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Mr. Liam Wharnsby (Romford, Essex)

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Who Knows the Unknown
Who Knows the Unknown
Price: £4.24

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars I WISH THERE WAS 1000 MORE TRACKS, 17 Nov. 2006
This review is from: Who Knows the Unknown (Audio CD)
Well they've finally released a mini album. After seeing this band many years ago at the underworld, I've waited for this. I bought 'Pay at the kiosk' and I loved the 2 ep's. This is yet another brilliant cd.

I'm sure they've got rid of one of the guitarists, but their sound has matured and they really get you going. You don't miss the second guitar at all. The dual singing really works well. One sings and the other growls. And I think they're brothers, so they have a sort of conection that blends the vocals together in a really special way.

'As good as dead' is the stand out track for me. However there isn't a bad track on this cd. After all there is only 6 tracks. That is my only issue with this cd...6 tracks, but its cheap so I don't feel jipped.

Even if you've never heard of pdhm or you've looked at this cd by accident, I'd recomend you take a risk and buy it. You won't regret it. If you like them already then I'm sure you've already bought it.

Sounds like a blend of hardcore and kind of hints at old school metal. Think Life of Agony and Faith No More mixed with Killswitch Engage. That probably doesn't help, but it's very difficult to say what pdhm sound like. There's also a lot of melody in there.


Dead Rising (Xbox 360)
Dead Rising (Xbox 360)
Offered by Gameseek
Price: £9.83

19 of 25 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars I lost interest after dying 400 times trying to save the game., 17 Nov. 2006
This game is brilliant. You can kill zombies and pretty much choose your missions. Also has a pretty large free roam capability with no end to the zombies.

However...After about 3 days of playing this game I got very bored. The 1st time I died I chose the wrong option to save and had to restart the entire game. That includes the annoyingly long intro. And all the walk throughs.

Then I tried again, this time I done a few missions and got the hang of the game. It was getting pretty late so I wanted to save my game. This is where the problems start. You have to find a rest room or a specific bench to save the game. Now I only found 2 places on the whole game to save. And with the awful map this was very difficult. Not to mention I was nearly dead when I got there. So then when you restart you always have to go in search of food, which is always the oposite direction to your mission.

Mission arrows seem to change direction and point to nowhere. People you are saving or recruit get eaten in 5 seconds. Not only that, the on screen tips and help are written in tiny writing which is barely readable, even on a massive tv.

Personally I would return the game, but I didn't keep the reciept. It looks amazing and the 1st 10 minutes are fun, after that it's annoying and boring, as every mission is just hitting zombies or shooting someone. Everyone you save dies ten seconds later anyway. Then you can't save the game and eventually die yourself. Buy Hitman instead.

Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (Xbox 360)
Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (Xbox 360)

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Ok but not what I was expecting, 17 Nov. 2006
I love my xbox 360, but to be honest I feel as I've been lied to. Why aren't the games any different to the old xbox, if anything they seem to have less than the old games.

I remember the last PES, you could create a masterleague and edit your teams name and kit. Now you have to keep the name and kit of a team that already exists.

Oh and where have all the special features gone, I can't buy 1960's heroes or get rainbow ball replays. You can't even save replays.

And why do the players look less realistic?

On the up side I have played it a lot and I'm getting into it. I put my game level up today and almost threw the controller at the screen, cos now through balls go the wrong way and the oposition knows what I'm doing before I do it. But it's still fun. From what I've seen and heard about FIFA I'm still pretty happy with my choice.

Buy it over FIFA but don't expect anything amazing.

Please sort out the next gen games! Last game I bought was Dead Rising, which is great unless you want to save a game...anyway 4 stars.


4.0 out of 5 stars Somewhere they've changed., 10 Nov. 2006
This review is from: Sirens (Audio CD)
I don't know wether its just me, but didn't It Dies Today used to be the heaviest band ever! I'm talking about the 'Forever Scorned' ep. I was a fan back then and loved the brutality of it all. 'Blood Stained Bedsheet Burden' being the greatest moment on that cd.

I also have the 'Caitiff Choir', which was no doubt heavy, but seemed to be getting close to that emo sound that the kids love these days. Standout tracks being: 'Freak Gasoline Fight Accident' and 'Marigold'.

This third CD from IDT seems to be even closer to emo. Barely any of the beatdowns remain from the early ep. The singer seems to prefer singing to screaming now days. All in all it's still a good album. If you were a fan of the early stuff then you'll probably be disapointed. I think the next album will see them touring with Fall Out Boy and Taking Back Sunday, rather than the hardcore bands they should be compared with.

One thing that I was impressed with is the production, unlike the origional version of 'Caitiff Choir' it is very listenable, and I have to admit it's easier to get into. I gave it 4 stars, because it really isn't a bad album, its just not like the band I remember from the first ep. I bought mine from amazon market place for £4 so I'm pretty happy with it. If you're not sure, you can hear the whole album on pure volume.

Price: £11.13

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Still great, 3 Nov. 2006
This review is from: Redeemer (Audio CD)
I've read some reviews of this album which would suggest Norma Jean have gone soft and lost their way. DON'T BELEIVE THOSE REVIEWS!

This album is intense, ok they don't have their origional singer (josh) cos he's off with the chariot now. But he wasn't on the last record and that was a masterpiece.

Standout song for me is 'Blueprints For Future Homes', which is both catchy and heavy. I think some hardcore fans seem to hate bands that write a catchy song. Norma Jean are one of my favorite bands and this album hasn't changed that.

Would also recomend buying the The Chariot 'Unsung' ep to hear what the old singer is up to these days. Also look up a band called Luti-Kriss (what nora jean were called before they got big). They had an album called 'Throwing Myself' which was pretty cool.


Cry For Silence - The Longest Day Ep
Cry For Silence - The Longest Day Ep
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £1.30

5.0 out of 5 stars Dance like there's noone watching, 24 Sept. 2006
What can I say, this ep is beautifully heavy and melodic. If you like melodic hardcore this is for you. Track 2 is by far the best track. My only issue with this cd is it's not long enough, but thats why it is only an ep.

Singing, guitars and drums all sound amazing and the production is just right. And for once the lyrics mean something, not just "i hate the world so i'm gonna kill". I reckon if these guys release an album they'll become massive.

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