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S. Stillings (W Yorkshire, UK)

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Guitar Hanger Hook Holder Wall Mount Display - Fits all size Guitars, Bass, Mandolin, Banjo, etc.
Guitar Hanger Hook Holder Wall Mount Display - Fits all size Guitars, Bass, Mandolin, Banjo, etc.
Offered by EAPEY ART
Price: £4.66

5.0 out of 5 stars The hook holds and supports both guitars perfectly and it's easy enough remove my guitar from the hooks - just ..., 2 Aug. 2017
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I purchased two of these hooks - one for my classic acoustic and the other for my electric. The hook holds and supports both guitars perfectly and it's easy enough remove my guitar from the hooks - just lift and pull. The hooks are slightly flexible and will separate to accommodate the hanging of your guitar and the padding protects the finish of the neck. Great purchase.

Witmoving LED Bike Lights Set Bicycle Waterproof USB Rechargeable Back(Red) Lights&Head(White) Lamp Cycling Flashlight Lights Sets (650mah Lithium Battery, 4 Light Mode Options, 2 USB cables)
Witmoving LED Bike Lights Set Bicycle Waterproof USB Rechargeable Back(Red) Lights&Head(White) Lamp Cycling Flashlight Lights Sets (650mah Lithium Battery, 4 Light Mode Options, 2 USB cables)
Offered by RitzBuild
Price: £32.69

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5.0 out of 5 stars Bright, easy to use, perfect, 2 Aug. 2017
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I purchased these to supplement my existing battery powered bike lights, but in truth these are far superior. They are small yet extremely bright. The can be affixed to your bike frame/handlebars using the enclosed rubber strap, or can be attached to clothing, bags etc. using the clip on the rear. In either case they attach and detach very easily. Being USB charged is invaluable as I can plug them into my office PC in the morning and have them charged and ready to go when I finish work! I can't recommend these enough. They can also be attached to belts, clothing etc. and used for visibility on hikes, walks etc.

An unadvertised function of the lights is it's emergency SOS feature. It's not advertised any where in the (to be honest, sparse) literature accompanying the product, but holding down the power button for 2 seconds causes the light to flash in an SOS pattern. Hopefully a feature I'll never have to use, but a thoughful addition nonetheless. Excellent product.

AcousticSheep SleepPhones X-Large v.4 Wireless Headband Headphones - Lavender
AcousticSheep SleepPhones X-Large v.4 Wireless Headband Headphones - Lavender

5.0 out of 5 stars Comfortable and surprisingly good sound quality, 25 Oct. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Having suffered with on-and-off insomnia for most of my adult life, I have often struggled to get to sleep. Additionally, I was struck with acoustic-trauma induced tinnitus 10 years ago, making bed time less something to be looked forward to than something to be feared. Finally, my wife has developed dreadful snoring over the last 3 years, resulting in us often sleeping in different rooms most nights.

I purchased these SleepPhones primarily on the strength of the reviews on Amazon. Earplugs are of no use to me at night time due to my tinnitus, so I needed something that would mask the sound of my wife's snoring and also help to mask the internal sound of my tinnitus. I had tried in-ear buds previously, but these are bulky and uncomfortable for night-time use and can lead to inner-ear infections if left in overnight. I needed something that was light and comfortable - these SleepPhones appeared to be just the thing.

In terms of comfort, these are spot on. The fabric is soft and the headband is not too tight. The band sits snugly across my head and can double as a sleep mask if needed. Whilst the receiver unit is situated at the rear of the headband (perhaps less than ideal for those who sleep on their backs) this can easily be resolved by swapping the speakers around and placing the band back-to-front, so that the receiver is located on the forehead. The receiver is fairly small anyway and I did not encounter much discomfort with it located on the back.

In terms of sound quality, I was very pleasantly surprised. The tonal reproduction of these speakers is impressive, especially for the price. The speakers are easy to reposition on the headband if needed and, for me at least, appear to remain in position all night. I often sleep on either side and whilst you can feel the speakers they are not uncomfortable at all.

I haven't been able to use these SleepPhones to mask my wife's snoring yet, but I have used them in conjunction with some noise therapy and meditation before bed to aid me in getting to sleep. The sound quality was very good and they were so comfortable I had no problems dropping off. I would highly recommend then for anyone suffering with tinnitus in conjunction with a masking or habituation program.

No Title Available

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5.0 out of 5 stars Decent quality for a reasonable price., 12 Aug. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I purchased these headphones primarily for use with my HTC Desire X, as I was tired of the cable from my wired headphones either getting twisted or caught or being yanked out of the headphone socket whilst in use. I shopped around before purchasing the headphones and must admit to being initially wary due to the low price in comparison to other brands, but it turns out that my worries were unfounded. The headphones are very comfortable to wear - they do not press in and I have worn them for several hours at a time with no discomfort. As expected, there is some inevitable loss of sound quality when streaming over Bluetooth but this is suprisingly minimal and the overall sound quality is actually pretty good - not as good as my wired headphones, admittedly, but decent enough to be more than acceptable. The sound quality was further improved by installling an equaliser app on my phone - I was initally wary as I was unsure how the headphones would cope, but tthe equaliser app proved to be the perfect partner to the headphones as they delivered a clear, rich sound and a deep punchy base. Overall, I am very satisfied with the purchase and would recommend them over more expensive headphones.


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5.0 out of 5 stars Working up a 'Black Sweat' whilst doing 'The Dance' will get you 'Satisified'!, 14 Feb. 2007
This review is from: 3121 (Audio CD)
'3121' is Prince's latest album and is something of a departure from his earlier works. In the same vein as 'Musicology', Prince has focused on producing a tightly arranged collection of songs as opposed to the epics musical masterpieces exemplified in such classic albums as 'Sign O' The Times', 'Purple Rain' or the more recent 'Emancipation'. Nevertheless, the album is a finely polished piece of work and proves that while occasionally the diminutive superstar misses the mark he can still churn out a great tune.

The album begins with the titular '3121'. Whilst not the strongest song on the album there is a definitive Prince quality to the song, reminiscent of such songs as 'Jam Of The Year' from the 'Emancipation' album. The rhythm of the album picks up with the second track 'Lolita', a funky, synth inspired masterpiece with some deliciously cheeky lyrics and in my opinion possibly the finest track on the album. Prince appears to have chosen a less consistent musical signature for '3121' than some of his earlier work, selecting the order of the tracks in a contemporary arrangement to present each track on it's own merits. This is particular evident in the way 'Lolita' transitions into the balladic and silky smooth 'Te Amo Corazon' and segues to 'Black Sweat', a classic Prince tune evocative of his earlier catalogue - the song has a distinctive sound which instantly reminds one of 'Kiss' from the 'Parade' album. 'Incense and Candles' takes the album in an R&B direction, with a slow yet captivating rhythm that draws the listener in, which is contrasted by the punchy 'Love', a galvanizing rocky track that grabs hold of your ears and refuses to let go until the final bar of the song.

'Satisfied', the next track on the album, could easily be considered a sibling of 'Call My Name' from the 'Musicology' album - it's a simple song, with subtle sexual undertones and a slow, languid pace. Maintaining the contrasting elements of the album, Prince has chosen to follow 'Satisfied' with 'Fury', a high energy tune with lively production and some fantastic guitar solos, excellent lyrics and an inescapably catchy tune - if your head isn't nodding to this one, then you probably don't have a pulse.

Two topics have always been prominent in much of Prince's music - sex and religion. Prince celebrates intercourse and God in his various guises in equal amounts, often using the notions as the basis for his songwriting, occasionally basing entire albums around one concept ('Lovesexy' is a prime example). As Prince's religious perspective has changed throughout the decades, so has his music reflected his evolving perception of sexuality and his religious beliefs. Prince's religious direction has migrated towards a more fundamental doctrine and this has been reflected in his music. This fundamental change in religious philosophy is exhibited in the second half of '3121' and can be most readily identified in such songs as 'The Word', which has echoes of 'Holy River' from the 'Emancipation' album - both are infectious songs with deep lyrics and a hook that buries itself in your subconscious to the degree that you'll find yourself humming the song long after you've first heard it.

The religious theme of the latter half of the album continues with 'Beautiful, Loved and Blessed', an uptempo song which also plays host to the fabulous soulful voice of Tamar, a guaranteed future star in the making. This is followed by 'The Dance', which, along with '3121', is possibly the least successful song on the album. Both songs are fine on their own but when held up against the inherent quality of the other tracks they fall short. Finally, we have 'Get on the Boat', a strong, energetic and highly danceable track that finishes the album on a high.

'3121', could quite easily rate as Prince's finest album to date - along with 'Musicology' it certainly ranks very high up on the list. Production quality is as smooth as we've come to expect from Prince and his trademark heavy guitar solo's are in evidence on a number of tracks, most notably 'Fury'. Additionally, the return to a firmer 12 track album lends the album a fuller, less drawn out sensation than albums such as 'Rave Unto The Joy Fantastic', which delivers a more taut, satisfying listening experience. In summary, an excellent follow up to the remarkable 'Musicology' and a perfect vehicle to showcase why Prince is still one of the greatest musical talents of our era and a living legend.

Price: £4.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Pure Partyman!, 26 Jan. 2007
This review is from: Batman (Audio CD)
Prior to the release of Tim Burton's dark and stylised interpretation of the Batman concept, Prince had just published the politically controversial Sign O' The Times in 1987 and the fabulously peppy God-enthused Lovesexy in 1988, both of which explored different musical genres and experimented with both established types and some of the newer artistic styles of the decade. Prince has a reputation for pushing the boundaries of musical restrictions, combining a range of different styles of music and it would be fair to say that no one could level the accusation against him that he fails to move and adapt with the times. Batman is a prime example of Prince's ability to blend different genres. Long term Prince fans will recognise some of the production values, but there's plenty of innovative composition to keep even the most disillusioned Prince fan satisfied.

Songs like 'Electric Chair' and 'Partyman' are infectious examples of the type of music typical of the 80's, with great lyrics and an energy charged electric funk guitar riffing over the top and both are pure Prince gold. 'Arms of Orion' is a poignant love ballad, but has a minimalistic score which works extremely well with the subject matter, with good vocal performances from both Prince and Sheena's Easton's on the track which lend a touching quality to the song.

'Lemon Crush' is probably the most ambitious track of the album, as much of the backing vocals are song in an off-key manner, as is the musical arrangement. Oddly, the whole thing works extremely well. Some of this off-key arrangement is used in 'Batdance' and again it works very well. 'Batdance' has some very minor production issues, most notably evident in the splicing of The Joker's trademark laugh near the beginning of the track, but on the whole the song fits together neatly.

The standout track for me has to be 'Vicki Waiting'. As well as some deliciously suggestive lyrics, the song utilised an engaging bass beat and excellent percussion arrangement, which has had me replaying the track again and again on more than one occasion.

Batman is a highly polished piece of work, resembling Lovesexy to some degree with its glossy production and addictive, catchy tunes. Granted, many of the songs are prime examples of the musical fashion prevalent in the mid to late 80's, but, in my opinion, this only lends them an additional clique value and detracts nothing from the genius demonstrated by it's writer, composer and producer. A fabulous album in general and one no self respecting Prince fan should be without.

Bleed Like Me
Bleed Like Me
Price: £5.29

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5.0 out of 5 stars Garbage return after hiatus... and it was worth the wait., 4 Aug. 2005
This review is from: Bleed Like Me (Audio CD)
Garbage's last album, Beautiful Garbage, was unfairly overlooked. A fine effort by the band, encompassing some new themes and slick production, the album didn't fair as well as it should have. It would be a crying shame if the same thing happened to Bleed Like Me.
From the moment the first song plays you know you're in Garbage country. The electro-synth sound has been toned down, and the album has a rawer, rockier feel, but it's impossible to mistake the trademark guitar riffs and, of course, Shirley's superb vocal talents. Manson's vocals on the title track shine, and there's a real sense that she's speaking from personal experience. Garbage have clearly tried some different approaches for Bleed like Me, and for the most part, it works beautifully. From the evocative 'It's All Over but the Crying' (which is melodically remisniscent of 'Cup of Coffee' from Beautiful Garbage) to the punchy 'Run Baby Run', the songs deliver. Lyrically, the weakest song is probably 'Happy Home', but the track is rescued by some excellent guitar work and a thumping percussion beat.
Beautiful Garbage was something of a departure for Garbage - it was clear that they were going for a more pop-orientated album while retaining the essence of Garbage. Bleed Like Me is another departure, but in the opposite direction. The album displays a grittier feel, both in terms of the songs and the production, most evident in the track 'Right Between the Eyes'.
All in all, a superb return to form for Garbage. If it takes them four years to produce another gem like this, it'll be well worth the wait.

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