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Victory Conditions: Vatta's War: Book Five
Victory Conditions: Vatta's War: Book Five
Price: £4.99

5.0 out of 5 stars (Book 5) It does what it says on the tin..., 12 Feb. 2011
A great conclusion to the story with all story threads concluded in a fun and satisfying way.

As per the Product Description, Admiral Vatta goes out to do battle with some advantages and experience. Ky still has to learn through her mistakes and is exceedingly lucky in at least a couple of areas in how she survives.

If you have got this far in the story, you probably don't need this review to help you make your decision. If you are still wondering if to start - well you will know by the end of book 1 if it if for you; if you like Anne McCaffrey books then you will like this from one of her co-authors of her books.

Command Decision: Vatta's War: Book Four
Command Decision: Vatta's War: Book Four
Price: £5.99

5.0 out of 5 stars (Book 4) It does what it says on the tin..., 12 Feb. 2011
This book was enjoyable, and is probably the slowest of the five books. Ky's experience and reputation begin to really grow. Her idea to actively defend what she believes in takes hold with others starting to follow, however all is not all roses as there are deaths and loses to contend with.

Stella also starts to blossom out in her experiences and also starts to find out what it can be like to be a parent looking after her younger cousin. Not only does the Vatta name resurface for trading, it also braches out, and as per the Vatta motto (trade and profit) it prospers.

Engaging The Enemy: Vatta's War: Book Three
Engaging The Enemy: Vatta's War: Book Three
Price: £5.99

5.0 out of 5 stars (Book 3) It does what it says on the tin..., 12 Feb. 2011
This book, as do all of the others in the series, picks up immediately where the last one left off. The books seem more like convenient ways to package instalments of one longer story. (Although the books can be read individually).

The pace does not slack off in this book, however, it does have the feel of the middle of a book, where the plot is being fleshed out. The main character makes possibly a bad decision that has a reasonable outcome, for her and a few others, whereby she gains valuable experience in her abilities to fight in space. This helps her reputation and encourages some to follow.

Moving Target: Vatta's War: Book Two
Moving Target: Vatta's War: Book Two
Price: £5.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars (Book 2) It does what it says on the tin..., 12 Feb. 2011
This book carries on at the same pace as the first, if not a little faster. There is a crushing blow to the Vatta family that only gets worse. One of the Vatta's on their home world of Slotter Key, takes charge initially and sends one of the Clan, Stella, to find Ky so that they can work together.

Mean while, Ky uses the Vatta motto - 'Trade and profit' - to try to build up her wealth, and experience, and has her trusty crew to help her. As Ky's reputation precedes her and within a crumbling political situation, Ky teams up with another company to provide protection to her and other ships.

A possible bad decision ends up with her having to confront a side of her that she is not comfortable with, and which she had encountered in the first book.

By the end of this book, the story environment is fully set up with most (but not all) of the main characters in place.

Trading In Danger: Vatta's War: Book One
Trading In Danger: Vatta's War: Book One
Price: £4.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars (Book 1) It does what it says on the tin..., 12 Feb. 2011
This book, indeed series, is a fun read with good characterisation and a believable/consistent story environment. Setting the scene for the rest of the series, the author uses her military experience to the full to show part of the military training environment and how the military applies rules. In addition, I guess that the author used her experience in co-authoring the book-series 'Sassinak' creating a main character with a similar 'feel'.

The Product Description, for this one in the series, is spot on is what the book covers - and hence the book does what it says on the tin and is therefore in some places is predictable. Some of the fun though is in the predictability of the story direction. However, the next book takes on a direction that is particularly predict table and some of the characters that appear in this book reappear later to do important story line actions.

The main character is set up as someone who 'takes in strays', which actually is due to a few childhood incidents. Later there is a much darker side to her that the author explores - does this come from experience too or just imagined?

If you like a fun space ship/trading adventure, then this is the place to start. I had to finish all five in a row before picking up another story.

Castle Vroman (A Galaxy Unknown Book 6)
Castle Vroman (A Galaxy Unknown Book 6)
Price: £3.49

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5.0 out of 5 stars Keeps on coming, 10 Feb. 2011
I downloaded the 'new Kindle' version as soon as it was available and I was not disappointed.

The author keeps up consistently with the world he has created, bringing in new worlds, species, characters, situations and solutions - some seemingly very simple for the predicament of those involved.

While you can read this book on its own, you would probably get far more enjoyment going to the first in the series (A Galaxy Unknown (A Galaxy Unknown, Book 1)) and reading forward.

And for Kindle readers (who cannot easily see to the end of the book, there is an appendix that lists characters/medals/maps etc to help understand the books).

Now I await the last (so far) in the series to be published soon on Kindle - I hope the author decides to create some more stories in this univers.

Ghost Fleet
Ghost Fleet
Price: £3.10

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5.0 out of 5 stars A Graphic War Between Worlds, 27 Jan. 2011
This review is from: Ghost Fleet (Kindle Edition)
The Product Description for this book did not quite prepare me for the thrust and content of this book towards the latter part. The description lead me to believe that this would be an 'adventure', possibly between a human and a Tlartox (even with the Product Description's last paragraph hinting that there were a few others involved.

The book certainly starts out in the manner of an 'adventure', with the expected plot-type unfolding. However, without trying to give anything away, this all rather changes later in the book as there is a massive conflict between worlds. The conflict is graphically described.

With all that written above, I really enjoyed the book (having read one of D A Coulter's other books Courtesan and enjoyed it Courtesan). As I read I wanted to find out the fate of each of the characters as the story progressed.

The characters are well developed, even the bit parts, with good access to the thoughts and drivers of each one.

There is a good twist to the tail (pun intended). I hope that the author continues to write books of this calibre (This one's just come out at the time of reading/writing - I think).

Veterans of the Psychic Wars
Veterans of the Psychic Wars
Price: £2.30

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5.0 out of 5 stars A roller coaster of Space Opera, 23 Jan. 2011
This is a well written and well thought out book. From the outset it brings together the 'ordinary' in the main character (Roman Doyle) and the vastness of the galaxy with the psychic wars, spread over many worlds and beings.
It is obvious that much work went into working out the background (in the full book there are appendices on the characters, medals, and a glossary of terms from the Talisian language and the story).
The many characters are well crafted and do not change throughout the book (except due to events in the story). I found that I got a bit lost in all of the names, however, the author does ensure the reader knows the main names by using them often and in context.
It is not obvious from the Product Description of the vastness of the story world; during the initial stages of the book this is hinted at through Chi-Ro Jin, who provides history and background for Roman (and hence the reader). However, in the latter stages of the book, the reader begins to feel at first hand (through Roman himself) the hugeness and importance of the world that he is forced into.
The book had some of the imperialistic feel of Dune (Frank Herbert), the ideas from the Matrix (training within dream worlds), the Primes within the Talents (Anne McCaffrey), and the technology of Babylon 5 and Star Wars.
While I made rather heavy of the reading, I enjoyed the book and its ending.
For Kindle readers: this is the first 'self-published' book that I have read that has not had typos in it and was well laid out.

Dust Bags For Miele S5411 & TT5000 GN Vacuum Cleaners Pack Of 20
Dust Bags For Miele S5411 & TT5000 GN Vacuum Cleaners Pack Of 20
Offered by CKB LTD
Price: £17.99

7 of 9 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars So far so good - Same Size as Original and Filters fit, 22 Jan. 2011
Received these replacement bags quickly and efficiently (they look like a bag of packed disposable nappies on arrival). The bag size is the same as the GN Miele original although it does not seem to be as thick as the Miele original (this could be due to the tight packaging of the replacement bags). The Miele bags have the words Miele Original on the bag and on the plastic cuff attachment, whereas there is no mention of the replacement bags being a Miele originals (and there has been no mention that they are within the product description).
The replacement filters will fit my cleaner (S5000 series), with one of the filters needing to be cut down to fit. Both replacement filters have suggested template lines printed on them for different models, however I will be using the old filter as a template and then using that to cut out the new one.
I will update on effectiveness when I have used one of the bags.

Guardian Generations
Guardian Generations

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5.0 out of 5 stars Picks up the pace from Guardians and some more, 15 Jan. 2011
I read this book straight after the first in the series (Guardian) as the first book was a fun read. This sequel did not disappoint me.
The first book was a simple, fun story and I believe was the author's first book. Guardian Generations was a more sophisticated story, with several plot lines that came together towards the last third of the book.
There are many coincidences within the story; these are all explained away adequately. For example: how likely would it be rescued by your cousin, who was half Dacain and who did not know where Earth was, after you had been abducted by an alien UFO while you were flying your Typhoon jet? In this case it is all plausibly put together - but then, what would a good story be if it didn't have a few coincidences in it?
The plot for this book spans three thousand years (you can work some of this out from the author's product description, the Kindle sample as this book is a sequel) and brings in additional characters into the Taylor's world. As I was reading part of the plot, Heinlein's Time Enough For Love popped into my head regarding how the planetary AIs are/maybe utilised within the story line (but I don't wish to give anything away).
The book can be read on its own as there is a section (from the ending of Guardian) to bring the reader up to speed. The ending wraps up loose ends and leaves the way open for another sequel - I will be looking out for this in the near future.

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