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An Idiot Abroad - Series 1-3 [DVD] [2010]
An Idiot Abroad - Series 1-3 [DVD] [2010]
Dvd ~ Karl Pilkington
Price: £8.64

5.0 out of 5 stars ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS! GUARANTEED TO CHEER YOU UP!!, 14 April 2017
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
You must get this, even if you don't know anything about Karl Pilkington! He is the funniest guy alive!

I always put him on when I feel stressed out etc from a hard day at work, and he always cheers me up!

Absolutely hilarious.

Not only do you get to laugh, you get to see the world, so it helps when planning your next holiday ;).

I find that he is actually very honest - so if he doesn't like something, he'll say it! Always useful when planning to go to a place he's visited in the show!

You must get it, I guarantee that you'll laugh!

Regatta Men's Stanton II Fleece Jacket - Seal Grey, 2X-Large
Regatta Men's Stanton II Fleece Jacket - Seal Grey, 2X-Large
Price: £18.10

5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect for all seasons, 14 April 2017
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
A really good Fleece! I usually wear Berghaus, but now they are too tight (unfortunately they haven't shrunk, I've just got larger!), so I was looking for a decent price Fleece which would actually fit me.

First off - this looks very nice. It keeps you nice and warm, and is perfect for all seasons.

The zip is nice and smooth - I haven't had the zip get caught or anything yet.

Nice sized pockets which have zips, so you can put your wallet, phone etc in there if like me, you hate getting your hand stuck in tight jean pockets.

Highly recommended!

Panasonic RPHT030ES Monitor Headphones - Silver
Panasonic RPHT030ES Monitor Headphones - Silver
Price: £11.00

5.0 out of 5 stars BLOWN AWAY!, 14 April 2017
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I've had Beats and other expensive headphones, and so I didn't have much expectations for this, but I am absolutely blown away! I actually prefer these to my other headphones!

The sound quality is just amazing. The bass etc isn't too overpowering, but is just spot on!

I thought it would hurt my head when wearing these, but it doesn't. It feels very light and comfortable.

The wire isn't too long, so if you plan to plug these into a computer, you might struggle if it has to be plugged into the back.

Another note is that the connector isn't straight - it's a L shape. This is fine, but I found that I had to remove my phone case to get the headphones plugged into my phone.

Definitely recommend these! They fold into a nice portable size as well, perfect for travelling etc. My favourite headphones!

Hope this review helps.

200 Slow Cooker Recipes: Hamlyn All Colour Cookbook (Hamlyn All Colour Cookery)
200 Slow Cooker Recipes: Hamlyn All Colour Cookbook (Hamlyn All Colour Cookery)
by Sara Lewis
Edition: Paperback
Price: £3.24

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Frying pan? Yes, you need to use one., 20 Feb. 2017
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
A lot of the recipes in this book start off with "Put this in your frying pan first..." which to me defeats the objective of a slow cooker. I use my slow cooker to just chuck everything in, turn it on and let it cook (maybe I'm just too lazy?).

There are some very good recipes in the book, and you do need quite a few ingredients for the majority of them, but they are very tasty indeed!

There's a few recipes in there with difficult ingredients. By difficult, I mean ingredients I've never seen in shops before, but this is only a few recipes.

Recommended for anyone with a slow cooker - would even make a great gift!

Berocca Orange Energy Vitamin - 45 Tablets
Berocca Orange Energy Vitamin - 45 Tablets
Price: £9.00

2 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars You'll feel the days without it..., 19 Feb. 2017
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Berocca is something that is easy to make and is actually very tasty. You just drop a tablet in a cup of water, let it dissolve and drink it with your breakfast. Doesn't get simpler than that does it?

Now, you might not always feel it working, but let me tell you, take it for a few days, then have a day without it. You'll notice how sleepy you feel without it!

It doesn't just contain the vitamins to give you energy. It also contains Vitamin C which is very good to help you prevent colds etc.

It comes in a tube, which contains the berocca tablets wrapped in foil.

It does contain Aspartame. I'm not going to say it's bad for you because I don't know - there's many mixed reviews about this. But from what I read somewhere, Berocca only contains a very small amount, much less than the recommended daily intake of it. If this is a problem for you - Berocca do tablets that you swallow which apparently don't contain them.

I don't know what else to say, except give them a try. I've noticed that I've been more active since taking them - they definitely do something!

Hope it helps!

Ferplast Sippy Water Bottle, Small
Ferplast Sippy Water Bottle, Small
Price: £5.25

5.0 out of 5 stars I swear by them!, 22 Jan. 2017
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I swear by these water bottles. I have them for our Guinea Pigs, and also for our hamster.
The reason for this is because they don't drip. Some of the standard bottles you get just drip out and makes the bedding all wet, and the bottle becomes empty really really quickly.

They're very easy to assemble, and can be attached to a cage using the yellow screw, or you can use the 3 suction cups (included) to stick it to plastic cages. Now, I've only just got the one for the hamster, and already he seems to be climbing all over it, so I'm really hoping that the suction cup holds the water bottle well. But they seem to be doing perfectly fine for now.

The only problem is that as I have this water bottle inside the hamster's cage using the suction cups, the hamster often pulls the blue lid off and hides it!

Highly recommend this. Hope this review helps.

Phizz 'The Original' Rehydration + Vitamins and Minerals Tablets - Tube of 20
Phizz 'The Original' Rehydration + Vitamins and Minerals Tablets - Tube of 20
Price: £7.99

1 of 4 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Great product, not so great price, 22 Jan. 2017
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I'm a "tired" kind of person. I don't know whether that's due to a lack of sleep, my job or whatever, but after about mid-day I feel so tired. Maybe it's just because I try to avoid coffee during the day..

I saw these on Amazon, and thought they sound pretty good. I went for the 20 tablets option (which is actually 10 servings). Being able to make you feel more awake and lively as well as providing your body with vitamins sounds great.

They take around 2-5 minutes to fully dissolve in a glass of water, so I just use a teaspoon to stir it just to help it.

Now, if you've ever tried Fanta; you're going to find this tastes similar (obviously because it's orange) - but has a slight medicinal taste to it. But it's really not that bad at all.

The casing looks good, the supposed benefits you get from taking it sounds very good, and it's very simple to use!

Now, on to the benefits of using this. Please take into account that this is my first 'serving'. Last night, I had very little sleep, so today I feel very tired. I have taken these, and so far the results are very pleasing. They make me feel like I've just woken up in the morning after a good night's sleep. Obviously don't miss your sleep hoping these will help you (you still need to look after yourself!) I do not know whether it is a placebo effect or whatever, but I honestly feel more lively.

The only downside is the price. I was rather hoping that 20 tablets meant 20 servings, but it isn't. I honestly don't know why they don't just make a bigger tablet so 1 tablet = 1 serving?

The biggest competitor to this is Berocca. I haven't tried Berocca yet (but I hope to soon), but apparently the results are very similar; and Berocca appear to be cheaper. Until Phizz can try to compete with Berocca pricing wise, then unfortunately I think I am drawn to Berocca a bit more...


Most of us have to work hard in life, and it's understandable that a lot of us just get exhausted. So I really think that products like this are a necessity nowadays. I wish I found products like this earlier.

Grizzly 550ml Water Bottle BPA Free Portable Drinking Bottle Leak Proof Stylish Plastic Bottle for Gym Yoga Sport and Office,Charcoal
Grizzly 550ml Water Bottle BPA Free Portable Drinking Bottle Leak Proof Stylish Plastic Bottle for Gym Yoga Sport and Office,Charcoal
Offered by Outdoor Tours
Price: £16.88

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic bottle - awesome design, doesn't leak!, 19 Dec. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is absolutely brilliant. It looks and feels great, and doesn't leak at all!

I purchased it for home, office and gym to replace a Nalgene Wide-Mouth bottle I used. The Nalgene had such a wide mouth that it would drip down my face whilst drinking from it every now and then, but this one is the perfect size!

Some reviewers said they got a whistle, but I did not get one :(, so be aware of that.

Like it a lot that I've bought one for my girlfriend; and what's great is that it comes in many different colours.

It's also very easy to undo the cap - there's not that many twists required to get it off, but yet it seals great!

Normally, I hear CamelBak or Nalgene when it comes to good bottles, but I really hope to see Grizzly up there with them in the future as this bottle is amazing.

GoChef 8-in-1 Non-Stick Multi-Functional Cooker with FREE Recipe Book & 5L Bowl
GoChef 8-in-1 Non-Stick Multi-Functional Cooker with FREE Recipe Book & 5L Bowl
Offered by Vinsani (UK Seller)
Price: £49.99

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic product!, 24 Nov. 2016
I purchased this from a high street retailer because I wanted a better way of cooking than having to wait for a while for the cooker hob to heat up, then have a lot of pans to wash up etc etc... I actually saw this being used at a popular retailer to cook samples they were giving out - and I thought it looked really nice ... (then of course I had the "you don't need it" lecture from the other half ...) - so I had a lot of convincing to do to get permission to buy it, and it was well worth it :).

Now, there are cheaper alternatives to this. In my opinion, you are paying for the brand, the timer function and the colour (which looks nice). You can get similar ones just with a temperature knob for half the price, but I really like JML because they seem to be very innovative and have decent support.

First off - you get 2 racks and a frying basket which is generous because sometimes you have to purchase these items separately. Obviously if you are shallow frying, you don't need to use these items, but obviously they have their uses for things like roasting, deep fat frying etc.

I set the temperature of this to 160, and it only took about 5 minutes to get up to temperature - fantastic. You can get some oil sprays which work brilliantly with this because you don't need to use a lot of oil anyway due to the non-stick coating.

I've shallow fried spam and eggs so far and they have tasted brilliant - not to mention how quick they were to cook!

It's brilliant, and I highly recommend that you give it a go.

Pressure King Pro 12 in 1 Slow Cooker, 5 L, 900 W
Pressure King Pro 12 in 1 Slow Cooker, 5 L, 900 W
Price: £59.99

82 of 86 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars FANTASTIC! Rubbish pressure valve., 20 Nov. 2016
I have just made the best Chicken I have ever tasted, and it's all thanks to the PKP.

I've always wanted one, and oddly enough one morning, I put the TV on and saw an infomercial of this. Then I remembered seeing this on sale at a local supermarket. So I decided to buy one, and get rid of my other multicooker (which is really just a big frying pan).

First off, this is absolutely stunning. It looks so modern, and it doesn't take up that much space in your kitchen. There are buttons for cooking meat, pasta etc, so you don't have to guess about times.

Now, as soon as I got this, I tried to cook chicken, pasta and pasta sauce. The pasta sauce was tomato based, and let me tell you, it did not work, and it got pasta stuck at the bottom, the chicken got stuck at the bottom and it was an absolute nightmare to clean. I had to run it in the dishwasher (the pot is dishwasher safe) then the bits managed to come off with a good scrub after that.

I later found out that Pressure Cookers and Tomato based sauces really don't go well together, so that's something to look out for. If you do want tomato based sauces, make sure you add about twice the amount of water as well.

The pressure vent also let out pressure whilst cooking, but I later realised that you have to make sure the pressure valve is pushed in flat in the closed position, where as before it was in the closed position but wasn't pushed flat, so it was technically open. Speaking of this valve, it really isn't that good quality because I find that once I push it into the open position to release the steam (which by the way can take minutes, not seconds), I have to hold it up to release the steam. I often just push a table cloth underneath the pressure valve to keep it open and catch most of the steam.

The instructions are close to useless. It says "Twist the lid until you hear a click" - that is absolute nonsense. There is no click. You just line up the panels at the front, and once it builds pressure it should automatically lock itself. Just watch YouTube videos - I find some great recipes and techniques to using pressure cookers.

To give it a good test this morning, I purchased some mini chicken fillets (frozen) from a local supermarket. I also purchased some chicken stock cubes. I dissolved a stock cube in 450ml boiling water (as the instructions say), then pour that into the pressure cooker with about 6 pieces of mini chicken fillets. Let me tell you, they tasted absolutely delicious. For literally just chicken and stock cube, it's something so simple to do! You can probably cook rice in there with it or pasta, or whatever takes your fancy. I'm always careful when cooking Chicken, but the Chicken was fine and white all the way through. It only took 13 minutes to cook as well (not including the heat up time / pressure building time which takes about 5/10 minutes). The chicken was so tender, it was just breaking up as soon as I picked up the chicken. I've never had that before! I used to cook Chicken in the oven and it used to be quite chewy (then again, I'm not the best cook)!

It's a fantastic pressure cooker, and if like me, you want one because you just don't have time to cook, get one now! It's just like having a professional chef in your kitchen - just put in what you want to eat, press the button so it knows what it's cooking, and enjoy! Once it's done, it will just keep it warm for you.

I hope this review has helped you to decide whether you want this or not.
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