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Dirt Rally Legend Edition (PS4)
Dirt Rally Legend Edition (PS4)
Offered by Level99Games
Price: £48.50

3 of 5 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Dirt Rally, go take a dive off a cliff., 27 Jun. 2016
I don't write many reviews. But this has got me fuming. I've read the other reviews and I realised before purchasing that this game was "difficult". Well I've played "difficult" rally/race games before and really enjoyed them regardless, this, on the other hand quite frankly alienates everyone minus absolute hardcore rally fans, which is nuts.

I've given 2 stars based on graphics and sound alone, which, thankfully haven't been lost from previous titles, the makers of this game really want the player to enjoy the massive scenic vistas that the world of rallying enjoys, and they achieve that, it really is a beautiful looking game.

My enjoyment stopped there.

I've played all of the codemasters racing games in recent years. My adoration of the series started with 'Grid'. It offered a real sense of feedback in the gameplay. The cars actually 'handled' and you really could tune in quite easily as to what the cars were doing and why the were reacting the way they were.

This continued throughout the set. The uncanny handling for me ALWAYS blew the competition out of the water.

Like. Oh. There's 5,000,000 cars in Gran Turismo, well that's great, there's 50 in Grid and its still a far, far superior game. Purely based on the physics.

So now, as the game shoves directly in your face from the moment you start the thing up, they've gone for realism. They consulted rally drivers and engineers to ensure the most authentic experience available.

Well that's all very spiffing but my name isn't Sebastian Loeb the last time I checked, so I neither know or care if a car isn't supposed to handle in this particular way or that.

All of the lovely crispness of the controls from previous games. GONE. Experiencing the feeling of being right on the very edge of control, whilst still going in the right direction. GONE.
The fun. GONE.
I'm exposing my terrible gaming credentials by admitting this, but I couldnt really get out of the first stage with a decent result using the Mini. I think my best was finishing about 5 seconds off the pace which may as well be 5 weeks as far as I'm concerned. The difficulty curve you hit immediately is, well, it's not a curve, it's a vertical cliff with overhangs!!

I'm so so disappointed with this.

Anyway. This things going back, I simply ain't darkening my shelf with this uber-geek fest.

If you care about how many millimetres of rebound you want to run on your front-left shock absorber or whatever, crack on, you do you, you'll really enjoy this game. To everyone else with wives/husbands/boyfriends/girlfriends, just go mow the lawn instead and watch it grow back. Because trust me. That'd be a damn sight less frustrating to watch.

Dirt Rally. Sod right off.
Comment Comments (2) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Jul 7, 2016 1:34 AM BST

MotoGP 13 (PS3)
MotoGP 13 (PS3)
Price: £14.50

12 of 13 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Finally.....!!!, 29 Jun. 2013
This review is from: MotoGP 13 (PS3) (Video Game)
Us motorcycle racing (game) fans aren't exactly spoiled when it comes to quality on our consoles. I only need to refer you to the last incarnation of this game to prove that, i suddenly found that one of my all time favorite games ever (more on that in a sec) had turned into bloody Mario Kart, with really gimmicky, arcadey type stuff that i'm not even sure you could turn off, I neither know or care, i owned it for all of 2-3 hours max, didn't want to entertain another moment with that tripe. It still hurts to this day!

I'm not sure its a popular choice, but the last MotoGP game that I enjoyed was 08. Not because of the excellent physics or above average graphics (!) but the fact that it was a challenge, and without sounding like a snob, not everybody could play it! You needed time and perseverance to succeed in this game. Every single corner a challenge to get the bike pulled up, leaned in and fired out, all the while 20 other bikes trying to do the same thing within the same foot-and-a-half of tarmac. Make no mistake, this was a game for bikers.

This made for FANTASTIC online racing. I just remember the same 50-or-so gamers on there, all of them brilliant, i'd love to name them but this was 4-5 years ago and lifes too short!

Races were tense, varied and exciting. There were no missiles to launch at each other, there were no power ups, no boost button, you either stayed with the pack or they left you for dead. There was always a kind of 'underlying respect' as well. Any idiot can cut corners and cheat, but no, on here, you had to OUT-MANEUVER your opponent to beat them, otherwise you, or both of you crash and your out of contention. Simples.

I finally took the cellophane off my copy of MotoGP 13 last night. I was tentative. Ive read encouraging things about this game but i'm a picky so-and-so.

After waiting the 3 decades for the game to install an update (i'm so sick of this) i was finally in the game menu. Without anymore haste, I selected "Instant Race". I was put onto a CRT machine (Espargaro's for you fans), and well...........theres stuff wrong, BUT - theres one massive thing thats right!!!!

The graphics aren't all that great, tracks are lifeless (as per usual) and it all looks a little bit cheap to be honest. Then you hear the bikes, this is by far my biggest issue with this game. The bikes simply dont sound like bikes, particularly the CRT bike i raced my first race with. For me, it takes actual effort to make the bikes sound this poor when (I dont know, i'm not a game designer) it surely would have been easier to just record, yer know, the actual sound of the bikes, and not an old chainsaw in someones back garden. The sound makes a bike game more involving, it immerses you more, but no, they've gone with fake, silly noises that just distract you on here, you have been warned.

But now down to the real business. It doesn't matter about graphics or sexy menus, what matters is the physics or handling. As i've already mentioned, the previous MotoGP game threw all of the brilliance of 08 out the window and replaced it with something that made you feel like you were on rails almost. Well, this happy race fan can report that this game handles really well. I'm currently in SBK mode. Since MotoGP went all 'nintendo', I switched over to the other Bike game I love, SBK 10. Its the same story over there. Graphics aren't great (to the point where its difficult to distinguish the apex of a corner from anything else), the sound isn't quite there, menus can be confusing. BUT. The physics in this game are 2nd to none. The bikes squirm for grip under breaking, you can throw shapes and back the bikes into corners, you can slide and control the bikes with ease, they feel heavy and planted.

Its for this reason that I was terrible on my first go on MotoGp 13, but I wasn't so terrible that I couldn't tell that the handling in this game is peachy. Bikes are ligher, quicker and snatchier (i'm pushing my vocabulary here!) compared to those in the SBK franchise, but i suppose thats exactly what its like in real life. Superbikes are fast and heavy, MotoGP bikes are very fast and very light.

The individual breaking systems (front and back) work brilliantly. This is something that ive noticed a few maybe, less experienced, bike race fans are struggling with.

**There are 2 breaks in a bike game because the breaks perform 2 jobs. The front breaks stop you (as do the back ones, but not as powerful), whereas the rear breaks can be used to close your trajectory in a corner.**

Your certainly not on rails either. I spent most of my first race sliding down the road, but i knew where i went wrong. Acceleration is good. AI is good. All of this hands itself to a really action packed and exciting race. Something I've craved since I put MotoGP 08 to bed.

Its going to take some getting used to, the engine breaking alone was enough to throw me, but ultimately, I just felt a warm glow in my gut, I knew that sooner or later, i may be able to join my online racing buddies once again for some proper, gripping, intense action. This was all that mattered to me, just get the handling right. The new designers (again, i dont speak "game" speak, I think its Capcom that made this), either way have really come up trumps on this one. I would like to convey my personal gratitude!!!!

Thanks for reading. Hope this helps in your purchase.

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