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Rosemary Morris "Rosemary Morris" (Hertfordshire, England)

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Maddie and the Norseman
Maddie and the Norseman
Price: £1.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Enjoyable Time Slip., 18 Oct. 2016
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Maddie and The Norseman


Tricia McGill

Maddie and the Norseman begins in modern day York.

I really enjoyed the description which takes place in Maddie’s dream. “Light and slender, the body of the ship gave way with the movement of the sea….

“Suddenly, a large rock seemed to grow up from the sea, dark, menacing and dangerous – towering over the ship. Maddie held her breath, but not from fear”

Still in her dream, Maddie turns her head and sees him clearly and sees him mouth her name. “Tall as an oak, the man who constantly filled her dreams stood out against the sky – hair flying behind him, those magnificent eyes of his clashing with hers.”

From then on I wanted to read Maddie and The Norseman’s story in this fascinating time slip, romantic novel.

Maddie, a 32-year old history teacher from Australia, and her friend Amber, who is working on Viking excavations, are fascinated by Viking history. Both of them studied the old Norse language, which enables them to communicate when they are transported back in time to Jorvik - the Viking name for York, dressed as Viking women for the re-enactment society that they are members of.

I compliment McGill on her knowledge about Vikings, and her ability to recreate their world in Maddie and The Norseman. I also compliment her on writing a novel with a spirited heroine and an admirable hero, who does not take advantage of Maddie. Of course, he is suspicious of the woman from the future, but only time will tell whether or not he accepts the truth, after many conflicts and danger.

When I reached the last pages with a satisfying ending, I wanted to read more.

I hope McGill will write another novel set in the Viking era.

The Tea Rose by Donnelly, Jennifer (2006) Paperback
The Tea Rose by Donnelly, Jennifer (2006) Paperback

5.0 out of 5 stars Jack The Ripper Stalks London for Victims., 9 Oct. 2016
The Tea Rose begins with a brutal murder committed by Jack the Ripper, who stalks the streets of London striking terror.

Fiona Finnegan, who works at Burton's, a tea merchant, only has to smell tea leaves to know where they are from. However, she and her sweetheart, Joe, a coster monger’s son are saving farthing by farthing to have their own shop.

Yet it’s the old case of men and women propose and God disposes. Circumstances change for both of them. Although both of them will be successful, t,ragedy strikes forcing Fiona to flee to New York, after which it seems impossible for her and Joe to have their happy ever after resolution.

I can only praise Donnelly for the scope of this novel, her detailed knowledge about tea on which fortunes were founded, her vivid descriptions of London and New York, the many interesting characters she introduced me to in the Tea Rose and much more.

I was on a roller coaster of emotion from beginning to end as the tale twisted and turned. This is one of the most interesting and satisfying novels that I have read recently. My reading time is rationed, but The Tea Rose tempted me to neglect everything other than the pleasure of turning the pages.

Rekindled Dreams (Moon Child)
Rekindled Dreams (Moon Child)

4.0 out of 5 stars Young Lovers Reunited., 8 Oct. 2016
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Orphan, Simon Parker, walked away from his dysfunctional uncle, aunt and cousins, as well as Dana his childhood sweetheart. He joined the marines, and the police force. After an incompetent superior officer made a mistake that resulted in Simon’s partner being killed and Simon being shot in the leg, Simon resigned.

Simon’s aunt asks him to return to the town where he grew up for his cousin Randy’s funeral. When he does, he meets Dana whom he has never stopped thinking about.

Dana and Randy have divorced but, when Simon meets her, she is pregnant. Randy, the father, wanted nothing to do with her or the child. He claimed he was not the father.

When his cousin Randy’s daughter is born Simon falls in love with her, and wants nothing more than to marry her mother and become the baby’s stepfather. But Dana doesn’t know if she can trust him.

I hoped this spicy novel would end happily for Simon and Dana in spite of threats made to Dana concerning the custody of her daughter.

Children's Nurse
Children's Nurse
by SusanMacqueen
Edition: Paperback

4.0 out of 5 stars Great Ormond Street Hospital. The Child First and Always., 8 Oct. 2016
This review is from: Children's Nurse (Paperback)
MacQueen’s The Children’s Nurse, an account of her personal experience of 40 years as a nurse is interesting and a valuable research resource.

Throughout her time at Great Ormond Street Hospital, the hospital’s motto is clear. ‘The child first and always’ as well as being a code of practice, is a celebration of childhood and everything it stands for. What a wonderful snapshot of GOSH.” A picture of the medical procedures, the staff, the children and the parents.

Perhaps I would have enjoyed this non-fiction account even more if MacQueen had written it instead of Rodgers her ghost writer. If MacQueen had chosen to write it without Rodger’s help her voice could have been stronger, and I might not have felt distanced from her.

A Want of Kindness: A Novel of Queen Anne
A Want of Kindness: A Novel of Queen Anne
Price: £5.69

3.0 out of 5 stars The Life and Times of Queen Anne Stuart, 8 Oct. 2016
I have read extensively about Queen Anne Stuart’s reign, so I began Limburg’s A Want of Kindness with enthusiasm. Unfortunately, when I read the first chapters my enthusiasm waned. Although I appreciate Limburg’s research, I don’t appreciate the style in which the novel is written.
Instead of allowing Anne to have her own voice, Limburg tells the reader about Anne. This distanced me from the main characters, so I put the novel aside and will not finish it.

Invisible Threads
Invisible Threads
Price: £3.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars A One Sided View of Women's Position in India, 1 Oct. 2016
This review is from: Invisible Threads (Kindle Edition)
The premise for Invisible Threads interested me; Sara a therapist believed her husband, a soldier died in Afghanistan, but found out he died in India. A therapist, Sara goes to Delhi, where she will work as a therapist while seeking the truth about her husband’s fate.

I began the novel with great expectations only to be irritated by Beresford’s choice of first person, and the present tense. She tackles many of India’s problems, particularly those concerning women whom she portrays as mere victims of lust. “To her great surprise, the carriages on her train were segregated. Male passengers, at either end leered and whistled at the forbidden fruit; Eve Teasing is the trivialising euphemism she has seen the media here used, for all forms of sexual harassment.”

Beresford paints vivid word pictures of Delhi: “…roads crammed with shops selling jewellery, cooking utensils, Halal meat. Another street sells tyres and car parts, its workshops open to the road. Half-naked men stand welding, their bronzed skin glistening in the flare of the kerosene lamps.”

As I read the first third of Invisible Threads I cared less and less about the characters and the style irritated me more and more. I was not enjoying the novel so I put it aside.

I congratulate Beresford on the scope of Invisible Threads in the part I finished but I doubt I will ever want to read the rest.
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Diary of a Painted Lady
Diary of a Painted Lady
Price: £2.39

5.0 out of 5 stars Time Slip Novel, 29 Sept. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
In Diary of A Painted Lady, an intriguing time slip novel, Andersen skilfully weaves her characters’ past and present lives.

Present day Paris. Astrid le Clair refuses to marry Philippe her partner for 5 years. She is serious about furthering her career as an actress, and travels from France to England, where she hopes to make her name in the film, adapted from a diary kept by the painted lady,

Giovanna, step-daughter of renowned pre-Raphaelite artist, Milo Rosso.

Ivor Heath, England. Dylan prepares to take the male lead in Diary of a Painted Lady. When he meets his co-star he is fascinated by her.
London, 1890. Blair Delaney attends an auction. He is struck by the beauty of Milo Rosso’s painting of Aphrodite. He buys it with the intention of finding the model. When he does, she exceeds his expectations.

Throughout the beautifully written novel, Andersen is in complete control of her characters. She swept me into scenes that tempted me to read on. I am sure her many fans and new readers will enjoy The Painted Lady

Yellow Moon
Yellow Moon
Price: £2.29

5.0 out of 5 stars Sioux Culture, 27 Sept. 2016
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This review is from: Yellow Moon (Kindle Edition)
The year is 1861. The place is Nebraska Territory, Ni Bthaska Omaha, which means flat water.

At the river, seventeen-year-old Yellow Moon is about to collect water when someone taps her shoulder. She turns and comes face to face with the most attractive brave she has ever seen.

Thunder Eyes, son of Black Bear of the Santee Tribe, admits he followed her, says he knows her name and asks her if she will watch him dance. “I will be the last to be free of the skewers,” he boasts. His painful sacrifice will be made to bring the herds closer.

It is against tradition for them to speak before he has approached her mother to ask permission to speak to her daughter. So, until he does Yellow Moon will not be able to acknowledge him in public.

Yellow Moon attended the white man’s school, but when the threat of war grew the Father and the sisters left. Afterwards Yellow Moon hardened her heart against the white men who encroached on the Sioux land seeking yellow ore in the Black Hills.

Simpson is to be congratulated on her story about Yellow Moon and Thunder Cloud in peace and war. She deserves praise for her research – Sioux culture and the tragic events which, at times, brought tears to my eyes. She is also to be congratulated on her vivid descriptions. “Sunlight glistened on Thunder Eyes freshly greased braid, and muscled arms extended from a broad, smooth chest exposed beneath his fringed vest.”

I enjoyed this novel so much that, in future, I am sure I will want to read it again

Adam's Frontier Bride (Western Romances Book 1)
Adam's Frontier Bride (Western Romances Book 1)

5.0 out of 5 stars 1870's South Dakota. Historical Romance., 17 Sept. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Adam’s Frontier Bride Margaret Tanner
This is the first novel I have read by Tanner and I hope to read more.
Well-born English orphans, Thomasina Lindsay aka Tommy, her older brother, wounded in the Boer War, and her five-year-old brother travel to Deadwood, South Dakota to meet their uncle with whom they will live. Upon arrival, they are told he is dead. Penniless, their only option is to settle on the ranch their uncle had signed over to them.
Fortunately, Tommy not only knows how to ‘cook, sew and manage a household’ she can also ride and shoot as well as any man.
As soon as she arrives in Deadwood, she is told Adam Munro bought all the smaller spreads in the area except for her family’s, which he wants to purchase because it has water on it.
When Tommy and Adam meet, sparks fly between them, and not only because she refuses his offer to buy the spread.
I enjoyed the historical details in the novel such as:- ‘old chaff bags with scraps of coloured wool covered the earthen floor” of a poor woman’s ‘forlorn little place’.
Tommy admires the frontier women who live in such primitive conditions, and wonders if she can cope with the many challenges life in South Dakota present, and longs for England. ‘A parched and dying landscape brought sudden waves of homesickness flooding over her. Oh for grey English skies and glistening, snow-covered fields.’
Adam Munro intends to marry a neighbour’s daughter whose inheritance will, one day, add to his land, until he meets Tommy, a spirited ‘English rose.’
Tanner is to be congratulated on her well-written, entertaining historical romance, although, in my opinion, the explicit sexual details are unnecessary because the reader knows Tommy and Adam desire each other and are falling in love.

Sleeper's Castle
Sleeper's Castle
Price: £4.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Hay-on-Wye past and present, 13 Sept. 2016
This review is from: Sleeper's Castle (Kindle Edition)
Sleeper’s Castle by Barbara Erskine

I borrowed Erskine’s Sleeper’s Castle from the library, and enjoyed it so much that I shall buy a copy to put on the bookshelf on which I keep novels I treasure, and will read more than once.

Sleeper’s castle in the era of Owain Glyndwr, Prince of Wales, who waged a campaign to free Wales from Henry IV of England.

In this time slip novel, Andy has been made homeless by her partner’s vindictive former wife. She grabs the opportunity be the caretaker of Sleeper’s Castle while the owner is away for a year.

At night, Andy visits the past in which Catrin, a poet and seer, daughter of a bard, lived in Sleeper’s Castle. “Called upon to foretell Wales’ destiny Catrin is caught in the middle of a dangerous political game.”

“Catrin is reaching out…and only Andy can help.”

I enjoyed Erskine’s description of the land around Hay on Wye where Sleeper’s Castle is nestled, her descriptions of herbal remedies, spells and so much more.

Erskine’s novels, with their superb conflict and tension, have never disappointed me. I look forward to reading her next one.

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