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T.K "Tom" (Stoke,England)

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4.0 out of 5 stars Another Baroque Pop classic., 29 Jun. 2009
This review is from: Nonsuch (Audio CD)
Although not as popular as Skylarking, Nonsuch is yet another fine effort from the lads from Swindon. And like Skylarking there are many Baroque Pop influences, plenty of string arrangements and some very classic songs. This album is probably more commercial than Skylarking especially on singles like The Disappointed and The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead. The only downside is like their prevois releases it wasn't a commercial success despite the great acclaim it received, XTC are one of the most consistent British album bands ever but sadly they never got the commercial recognition that they perhaps deserved. This was XTC's final album with Virgin records, and it was their last album in 7 years before the brilliant Apple Venus Vol.1, and despite not being as well received as Skylarking this is one of XTC's finest releases.

Key Tracks:Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead,My Bird Performs,Disappointed,Rook,Books are Burning

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Offered by NextDayEntertainment
Price: £4.35

3.0 out of 5 stars One of Britain's best bands start with rather inconsistent debut, 29 Jun. 2009
This review is from: Leisure (Audio CD)
Alongside Oasis, Blur are one of the most popular bands of the last 20 years but despite the albums that followed like Parklife and their self titled 1997 effort, this album is probably their weakest effort, Damon Albarn sounds frustrated and despite the obvious classics on this album it really isn't the best way to start your musical career. It isn't a bad effort infact its actually stood the test of time suprisingly well but even the most diehard Blur fan can say that this probably is their weakest effort, yet after all this, after hearing the first 2 singles off the album, She's so High and Theres no other way, when you release 2 singles like that before the albu is released it really does sound like a possible classic, shame that so many of the songs are lyrically weak and to be honest the album sounds like a band that are frustrated. They would go on to release far better albums than this one and despite being a decent if unspectacular album it has actually aged well.

Key Tracks:She's so High,Sing,There's no Other Way,Wear me Down

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Price: £25.50

5.0 out of 5 stars Under-rated Classic, 28 Jun. 2009
This review is from: Skylarking (Audio CD)
Despite never getting the recognition they deserved commercially, Critically XTC were one of the best bands in British Pop hisory, in the mid 80s they moved away from their Post-Punk roots and decided to release Beach Boys/Beatles influenced records like this one. On paper it looks disastrous and after only reaching #90 in the UK Album charts in 1986 it looked like XTC's days were numbered, however despite their lack of commerical success, critically this album is their finest work and it sums up XTC's career as one of the finest album bands of the 80s.Songs like Dear God,Grass and Meeting Place typify XTC as one of the decades finest bands,but at this point of their career acts like Bryan Adams,Simple Minds and Duran Duran were releasing commercilly successful album both in England and in the US, but XTC stayed with their roots and carried on releasing critically successful album without anyone noticing, however in the last couple of years XTC have gained alot of new fans on the back of the acclaim this album has been given, its fully deserved.

Key Tracks:Grass,Season Cycle,Earn Enough for Us,Dying,Sacrificial Bonfire,Dear God

Imperial Bedroom (Expanded Edition)
Imperial Bedroom (Expanded Edition)

5.0 out of 5 stars His finest moment, 28 Jun. 2009
Elvis Costello reinvents his image with every album. He has played Punk,Rock, 2tone and even Country on his previous 6 albums, on his 7th album 'Imperial Bedroom' accompanied again with The Attractions, Elvis combines modern day Post Punk with Baroque Pop, and with Geoff Emerick the man who engineered SGT Pepper in 1967, Elvis has got a producer who has alot of experience with producing and engineering the combined genres. This is Costello's finest work although previous albums like My Aim is True,This Year's Model and Armed Forces are seen as his finest albums, Imperial Bedroom is his creative work and possibly his finest lyrically. Every song is a winner especially songs like Man out of Time,Almost Blue and the brilliant opener Beyond Belief. Even string arrangements are required on tracks like Pidgin English and ....And in every home. This is brilliant work, Costello's finest and most inventive album, it might honestly take time and requires a couple of listens, but believe me although it requires more of your time in the end it duly rewards it.

Key Tracks:Beyonf Belief,Almost Blue,Man out of Time,And in every home,You Little Fool.

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Street Fighting Years
Street Fighting Years
Price: £7.84

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4.0 out of 5 stars One of The Most Underrated Albums Ever, 28 Jun. 2009
This review is from: Street Fighting Years (Audio CD)
Simple Minds were never as popular as bands like U2 or Bon Jovi because of there musical direction, Street Fighting Years moves away from there Stadium Rock/New Wave roots and on to something different. This album won't feature Rockin anthems like off once Upon a Time or even Pop Hooks like New Gold Dream, this album is very political and it shows on most of the album. The Title Track 'Street Fighting Years' is a haunting and beautiful way to start the album, while Soul Crying out is a very similar track in my eyes and both songs are very equal in class. The next song is probably the loudest song on the album the rockin 'Wall of Love' is one of the albums finest moments and it differs from the first 2 tracks and from the next track The Brilliant 'This is Your Land' which features vocals from the band's hero(Lou Reed)another rocking track is the excellent 'Take a Step Back' which features excellent lyrics and music from the band. One of the weakest tracks is the Anthem 'Kick It In' which yet is amazing live still sounds like an experimental mess. The next track gives the album back its consistency 'Let it all come down' is a wonderful ballad that exceeds the next track 'Mandela Day' its written for a good cause yet remains to dull for my liking. The next track is the first single and the only number 1 single Simple Minds released 'Belfast Child' based on the Traditional Irish Folk song 'She Moved Through The fair' is a dark haunting song that is rightly up there with some of the bands best work. The biggest disapointment is The awful cover of Peter Gabriel's 'Biko' which lacks the power of the original. The excellent closer 'When Spirits Rise' gives the album the ending it deserves, even though some tracks near the end ruin the album, I agree with some that it is Simple Minds best album of the 80s exceeding classics like (New gold dream and Sparkle In the rain)because its different than anything at the time, and still Simple Minds haven' done an album like this since.
Its Simply a Classic.

Key Tracks:Street fighting Years,This is Your Land,Take a Step back, Belfast Child

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Sparkle In The Rain
Sparkle In The Rain
Offered by positivenoise
Price: £4.89

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4.0 out of 5 stars The Closest they came to becoming U2, 28 Jun. 2009
This review is from: Sparkle In The Rain (Audio CD)
Whatever Simple Minds will be remembered for it will always be The Stadium Rock years from 1984 to 1989 was there finest years and it gathered them success in America for a brief period, but this album for me was the peak of there stadium rock years, and the peroid when they tried to be The Scottish U2. The opener Up On The catwalk is a brilliant Start to the album opening with Mel Gaynor's thundering Drums it sets the mood of the whole album, the next track is the brilliant Book of Brilliant Things which includes more synthesisers than most Simple Minds tracks and sets the mood for album. The next song is the wonderful single Speed Your Love, my personal favourite from the album which is followed by the equally brilliant Waterfront which is the closest Simple Minds ever got to sounding like U2, the album slows down when East is Easter arrives still full of power yet there is less tempo then most of the songs on the album, the weakest song is the Lou reed cover of Street Hassle which originally is a 9 minute epic but Simple Minds cut it down to a 6 minute version. The rock comes back with the excellent White Hot Day which is U2 with Synthesisers, the next track C Moon Like a Baby is like east is easter a slower song which some might say is borning, but all that vanishes when Kick Inside of Me(the best song by simple minds never released as a single) in my opinion but is brilliant chorus. The final song fades like a ghost with Shake Off The Ghosts which is a wierd way to close the album. But overall Simple Minds would never write an album like this ever evn if they had more success with the next realease "Once upon a time" the album remains a success.

Key Tracks:-Up the Catwalk,Book of Brilliant Things,Speed Your Love,Waterfront,White Hot Day,Kick Inside of me

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Offered by Revolution Media
Price: £6.84

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5.0 out of 5 stars Forget Pepper this is The Best Beatles Album, 28 Jun. 2009
This review is from: Revolver (Audio CD)
The Beatles music had changed by 1966, 3 years earlier it was "She Loves You,yeah,yeah,yeah" not is is "All the lonely people,where do they all come from" The Beatles had improved lyrically and musically and there personalities changed.The First Track "Taxman" is a George Harrison song, its a song about one day you can be filthy rich and have it all taken away, this is a fine song.Eleanor Rigby is the first ballad from the album, and a brilliant ballad, Paul McCartney wrote this track. I'm Only Sleeping is a brilliant John Lennon track, like Taxman its very psychedelic, Love You To is another Harrison with a trademark Sitar, not an amazing song, but preety good. Here,There and Everywhere is a trademark McCartney ballad a brilliant track. Yellow Submarine is a catchy track Ringo sings this one and makes the song recognisable. She Said,She Said is a great yet brilliant track, brilliant guitar work and great lyrics. Good Day Sunshine another great song, great lyrics catchy as hell. And Your Bird Will Sing, is a great song, yet more great guitar work by Harrison. For No One is another great McCartney ballad with a great orchestra in the back ground. Dr Robert is a classic John Lennon about drugs. I want to Tell You is a great Harrison song, Harrison proves himself as a songwriter in this song. Got To Get You Into My life is a great song a bouncy and catchy song by McCartney. The final song is a great song and one of the great Psychedelic songs ever Tommorow never Knows is a Lennon masterpiece, so overall i agree that this album is truly Brilliant.

Key Tracks:Taxman,Eleanor Rigby,I'm Only Sleeping,Here,there and Everywhere,Yellow Submarine,She Said,She Said,Good Day Sunshine,And your bird can sing,For No One,dr Robert,Got To Get you into my Life,I want to tell you,Tomorrow Never Knows

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Price: £4.53

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2.0 out of 5 stars The Difficult 2nd album, 28 Jun. 2009
This review is from: Razorlight (Audio CD)
Razorlight's success has been quite brilliant. Self confident singer.songwriter Johnny Borrell considers himself a better songwriter that Bob Dylan. So after all of that self confidence you accept the album to be a monster album, an album with a mix of swagger and brilliance not seen since What's The Story Morning Glory. But sadly despite some terrific songs on the record this fails to deliver. The First Track that starts the album off is In The Morning, a borning and poorly written song that shows no signs of Borrell being a new Bob Dylan "Last Night was so much fun, and now your sheets are dirty, the streets are dirty too" what kind of lyrical prowess is that. Who feels Love is a much better if boring song too but it's nice to hear a ballad of the album. Hold On is a decent song, but still isn't brilliant. The next song America is a highlight and is a very good lyrical song, better then the bands previous songs and was actually not written by Johnny Borrell. Before I Fall to Pieces is like Hold On very simlar and fails to deliver. I Can't stop this feeling I've Got is a very good stadium rock song that delivers very well. Pop Song 2006 is the same a U2 like song and finishes very much like U2. Kirbys House is a very boring and terrible song, lyrically and musically. Back To The Start is decent song and one of the best of the record. LA Waltz is my favourite song of the album, a U2 like Guitar and a very good vocal.

Key Tracks: America,Pop Song 2006,I Can't stop this feeling,L.A Waltz,Back to the Start

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Offered by ReNew Entertainment
Price: £4.39

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4.0 out of 5 stars Fast,Fun and Bizzare, 28 Jun. 2009
This review is from: K (Audio CD)
After The Success of '(Whats The Story) Morning Glory?' there was perhaps a Thought that Britpop couldn't get higher, noone could match The Brillance of 'Morning Glory' and Knebworth was as far as Britpop could go. Performing as a Support Slot at Knebworth was Kula Shaker, a Psychedelic Rock band, who were tipped for the top before this performance. The Band consisting of Crispian Mills(guitar,vocals) who is daughter of Actress Hayley Mills, Alonso Bevan(bass) Jay Darlington(keyobaords) and Paul Winterhart(drums)were influenced by the late 60s Psychedelic bands like The Doors,Jimi Hendrix,Cream and The Beatles. There debut album eventually became the most successful debut album since Oasis 'Definitely Maybe'. Opening Track 'Hey Dude' is a brilliant Rock song which combines Stone Roses like Drums with More Traditional Rock guitar work. The next song 'Knight on the Town' carries on. It rocks with an edge and never goes back. The first taste of Indian Influenced Rock was 'Temple of Everlasting Light' which remains one of the weakest tracks. The next song 'Govinda' is more of the same,Govinda was sung totally in Sanskrit, and mixed swirling guitars with traditional Indian music.The Next Track Smart Dogs like Knight On the Town is more of a traditional Rock song which contains some of the strangest Lyrics on the album. The inturlude Magic Theatre in some ways ruins the album's flow but still remains a fine piece of music which makes Into The Deep a fine listen overall, the next song Sleeping Jiva carries on the indian influence into the next song, The brilliant 'Tattva' which is a highlight for any Kula Shaker fan. The next track Grateful When Your Dead/Jerry Was There might be a bit of a Rip off of Jimi Hendrix 'Purple Haze' but remains the Album finest moment which makes '303' the next track a more fascinating listen. Start All Over is perhaps the albums only Ballad, and Hollow Man is the epic which ends the album. They might not have Fulfilled to there true potential but Kula Shaker's 'K' remains a fun listen none the less and remains one of the Decades most Underrated listens.

Key Tracks:Hey Dude,Knight on The Town,Into The Deep,Tattva,Grateful When You're Dead,303

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Born To Run
Born To Run

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5.0 out of 5 stars Springsteen's masterpiece, 28 Jun. 2009
This review is from: Born To Run (Audio CD)
Before this album Springsteen had been hailed as 'The Future of Rock n Roll' although his 2 previous albums failed to live up to that billing commercially, critically Springsteen was hailed as one of the best singer/songwriters since Bob Dylan. This his 3rd album was the album that made him a star although its hard to believe that if this album wasn't a success he was likely to be dropped by his record label. Its a good thing that this album was a success because Springsteen would go on to release 12 more albums and become one of the biggest selling artists of the last 30 years. Every song on this album is a sign of Springsteen's obvious songwriting talent, arguably his 3 best songs are included on this album, Thunder road,Born to Run and the epic Jungleland, there are many other classics like Tenth Avenue Freeze out, Night, She's the one and Backstreets, although Meeting across the river is the only slight downside, although not a bad song, its probably the weakest track on the album. This was Springsteen's first masterpiece, although his commercial peak would arrive in the mid 80s with the misunderstood 'Born in the USA', there is not doubt what his finest work is, and its in the shape of this 1975 release.

Key Tracks:Thunder Road,Night,Born to Run,Jungleland

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