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5 Cities  The Valencia Collection Hand Luggage, 42 Liters,  Plain Black Set of 2
5 Cities The Valencia Collection Hand Luggage, 42 Liters, Plain Black Set of 2
Offered by Luggage Travel Bags Ltd
Price: £54.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Bag, good. Luggage Travel Bags Ltd, superb!, 14 July 2016
Bought these bags from the same seller on another online site. Mainly because I missed the postage deadline here and the deadline there meant I would get my bags by tomorrow. They arrived today! Earlier than expected.

I was panicking because I leave the day after tomorrow, so I called them two days ago, the day after the night I had purchased them (-yes, they arrived that quickly!), to check that they would arrive in time and to say they would make their way back if they arrived after the deadline date, as no-one would be here to deal with them. Joy, on customer service, was just that. She eased my fears, told me the bags had already been dispatched that morning and to call back the next day if I had problem with the tracking information, that they would track for me.

So to the bags.... They flat pack, but not totally flat. They have bit of curve and depth to the end, where the hard moulding forms the base of the case. The rest of the bag is soft and made from the sort of canvas you expect for luggage. It's light and seems scarily weak, but I've been round the stitching, where let's face it, if quality is to be compromised, this is where it will be affected... and it's surprisingly durable given its weight and price. I stuffed a double winter quilt into it to see how big it becomes when full, and it expands to a good size, that stays within the cabin size rules of both easyjet and, the less roomy, Ryanair. I have the feeling it would last.

Now here's the odd bit. There was a flaw on one of my cases. A tiny flaw but it bothered me. One foot rest on one of the bags, a rounded mount, was dinged in. I was concerned that it might affect how the bag stood up. Reading reviews, the bag doesn't stand too well when full anyway, so I wasn't happy that this would just add to the problem. Given the fact that these were also a panic buy, because my own cases were 1cm out on height for travelling with easyjet, I decided to just attempt to cannibalise my own cases by removing handles, and return these cases.

I rang Luggage Travel Bags Ltd this morning, a short time after the bags gas arrived, and they were marvellous. I can't accept a replacement because I am leaving and a refund would be the only way forward, with me sending the cases back today. I sent pictures of the fault and was refunded immediately. All this took less than ten minutes! So not only quick with the post, but incredibly quick at resolving problems, and generous to a fault. They took ownership of the problem and did not at any point make me feel silly about complaining about something that was not a huge problem but one I could not sit easily with.

Customer service is all about making the customer feel welcome. There lies good customer service. Excellent customer service is making someone feel welcome, even when there's a problem, and dealing with that problem in such a way that the customer is left feeling satisfied with the resolution and that they would like to return. That's how Luggage Travel Bags made me feel today. I am gobsmacked by how well I was treated today and am very grateful they made things so quick and easy from start to finish. I wonder if that's why Joy is named Joy?!!

Harris 4210 Taskmasters Medium Pile Roller Set with 2 Sleeves, 9-inch
Harris 4210 Taskmasters Medium Pile Roller Set with 2 Sleeves, 9-inch
Price: £5.92

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4.0 out of 5 stars The tray is sturdy enough and the rollers fleecy enough to make you think: money well spent!, 18 April 2016
I originally bought some Harris brushes on a lightening deal and was so impressed by them I decided to buy this roller/ tray combo. The tray is sturdy enough and the rollers fleecy enough to make you think you've got them at a very good price. The price I bought them at was £3.29. It's a just a shame the tray doesn't have the little brush inserts at the bottom of the tray. Despite this, the kit worked well for me. The rollers cleaned out easily and dried more quickly than I expected. I would buy this again but I doubt I'll need to. I only used one of the rollers to do two coats (plus ceilings) on two rooms, one of which was fairly large, and it still looks almost as good as new. Very happy with this purchase.

Tetrion TFP015 All Purpose Powder Filler
Tetrion TFP015 All Purpose Powder Filler
Offered by Dealsdirect247
Price: £6.81

5.0 out of 5 stars Amazingly good filler at a very good price., 18 April 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I'm just a woman that likes to do her own decorating. I'm no professional but I like to do a good job and surprised my handy man partner with my skill recently. I'd never used Tetrion before. I have no idea what took me so long to discover it! It's a really good filler. So much better than Polyfilla. Drys white. So white, that when I filled some cracks on a white wall that I expected to have to repaint after, it turned out it just blended in. Amazing. It sands down to a smooth, fine finish, too. As I said, when it comes to decorating, I'm no professional but this stuff made me feel like one!

LG Harris 13190 Platinum Brush Set (Pack of 5)
LG Harris 13190 Platinum Brush Set (Pack of 5)
Price: £4.24

5.0 out of 5 stars very good synthetic brushes given the price, 23 Mar. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Really, very good synthetic brushes given the price. I bought them on a lightening deal for £2.99 so they were even better! The bristles seem soft and fine given they are synthetic. They are mounted into stainless steel bands, with quality made wooden handles. They really are more than I expected at this price. It's a shame I had to buy another product to qualify for Amazons free postage (for orders over £20) to ensure I had this as a bargain, particularly as that product turned out to be a sham.

Ma Devlin's 100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 500ml (Pack of 2)
Ma Devlin's 100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 500ml (Pack of 2)
Offered by All Mall Shop
Price: £15.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Seller uses cheap trick to get you to buy even more of the product!, 23 Mar. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I don't usually write reviews that reflect on the seller, believing that reviews should reflect on the product, but I feel so strongly about the deception tactics used to get me to buy even more of this product that I have taken a star off the product for this and feel more inclined to comment on the seller than the product.

So just to get the product out of the way: the oil is okay but not for the price, I think it's overpriced. It's as good as other cold pressed coconut oils that I have used which I've bought for less. I bought the two jars on a lightning deal, which was more than I required, but which brought it down to what I thought was a fair price. It wasn't a bargain.

On arriving one of the jars had a sticker on it, to "Claim Your Next Jar FREE!" (if you write a review and send it to the given web address). I am including this as a photograph with this review. Give yourself a moment to look at it now.

I wrote a very detailed review, including how the cold pressing process raises the quality of a product above a much cheaper heat or chemically extracted process. It was a good piece of writing and took me a while to write. I sent it off, only to receive an email telling me that I had a free jar "coupon" that would get me a free jar if I paid for a second jar, which had been slightly reduced in price. I was a bit cross about this and felt conned, I wrote back and told them as much, asking them not to use my review. I said wasn't interested in purchasing another jar particularly under the conditions where I felt I had been conned to write a review. "NEXT jar free" shouldn't mean I have to buy another to get the ONE AFTER THAT free. A reply arrived from the seller telling me "we're sorry you feel this way" but that it had been clearly stated on the jar sticker, and their website, that another purchase was required in order to qualify for a free jar. They said they had removed my review but given the circumstances they would allow me to keep the coupon to use as a goodwill gesture, as if they were doing me a favour. I already had two jars, which was more than I had wanted to start with, and they were asking to me buy another so that I could qualify for a fourth! It's just a sales ploy. 'Buy one get one free' but they had operated it in a very misleading way.

The web address given on the jar label explained nothing about another purchase. It's a page that requires your personal details, your Amazon order number and your review. It's page for you to fill in. So now I ask you to go back to the jar lid picture and see just how "clearly stated" it is that another purchase is required to qualify for a free jar. The bottom line is so small, I even had trouble reading it with prescription glasses. You're not supposed to see it until you go looking for it! That's how it's designed.

I am absolutely disgusted by their tactics and the way they tried to blame their misrepresentation on me by saying I had failed to see what they had "clearly stated". I was content to buy the product originally, not knowing they were even offering a free jar, but after the experience of the feeling hustled by the seller at the hands of their cheap sales trick, I will never buy from this company again. I'm even now questioning the quality of the product given their deceitful sales tactics. I suggest you read whatever they send you very carefully.
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3 Colour Set + Free Beige Bra (Same Size) Small
3 Colour Set + Free Beige Bra (Same Size) Small
Offered by Marielle Underwear
Price: £24.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Not quite the hold I expected, but comfy, 17 Mar. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Comfy bedtime wear. I'm not huge, I'm relatively average, size wise, a B cup, but if you are fairly well endowed I'm not sure you will get the support you want. Helps if you have naturally good hold of your own to wear this during the day to go out in. I find the material thin enough for 'visible nipple protrusion' to show through your cloths, but definitely comfy bedtime wear.

Sundown Naturals Pure Vitamin E Oil 70,000 Iu, 2.5 Oz
Sundown Naturals Pure Vitamin E Oil 70,000 Iu, 2.5 Oz
Offered by Bella Shop
Price: £8.89

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3.0 out of 5 stars Think about how you will be using it before you buy, 17 Mar. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
It's good stuff but it is very thick. If you we going to 'water' it down with another oil, maybe you should rethink buying this oil for one that is less concentrated, where the cost might reflect better on the concentration. I use this to put on scar tissue on my knee. Very little is needed and being so thick it sits on the scar so I can't have any thing contact it until I feel enough time has passed for it to absorb. I also tried adding it to a Vitamin C serum I make at home. It wasn't a good mx at all and reduced the efficacy of the serum. Hit and miss unless you know how you will be using it.

New Mens/Gents Black Lace Ups Hi-Tops Trainers Boots With White Soles. - Black/White - UK SIZE 9
New Mens/Gents Black Lace Ups Hi-Tops Trainers Boots With White Soles. - Black/White - UK SIZE 9

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Great pair of Hi-Tops for a Low-Price, 17 Mar. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Looking for boots for my twelve year old who seems to be sprouting at a rate, I expected these to be flimsy for the price. They aren't! They are surprisingly sturdy, look good and after a month, I still can't find fault with them. My son's feet are slim and he doesn't say his feet swim around in them. They'll fit feet you consider normal, or average sized, but I would think again if you have hobbit-like feet.

So glad I took the chance buying these and happy to be the first to review them, as they really are a good buy at this price.

(When I bought these, they were £10, with £3.95 for postage. Now it looks like they have now added this postage in with the price, with the promise of free delivery. Still worth the cost.)

Bluedio R-WH Stereo Hi-fi Headphones 8 Tracks 8 Driver Units Wired Headphones (White)
Bluedio R-WH Stereo Hi-fi Headphones 8 Tracks 8 Driver Units Wired Headphones (White)

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Well designed, beautiful packaging, but be prepared to put in some work for a decent sound!, 20 July 2014
I was lucky I got these at a fantastic price. The same week I bought two other pairs of Bludio headphones, both wireless and bluetooth (-one v3.0, the other v4.0, which I will review separately).

I must say the packaging alone is worth the money! The box is a sturdy solid box with a magnetised lid that folds over in a neat seamless way. It's more like a casement for a large book! I took out the internal plastic moulding and am using it to store other stuff. Included in the box is a rather plush velvet bag to carry the phones. Lovely.

The headphones themselves are a beautiful design that fold away easily and although bulky (-when folded they measure 19x14x10cms) are still portable. I have to admit that I am worried that they may snap, from reading others reviews of this make in general, but I've had them a month now, and they have been fine. You just have to be sensible with them. I think people get used to headphones and are a bit more rough and ready with them. I think you have to handle them with due care when assembling or folding.

They headset came with three audio cables all about 1.5 metres long: a general audio cable, a cable that allows you to connect to Apple and Samsung smart phones and an extension cable to attach to a PC. The phone cable is good with a basic controller where the mic is placed. This controller, about six inches along the wire, places your mouth near the mic but the switch on it will only answer or end a call, or start or end music that might be playing. There are no volume adjusters or controls that allow you to move forwards or backwards throygh your tracks. It's basically an on/off switch.

And so to the sound....

Now, I assumed the sound on all of them would be the same, better on these, as they are wired: I thought the sound loss would be minimal and the detail at it's best. This was partially true. The sound is deep and bassy, but if you really want to appreciate these headphones you must use some kind of equaliser app on the device you are listening to. In my case it was an iPhone. Originally the sound was a little muddy, lacking total clarity and definition. It's certainly a full sound but it needs better definition.

As I had two Bluetooth upgrades I thought to pass these on to my son, to use with his laptop as he games, but he refused to swap out his Sony headphones for them, as these really are intended for use with music.

On retrying the headphones with a graphic eq, which are in plentiful supply in any mobile app store, at low or no price, the sound could be adjusted and the headphones sounded better.

I am not sure I would pay £30+ for these, knowing it would take a bit of work to get a decent listening experience, but if you can pick these up for less than a tenner, as I did, they are fine as long as you use a decent equaliser to adjust the sound to suit. For under a tenner this should be a four star review but I have adjusted to match the price here at Amazon.

chinkyboo Insect Mosquito Net Fly Screen Window Mesh Net with Sticky Tape - White / Removable and Washable,with Self-Adhesive Sticky Tape on the Back
chinkyboo Insect Mosquito Net Fly Screen Window Mesh Net with Sticky Tape - White / Removable and Washable,with Self-Adhesive Sticky Tape on the Back
Offered by chinkyboo
Price: £2.39

19 of 19 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars The netting is great the Velcro is not..., 17 July 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The netting is great the Velcro is not, but the cost was cheap enough to warrant taking a shot.

As others have said here, the Velcro is not very good because it is very narrow and the net pulls the Velcro away from the window frame after a short amount of time. Re-sticking it down will only result in the same thing and you will find yourself repeatedly sticking the Velcro, with net attached, back into place. I read about this on earlier reviews and thought this might be because the Velcro is only a few mm wide, about 3 or 4 at most. To combat any problems I used the tape in smaller sections, rather than running one section along the whole length of the window, but doubled them up so they were wider. At the top corners, I tripled them making the sections over a cm wide, but still the thing would come down, which meant the adhesive backing may also have been at fault.

Eventually I went online and bought some 'hook and loop' tape, which can be rather cheaper than the branded 'hook and loop' that is Velcro. I got it very cheaply on the well known auction site.

A word of advice about the hook and loop, you only need the hook side, which is what the net attaches itself to, you needn't buy the loop. These are usually sold separately, when buying larger amounts than one metre, so do check what you are paying for when buying. They come as sew on or with adhesive backing. Well, clearly sew on, which is cheaper, is not going to work. I bought 25 metres of adhesive hook, 20mm wide, which has worked brilliantly and will come in use for the other windows I am planning to fly screen. In order to keep the strips in place for use next year, I may buy the same amount of sew on loop to cover the hook strips when the nets come down after summer, as adhesive is not necessary and the sew on is cheaper.

In summary, with the right hook and loop, these nets work brilliantly, with nets being easily pulled off and replaced, to open and close windows. You must prep the window frames by cleaning them well, allowing the adhesive strong contact. The amount of netting provided allowed me to cover two acrylic side opening double glazed windows, approx 100 x 66 cm in size. The net easily allows stretch room for the window handles to protrude out a little. I love the fact I can have the windows open all day, without huge flies buzzing around the room, and all night without fear of being bitten by anything!
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