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5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars, 22 April 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Very magnified - a bit scary seeing everything in so much detail!

Mr.Blobby Inflatable Googly Ball 12 Inches - In16
Mr.Blobby Inflatable Googly Ball 12 Inches - In16
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5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars, 22 April 2015
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Does what it says on the box!!

Doctor Who - The Complete Series 8 [DVD] [2014]
Doctor Who - The Complete Series 8 [DVD] [2014]
Dvd ~ Peter Capaldi
Price: £20.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars I AM TOTALLY AGAINST BANTERING!, 10 Nov. 2014

So, here we are. The series is over, the first series featuring Peter Capaldi. I realise there is a more mixed reaction to him than the overwhelming positivity towards the previous three Doctors, but I for one love him. Although he isn't as good as Eccleston or Tennant (yet), he far exceeds Matt Smith's condescending brew of acting like a small toddler and falling over. I mean, I liked Matt Smith, but found him a bit too childish (It is a children's show, I suppose, but still). Peter Capaldi has his moments of reverting back to Matt Smith's childlike persona, such as when he asks for the children's menu (granted, that was pretty funny), but mostly he is a more serious Doctor, and brings a much-needed cynicism back to an increasingly they-all-lived-happily-ever-after show. Here is my episode by episode review.

1. Deep Breath
A very strong opener, bringing back the paternoster gang (Strax is still has funny as ever. "And we will not melt him with acid") and the episode opens with a nod to David Tennant's (superior) debut "The Christmas Invasion". This episode looks great, with the massive balloon made of skin being a highlight, and is a grand and epic story to begin the series. Capaldi hasn't quite come into his own yet here, and still has traces of Matt Smith left (such as in the aforementioned "children's menu" quote and some slapstick comedy involving flirting with a dinosaur) but still delivers a great performance as the Doctor (he drinks Whiskey. He's definitley Scottish). The two highlights of this episode are the halarious tramp scene and the terrifying scene where it appears the Doctor has abandoned Clara, and although it is actually one of his machinations and he saves her, it still shows the Doctor's more cruel, calculating side that would come to define the series' themes. 7.5/10

2. Into the Dalek
This episode is defined by it's first scene. While the rest is a shoddy rip-off of the themes raised in one of the revived series' finest hours, Eccleston's impeccable "Dalek", the first scene is one of Capaldi's defining moments of the series. Maybe I'm overstating it, but this is where the notion of a rude, difficult Doctor finally hit home after an episode of him acting like a slightly grumpier version of Matt Smith (although not with his own Capaldi-isms). The scene features Zawe Ashton (Vod from "Fresh Meat"!) being saved by the Doctor from an impending Dalek fleet. The character has just lost her brother, but instead of acting sympathetic like Tennant or Smith would have, Capaldi coldly, confidently snaps at her to be more greatful, he has just saved her life. Without the presence of Clara to "care for him", Capaldi's Doctor can be a truly terrifying, authority-filled figure, saving people only because it suits him and never showing sympathy. This episode also introduces Danny Pink (and creates mental conflict for Clara over the anti-soldier Doctor and the ex-soldier Danny) and although he is not in it for very long, there is no doubt in my mind that this is his finest performance. A figure filled with sadness and tragedy, the series would waste this and tern him into another Mickey/Rory replica, and resolve his war storyline badly. 6/10

3. Robot of Sherwood
As you can see, I have quoted from this episode for the title of this review. Robot of Sherwood was one that wasn't reviewed as well as some of the others. I guess that's fairly typical of critics. They don't like the light-hearted romp as much as the moral explorations, do they? I mean, I didn't like it THAT much, although this episode is no doubt filled with great moments and is an improvement from the previous one. Much of the bickering between The Doctor and Robin Hood is a bit silly, and I kind of predicted the "twist" that they would take Clara for their leader (dosen't stop it from being great, though), but this is a good old-fashioned Tom Baker-style Doctor Who, one that dosen't take itself too seriously and has great fun doing just that. The spoon fight is one of the highlights, although I don't know why Peter Capaldi chose this for his weapon. Despite the fun comedic elements, though, this episode suffers from a shamefully cliche plot (How many times has Doctor Who done the old "repair the crashed ship" plot. As few as two episodes ago, for starters). Still, it is worth watching for the title quote, and for some light relief after two fairly dark episodes. 7/10

4. Listen
I initially thought "Listen" would just be another one of Moffat's classic "exploit the childhood fear" episodes, especially as the Doctor spends much of the episode explaining the premise to Clara (and the audience, of course) and sounding as pleased with himself as Moffat no doubt was for coming up with another "original" monster (although I suppose ripping off yourself is marginally better than ripping off other people. Than again, in some ways it's worse). The episode soon turned out to be an intriuging character study of The Doctor, though, one that will go down in history as a truly original episode, far better than the average and massivley overrated "Blink". The episode is not confined to one creepy setting, much to it's benefit, instead jumping through time in a way only Moffat can. Most of the episode is good, (although I sighed when The Doctor is confronted with yet another frightened child) although it is the fantastic twist ending that makes the episode a classic. Clara meets a child Doctor, and unwittingly plants the phobia in his head. So, the monster may not actually exist, and was all in the Doctor's head. You wern't expecting that, were you? This is possibly the only truly original episode in the series, although not the best. 8.5/10

5. Time Heist
This was one of the most disappointing episodes of the series. The first ten miniutes are killer, with mentions of the mysterious "woman in the shop", a brilliant cold open leaving the Doctor and his co-workers in a very exciting place. Then the opening part of the episode is very stylistic, with the slow-motion reveal of the Teller set to a fantastic score. Then it all went down the drain. The constant talk about what could be in the safe built to a possibly exciting conclusion. Was it the Master? Was it a crack in time? Was it the Ponds? No, it was another teller. I realise that a dramatic reveal like this halfway through the series would be against the rules, but they have to be broken sometime. And i also realise it dosen't really work with the plot, but they did say that each player would get what they most desired. So, am I complaining about the lack of fan-service over plot? Well, maybe, but the actual plot was so dull that it may be a justified argument, and it was an obvious budget constraint casting the same woman as the captain of the guards and the main villain (although actually quite an inspired reveal). It was so obvious that the self-destruct was really a teleport. I mean, the characters say "It looked like a self-destruct, but it was actually a teleport". It LOOKED like a f***ing teleport! 5.5/10

6. The Caretaker
A very pleasant and enjoyable episode. Although some may complain about the fact that there is barely any explanation for the Skrollox Blitzer (or whatever it's called), I think sidelining the alien invasion storyline is a great way to explore the characters of The Doctor, Danny and Clara, the former two of which meet for the first time here. There are some great moments, such as when Clara tells the Doctor she has a boyfriend, and he immediatley approves when he sees who he thinks it is, a teacher wearing a bow-tie who has an uncanny resemblance to Matt Smith. When he discovers who her real boyfriend is, though, he is angry, and dubbs him "P.E." ("I'm a Maths teacher" "No, your a PE teacher!"). I am also pleased that there is someone who dosen't fall for the stupid cover story (a play) and is actually intelligent enough to work out that Clara is clearly lying (although the Doctor falls for it). As well as the amusing parts, the episode continues the faintly annoying thematic exploration into whether the Doctor is a good man (clearly he is, he saves people for his hobby), although here it is done quite interestingly, with Danny regognising the Doctor as a natural officer, soldier though he is. The episode ends with a cool dramatic glimpse at Missy, with dramatic, ghostly whispery music, making the viewer long to know what is going on. 8/10

7. Kill the Moon
This has got to be one of the most ridiculous premises on Doctor Who ever conceived. Simply: the Moon is an egg. So laughable and yet so oddly fascinating. I did think it was a bit silly that the Moon-monster laid an egg as soon as it hatched, but thats just a minor detail in one of the series' best episodes. The Doctor and his oddly irrelevant school sidekick land on a Space Shuttle going to the Moon, and most of what follows is classic Doctor Who stuff. I mean, how many times have we had the dilemma "well-meaning alien or violent humans?" before. So in that sense, this episode started off badly. But as soon as Peter Capaldi's Doctor leaves, the episode cracks up a gear. Not quite as startling as when he abandoned Clara in "Deep Breath", but still pretty startling stuff. So, obviously Clara had a last minute revelation that the alien would not kill the humans, similar to in one of the worst episodes ever, "The Beast Below" where Amy Pond releases the Star Whale. The thing is, though, Clara isn't willing to forgive the Doctor for abandoning them, even if they made the right decision. Ya see, he KNEW what the right decision was, yet he had his fun leaving them there to figure it out themselves. And when I think about it, the Doctor has ALWAYS manipulated those around him, yet Clara is the first companion to really confront him about this. That is why this episode is so good. The Doctor is finally confronted about a major character flaw of his, something which must be so irritating to those around him. And his annoying satisfaction is finally shattered. 9/10


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3.0 out of 5 stars ok, 4 Sept. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Although the sound quality is crisp, clear and perfect, it tends to stop working occasionally, which is mostly find but can get quite annoying when at a high frequency. I am the kind of person who listens to long albums in one sitting, and these headphones begin to hurt the ears after about an hour of wearing them.

In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
Price: £7.27

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5.0 out of 5 stars The epitome of the nostalgia and sadness of lost youth, 26 Jun. 2014
Bit of a pretentious review title, but god, is it true. This is one of the most emotionally effective albums I've ever heard, utilizing both blistering fuzzy rock and heart-renching bare bones acoustic guitar. Mangum's voice has often been critisized, but i can honestly say it is one of the most amazingly moving and imperfectly perfect voices ever to grace music. He strains it as we all do when we are singing about something we really care about, not in the calm control of a prefessional who just has a job, and wishes to entertain. Mangum dosen't care how his voice sounds, (it actually sounds very good), he is just getting his intense emotions out. And his intense emotions are about . . . Anne Frank, a girl who died seventy years ago. In the folk epic "Oh Comley", the height of poetic genius and surley the album's centrepiece, that he wished he could "save her in some sort of time machine".
The album opens with the beautifully clean guitar cords of "The King of Carrot Flowers" a three part song which speeds through a seemingly cheerful song of partner's abuse, hulicinations, incest and lonliness (it seems cheerful because of the music, but it really isn't), which then progresses into the much malighned "I LOVE YOU JESUS CHRIST" section, and then the final part. The third part of this song is possibly the most perfect miniute of music ever to grace human ears. That is only a slight exaggeration. And the intense emotional core of this song is perfected in the highlight of the album, "Ghost". The blistering fuzz blends with Jeff Mangum's transcendent lyrics to create a song full of pure beauty, describing the ascendence of a girl, presumably Anne Frank, to heaven, a song in which includes "milk and holy water, pouring from the sky" and "the morning paper blows, into a hole where no one can escape". It is possibly the most beautiful song ever recorded, certainly in terms of an almost religious, propulsive transcendence. This album, and this song in particular, are expert at creating that flush of feeling in the cheeks.
There are some other great songs here, too. "Two Headed Boy" utilizes the acoustic guitar to full effect, creating a highly emotional ballad, whilst the title track is about as wistful and positive as this album, or any album, gets, containing the line "what a beautiful face i have found in this place". The final song, "Two Headed Boy Part 2". is the exact oppisite, and is one of the most heart-wrenchingly sad songs ever written, containing mad rambling for the most part that seems to be fighting against the end of one's life, and the sadness of its waste. It speaks of brains pouring out of the teeth, and dead ones coming back to life, only to cry. All though at first it seems to contain no reference points to the original "Two Headed Boy", apart from its name, the last thirty seconds of the song mark its return, but in a slower, more contemplative tone, ending the album with a line of infinite beauty (I won't spoil it for you). Just to say, when I first heard it, i was overcome with emotion.
So, the lead single. "Holland 1945" is a tad overrated, and is probably the most straightforward rock track on the album. It does contain some great lyrical imagery, though, such as "now she's a little boy in spain playing painos filled with flames", and I understand why its a fan favourite.
One final note: This is not just for hipsters. My sister likes it, and she has quite a narrow music taste and rejects most of my music as "too weird".

The Devil's Star: A Harry Hole thriller (Oslo Sequence 3)
The Devil's Star: A Harry Hole thriller (Oslo Sequence 3)
by Don Bartlett
Edition: Paperback
Price: £7.99

4.0 out of 5 stars I made a huge mistake . . ., 14 April 2014
I was going on a skiing holiday, and although i already had two books on the go, (Elenaor Catton's the Luminaries and Peter F. Hamilton's the Reality Dysfunction) they were both very heavy going, so I decided to get a light read for the plane. I searched the shop for the first novel, the Bat, and because they were out of stock of that particulaur book, I made the mistake of buying this book. I later found out much of the plot is based around events of the previous two. I do not blame the author for this as some Amazon reviewers would perhaps do, only myself for assuming that the novel would be a standalone.
It does work partially as a standalone book, though. The main plot revolves around a serial killer, with only the secondary plot relying on the previous books. It is readable, compelling and interesting, but perhaps lacks a certain life-or-death suspense until the very end. The main character, Harry Hole, is likeable, if a little cliche, and makes you really feel for him when he goes through his problems with alcaholism. There are some real disturbing scenes in this book, especially towards the end, but on the whole it is just a compelling slice of classic crime fiction.
Prehaps the most remarkable part of the book, though, was the translation, which was flawless and would never lead anyone to guess that it was originally in Norweigen. It has a very "thriller" tone and it gives the reader a sense of comfort, knowing that Norway is not so different from England or America, (at least it seems this way in the book). There are even some references to Iggy Pop. Overall, although this is not quite the pageturner I would expect from a thriller, it is an intelligent, robust book with intruiging characters and a compelling storyline.

+ Intelligently crafted plot.
+ Believable character development.
+ Violence which fits into the story, and is not gratuitous.

- Cliche charachter archetypes.
- Lack of suspense.

Rid Of Me
Rid Of Me
Price: £4.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars A Dynamic Classic, 31 Mar. 2014
This review is from: Rid Of Me (Audio CD)
After I had listened to the album succeeding this one, the lukewarm To Bring You My Love (which I loved initially but slowly grew to realise it is actually fairly dull), I decided to move backwards in time to one of Polly's more "raw" albums, as called so by many critics. And oh, i was not disappointed.
The album opens with the spectacular title track, which begins with the line "Tie yourself to me". A creepy but spectacular song, which ends with a voice screaming "lick my legs, I'm on fire". Although nothing throughout the rest of the album reaches the unhinged brillance of the title track (which supposedly caused a music journalist to crash her car), the album is filled with some great raw punk songs like "Snake", "Legs" and the string-led "Man Size Sextet" (which is somehow a punk song even with strings, although there is a guitar-based version minus the "sextet" part later in the album), as well as more conventional hard rock songs like "Missed", "Dry" and "Yuri-G".
My favourite song on the album is prehaps the heavy, femenist rocker "Rub Till it Bleeds", which features some of the coolest, most ominious guitar at the beginning, then explodes into a flood of defiance, as Harvey howls "can you believe me, I'm calling you weak?". A truly inspiring song, if you can ignore the sexual overtones.
This album isn't without it's faults, though. I find "Legs" to be fairly boring, and the cover of Bob Dylan's "Highway 61 Revisited" does not do the original justice. The album redeems itself, though, pulling out a string of great songs in the second half which ends with the four minute "Ecstacy".
Some may find this album "raw", and I suppose it is, but that does not stop it from being thoroughly entertaining and actually fairly accessible (by my standards anyway). So listen. And then listen to "To Bring You My Love" for comparison, and see which one makes more of an impact.

Doctor Who - The Time of the Doctor & Other Eleventh Doctor Christmas Specials [DVD]
Doctor Who - The Time of the Doctor & Other Eleventh Doctor Christmas Specials [DVD]
Dvd ~ Matt Smith
Price: £6.98

6 of 15 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars The Good, the Bad and the Convuluted, 28 Dec. 2013
So, I won't actually get these, instead opting for the season releases, and feel this is a cash in. I am using this review section to point out some overbearing flaws in our recent christmas special, but first, i will comment breifly on the other three presented here.

A Christmas Carol
Matt Smith's first is a tearjerker, and the story of how he messed up the life of one "Kazran Sardick" (Scrooge). Despite the name of the episode, this is nothing like the traditional story, but instead a haunting display of how when one tries to help, they can do more damage than was originaly there. I found this episode quietly moving, but still didn't reach the highs of the best of Davies. 8/10

The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe
This is one of the worst Doctor Who stories i have ever seen. There seems to be prettey much no villain of the story, and no other threat whatsoever. Yes, it's christmas, but even for a science fiction show this episode forces us to suspend our belief far too much for anything but a surreal painting. A portal where a second world war plane can fly back in time for Christmas morning. REALLY? 5/10

The Snowmen
The best Smith Christmas specials, and one of the best christmas episodes ever. I found this story extremley engaging, re-introducing the enigmatic (Clara) Oswin Oswald, and the brilliant comedy/slueth trio Jenny, Strax and Madame Vastra. It felt like a proper gothic horror story, there was some briliant funny moments (Sherlock Holmes, "I'm a lizard woman from the dawn of time, and this is my wife") and all in all an engaging romp. It set up the largly disapointing seventh series (part 2) very well, and the only thing that let it down was the ending resolution (tears rain, REALLY?). 10/10

The Time of the Doctor
I loved the regeneration scene, where Amy bids farwell to "raggedy man" and then Capaldi appears, dislikes the colour of his kidneys, and proclaims "Do you happen to know how to fly this thing?". To bad the rest of the episode was a convoluted mess, with the plots that have excited me since the beginning of Smith's run being tied up in unsatisfying and frankly unoriginal ways. Prettey much everything in this episode was a rip off. Smith sent Clara back home to her estate, as Ecelston does to Rose in his regeneration story, the the threat, the return of the time lords, is basically the same as Teneant's closing story, the End of Time. So, if you think about it, as soon as he stopped the time lords returning, the phrase "silence will fall" (which i loved, by the way) was introduced, forshadowing the time lords once again returning, something the doctor had literally stopped in the previous episode. They are not the only flaws, however. Tasha Lem was basically River Song, with her flirting and her piloting of the TARDIS. There were some good moments, of course. Old Doctor's epic showdown with the Dalek Mothership, Clara's family dinner, the truth field ( which i think could have led to a really good ending, but unfourtunatley they didn't use it. Also, witness someone saying "do you have a plan?". The Doctor says "Yes", then when this person leaves he says "i was lying, i don't have a plan". What happened to the truth feild?). So, a convuluted, unoriginal but completley strange (not in a good way) episode, but still better than The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe. 6/10

The Sopranos: HBO Season 6 (Part 2 - The Final Episodes) [DVD] [2007]
The Sopranos: HBO Season 6 (Part 2 - The Final Episodes) [DVD] [2007]
Dvd ~ James Gandolfini
Price: £14.99

5.0 out of 5 stars It's the final countdown, 27 Oct. 2013
My final Sopranos review. It's been a hell of a show.
This half season continues where the first half left off, with Tony recovering from being shot, his son in a relationship with a Portirican woman who is ten years his senoir, and the relations with the New York family going sour in the wake of Vito's death. This season closely examines the themes that have fuelled the show since it's genesis: loyalty, the human condition, and weather Tony is a good guy or a complete scumbag. The first two are dealt with subtly, in ways like expressions on faces during conversations, such as the nervous flicker of an eye or the disapointed curve of a mouth. The third theme is given a final confirmation about two thirds of the way through the season, in the episode "Kennedy and Heidi", although i will not say how or which path Tony chooses in the end.
The first few episodes are calm and nothing much happens, giving the viewer time to see the daily lives of the characters they love one final time, before things start happening, and fast. As i said before, the relations between the two famalies is not very good at the moment. I will say no more.
As a half season, these nine episodes round off the series quite well, being at terms frastratingly anti-climactic and brilliantly emotional, right up until the final episode. As a series, the Sopranos has been not as immeadietly accessible as something like Fringe or Smallville, but an emotional rollercoaster of death, bloodshed, loss and, above all, swearing.

Best episodes "Stage 5" "Walk Like a Man" "Kennedy and Heidi" and "The Blue Comet"

The Sopranos: HBO Season 6 (Part 1) [DVD] [2006]
The Sopranos: HBO Season 6 (Part 1) [DVD] [2006]
Dvd ~ James Gandolfini
Price: £17.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars A Second Chance, 11 Sept. 2013

Two years after the events of the season 5 finale, Johnny Sack is still in prison. Uncle Junoir is slowly being taken by dementia, and Carmella's freindship group wonders were Adriana is. I have discovered that this is one of the least loved seasons of the Sopranos, and i don't know why. It's brillaint, probably my favourite so far, maybe tieing with season two. Tony has a second chance at life, coming in a form i cannot reveal in this review. It is interesting how he deals with this, and you see Tony maybe becoming more moral towards mid-season. A good change for his character, as i felt he was getting more and more amoral as seasons went by.
The exploration of homosexuality and homophobia in this season is also interesting, as you see just how traditional and old-fashioned Tony and crew really are. Another interesting plot thread in this season is Carmella's exploration into Adriana's disappearence. All in all, a good series of the Sopranos, but one i can't talk much about without giving everything away. Sorry for such a short review.

Best episodes "Join the Club/Mayhem" "Johnny Cakes" "Cold Stones"

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