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UKIP EXPOSED: An Inside Story of Racism, Corruption and Hypocrisy
UKIP EXPOSED: An Inside Story of Racism, Corruption and Hypocrisy
Price: £2.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Well presented and enjoyable account of the UKIP referendum campaign., 9 Feb. 2017
As a former member and staffer who has since quit the party I can attest to much of what Jay has revealed. UKIP is a party that is falling apart at the seams and it is clear that talented individuals are kept from advancing by a individuals using the party's financial entitlements from Brussels and our cause of leaving the EU as a lifestyle choice.

It is a shame that Jay did not get closer to the heart of the operation and expose the rampant corruption in London and Brussels which is being orchestrated there. Rather, this book is semi-biographical and discusses the operation in the East of England and the referendum campaign - and the attempt by some elements of UKIP to disrupt Vote Leave in favour of their own GO! and Leave.EU campaigns.

This book is not a forensic analysis of UKIP's financial misconduct, though one day someone will write that book. It is, however, a damning indictment of UKIP's total and absolute failure to address legitimate concerns brought to the leadership and management by mid-level and regional staffers when racism and corruption are uncovered. As someone who has raised such concerns in the past, I felt Beecher's anguish and frustration when UKIP simply ignored or suppressed the issues; leaving those fundamentalist elements a clear path to pursue their far-right vision at the cost of the reputation of those 'Brexitiers' who were only involved in the party for its one core objective of triggering, fighting and winning an EU referendum.

The conclusion of the book is not so much a spoiler, but one of obvious and clear fact. Beecher tells us that UKIP's days are numbered and the party has no reason to continue to exist with no mission to fulfil. The most powerful passage of the whole book talks about "what if" the likes of bumbling Bill Etheridge and mediocre Mike Hookem were really in a position to represent this country on the world stage. It is a sobering thought and thankfully, one that will never be a reality.

I'd like to thank Jay Beecher for writing this book, it was clear from the moment he was suspended that the UKIP 'machine' was going to attack him relentlessly and attempt to smear him out of fear of the revelations contained within. The only reason they would do that is because they know it is all true. UKIP should wind up while it has a slither of integrity and credibility left - preferably before the next punches are thrown in the parliamentary chamber.
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The Year that Changed the World: The Untold Story Behind the Fall of the Berlin Wall
The Year that Changed the World: The Untold Story Behind the Fall of the Berlin Wall
by Giles Whittell
Edition: Paperback
Price: £8.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent account of 1989, 9 Aug. 2014
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I did two projects at BA and MA level about 1989 and this was a very helpful book. It is a first person experience of the revolutions of 1989, giving an overview of events, essentially recorded in 'real-time' as opposed to a reflective view with some of my other research. The author, Michael Meyer, was present in the central/eastern European are as a correspondent for Newsweek in 1989. As a result he managed to be present for many of the key events during the 'autumn of nations' and this book is his story. Meyer tends to report the events rather than pass judgment as on them, and while he interviewed many leading political figures he also describes the social landscape of the time; what people were doing, what they were saying on the street etc. I found this of great interest and a welcome angle from which to research from. The writing is solid and colourful, with lots of detail.

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Price: £7.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars Insects - Good but falls short of their previous work, 16 Nov. 2009
This review is from: Insects (Audio CD)
I am a long time fan of Breed 77 I first saw them live in 2003 and have followed them ever since. I've seen the band live around 15 times and have never been let down by them. The self titled album which was fantastic, raw heavy and unapologetic was a sign of the great things to come and In 2004 Breed 77 released Cultura one of the best metal albums I have ever heard giving many of my other more publicised classics a run for their money. Not a single moment of that album was wasted. Every second of that record was just pure gold. I didn't believe they could top Cultura............. and they in 2006 In my blood was released. The album was epic, more a piece of art manifested in sound than just a metal album this piece of music really pushed the boundaries and really changed me as a person in terms of how I connected with music. So of course in the three years since In my blood I have been waiting almost impatient for their full studio outing.

Overview: So after all this time we have Insects. The album consists of ten brand new tracks and two bonus cuts, one of which is a cover of The Cranberries `Zombie', a nice touch for them to add as this was previously only available on the download only "Look at me now EP". But this album for all it's promise is just not up to the standard of their last two studio albums. It is not for lack of trying as it is obvious that the band have put a lot of time and effort and anybody who has seen them on tour in the last three years will testify that the fire burns inside the hearts of Breed 77 but Insects, while it has its great moments it never truly has the epic moments or `La Ultima Hora' or `Look at me now'. I almost feel like this band didn't know where to go with this album so they have decided to return to their "roots" and make a very heavy and harsh sounding album. The album just seems like it doesn't really know what it is, even the art work is a bit of a letdown. This is a tactic that I have seen many bands use and with varying degrees of success. Korn did it with Take a look in the mirror and they failed horribly, while Paradise Lost returned to the "classic" sound after years of experimental and electro work with In Requiem and more so with their latest album.

Breed 77 gave us two albums of pure class that were mind-blowing, boundary pushing and yet they never achieved the commercial success they deserved and on Insects we hear a lot of rage and vitriol from the band against society, politics, War, the music industry Insects and even the masses at large! `Insects' Is a metaphor for all those people that follow the leader without their own mind, and there is a lot of political commentary on this record. While it may not be the best Breed 77 album on a technical and musical level it is by far the most socially and politically relevant work that have made to date. Breed come from Gibraltar but they are a very British band, and this album addresses many issues and questions that need to be addressed in relation to this country's foreign adventures and the problems we have with our political system.

Track by track

Wake up - The clock ticking, Breed want us to remember they have been away. This one builds up. A grungy wall of metallic sound assaults us. This is a heavy number and is one of the best songs on the album. Some reviews say this should not have been the opening track but I disagree. Breed 77 don't beat around the bush and this track hits the target. It's in the vein of Worlds on fire from Cultura. I personally prefer the Spanish version of this song; however it is not included on the disc. 5/5

The Battle of Hattin - If you heard this on tour you may remember it as the "Horns of Hattin" but it changed name. The Intro reminds me of Petroleo another blast, this one is a rollercoaster ride. Even in the more subdued moments of the track the power is just brewing under the surface and ready to explode. Cutting in a epic break down and some great solo work this track is great but at almost six minutes it starts to burn itself out towards the end. 4.5/5

Revolution on my mind - This track is an example of where I feel the album does start to go wrong. This track is very basic for a Breed 77 song, almost punkish. Follows a basic Nu metal type verse - chorus - verse -chorus breakdown - build up - hard ending. Reminds me of a song called "Revolution" by One minute science, who were friends of Breed 77 incidentally. I also feel the lyrics are a bit bellow Breed 77 standard too. 2.5/5

Insects - Title track so we expect big things. The Gibraltan mafia don't disappoint. An anti establishment assault against the "Insects that rule the world" Fast punchy verses that throw me back to Vol. 1 and the Message era but with classic Breed 77 melody and technical expertise. A real Spanish flavour is apparent on this track one of the albums big hitters, this will be a great track to hear live and will probably remain a live staple for many years to come perhaps as with `Hattin' it losses itself towards the end in a rather long and drawn out outro. 4.5/5

Who am I - A bouncy track with some different timing changes. Would appear to be about a relationship break up so it leaves the path of Socio-political themes that are on the rest of the album. Solo breaks in before the half way mark and only lasts a few seconds. It's not bad, but again it's not one of the classic moments of the album by a long way. Probably doesn't need to be over five minutes long either. 3/5

New disease - Promising start with some very down tuned bass and then accompanied by some really crunchy guitar work. The tempo up's. Unfortunately this is not one of the albums highlights and actually descends into something that sounds like it would be more at home on `Chinese democracy' and ends up following a similar formula as the rest of the album. Track seems confused as to what it is, with Breed battling to keep it heavy when they song seems to take a life of its own and wants to drive into slow flamenco territory. 2/5

One more time - Bit of a "Refuse Resist" style into. More of the same really. Lyrics are pretty disappointing too. Pretty much follows the same formula as the prior track........ Doesn't have anything that makes it stand out from the crowd. 2/5

In the Temple of Ram: Rise of the bugs - Fantastic. The album returns to form with this instrumental track that showcases the bands talents as merging both metal, Flamenco and now even more typically eastern influences. No complaints about this one as it has everything musically you expect and demand from a Breed 77 album. 4/5

Forever - One of the stand out tracks of the album. Paul Isola doesn't mess about he tells it like it is about the men that go to war for the country. Has the typical Breed 77 bounce. Never loses any steam and will most defiantly be a mosh pit favourite. 5/5

Guerra del sol - Intro is very similar feel to fan favourite `La Ultima Hora' but much heavier after the song really kicks in. A good track, and a good way to end the album, but it's epically long and attempts to be something it really was never going to be. 3/5

Bonus Track's - Zombie and Insectos (Spanish version of the title track)

So in conclusion this is a good album. The content is great, and the message they are trying to put across is one that people want to hear and need to hear. But it falls sort of the bench mark set by their earlier work. When it's good it's very good but it lacks consistency across the entire album. I will give this album 4/5 but really, I would argue it should be more around the 3.5 mark. I hope Breed 77 carry on, and I'm sure they will. I will continue supporting them but It will be interesting to see how this albums is viewed in the scheme of things after they have released two or three more. As it stands now Insects is the angry, frustrated potentially gifted but unfocused brother to three much more levelled albums, two of which (Cultura and In my blood) are modern metal classics.

Enigma (Limited Edition)
Enigma (Limited Edition)
Offered by DUBOX
Price: £9.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent return from NJ's Latino metal crew, 19 April 2008
I've been a fan of Ill Nino since I hear Liar on a Kerrang promo way back in 2001! I've stayed with the band even after they were dropped by Roadrunner. Anyway Enigma.... Well To be honest i didn't know what to expect after One Nation Underground which i loved i was unsure where they were going. However, this new album is awesome. From the opener Alibi of tyrants right to the end this album blows everything out of the water. I've cited a lot of influence that I can hear in the album. I'm not saying they have copied. Think of it more like all the best alt rock, nu-metal etc of the last 15 years, well Ill Nino have taken all the best bits and thrown them into the mix. Lyrically this album deals with the future, becoming self aware and opening your mind. I've found it to be a really uplifting record. It's full of hope.


1 Alibi of Tyrants: Album opener starts with a Soulfly style tribal beat but breaks into a thudding grinding metallic assault that just keeps going up and up in the gears until it finds the breaking point then just machine guns until the breakdown. (This is going to be awesome live).

2 Pieces of the Sun. Epic and atmospheric track. Mixes Spanish and English vocals. Like most of this album the power is always there waiting to be unleashed. Has the kind of atmosphere of Issues era Korn.

3 Finger Painting (with the enemy) Begins with tribal beat, builds up to full speed, Ill Nino vent they're frustrations on the industry on this one "I might be dead in your eyes, But, I'm still alive!"

4. March against me. The pace changes on March against me. Still powerful but in a different way to the first three tracks. Has a similar vibe to the Confessions album.

5. Compulsion of virus and fever. Great track, another heavy one. Kind of Sepultura Roots era style. Really scratchy metal guitar over a Latino beat.

6 Formal Obsessions. This has hints of everything that I like! Korn-esq vocals, the electronic element of the first 30STM album, Deftones... Half way through though you'll notice it tips its hat to Burning Red era Machine head. But I guess that's to be expected when Ahrue Luster is your lead guitarist!

7 Hot Summers Tragedy. I think this is the best track on the album. Military style drumming brings us into a song that will remind you of Tool and Korn. Very far from the world of "God hates us"

8 Me Gusta le Soleda. This is an acoustic song sung entirely in Spanish. Really shows of Cristian Machado's range. It's well placed in the middle so it splits the album into two parts.

9 2012. After a short break we're back with the trash and power again. When you read this review without hearing the CD this might sound strange but this song takes definite influence from The Eagles (you know, Hotel California) You'll know what I mean when you hear it :) All about the future, "Somehow in 20 years..........."

10. Guerilla Carnival. The intro reminds me of Creed. After that we're into a real dark South American feel classic slice of Nu-Metal. This song is pulling influence from everywhere on the map even some Faith No More.

11.Estoy Perdino. This tracks like "dusk" you can imagine it being wrote as the sun goes down. It's one to reflect back on the things of the past. This is text book Ill Nino but with a mature vibe about it. Crisp vocals, crunching guitar and bass, perfect drums and percussion.

12. Kellogs Bombs and Crackers. Bouncing heavy mosh out here. This song was born to be played live. Shows off the heaviest and the lightest of the album.

13. De Sangre Hermos. The album ends with a kind of lullaby. A major difference when you think One Nation...... ended on Violent Saint. But this track really fits the mood. And it'll leave you relaxed and appreciating all that you have heard.

I hope you enjoyed the review. Get the album you wont be disapointed.

Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: £8.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Breaking Benjamins best album, 14 Jan. 2008
This review is from: Saturate (Audio CD)
This is a great album. More raw power than the two following records. I think this is the best album the band have made to date. Great lyrics and vocals. The only downer i have is that its not anything I have never heard before and you can hear elements of several different bands. Jimmy Eat World, Bush, Silverchair etc even so far as to say Godsmack and KoRn however they have taken parts of other genres and made a blistering, fast paced and well oiled record.

Offered by themusicmerchant
Price: £13.98

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5.0 out of 5 stars My first review, 18 April 2007
This review is from: Vheissu (Audio CD)
I bought this album after seeing the video for "Image of the Invisible". I'm not a fan of Hardcore and until I had heard the track that's what I thought Thrice was. However I was found to be wrong. Vheissu is definably one of the best albums I have ever heard. The music is so intricate where many bands would of simply wrote a good melody and left it at that, Thrice have gone back and added more complexity which works amazingly well. You find something new every time you listen. Vocally this album is flawless too. The shouted parts of songs are done with dignity and are not over used which doesn't leave you looking for the pause button because you need a rest. Personally I like the lyrics to all the songs my favourite being "Music Box". However the Christian themes to the lyrics on this album are perhaps over done going so far as to actually quote the bible a few times during the album. I suppose you can try and make your own interpretations but I find that they are too blatant to be anything other than what they appear to be. All in all a very, very good album. Perhaps it could be a classic but if the band evolve like they did from AITA to Vheissu on their next album then who knows how good they could be?

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