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Fire Kids Edition Tablet, 7" Display, Wi-Fi, 16 GB, Pink Kid-Proof Case
Fire Kids Edition Tablet, 7" Display, Wi-Fi, 16 GB, Pink Kid-Proof Case

1.0 out of 5 stars the worst charging system, 15 July 2017
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Good for the kids. But the power cable connection point is the weakest. Within one year, I had to replace 3 times for the same reason. Power cable becoming loose and not charging the device. So I would not really recommend this if it is for children who use it all the time.

Price: £7.92

5.0 out of 5 stars The Rockstar Is Born, 3 Oct. 2016
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This review is from: Maya (MP3 Download)
Nepalese music has evolved in the last two decades or more, from adhunik (modern) and traditional folk music that were played in Radio Nepal 24/7, to new wave of various genre to the taste of a new generation. These popular music styles were imported from other cultures such as rock, metal, pop, reggae, whereas some are generated and modified within from the hills and planes of the country. Most of them are heavily influenced by other western and international artists. Very handful of musicians have that idea to create the music which has something new and unique to offer or has its own identity in the global recognition.

For the last couple of months, I have been studying Bipul Chhetri. To me this name is pure music. First time I came across the name was maybe a year ago or two. A link on my Facebook that read ‘Top 10 Indian Guitarists’ where this Nepalese name was also listed caught my attention. I clicked it expecting someone to be the likes of my guitar heroes Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Prasanna and etc. But I was completely baffled with this circle-bearded guy on a pair of flip-flop doing some sound check for a gig, singing and only strumming chords on an acoustic guitar using capo. I immediately debunked the top ten theory.

Last summer on one of the beautiful and bright sunny days, my neighbour was out his backyard doing barbecue cranking up music which has smooth acoustic guitar feel at 120 bpm, with bass pumping the rhythm in crotchet values in common time, horns giving harmonised melody and the lyrics all I could remember was ‘Silguri, Sikkim’. I did not even realise my body was grooving to its beat while doing dishes in the kitchen. I had no idea it was the same flip-flop guy. This was my second encounter with Bipul Chhetri.

And now the third time. Recently my younger brother strongly recommended Bipul Chhetri and played to me ‘Asaar’ and few others on his guitar when we met. Me and him, for having common interest in music which we grew up listening to, 80’s rock, heavy metal, guitar instrumental, varieties of guitar oriented music, be it acoustic or electric; and for both of us having unconditional love for guitar, I took his recommendation into serious consideration. I googled, I youtubed and the next thing I knew was I was on the verge of discovering the coolest music, a real music, perfectly recorded, mixed and mastered that I would ever hear in Nepalese music industry.

Again I came across an article online about Bipul Chhetri which I found was a little misleading or confusing. ‘An Indian musician doing folk music’ or something like that. The question is - 'What is folk music and what is Bipul doing here?' Almost every country in the world has its own traditional folk music sung and played by natives, passed from generation to generation for centuries. So has Nepal which is different and unique. Bipul may live anywhere in the Galaxy but he does Nepalese songs. So I threw that article out of the window.

That’s right that Bipul sings Nepalese folk tunes in western rhythm and feel. I could not find madal, muchunga and that triplet-feel-rhythm in his music which I was expecting but only sarangi and tungna. These instruments and beats sing Nepalese folk tunes. Bipin’s music to me sounds very American country, bluegrass, a bit of rock-pop mixture, bluesy, jazzy yet very Nepalese not just for a language. Maybe I won’t be wrong to say he is the other side of the musicians I know all my life. John Cougar Mellencamp, The Eagles, Bruce Springsteen, Patti Smith (not to be confused with Patty Smyth), Kenny Loggins, Keith Urban, Garth Brooks, Mumford & Sons, Bob Dylan, Tommy Emmanuel to name a few.

He may not be among the top ten but he is a very fine player of fingerstyle guitar and he plays with so much ease that his playing looks so simple and mastered. His compositions, arrangements and instrumentations are very finely refined as if he has spent his entire life, heart and soul making them, polishing them, decorating them. I can tell Bipul is obsessed with his work and I believe obsession leads one to become a perfectionist which he is. His inner beauty and beast, pleasure and pain, happiness and sadness, smiles and tears, people and places, what he has and what he misses, can be felt in his music. He plays, he sings, he writes, he composes, he arranges, he performs and he is in charge, in control, in command. Such a multi talent, artistry, creativity are possibility of gift that runs in his veins, in his genes.

His lyrics are poetic. He cleverly uses words as they are spoken by folks from the villages and that’s what makes his songs distinctive and folkish. For example, usage of non-lexical vocables such as ‘lai bari lai’, ‘jhalala’, ‘salala’, ‘kukkoo’, ‘siriri’, 'ziriri' which are easy for anybody to remember, hum and get involved in the lively atmosphere. And the pronunciation that makes the whole line so pleasant to hear. For instance, ‘sikima’ instead of ‘sikkim’, ‘jiwana’ instead of ‘jiwan’, 'kalapana' for 'kalpana', ‘mo’ for ‘ma’, ‘haran’ for ‘horn’, ‘asaara’ for ‘asaar’ if you know what I mean. That whole phrases and melodies. These are the things that can be found in Nepalese folk music. These are the very things that make Bipul Chhetri, Bipul Chhetri.

His voice is melodic and sweet, raw and husky that suits his music the best. None other than his. I can hear perfect use of falsetto. It is unwise to compare an artist to another but I can sometime see Patti Smith or Ganga Bardan in him. His singing style is that of cowboys of the west and of sarangi players who play their blues away in the heart of streets of Nepal.

The single ‘Syndicate’ and the debut album ‘Sketches Of Darjeeling’ really got me. I downloaded from iTunes and played them in my home system and iPod non-stop. It must have been a thousand times by now. Even my 5 year old can go ‘Ramsailee mata’ and ‘Timi jane sikkima tira’. The opener ‘Mountain High’ takes you high to the temple of the mountains and the closer ‘Rail Garee’ keeps you going on and on and on, on a train journey that you don't want to get off ever like me. The other numbers in between - ‘Wildfire’, ‘Asaar’, ‘Deorali Darah’ and ‘Ram Sailee’ are my top 4 favourites. I could not get enough of these 7 magnificent numbers and I wanted to have more.

I was very eagerly waiting for ‘Maya’ to be released soon. I was not sure at first but it quickly grew on me in no time. Glad to find ‘Syndicate’ reserved its position as the 7th song. ‘Siriri’ opens the album like it is brought by breeze to your very ears and the closer ‘Nau Lakhey Tara’ leaves you gazing at the silent stars of the night. My top 4 favourites on this one are ‘Siriri’, ‘Allarey Jovan’, ‘Mann’ and ‘Syndicate’. Having said that I don't mean other songs are not. Both albums are equally the best or better than one another. So much balanced. No album fillers. I would say the A side is 'Sketches Of Darjeeling' and the B side 'Maya', of one album. I already can not wait for the next release.

Call it time-wasting, money-wasting, space-wasting hobby or whatever. But I have this bad obsession of collecting good CD albums. Now I desperately needed to possess the physical discs of the same circle-bearded guy holding his acoustic guitar, with album cover, arts, photos, production info, credits and thank yous. That would physically sit on my CD rack forever. Not just digital. Inclusion of lyrics would have been better. The best way I enjoy and understand music thoroughly is by holding CD booklet in my hand and going through music word by word, page by page understanding the philosophy of the maker in a whole bigger picture. After long search and hard attempt, was I able to get hold of the original hard copies of these two beautiful albums. One of them signed by Bipul. Looking like EPs, these albums are worth hundred quid I won't hesitate to pay.

Lastly but not less importantly, the credited musicians on the albums.
On 'Sketches Of Darjeeling', Anindo Bose on keyboards (and bass on 'Wildfire'), Lokesh Anand on shehnai, Tony Quadros on trumpet, Suhail Yusuf Khan on sarangi, Rahul Rai on bass, Upendra Raj Baraily and Reuben Narain on drums/percussions.
On 'Maya', Pranai Gurung on electric guitars, Prabir Sekhri on keyboards, Kiran Nepali on sarangi/tungna, Lokesh Anand on shehnai, Ramon Ibrahim on trumpet/trombone, Rahul Rai on bass and Reuben Narain on drums/percussions. Utsav Lala plays keyboards on 'Mann', Anindo Bose plays keyboards on 'Allarey Jovan' and percussions on 'Junkeri'.

Of these, Rahul Rai, Pranai Gurung and Kiran Nepali are members of ‘The Traveling Band’ with others Achint Khare on keyboards/melodica and Aman Singh Rathore on drums/percussions. The fabulous band who tours with Bipul Chhetri around the world. Anindo Bose is the recording and mixing engineer on both albums done at Plug 'N' Play studio, India. 'Maya' is mastered by Pete Maher in London who has worked with top class international artists such as U2, Katy Perry, Linkin Park, Noel Gallagher and many more. Sonam Tashi is the band manager and executive producer of ‘Maya’. Bipul primarily produces both albums.

Bipul’s music lifts me up from this concrete jungle and takes me to another different world. To hills and forests, green fields and blue skies, streams and waterfalls. Evokes in me a natural beauty of the motherland. The music serves its purpose. Makes me want to explore Kalimpong, Darjeeling, Silaguri, Sikkim, the places I've never been wherever this rockstar and his music were born. There must be something special about these places. Suresh Kumar (Chhetri), late Gopal Yonjan, Adrian Pradhan, Girish Pradhan. Are they all not from there?

To conclude -
The oasis amidst the desert
The lotus amidst the waters
The rhododendron amidst the mountains
And that is Bipul Chhetri

The Astonishing
The Astonishing
Price: £5.99

2 of 4 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Music & Movie, 31 Jan. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: The Astonishing (Audio CD)
I was eagerly waiting for my copy of pre-ordered album. Pre release single Gift Of Music sounded great. So my expectation was accordingly. On the night of release day, I was allowed to download from Amazon Autorip. I disappointedly and hurriedly judged it deserved 2 stars the best. CD was delivered in the early afternoon. So I sat with the CD in my hand, followed the words, line by line, page by page, with the music. It took me to the cinema theatre and made me feel like I was watching The Astonishing movie soundtracked by Dream Theater. What a brilliant concept album it is. I really like it and still following it and trying to picture the story in my head. Listening to downloaded music won't give you much pleasure. With CD inlays and booklets, it makes a total sense. it's like listening to audio of a movie. I am not a salesperson but a big fan of the band. I suggest buy physical CD.

Ailihen I35 Foldable Headphones with Microphone Adjustable Headband Earphones for iPhone Laptop Computer Mp3/4 Cellphones Smartphones (Black/Orange)
Ailihen I35 Foldable Headphones with Microphone Adjustable Headband Earphones for iPhone Laptop Computer Mp3/4 Cellphones Smartphones (Black/Orange)
Offered by Sample Tech
Price: £19.98

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2.0 out of 5 stars Bad for Mixing, 11 Dec. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought this being completely attracted to its stylish and eye catching look. It is of robust build. Cable is of material used for shoe laces. I bet it won't break for very long time. Nice cushions and smooth overhead. The pads sit on ears lightly that you won't feel a pain for half an hour. But that's the length of time I used this for and that's it. Packed up and returned. Because I bought this to mix music in Sibelius. But I could not stand a bit. High frequencies could be heard excessively and bad bass response. Sold as 'Ailihen i35' but logoed as 'Kanen i35'. At first I thought wrong item was sent. Not just 'Made in China' but this is a brand of China. I don't mind 'China' stuffs. Maybe good for average listeners to enjoy music on iPod, iPhone, iPad, MP3, etc. But when it comes to seriously making music, go for branded names and invest a bit more. Lesson learnt.
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Classic Rock Presents Def Leppard
Classic Rock Presents Def Leppard

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4.0 out of 5 stars The Boys Are Back In Town, 30 Oct. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
(Please note that this review is for the Classic Rock Presents magazine version that came out only today on 30th October 2015. The proper CD is due to release in November end. As always, Amazon linked the review.)

Wow! AC/DC came with 'Rock Or Bust'. Scorpions with 'Return To Forever', Billy Idol 'Kings And Queens Of The Underground', Europe 'War Of Kings', WASP 'Golgotha'. And now Def Leppard with this self titled album. 80s is back or what? The video release of the first track Let's Go was like yeah the Leppards are back. Finally the wait is over.

This package is really for a fan. I am glad to have pre-ordered one and got one today.
What include are :
1. A digibook audio CD with 14 normal tracks and 2 bonus tracks
2. A magazine all about the band, interviews, making of the album, reviews of discography to date
3. Two A4 sized band posters
4. A beautiful keyring with logos of Def Leppard and Union Jack

Let's talk about music. 'Let's Go' has that Pour Some Sugar On Me feel. I still had a doubt 'Is that it?' until the second track 'Dangerous' assured me the boys are really back. 'Man Enough' is groovy one. 'We Belong' is the Hysteria of the album. 'Invincible' is rocking fast number. 'Sea Of Love' is like 70s funky rock type. 'Energised' is cool one. 'All Time High' is another punchy rock number. 'Battle Of My Own' is acoustic blues. 'Broke N Brokenhearted' sounds as it's from Hysteria album. 'Forever Young' is hit-that-snare kinda song. 'Last Dance' is again Two Steps Behind of the album. 'Wings Of An Angel' is a good one. 'Blind Faith' is mid tempo song. The two bonus tracks are different vocal take of 'We Belong' and short radio version of 'Let's Go'.

I would say this album will make big when the proper album gets released in November. May take a couple of plays to grow. But still nothing will top those classic albums High N Dry, Pyromania, Hysteria, Adrenalize and Retro Active. Those albums were classic ones. I am counting days now to see them play live at the Wembley Arena with Whitesnake and Black Star Riders.

Rock 'N' Roll

Offered by hotshotrecordsgermany
Price: £6.96

16 of 18 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars WASP was my band. Blackie was my man., 2 Oct. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Golgotha (Audio CD)
In the 80s at one time, WASP was my most favourite band and Blackie my idol. In school college days, my friends started calling me Blackie. Some still do to this day. I have been proud and happy. We even had a dog called Blackie. I picked up WASP in their self titled debut album with I Wanna Be Somebody, Love Machine and devotedly followed until The Headless Children and then sadly left after Crimson Idol. Actually my musical taste was changing.

I saw them live at Astoria in 2004 with Dragonforce opening for them. Anybody remember? That was the real WASP nation for me. I came back. I found the last album Babylon was so good and in shape. Don't know much about anything between Crimson Idol and Babylon.

Coming soon of Golgotha kept me very excited. From the single Last Runaway and the awesome video Scream, I was sure this album would take me back to 80s. Following Blackie's updates about the album, his life story, his health, his faith, on Facebook and their webpage was very exciting everyday with morning tea. I am listening to the whole album and songs are growing stronger and stronger. Blackie's voice sounds the same to my ears. Music is pure WASP. Original stuffs. The crimson coloured art cover and booklet is cool to go through along with music following the lyrics. I am having a good day today.

I think I'm gonna explode with excitement here. Maybe tied with nostalgia, I can not find any fault in this album. Let's talk about some of my favourites. 'Scream' is an energetic opener as in any WASP album. Pre-released single 'Last Runaway' took me a while to grow but later secured pre-order of the album. Intro of 'Shotgun' is a typical WASP. 'Miss You' is a very nostalgic number that took me back to my mother's funeral and the next moment I knew was my eyes filled with tears by that sweet solo of Mr. Douglas Blair. What can I say? Numerous times I played 'Fallen Under', 'Slaves Of The NWO', 'Eyes Of My Maker', 'Hero Of The World' give me that vibe of rock 'n' roll. After many years I did not find any tracks that I wanted to skip. 'Golgotha' is a good storied sweet ballad that concludes the album. Actually that's the whole album.

Hail WASP !
Rock 'N' Roll \m/,
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The Studio Albums 1969-1983
The Studio Albums 1969-1983
Price: £44.99

9 of 12 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Classic Alice Cooper, 29 Aug. 2015
Alice Cooper discography -
1969 Pretties For You *
1970 Easy Action *
1971 Killer *
1971 Love It To Death *
1972 School's Out *
1973 Billion Dollar Babies *
1973 Muscle Of Love *
1975 Welcome To My Nightmare *
1976 Alice Cooper Goes To Hell *
1977 Lace And Whiskey *
1978 From The Inside *
1980 Flush The Fashion *
1981 Special Forces *
1982 Zipper Catches Skin *
1982 Dada *
1986 Constrictor
1987 Raise Your Fist And Yell
1989 Trash
1991 Hey Stoopid
1994 The Last Temptation
2000 Brutal Planet
2001 Dragontown
2003 The Eyes Of Alice Cooper
2005 Dirty Diamonds
2008 Along Came A Spider
2011 Welcome 2 My Nightmare

I thought I knew Alice Cooper. But I really didn't know him at all until now.

It was the height of the 80's heavy metal era when I was exploring music to find my own taste. Taste of a long haired teenager. I discovered Alice Cooper in 'Trash'. The cassette. The album cover was cool. So was the music. My taste. Heavy metal. Became an immediate fan. I went back 2 steps in time to buy 'Constrictor' and 'Raise Your fist And Yell'. I became a serious fan. Came out 'Hey Stoopid'. I thought it was even better. I went back further in time to be in the Alice's world. Can't remember which album but I went 'Oops!'. The music was different than what I knew of Alice. I said sorry I can't revisit anymore. Except for 'The Beast Of Alice Cooper' that just came out where the classic hits such as School's Out, I'm Eighteen, No More Mister Nice Guy were great. But 'No more, Mister!'.

I stood by anything after 'Hey Stoopid'. Saw him live at Hammersmith Apollo on 'Brutal Planet' tour. Got the DVD too coz I was there. One day after Welcome 2 My Nightmare, I thought I should completely throw myself into the world of Alice Cooper. The older albums. I am a daddy now. My taste may have leaned towards 70's. I'm digging the older classic music. New music sucks. But too many albums to explore. 15 albums. I did not know where to start. And here it is. This beautiful box set. All 15 albums. Marked * above. Everything before Constrictor. All that I wanted.

So I am starting from 1969 'Pretties For You' and flowing in time towards 1982 'Dada'. After that I have almost all the albums. No remasters mentioned in the box. Else it would've been great. CDs are packed in card sleeves with album info at the back and original covers in front. No lyrics. That would've been better. All sleeves go to the box which you have seen here in the picture. 15 CDs compact in one box. Saves my time, money and space. Essential stuff.

Welcome to the nightmare of Alice Cooper!
Rock 'N' Roll \m/,

The Purple Album
The Purple Album
Offered by A2Z Entertains
Price: £9.24

5 of 8 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A different shade of Purple, 19 May 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: The Purple Album (Audio CD)
Growing up listening to Highway Star, Smoke On The Water, Child In Time, Black Night, Burn, Soldier Of Fortune, I did not know the difference between the voice of Ian Gillan and David Coverdale. Later I was amazed to learn that was the singer from my favourite band Whitesnake. Especially after enjoying Uli Jon Roth's Scorpions Revisited, I was very much excited about this album and pre-ordered. I pretty much expected it would sound Purple-Snake and I think I was right.

How I enjoyed very much is that I lined up all the original version of Purple songs featuring in this album and the Snake versions from this album in my iPod and played all day yesterday many many times. First Purple's and second Snake's, one after another. Wow! You can hear the difference. Heavier and pure Snake. 40 years different in David's voice but still good. Let's be honest. Original is always original. Nothing can top it. This album only sounds different. A different shade of Purple.

Loved it.
Comment Comments (4) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Jul 30, 2016 11:25 AM BST

Stillness In Motion: Vai Live In L.A. [2CD]
Stillness In Motion: Vai Live In L.A. [2CD]
Offered by mrtopseller
Price: £9.99

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The hands of ten guitarists. The soul of a thousand, 19 April 2015
I attended The Story Of Light concert on 2nd December 2012 at Hammersmith Apollo. It was a great concert to witness from the fourth row. I pre-ordered the Stillness In Motion - Vai Live In LA DVD. Since its arrival on the release date, I have been just watching it. It is so great that I felt like I am there again. I could not help myself. So I ended up downloading the MP3s and enjoying listening to it when I am not watching it. Steve Vai is the one.

Stillness In Motion: Vai Live In L.A. [2DVD] [2015]
Stillness In Motion: Vai Live In L.A. [2DVD] [2015]
Dvd ~ Steve Vai
Price: £14.39

8 of 10 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The hands of ten guitarists. The soul of a thousand., 14 April 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
"To be Steve Vai is having that special blessing only one in seven billion gets and that happens only once in a millennium."
Yes that's right. I don't know why I see that when Steve Vai is playing guitar, he plays with much ease, so effortlessly, so relaxed and with a lot of amusement. He makes it look like guitar playing in that level of virtuosity is simple. Yet the force of the Universe is playing through him. That charm, that personality, that look, that power, that control, that influence, that charisma, that style, that love, that passion, that music. I am just a fanatic.

I enjoy watching Steve Vai live more than anything. Whether it is the real concerts or live DVDs. The more I see, the more I wanna see. Never satisfied. Coming up of his new CDs, DVDs and concerts is more exciting than going out on new date. I was more excited than ever for this DVD release. Because I attended The Story Of Light tour on 2nd December 2012 at Hammersmith Apollo. And the setlist is as similar as in this DVD. Also the 360° apps thing of the show was similarly exciting for me as I was on the fourth row hoping to be spotted. But no luck. Never mind! This is a two DVD set. DVD track list slightly differs from CD's.

Disc 1 has the following 2 hour long show -
1. Intro / Racing The World
2. Velorum
3. Band Intros
4. Building The Church
5. Tender Surender
6. Gravity Storm
7. The Trillium's Launch
8. Weeping China Doll
9. John The Revelator
10. The Moon And I
11. The Animal
12. Whispering A Prayer
13. The Audience Is Listening
14. Where Are We? (Short documentary)
15. Rescue Me Or Bury Me
16. Sisters
17. Beastly Rap
18. Treasure Island
19. Salmanders In The Sun
20. Pusa Road
21. Earthqake Sky, Drum Solo
22. I'm Tired (Short documentary)
23. The Ultra Zone
24. Frank

Disc 2 has the last 3 of half an hour show. Plus 3 and a half hour documentary called 'The Space between The Notes' (Legs 1-9) -
1. Build Me A Song L.A.
2. For The Love Of God
3. Taurus Bulba
4. Leg 1 (USA Rehearsals)
5. Leg 2 (Europe/Eastern Europe)
6. Leg 3 (Vegas/Netherlands/Russia/Ukraine/Europe)
7. Leg 4 (Australia/New Zealand/Indonesia/China/S. Korea/Japan/Taiwan/Thailand)
8. Leg 5 (Europe again)
9. Leg 6 (USA again)
10. Leg 7 (Mexico/South America/China)
11. Leg 8 (Vegas/Singapore/Malaysia/Israel/Europe/Russia/Ukraine)
12. Leg 9 (USA/St. Barths/Japan/France/Poland)

Some highlights of the show are Dave Weiner's guitar solo The Trillium's Launch, Jeremy Colson's strap drum drama Beastly Rap, Steve Vai's solo on Rescue Me, Deborah's harp on Whispering A Prayer, Steve's ultra zone cover outfit on The Ultra Zone, Build Me A Song LA with audience. Not different from the concert I attended. And from what I recall there is that the tall, dark figure in a smokey, semi darkness with a hand high in the air in the beginning looked like a handsome devil in disguise. That's exactly what I find in the Intro here. That's one hell of a start.

What makes this DVD unique from all the previous ones is The Space Between The Notes which is even longer than the concert and full of lots and lots and lots of fun. It is a collection of still pictures, camera clips, cam coder footages (all raw) about the journey of the band (Dave, Jeremy, Philip), the crew (Thomas, Todd, Mike, Jaret, Huber) and the Vai family (Pia, Fire) during the tour from 2012 to 2014. Really great fun, exciting, emotional at times to watch.

The poster size inlay card has credits, infos, photos, venues and dates of all the 253 The Story Of Light tour around the world and notes written by Steve on 28 August 2014 at 9:27pm at Los Angeles. It has been a week and I am only watching this. You know how it feels to be in the Vai concert as a fan. You can tell how it feels to have EVO experience as a VIP guest. But you need this DVD to know how it feels to be Steve Vai and how it feels to go with him on tour as a band, as a crew and as a family. And there you have it!

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