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yvie "lamyuyam4" (United Kingdom)

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Capote [DVD]
Capote [DVD]
Dvd ~ Philip Seymour Hoffman
Offered by TwoRedSevens
Price: £2.62

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5.0 out of 5 stars Captivating you inside Capote's mind, 8 Oct. 2006
This review is from: Capote [DVD] (DVD)
I bought this film because of the rumoured fabulous acting by Philip Seymour Hoffman and I was not disappointed. In this seemingly quiet movie with little action and faded looking scenes, Hoffman gives a more than brilliant performance of Truman Capote.

For me, the attraction of Capote is not in the skin, not the outside but the inside of his mind, of his heart. The complicated emotions and motives that clash with every word he says to all the different people he said them to. Is he being sincere or is he being deceitful? Did he really care for the murderers? Or did he care more about his book? This movie inspires all these questions and more.

Dead as a Doornail (Southern Vampire Mysteries)
Dead as a Doornail (Southern Vampire Mysteries)
by Charlaine Harris
Edition: Hardcover

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5.0 out of 5 stars Down to Earth, 12 Jun. 2006
Despite the supernatural characters and 'incidents' that appear in this book, it is pleasantly down to earth in tone and language. I am not saying the language is bad or the tone is bland; it is entirely the opposite.

The flow of the story does not go away from the details of everyday life as they do sometimes in stories that have heros and heroines in them. Buffy is all cool and glamour but I do like something a little more practical than just one destined saviour of the world.

Sookie is no saviour and she does not slay vampires. However, she is down to earth, hardworking and sweet. She goes through life with cheer (most of the time) and the ability to be thankful for what she's got, instead of wanting and wanting and wanting. I am not saying that she is a saint because she is not. She gets jealous; she gets mad; she gets violent but it is all part of her very human nature, just like you or me. I love her for it. If you dislike first-person narratives, which I normally do, you won't dislike this one but it relates, it really does.

Just another note, Ms Harris sure has a sense of humour when she was naming the twins that appear in this book. Come on, two pairs of twins; one pair named Dixon and Dixie; the other pair named Claude and Claudine:) I loved it!

Finding Neverland [DVD] [2004]
Finding Neverland [DVD] [2004]
Dvd ~ Johnny Depp
Offered by streetsahead
Price: £2.67

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5.0 out of 5 stars It deserves all the praise it got, 26 Feb. 2006
I looked forward to Finding Neverland as soon as I heard about it. Partly it was because of the focus on JM Barrie who created my childhood hero - Peter Pan and partly because of the cast of brilliant actors in the movie.
After it was out, I didn't rush to watch it because I was afraid that it was too good to be true. It has one of my favourite actors and actresses; it is about the creation of Peter Pan; it was well-received by everyone, it seemed. I tended to be sceptical of such good fortune and I was afraid of being deeply disappointed. Therefore I waited and waited until I could wait no longer and I bought the DVD and watched it.
It was everything I could have wanted and more. There was not only a seriousness about the movie that told me people who took part in it gave it all they had. There was also bits of everyday humour inserted into the performances of the actors, especially the five-year-old Michael in the movie. His childish and yet serious words would pull at anyone's heartstrings.
Kate Winslet's performance was wonderful as the mother of four boys, the love and hassle she showed while taking care of them was true and touching. Johnny Depp was brilliant, especially in his silences and his use of eye expressions. He is an actor who can act with his whole body, without words and you would not be bored. I truly admire him and in Finding Neverland, he brought 'Peter Pan' to live because he was like a Peter Pan himself. The words 'just believe' are as cheesy as they come and yet he gave them life and I believed. Dustin Hoffman was dryly sarcastic in the movie as he believed in Johnny Depp's Barrie. The amount of trust he had in the movie while pretending to be doubtful was a great mix of fun.
It is not only a family drama with sweetness and humour in it. There was a very serious side about losing someone you love and how it affects all of us in different ways. There is the neverending conflict of children wanting to grow up and grown-ups wanting to rediscover their childhood. There are quietly intense scenes that could have been anyone in the world. They brought to the screen the pain and love of giving your heart, not to a lover but to a family, sometimes, against everyone's wishes.
I try not to tell the story in my review because I just do not like doing it. However, for anyone who wants a good cry, this would be a good film. For anyone who enjoys seriousness mixed with warmth and humour, this would be a good film. For anyone who believes that inside of us, there is a child to be rediscovered, this would be a good film.

The Outstretched Shadow (Obsidian Triology - Book 1)
The Outstretched Shadow (Obsidian Triology - Book 1)
by James Mallory
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
Price: £6.20

31 of 34 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect as it is, 18 Feb. 2005
I would say that this novel is built along rather classic lines of fantasy. There is a quest involved and the hero is someone who thinks himself of being pretty average and even lacks self-confidence. We later find that it is not the case of course. However, what makes this one special then? I think it is the alienation between the majority of humans and the other races that makes it so unpredictable. I am writing as one who read both this and To Light a Candle, so if the reader wants to fully 'get' my review, one would have to read both.
Even in the first book, I chill at the appearance of the Enemy- the Endarkened. This is not the first fantasy I've read with Demons in it but Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory certainly created them to be some of the worst lot of Demons I have read about. A magical lot that lives on pain and torture of the very worst sort. The more I read about the Enemy in this trilogy, the more I find it to be unsettling and unpredictable. The Enemy are subtle and cunning, not to mention extremely patient. This combination is scary when it is the Enemy who has it in abundance. However, to be more precise would be giving details of the plot and I do not like doing that.
Where there is evil, there is also good and this trilogy has it in abundance as well. One of the most endearing races in the novel are the unicorns. Contrary to the stupid creatures from another of Mercedes Lackey's novels, these ones are extremely intelligent and even more beautiful. They are not fragile creatures but capable of defending themselves and those with them. There is absolutely no possibility of them being corrupt and this purity is so comforting when one reads about the absolute evil of the Enemy. Another amusing character is the hero, Kellen. He is basically a teenager and not one who is plagued by his hormones obviously because his constant companion in the novel is a unicorn and we all know that is one thing about unicorns that never varies. He is sensible and willing to question and best of all, accept what is different. Moreover, he is most amusing when he is among the Elves and trying, but not really succeeding, to be eloquent and courteous.
My title is Perfect as it is and I believe it is exactly that. I say it because the novel is not without its flaws, however, despite its flaws or maybe because of them, it is still a wonderful novel. It is a harmonious blend of a classical storyline with a modern, dry wit that endears. The characters are interesting and much too likeable because the trilogy is not without death and danger. I am now sorry that I read it when there are only two books out and not the whole three!

Alta (Dragon Jousters (Hardcover))
Alta (Dragon Jousters (Hardcover))
by Mercedes Lackey
Edition: Hardcover

11 of 17 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A Vibrant Novel, 27 Jan. 2005
I enjoy Mercedes Lackey but I would not read every one of her books. They did not have that kind of power for me, except for this new series of hers about Vetch/Kiron. Some claim that details are lacking, however I find that it is just right. To begin with, it was never the type of epic fantasy that seems to go on forever, it would have slowed the pace too much. The dragons in Alta were beautiful, packed with colours and character. The same goes for the characters themselves, especially the new type of Jousters that Kiron was training. They were each and every one of them different. The only regret that I have is that they could each have a bigger role in the story but as I said, it would have stolen the pace and the limelight from Kiron so maybe just as well that there wasn't. If I say any more, I suspect I will start commenting on the story itself and I do not want to give away any plots to spoil the story. However, I will say that this series to me because I started having a greater interest in dragon-novels because of it. Also, if a warning that if you are looking for a fantasy that scales on the epic, then this is not for you, for again I remind you that this is not an epic, though I wish that it could be a bit longer, so I could have read more of it.

The Fairy Godmother: A Tale of the Five Hundred (Five Hundred Kingdoms)
The Fairy Godmother: A Tale of the Five Hundred (Five Hundred Kingdoms)
by Mercedes Lackey
Edition: Mass Market Paperback

16 of 18 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A story based on fairytales, not just Cinderella, 8 Nov. 2004
I have always enjoyed Mecedes Lackey's retelling of the fairy tales. This one is I think one of her best. The idea of The Tradition is original and I really like it. It brings together different fairy tales and the virtual reality of 'it can happen to anyone' alive in the book. Elena was a resourceful young lady, efficient and firm, and I admire this character for these traits. A young lady who knows how to save, now that is wonderful. The characters in the novel are bright and alive, very vivid. Randolf was exceptional, the Brownies were down-to-earth and sensible, Elena was not flawless and this made her all the more likeable. Alexander was funny, as an ass and as a man. Julian was rather funny as well, being a bit 'daft' and a bit 'sentimental', the rewriting the letter to his father, tearing it up and weeping over it part tickled me to death! All in all, it was a wonderfully original book with a complete background to the story and a whole new world for fantasy and fairy tale fans to explore and lose oneself in:)

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