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Rebecca Gunn (Cambridgeshire, England)

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Igenix IG7204 Cordless Kettle, 3 kW, 1.7 L - Black/Illuminating Blue Light
Igenix IG7204 Cordless Kettle, 3 kW, 1.7 L - Black/Illuminating Blue Light
Price: £24.09

5.0 out of 5 stars A Good Solid Kettle, 23 Mar. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
After having a kettle made by a big brand that broke, and a cheaper Argos brand that leaked. I was determined to find a kettle that would last multiple tea and coffee sessions for more than just 6 months. After trawling the kettles on Amazon (and finding that most of the replacements in my budget had much the same issues) - I came across the Igenix IG7207 with it's many 4/5 star reviews.

The kettle looks stylish which is a nice start, the blue led isn't super bright, but looks nice when boiling. It feels relatively lightweight, and easy to handle as a result. It can also take a fairly nice amount of water in one shot, which is great for when your using it for drinks and meals. It also doesn't leave the horrid plastic-y taste some kettles cause water to have when new.

The 2 year guarantee is a nice cherry on the cake, so even if you get a duff one off the production line, there's a chance you can get it replaced for free. I hope we don't have to use it, but ours has been going since November and still seems fine at present

Toad amiibo - Super Mario Collection (Nintendo Wii U/3DS)
Toad amiibo - Super Mario Collection (Nintendo Wii U/3DS)
Offered by Gameseek
Price: £13.44

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5.0 out of 5 stars Cute, But May Become Hard to Obtain, 23 Mar. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This one's likely going to be the toughest Amiibo to get due to Toad being able to activate goodies for not only Mario Party 10, but also for Toad Treasure Tracker on the Wii U.

Like other Amiibo, the toy itself is well sculpted, comes on a nice checkered base to differ from the Smash Bros series of Amiibo's - unlike the
others, Toad won't work with Smash Bros as he's not a fighter. But may activate goodies in other titles like Hyrule Warriors.

Hopefully Nintendo step up their Amiibo production, as it seems Toad is already starting to demand higher prices.

Nissin Duck Flavour Noodles - 30 Packets
Nissin Duck Flavour Noodles - 30 Packets
Offered by Tradewinds Oriental Shop
Price: £18.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars My Favourite Noodles!, 23 Mar. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I like duck and tried these as it's generally a hard to find flavour in UK stores.

The noodles are of high quality, they absorb water and don't really go soggy at all. The soup base makes a beautiful flavour of Chinese five spice duck. If you like noodles with a little zing, but maybe not keen on hot and spicy variants, this one is well worth the spin. Best of all, Demae generally is the biggest single serving packs of most noodles out there, while many offer about 55g in noodles - these are 100g worth, requires a bigger bowl - but will fill you up easy.

Instructions tend to suggest the boil in the pan method, but I found putting them in boiling water and then sticking in the microwave covered for an extra 2-3 minutes did the job quite nicely.

Countdown To Christmas [DVD] [2002]
Countdown To Christmas [DVD] [2002]
Dvd ~ Alison Cork
Offered by Global_Deals
Price: £5.50

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4.0 out of 5 stars One of the hidden gems in Disney's many cheap DVD reissues that come out during the Christmas Season., 15 Dec. 2014
Disney over the decade has made numbers of shorts and features that while great, are not really long enough to justify being on DVD alone. This has led in recent years to a huge number of Disney DVD's that tend to bundle a mix of winter and Christmas themed items together. Some of them, like the "Winter Wonderland" DVD - are cheap advertisements for other Disney titles, While titles like this one contain the real Christmas gems.

Prince and the Pauper is a featurette film, it's longer than your traditional short at 25 minutes, but a masterful adaptation of the classic tale of a king and peasant who switch lives for a few days. It premièred in theaters in 1990 with Rescuers Down Under, but still looks fantastic to this day. Plenty of great songs and character interaction between Mickey, Goofy and Donald.

The shorts are general issue ones from the list of many Disney have in their vaults. The stand out stars are the very fun "Donald's Snow Fight", a rare showing for one of the less popular "Silly Symphony" series - "Wynken, Blynkin and Nod", and the very much respected "The Small One"

"The Small One" is special in that it's one of the very few times Disney has tried to tell it's own take on a religious story, in this case, the birth of Christ. Rather than actually focusing on the Nativity, the story is instead about a young boy looking to sell his beloved old Donkey that his father can no longer afford. He resolves to sell him to someone who will love the animal as much as he does. One of the last projects Don Bluth worked on before setting up his own studio, it's a heart-warming, but bittersweet story much like the later films he worked on. It never seeks to expressly preach or push it's point, letting the story and characters themselves tell the story.

In short plenty here you'll have likely not come across on other Disney DVD's if you are looking for something new.

Daisy - A Hen Into The Wild [DVD]
Daisy - A Hen Into The Wild [DVD]
Dvd ~ Seong-yun Oh
Price: £3.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars An amazing Independent Korean film finally gets a UK release, 31 Mar. 2014
This film was originally known as "Leafie: Hen Into the Wild" - I assume for legal reasons or to make the film fit in a bit better with a western release, the characters names have changed. Leafie is now Daisy, and Greenie is now called Wilson. The film was released in Korea around

Regardless of dub name changes, this is an amazing film. The film follows the story of Daisy, a battery hen who decides she wants to escape the farm and live wild. Somehow despite having no experience with the world outside her cage, Daisy's optimism and resourcefulness allows her to survive, with the help of a Duck called Wilson, and some other wild animals who give her a little help along the way.

However when Wilson and his mate are killed by a weasel, Daisy ends up stepping in to protect their egg, hatching it and forming a unique motherly bond with the duckling she calls "Willie" after his father. Daisy has to face many challenges, including taking the young duckling to the everglades, dealing with her inability to swim and fly, and the effects that has on her son. Despite the odds, love overcomes many of these obstacles.

While this film is fantastic, be aware that it's incredibly emotional. "Daisy" isn't quite as heavy and dark as films like "Watership Down" or "Animal Farm" - but it's much like "Farthing Wood" in that the film is quite open about the circle of life and how humans can mistreat animals. Nothing bad is seen (this is PG rated after all) but there's a lot of implied death here, and the ending may upset some younger viewers. Be sure to view first, or view with your child to answer any questions they might have after.

The animation at times is breathtakingly beautiful, and the effort put into showing Daisy's stages as a character is well done. If you love animation, and are looking for something a bit more traditional than the current CGI animations sweeping the market. Daisy is well worth your while. If you want something 2D and a bit less heavy, try Ernest and Celestine which is another recently released Independent film.
Comment Comments (2) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Apr 22, 2014 2:48 PM BST

Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation
Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation
Price: £9.99

4.0 out of 5 stars While not quite feature movie standard, a classic all the same!, 12 Mar. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Based off the 90's series "Tiny Toon Adventures" (a series bizarrely missing from Amazon Instant Video, come on WB and Amazon! ) - "How I Spent my Vacation" was one of the earliest "direct to video" features of it's day. However don't let it's non-theatrical release fool you - Vacation is an amazing tour de force of the Tiny Toon's writers taking their 90 minute runtime and going coocoo-coocoo! (as the Wackyland motto goes)

The movie follows the Tiny Toons gang as they get ready for the clock to strike 3, and summer to begin. Hampton's going on a family trip to "Wackyworld Land" (with theme park and road trip jokes all the way!) and Plucky invites himself along for the family trip, Fifi and Sheyrl decide to enjoy the Beach, Elmyra invades the local safari, and Buster Bunny ends up taking a gag too far that sends him and Babs on a sprawling adventure of a lifetime. All with gags and sass a-plenty, with even a little heart thrown in for good measure. It's also something of a musical, with a huge number of slightly tongue in cheek musical numbers (including a rather fun banjo and verbal accoustic version of the series theme)

This being 90's Warner Bros animation, there's plenty here for kids, with tons of reference gags for parents or adults to enjoy. Sometimes the number of storylines going on can be a bit confusing or daunting, but none of the storylines really outstay their welcome or seem dull. This being a film made on a budget, the animation is on par with the TV series (but using some of the better studios that worked on the shows) - this film also hasn't seen any remastering. A shame because it deserves better care, the quality of the video is fine, but don't go expecting this to be HD in any real shape or form.

In short, one of the few films based on an animated series that actually is really good. Your kids will love it, and you might just find you'll like it too!

Birth of Astro Boy
Birth of Astro Boy

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The anime that started an Industry all of it's own! Finally available to the UK market!, 27 Feb. 2014
(I'm not sure why Amazon have rated the first episode in this show an 18 - while Birth of Astro Boy is kind of emotional and shows Tenma's harsh rejection of Astro, theres nothing in the episode to justify such a high age rating other than it maybe being a product of it's time)

While Astroboy was hardly the first manga or anime to really take off in Japan. Astro Boy was one of the first anime to get a western dub and release. While there have been countless adaptations since (including a 1980's revival series and 2003 TV series that both told Astro's story in their own unique ways) - the 1963 series is the closest in feel to Tezuka's original manga storylines. Helped in part by Tezuka putting a lot of work into this original series. As such between the serious and action packed moments of this series, Tezuka's pechant for "off the wall" jokes at any given moment shines through.

Astro Boy tells the story of a distant future, when science has perfected robot technology to an art. Professor Tenma, head of Japan's Science Dept. Is trying to complete a project to make the perfect "human" robot, and is almost obsessed by it, so much so, that he neglects his only son Tobio (Astor in the 1963 dub), who ends up in a tragic car accident. Tenma's grief is great, and in desperation he finishes the robot project in the image of his son, with a whole bunch of weaponry to ensure the "new" Astor can never be hurt again.

Tenma is overjoyed and takes his robot "son" home, for a time fully buying into the fantasy that he has brought his son back from the dead, and can start over. However the robot starts to slowly discover it's many hidden abilities, such as jet boots and hip-guns, he also cannot control his strength. Tenma finally snaps out of his delusion ,when he realizes the robot will never grow like a real human child, and sells the robot to a circus. The tragedy being that while the robot may be machine, he has genuine sentience and is heartbroken. Tenma himself goes into hiding and resigns as Minister.

So starts Astro's adventures, he eventually escapes the circus, thanks to an international law being passed that grant robots basic human rights due to their growing sophistication and intelligence as a race of their own. He then returns to Tokyo under the wing of the new Minster of Science, Dr. Elefun ,who helps to teach him what it means to be human, and how to control his power. He also build's the newly dubbed "Astro" a robot family all of his own, including a mischievious and tomboyish little Sister, and an "older" brother.

The series focuses a lot on "robot of the week" battles or dilemmas, though it also has a very philosophical side. The entire series has a racism story allegory to it, with Robots fighting for their own right to live independent lives and humans abusing them for various means. Though the dub plays a lot of this down. Many of the episodes in this series focus more on self-contained adventures. While the 80's series would go on to have a limited running narrative, and the 2003 series taking a strong focus on the family bonds Astro forms.

Many of the stories are interesting spins on a topic, for example - Episode 7 "Zero Invisible Robot" deals with Astro befriending a shy Robot that can become invisible to view, the robot however has been stolen by a criminal, and isn't aware that the things it's being told to do are bad things, Astro does his best to help this robot understand right and wrong, and that actions have consequences. The results, without spoiling, are somewhat bittersweet, Tezuka doesn't shy away from the potential reality of these stories and rarely opts for simple happy endings.

As for the visuals?....this being an early Japanese anime, the early hallmarks of cheap-and-quick animation techniques are readily apparent. Many scenes are motionless bar mouth flaps and the occasional movement, with repeated sequences used during the series. Mushi used strong poses and Tezuka's instruction to try and make the most of the restrictions placed on the shows budget. Though at times Tezuka was known to despair over the shows quality issues. One episode in this instant video set, "Beast From 20,000 Fathoms", reportedly upset Tezuka so much, that he personally called for the negatives of that episode to be destroyed day after it's Japanese broadcast, though the American dubbers already had a print copy of this video, so it survived.

In short, a flawed but inspired series that shows the best of anime's early years. It's an okay series for kids, though be aware that Tezuka was not always fully enlightened, he tends to draw native tribes and people of colour in ways that would be considered offensive in the west. There are other jarring 1950's-60's style attitudes occasionally, so parental guidence should be advised. It's a shame the slightly more kid and modern-attitude friendly 80's series isn't available too, nor the second set of this series which has the 2 parter Pluto/Brutus episodes that the series is so well known for.

5 x Assecure pro full black metal extendable retractable telescopic stylus slot in touch screen pen for Nintendo 3DS XL
5 x Assecure pro full black metal extendable retractable telescopic stylus slot in touch screen pen for Nintendo 3DS XL
Offered by ZedLabz Direct
Price: £5.79

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Good 3rd Party Alternative, but still not quite as good as the real thing, 10 Jan. 2014
(Note I got these from a previous listing that sounded similar, but has since been removed from Amazon, though this appears to be the same product re-listed)

In the middle of last year I lost the original Nintendo stylus for my 3DS XL. I was somewhat dismayed after a quick scan to find that Nintendo of Europe do not produce any sort of official replacement model for this situation, and looked for alternatives to my situation. Most 3DS styli on the third party market are for 3DS or don't seem to really fit inside the stylus slot at all. Then I found Assecure's retractable stylus. Offering the nice extension feature of the original 3DS, but pairing it with a design that reviews suggested fit snug in the 3DS XL stylus slot too.

I gave it a shot and was pleasantly surprised to find that it does indeed fit quite nicely in the 3DS XL, the telescopic extension works just fine too. There's only one problem with this stylus, and that's the fact it's made of metal, I presume this is because the telescopic feature won't work with plastic, but it ultimately means that black finish eventually peels away to a slightly less attractive dirty-gold coating underneath. But other than that, one of the best alternatives - though the only way to get the best stylus for your 3DS XL is to make sure you don't lose the one the system came with!

Duck Tales The Movie:  Treasure Of The Lost Lamp [DVD]
Duck Tales The Movie: Treasure Of The Lost Lamp [DVD]
Dvd ~ Bob Hathcock
Price: £3.33

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A vastly overlooked and underrated gem from Disney, 17 Aug. 2013
Long before the "cheapquels" and lousy followup films put out in the 2000's - Disney originally set up the studio destined to work on titles like the "Tinkerbell" films and "Return to Neverland" to work on a project to develop proper feature length films to complement their incredibly popular "Disney Afternoon" line up in the 90's.

"Ducktales: Treasure of the Lost Lamp" was the first movie developed from this project. Released to cinemas in 1992, the film unfortunately bombed, forcing Disney to cut back their plans on things like a Rescue Rangers movie, the only other film to come out of the "Disney Afternoon Films" plan was "A Goofy Movie" (and it's sequel "An Extremely Goofy Movie") - which did considerably better, but came out much later in 1995.

"Treasure of the Lost Lamp" starts with Scrooge and his extended family taking off in search of a great treasure hidden in the desert. After traversing a number of traps (with the help of Huey, Louie and Dewey and their Junior Woodchuck guidebook), they manage to find the payload, but end up losing almost all of it trying to escape a giant crab-monster and a rising tide. By chance Scrooge manages to save the lamp from the treasure. It turns out the lamp holds a young mischevious duck genie eager to play and be free. However a powerful sorcerer is searching for the lamp, and seeks to combine his power with that of the lamp.

So far, so "Aladdin" (which came out about the same time) - however the way Ducktales approaches the ages old story is interesting, the genie (unlike Robin William's genie) is as much a kid physically as he is mentally. He's seen taking great joy and abandon in playing with Scrooge's nephews, granting their wishes (like making it rain ice cream, or making Webby's animal plush collection come to life) and realizing how much he's missed out on while living in his lamp. Scrooge at first gives little thought to the genie, treating "Gene" (as the Nephews nickname him) as a tool, yet comes to regard him as an individual, but not before the big bad shows up and nabs the lamp unwittingly from Scrooge. What follows is an epic battle over Duckburg, ending with Scrooge gaining back the lamp, and wishing for the Genie to be allowed to live as a real boy (duck?)

While the plot borrows a lot from it's source story, it's given a charming Ducktales twist that makes it rather heartwarming and yet exciting at the same time. The animation isn't quite on the same level as your standard Disney feature, but there's a lot of effort to make it look and feel more like a feature, rather than an extended episode of the show. This film can also be watched without having seen a single episode of Ducktales. Everyone is introduced accordingly, and no real continuity is used in the course of the film. So this can be a great introduction to "Ducktales" too.

The DVD release itself is pretty bare-bones, all thats available here is the movie, and one of those set-top games Disney liked to include on most DVD releases. There's no concept art, no trailer and certainly no documentary. In fact this is the ONLY retail release worldwide of this film. Disney US has never released this film bar as a Disney Movies Reward and even that was in short supply. Kudos to Disney UK for caring enough to give this film a release, even if it is the most basic of DVD's.

Integral SDHC Class 10 Memory Card 32GB
Integral SDHC Class 10 Memory Card 32GB

5.0 out of 5 stars Works like a dream in my 3DS!, 17 Aug. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I picked up this SD card because I've used integral's 8GB cards in the past and found them to be pretty reliable - I needed to upgrade my SD card for my 3DS as I was planning to download Animal Crossing 3DS, and needed more space for my E-Shop purchases - this does the job perfectly, nice and zippy, so hardly much loading time between files appearing on my home screen (theres still a few seconds wait on boot-up, I presume this is down to the 3DS's loading speed rather than the card's)

It's also nice knowing I can transfer the card to my laptop to upload saved images, and know it'll load up pretty quick on my laptop too.

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