, different ways to get in and out of the levels and take 47 all over the world. There are some REALLY weird and wonderfull levels in these three games. The best being at public parties and the like, where i think hitman is best suited, mingling with the crowds. One example being set in a "heaven and hell party" The top floor having a heaven themed ball. The basement A hell themed rave. Finding the correct disguise is also a big part of it as well as good old sneaking. Once the deed is done you are then rated on your "stealth level". The highest rank being the "silent assassin". As i wrote before: The audio is the same as back in the day but that is no bad thing. The guns sound nice and punchy, decent voice acting and the music is some of the most atmospheric i have heard for a game.

Word of warning: These games can be VERY unforgiving, particulary the first 2 games. There is no real way to tell where a disguise will let you go. And guards are very quick to go for their guns. So heavy trial and error is in order until you discover a solution. Luckily each level across all games let you save whenever you want *a certain amount of times depending on difficulty*.

So basically: If you have never tried hitman before, and are after a unique and challenging stealth game - buy this. Few stealth games give you this much freedom to get the job done. You can't go wrong for this price. If you have played them before, well depends if you want to play them again or not.

Offered by Consoletronic Ltd
Price: £3.90

4.0 out of 5 stars Works very well., 20 July 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: COMPONENT AV CABLE FOR XBOX (Toy)
Every now and then i like to play games on my old xbox (since not all games play on 360). Switching between consoles was fine while i had an SD TV. But once i got a HDTV the visual problems began while playing the xbox1 with the standard AV cable:

- VERY dark shadows, so much so it can be hard to see what is happening.
- Heightened motion blur. Most noticedable on fast-moving games such as racers or some shooters. It can make it hard to see what is going on.
- General "fuzziness" The game just looks slightly blurred.

Now i didnt want to fork out £40 plus for one of those "HD conversion" boxes. So seeked out something cheaper. This is what i found, and it works very well. The wire simply plugs into the xbox, and into the various source plugs on the back of the tv (The OTHER set of plugs to the AV plugs, make sure your TV has the colours as shown on the picture).

Now my games look AT LEAST how they did when i had an SDTV, maybe even a little better. All the problems i mentioned above are gone, which is all i wanted really. My TV says it displays the games at 576i, so it doesn't go all the way to 1080p. This is a limitation found on UK PAL xboxes for some reason, and cannot be fixed without some sort of hack. American Xboxes can go all the way to 1080.

One small problem i found while playing was that the picture has flickered a few times. Usually at the bottom of the screen. But this only lasts a split second, and is hardly noticeable.

Earth Defence Force - Insect Armageddon (Xbox 360)
Earth Defence Force - Insect Armageddon (Xbox 360)

9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars CHAOTIC, 25 July 2011
In word, that is the description of what this game is. Not much in the way of tactics (Besides what to shoot, when to run for a health pack, when to go and revive your friends and using your characters abilities). Its just wall to wall blasting, all the time! Which is why this game is brillient.
Those who played and enjoyed the last game (EDF 2017) This game is how a sequal should be done- better in every way.
- Better controls (Manual reload button, separate roll button, a sprint button)
- Better graphics if you care for such a thing (now just average instead of just plain bad)
- Better sound (Many enemies can be identified just by the sound they make)
- The vehicles actually work this time (charging through the city in a tank with two friends manning side-mounted turrets is great fun, no helicopters this time though)
-More types of enemies (Ants, spiders, wasps, ticks, praying mantis, boss spiders that shoot ticks, really big robots, REALLY REALLY BIG ROBOTS,UFO's, Dropships, daddy long legs) Some with "Metal" varients that hit harder and are tougher.
- Armor classes: Trooper- standard but can use most weapon types, run faster and revive team mates more quickly. -Battle: slow but tough and can use the largest of weapons. Also has a riot shield to block attacks and an "Area effect blast" which is useful when your surrounded, just watch out for any nearby team mates! Jet: Fragile and weaker weapons but is really fast and can fly. Tactical: Average in weapons and stats but can build turrets to kill enemies. There are several different colours you can colour them with (Preset).
-Online multiplayer: 3 player online on campaign, 6 on survival. "jump in jump out" bots fill in if somebody quits. However there IS a host so if they go, everyone goes. Two player splitscreen.
-Improved AI: Even on normal the enemies do a good job of hunting you down and attacking, maybe not so much on there own, but as a swarm you can quickly be in trouble. On the last game enemies often "forgot" you were there or remained passive until you attacked them.
-Better pacing: In the last game, combat was intense, but once you had killing everything in the area you could be left wandering around for five minutes to get to the next fight. This game has simple objectives which focuses the action. nothing too taxing just "go to this waypoint, defend this area, blow up the anthills, set a bomb etc". A bomb must be set to blow up the anthills this time, leaving you open to attack for about five seconds while setting it. The progress bar zero's if you are hit, so the area must be cleared first!

A few things that may put some off:
- All missions are set in a city, no beaches, grasslands or mountains. I think this is ok because the levels outside of the city bored me in the last one.
- 15 core missions: As opposed to the last games 50, however quite a few of the 50 in the last felt like copy & paste or "filler" levels and only a handful were truly awesome. All 15 in this game are great, would have liked a few more though, maybe 20- 25 levels would have been the sweet spot. It took me around 3-4 hours to beat the game on normal online. The game scales (More players= more enemies) depending on how many players are in the game so it may take significantly less to beat on single player (not recomended, play online or split screen, even with random people, its much better) The bots who fill in on single player do a good job of killing enemies and reviving you. Once this is done there is a "Campaign remix" which changes up the enemies that attack you in the campaign, effectively making another 15 missions. Survival is endless... just keep going until all players are dead, however in this mode everyone is locked to the "Trooper" class and there are only a handlful of weapons to choose from. There is no leveling up in this mode either.
-Enemies disintergrate quickly. I kind of miss the ants piroetting into space when they died, but also don't because the bodies that stayed on the ground stopped you from moving and blocked bullets. At least there is a cool effect now, unlike the disappearing act of the last game. Don't worry the larger enemies still explode most satisfyingly!
-Experience instead of pickups: Points you earn turn into exp that level your armor class up (All four are separate to eachother) which unlock new "tiers" of weapons and abilities (such as flying longer, more health etc) I think this is a good thing, because having to run around for all the weapon/ armor pickups in the last game got slightly annoying for me. There still are random weapon pickups, but they are only dropped by the larger enemies. Also you may not be able to use them because you are not a high enough level. The exp is then turned into "credits" which is used to buy new weapons that are unlocked. This is slightly pointless because they are all cheap to buy and you get a lot of credits while playing.
- A little bit of the humour is gone: One reason why i liked 2017 was the cheesy, offbeat oneliners the EDF troops yelled, all of them randomly put together sometimes creating some hilarious quips such as "The old man is dead! Yaaaaaaay!" There are still many amusing quips, just not as odd as the last game.
-Not QUITE as many enemies attack you at once: But a satisfying amount can still attack you at once, about 30-40 probably. not as high as the last game but to be fair the few times it did throw everything at you the game couldn't handle it and turned into a slideshow. On this game the worst it gets when things really get busy is a weird "slow-mo" effect which is still quite playable.

so to some up:
-Gameplay: Nice and simple to grasp, anyone can play! Just aim and shoot, some larger enemies DO have large red weak spots to aim for, and as said before some objects need to be blown up. But thats about as complex as it gets. There are still hundreds of weapons to unlock, from regular rocket launchers and assault rifles to laser guns and plasma cannons. As well as some stranger weapons (Sub machine gun with homing bullets?) The addition of armor classes is brillient, with each having their own role to play, even the humble trooper, with his fast movement and quick healing of others. The game is set in a city so you can wander around as you please (within reason, if you really wander far away a barrier will stop you).
-Graphics: Not up to par with any of the newer games these days. Slight clipping aplenty but no major gamebreaking glitches as of yet. But the amount of enemies on screen and number of projectiles firing from both sides is staisfying. Buildings can still be destroyed (Petrol stations being quite entertaining.) Explosions look great, sometimes the regular fireball, other times green, blue or purple explosions. The designs of the EDF troops, mechs and enemies also look quite cool. (The robots having more than a passing resemblance to a certain robotic enemy in mass effect).
-Sound: Enemies sound great and have satisfying "Death screams". The voice acting is knowingly cheesy. The weapons vary quite a bit, the machine guns and shotguns sound weak, but the various rocket launchers, lasers and grenades sound quite good.
-Online: The menus are easy to navigate, the matchmaking works very well, only sometimes trying to connect to games that are'nt going anymore or are already full. And public/ private games can be made. can also find "Friends list games" or "xbox live party games". Online, even with six players never lagged once or dropped me out of a game. As stated before it only went into "slow-mo mode" when things got really hectic. There does seem to be a healthy community at the moment, never went for long without other players joining. Everyone seems to be fairly good team players as well (Even if all that amounts to is reviving you when you die).
-Length: Not sure what to say here. It is a very simple game and may lack some depth of other games, seems like the kind of game that you will come back to every now and then or to play with a few friends. Leveling all the classes up and finishing the game on all difficulties will take a while. The game is short, no story to speak off (Besides aliens! kill them!) but is made to be replayed over and over again. Like an arcade game i guess.

Is this game worth £25-£30: No, but 20 or lower, of course!
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Ghostbusters (Xbox 360)
Ghostbusters (Xbox 360)

4.0 out of 5 stars Great for fans of the movies., 23 Aug. 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Ghostbusters is another great movie based game to add to the (Sadly) small library with the like of chronicles of riddick, toy story, stranglehold, tron, spiderman, godfather and evil dead. It truly is something special when a game based on a film is actually really good, unique and captures the spirit (Ha ha) of the film. Which this game does.
Box art is cool and, like the films slightly cheesy. The menu is straight forward and easy to use (Single player, multiplayer, options and extras projected onto the front of the ghostbuster HQ). Loading is sometimes hidden in with the cutscenes (So splinter cell wasn't the first!)
The story is while not as good as either film is still better than a lot of game stories. It should be considering it was written by the creators of the films. It is good enough to see you through to the end. You play as a fresh recruit, the fifth ghostbuster in the team. He never speaks and is referred to as "the rookie". This works well because it allows the main characters to perform without your character getting in the way too much.

The graphics are really good and capture the likenesses of the four main characters (Ray, peter, egon, winston) As well as Walter Peck and Jenine almost perfectly. There is some really good lighting effects (Shadows, darkness lights up when you fire your proton stream, ghosts glow weirdly etc.) The main weapon (The proton pack) has the best effects and when they are fired look like they just came out of the movie.
There is also an awesome destruction/ physics system. While no where near on the level of chaos such as red faction guerilla. Furniture and most of the scenery break apart realistically or can set on fire. When you fire at a wall it leaves a burning scorch mark like in the films. This destruction is persistant. It doesn't just break and disappear it stays broken. Even in the in-game cutscenes. After a particulary chaotic fight with ghosts it is quite cool to see the state of the room you just fought in. There are little details also for example you can be "slimed" and your character is covered in the green goo. As well as the ghost trap smoking after it has caught something.
The HUD in the game is minimal. Health and ammo is displayed on the proton pack itself with only money, weapon selection and any downed team mates flashing up on screen. These can all be turned off if you wish for a truly filmic experience.

Sound: Another high point. All the ghostbusters, Walter Peck and Jenine have returned to voice their respective characters. The script is a lot better than most games but not as good as any of the movies. There are some good jokes and the characters act as they should (For example peter being smarmy/ sarcastic Or Ray being too caught up in the science of a dangerous event to realise they almost died.) But there really aren't any quotable lines like in the film (Eg. GET HER/ where do these stairs go? They go up).
All the ghosts (And there are around 50 different types with different weaknesses and attacks) sound manic as they should do like in the films. Most of the ghostbusters soundtrack has been lifted from the films (Although weirdly only about 30 seconds of the actual main ghostbusters theme??) The sound of things breaking are as they should be and the proton pack is accurate also.

Gameplay: This is what really matters. And even though it uses a lot of the mechanics from other third person shooters it still manages to be quite unique. The weapons and the whole ghost catching thing helps this. There are four weapons (Proton stream- standard weapon, shock blast- shotgun type weapon, slime blower (Sadly green rather than pink) and meson collider- machine gun type weapon. You will use all of these for different enemies and puzzles and they all have different secondary fires: Boson dart- grenade, stasis stream- freeze ray, slime tether (Can be stuck at two points, the slime then attempts to pull these two points together, sadly not fully realised and only on some rare very specific parts do you catch a glimpse of its potential eg. bringing floating platforms together, slamming a ghost quickly into a trap, using it to help the ecto 1 pull down a fence.) There is also the meson shot- stronger boson dart.
You have infinite ammo put instead after a while of constant firing the proton pack over-heats and has to cool down for a few seconds. The vanilla proton pack is by far the best and will be the one you use the most. There are many enemy types (ghosts, slime monsters, golums made of books etc.) Some have to be caught with the trap, others destroyed. Using the ghost trap is the most fun because you have to "Wear down" a ghost until it is stunned. You can then pull it into a ghost trap ray to capture it. This is really cool because sometimes when it isn't quite stunned it fights your capture stream in an attempt to escape and even more so as it is dragged into the trap. It weirdly seems like fishing, but with ghosts.
You also use the PKE scanner to "Scan" ghosts and weird objects (Each with their own back story). It works quite well but sometimes goes a bit wrong (Points you in wrong direction etc.) The game is quite linear and you never get to drive the ecto 1. Money is earnt by catching ghosts and can be used to buy many upgrades (EG. more damage, more shots before an overheat).

Lasting appeal:
The game is fairly short, 8 hours if you don't rush it and look for all the collectables. Achievements are awarded for finding collectables and after you have finsihed the game the level select tells you what you have missed. The game is quite re-playable because of its unique ideas and gameplay. There is a four player co- op online mode (Not campaign) Which is really fun. There are many different "jobs" to play in such as survival (Think of waves of ghosts like in horde on gears of war or firefight on halo.) Capture (Capture as many ghosts as you can within the time limit! The servers are not quite dead but it isn't brimming with players either. There are some dedicated people on fairly regulary though.

Sorry if you don't understand some of the things mentioned here. I have written in a way that only a person who has seen the films can fully understand. but if you havn't i don't expect you to buy or even look at this game. Someone who isn't a fan of the movies will undoubtably have less fun than i did and may find more flaws.

Also be warned! If you don't play shooters regulary i suggest putting the game on easy. I played on normal and found it quite challenging and i play a lot of shooters. i don't even wanna know what hard is like!
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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell
by David Michaels
Edition: Paperback
Price: £9.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Very good book, that captures the splinter cell series well., 23 July 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This book was really good and fitted with the splinter cell series. Unlike the games the story was cool and has a few twists. Having the book in "First person" from Sam Fischers perspective was quite well done. I recomend it and will definitley check out the others!

Metal Gear Solid - Peace Walker (PSP)
Metal Gear Solid - Peace Walker (PSP)
Offered by Excess Gaming
Price: £9.33

9 of 11 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars One of the best PSP, and metal gear games ever. Great gameplay that borderlines RPG., 20 Jun. 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Ok ive played this game for a while, and barely scratched the surface. But i think ive played enough to review it!
One word, awesome! This has got to be the most content filled metal gears since all the extra VR missions in metal gear solid 2 substance.
Ok, where to begin....
Story----- This game takes place after portable ops, and so you still play as naked snake (Big boss). He has created his own private military and you start playing once he has the bare essentials (A base). From there you have a big hand in how it is built- more on that later. The story is standard metal gear fair, Nukes, robots, twists and the like. The story is easy to understand and follow however there doesn't seem to be many "memorable" characters or boss fights. They are good but not downright awesome as in other games (EG. The end, ocelot, liquid snake etc.)
Graphics----- Some of the best on the PSP. The game has a stable framerate through out and looks great. The "Graphic novel" Cutscenes are back from portable ops and are used even better this time round. Some cutscenes are even interactive to stop you from "Switching off" For example button mashing, aiming the camera and other things.
Gameplay----- This is where it counts and where it shines. The controls are totally customisable to your liking (Assigning what buttons do). However i found the default controls to work very well. The analogue moves, D-pad for switching weapons, crouching and an "Action" button. The face buttons control the camera and aim weapons. And the triggers ready the weapon and attacks. CQC is back from the last few games so you can easily grapple with people and throw them. Aiming weapons is good enough, but it is never going to be as ideal as a second analogue.
Missions can vary. The "Main story" ones can take from ten minutes to half hour. The secondary missions are designed to be done "On the go" and only take five, ten minutes max. These side missions are very fun because they are varied. It could be capturing so many soldiers, shooting targets for training and slightly madder things such as ghost/monster hunting!
The boss battles consist, at least so far of vehicles and robots. The vehicles can be destryoed the usual way (Rockets!) Or if you can take out the guards guarding it without alerting them (Very difficult) then you can capture the tank or apc etc for yourself. These can be used in the "outer ops" missions. The robots have to be destroyed and cannot be captured. But just before they die you can climb into the core and grab a load of circuit boards to use in your own metal gear! If you manage to compete this thing (Give it a body, weapons, paintjob) This thing can be sent on "Outer ops" Missions as well.
Most of the missions can be done in co-op with up to two people. Or 4 on bosses. This is a lot of fun because you can coordinate. Being close to eachother lets you share ammo and health, therefore increasing them. If one of you dies you can be revived by another player. All items and things found are "copied" so everything is hared equally, avoiding fights over loot. Thame game is Ad-hoc(Local) only unless you have a PS3 (Ad-hoc infrastructure). So get a friend next to you!
This brings me onto the "Second half" of the game, base building. During missions you have a "Fulton recovery" device, which is a big ballon that you can attach to knocked out enemies (Think of the baloon used in the batman film). They then fly into the air and are taken back to "Mother base". It is here that you can assign them to different divisions that are slowly fed to you throughout the game to avoid confusion. There are tutorials but they only describe the very basics, which is ok for me because i like to "Discover" things for myself.
There is the combat unit that generates resources and can be later used to send on "outer ops" missions where they fight "Other armies" and can collect even more resources and weapon upgrades, sometimes recruits too. But that runs the risk of losing, which means the soldiers you send out may never come back. And i mean never, as in deleted.
The research team uses the resources to make weapons and gadgets. Here is where it borderlines a role playing game. You are what you carry. There are many weapons (Shotguns, machine guns, rocket launchers, sniper rifles etc) As well as camo suits to help you blend into the enviroment (Tiger stripes, urban etc). Then there is gadgets (Rations for health, various radars and scanning equipment to find the enemy and check what stats they have). All of these can be upgraded four times to increase, damage, accuracy or how long it puts a guy to sleep for. On top of this, you also have a "Weapon level" Which goes up the more you use a certain weapon. This also increases damage, accuracy and how much ammo you can hold at one time. There is yet more things to think about too! For example the more weapons and items you take the slower you move, a "Hero level" which can attract better soldiers to join your army.
There is then the mess hall (Eatting) Which keeps your crew happy and sometimes jacks their stats up.
The medical bay keeps the crew healthy (They can become ill, lowering their stats) And can develop more powerful tranq darts for the tranq gun (none- lethal= able to capture soldier)
The last department is the "intel" department Which can scout levels, getting information on where enemies and items are.
Every soldier you capture has varied stats for each and are suited to a particular thing. Some also have "Abilities" such as speeding up production of weapons (things are created on mission time, so you go out do a mission and come back and the new gadget is waiting for you.)

Maybe ive gone into too much detail, or not! There is a lot more and that is why this game is awesome. There is over 100 missions in total. All repeatable to capture more soldiers or items. And is loads of weapons and things to develop. There is a lot of game here.

There are some problems. The controls are some of the best on PSP for a shooter but will never be the best. There will be times when you may die becase you couldnt aim properly. Missions have no checkpoints in them, if you fail you start from the beginning (Not a problem really because they take half hour max) The "Intelligence" of the enemy is also not the best. It is really good but can be easily tricked. When you make a noise, they will ALWAYS investigate (not think its a trap and stay put like in other metal gears) They "Freeze" for a second when they see you giving you a chance to take them out. When they radio for help they stay put, (unlike in past games where they run away to a safe spot).

However none of these small problems should put you off. This is one of the best PSP games i have ever played. And lets admit, there are not many. And at under £20 here on amazon its a STEAL.--- Warning this game eats up battery life!!! Three hours max for the standard (First, old) PSP!!!!
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