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Room Service
Room Service
Price: £5.50

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars brilliant, 4 Oct. 2004
This review is from: Room Service (Audio CD)
this is a brilliant album its got great words backed up by great tunes.especially songs like flying and i was only dreaming weather you like mellow songs or fast paced this albums got em with upbeat songs like east side story and shes a little too good for me,all the songs are great and catchy youl prob know all the words after hearin the songs once!!weather your a bryan adams fan or just a fan of good music(unlike most of the stuff hovering around the charts at the moment)then this is the album for you
buy it you wont regret it!!

Wwe: Summerslam 2004 [DVD] [US Import]
Wwe: Summerslam 2004 [DVD] [US Import]

4.0 out of 5 stars best so far, 1 Oct. 2004
the year 2004 has not been kind to wwe fans with charcters such as stone cold,brock lesner,goldberg leaving and soom very poor ppvs(judgement day the worst)but this ppv could change that or just be a one of good ppv there were matches such as eddie gurrero v kurt angle,randy orton v chris benoit that stand out heres the matches out of 10
6man tag team
dudley boyz vs rey mysterio,billy kidman,paul london 5/10
ok opener
winner marrys lita
kane vs matt hardy 4/10
not long and the storyline behind this sucked and a match were the winner marrys lita?the name says it all!!
john cena vs booker t 7/10
the ppv picks up from here great match in the first of 5 for us title
triple threat intercontinental title
batista vs chris jericho vs edge 8/10
another great match with batista demonstrating his strength on edge and jericho
eddie gurrero vs kurt angle 9/10
great match great heat between these two a rematch from wrestlemania 20 and what a match!!!
tripl h vs eugene 6/10
ok match but this completly kills triple hs credibility of being a world champ by strugling to beat a charcter like eugene!!
wwe championship
undertaker vs bradshaw 7/10 good match with a bradshaw gettin chokeslamed through his car roof
world heavyweight title
randy orton vs chris benoit 9/10
great match with a sudden and unexpected end,although its a shame orton won the title just to lose it a few weeks later
overall this is a great ppv like most summerslams your lookin for a good ppv from the year 2004 this is the best buy so far!!!

Beverly Hills Cop 3 [DVD]
Beverly Hills Cop 3 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Eddie Murphy
Offered by DVDBayFBA
Price: £2.98

1 of 8 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars brilliant, 12 Sept. 2004
This review is from: Beverly Hills Cop 3 [DVD] (DVD)
this is the 3rd beverly hills cop film and its(in my opinion)the best one its got action,and comedy right from the start
the plot-the plot is axls boss is shot and killed at the start by dewald(the bad guy)axl follows him to beverly hills to get revenge
this film has many funny moments like the chase scene where axls car literally falls apart,and action scenes like the spider ride most of the film is set in a theme park called wonder world which is interesting and is the place for most of the comedy as usual eddie murphy is hilarious.if you liked the first two beverly hills cop movies youl love this or even if you just like action/comedy films this is the movie for you

Wwe: Backlash 2004 [VHS]
Wwe: Backlash 2004 [VHS]

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars return of the hardcore legend!!!!, 9 July 2004
this has been wwes best ppv so far heres all the matches(from first match to last)out of 10
shelton benjamin VS ric flair 7/10 i found this pretty entertaining,and again flair proves he can still pull of a great match great opening match!great heel work from flair as usual
the coach VS tajiri 6/10(for entertaiment)not the best of matches due to coach not being a wrestler but coach pulls some surprisingly good wrestling moves off,and an upet too
christian,trish VS chris jericho 7/10
you gotta feel for jericho hes lost his best freind and the girl he loves in less than 3months....well thats the er...storyline anyway.this was a good match especially when jericho finaly gets his hands on trish
womens championship lita vs victoria(champ) 5/10 ok match although no feud or heat between the two
MATCH OF THE NIGHT INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP NO HOLDS BARRED EVOLOTION BARRED FROM RINGSIDE MICK FOLEY VS RANDY ORTON(champ) 10/10 What a match this was,brilliant.where to start well theres a lot of heat between the two(hatred)and foley had been wantin this match for months just like the fans.orton gets the c**p beatin out of one stage he trys to perform a rKO on foley.mick throws him on to w pile of tacks which stick into ortons arms,elbows,hands,back if you dont like blood stay away from this match.theres even a table wraped in barbed wire,orton gets thrown off the backlash set onto a table...what more could you ask for,mayby mick foley return full time then wed see more great matches like this
tag team la resistance VS rosey,hurricane 3/10why why!this was a last minute match and it showed!!the crowd was hot from the last match then wwe completly kills off the crowd noise with this.
kane vs edge 5/10
final encounter triple threat world heavyweight championship re-match from wrestlemania 20
tripl h v shawn michaels v chris benoit(champ)8/10great triple threat just like wrestlemania 20 theres lots of action,moves inside and outside ring and a criplercrossface on the showstopa hbk shawn michaels
overall id give this ppv 9/10

The Very Best of The Lighthouse Family
The Very Best of The Lighthouse Family
Price: £7.24

10 of 12 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Best, 4 May 2004
This has got to be one of the best cds iv ever got and heard.much better than the music you hear now.Catchy lyrics,great music and a singer that can actually sing!best tracks on this are
Ocean drive
Rain cloud
Lost in space
End of Sky
Quisten of faith
thats my favs,all the tracks are basically great.only for people who actually enjoy listining to music.Great for listining to during the summer.good music that puts you in a good mood.5/5
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Aug 11, 2008 9:32 PM BST

Wwe: Armageddon 2003 [VHS]
Wwe: Armageddon 2003 [VHS]

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Evolotion, 3 May 2004
Armagedon was the last ppv of a good year for wwe(2003)it was also a RAW BRAND ppv heres a list of the matches out of 5
Dudely boyz V Mark jindrak,Garrison cade V Val venis,Lance Storm V Hurrican,Rosey V La resistance V scott Steiner,Test
3/5 Ovarall a not bad match although The dudelyz got screwed by bisch as right at end he introduces a team that wasent even supposed to be in the match!!
Trish,Lita V Christian,Chris Jericho 3/5
This was actually a great match even though trish and lita were out matched Some good action between trish and jericho were jericho trys to talk to trish and trish just wants to kick him!!in my appionion this is the match were jerich started to turn babyface(good guy)
Booker T V Mark Henry 3/5
Good match were booker really played up to the size,weight,strength dis advantage
INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP(SPECIAL REF(NO1 BEST BOOK SELLER)MICK FOLEY)5/5 this match was a little too soon for my likeing as it was a great match could have been the best on the card great athleticism from mr monday nite sorry Thursday nite Rob....Van.....Dam!randy deserved all he got for interupting stacy keiblers cart wheels.....DAM HIM!!
Shawn Michaels V Batista
3/5 This match COULD have been a classic but i felt it was spoiled because it was dominated by the Big guy Batista lots of power moves from batista.
The match started off with kane and goldberg double teaming on goldberg which they did for most of the match!!not bad match specially when hhh inverinly hits kane and two of em start fighting....but the finishing was poor
Most of the matches are average with one brilliant match ROB VAN DAM V RANDY ORTON.Not the best ppv but certainly not the worst.

WCW: Ppv Slamboree 2000 [VHS]
WCW: Ppv Slamboree 2000 [VHS]

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Great ppv.......not the best though, 16 Mar. 2004
i just got this last week and i was not disapointed its got great matches,good angles to make a great ppv.the main event triple cage triple threat match for the world title which david arquette(of all people to win the dam thing!!!and to think its the same belt around chris benoits waist right now!)is the current champion.its more of a one on one with ddp and jarret than a 3 way as david doesent do much till the end(i wont spoil it by telling you what happens).il write all the matches now and rate them out of 5.
The artist v chris candido.good opener for the ppv
Terry funk v norman smiley&ralphus.ok but no one wants to see ra;phus topless&norman smiley a hardcore champion NO WAY!
Shawn stasiak v kurt hennig.good match nice wrestling
Mike Awsome v chris Kanyon.Great match high flying/power moves from awsome&cool looking moves from kanyon.4/5 cos the ending spoils it a bit
captain rection v scott steiner.nothing special 2/5 for the pleasure of seeing steiners hoochies!
Shane Douglas v ric flair.good match with some real hatred for each other.endings entertainig too
Sting v Vampiro.good story line backed up by a good match.
SPECIAL REF:Eric Bishoff 4/5
Hulk Hogan V Billy kidman.entertainig match good bits with eric and hogan tables even get used!and bish gets whats comen to him!
Diamond dallas page V jeff jarret V david arqutte.i would have given this a 5/5 but the fact that an actors the world champ in this is pathetic!he cant even wrestle the match is saved by some great action from ddp and jarret chairs,guitars and the side of the second cage falling off make this one of the best matches iv seen!!and after the match both mike awsome and chris kanyon get involved ending with awsome throwing kanyon off the secound cage very impressive although not as spectaculer as the mankink(mick foley)throw off the top of hell in cell in wwf king of the ring 98.still pretty spectaculer.if your looking for a good wcw ppv this is it!

Have a Nice Day: A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks
Have a Nice Day: A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks
by Mick Foley
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
Price: £5.91

5.0 out of 5 stars Foley REALLY is god!, 4 Mar. 2004
This has got to be one of the very best books i have have ever read!mick not only talks about his profeshion but his he had to sleep in his car when he was learning how wrestling and that he never gave up.its also got extracts from some his great promos like ecw cane dewey.He talks about his times in nigeria,japan,ecw,wcw,wwf(now wwE!!!).also an added bonus to his great story is his humour i found the ddp "cookies"story really funny.this is about mick foley the wretler,father and husband and is a great,funny and sometimes touching story......Buy it you wont regreat it.

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