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G360 Case, Galaxy Core Prime Case,WIITOP [Game] [Stand Feature] Premium Wallet Case [Wallet Function] Flip Cover Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy Core Prime G360 / Prevail LTE with 1 Black Stylus
G360 Case, Galaxy Core Prime Case,WIITOP [Game] [Stand Feature] Premium Wallet Case [Wallet Function] Flip Cover Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy Core Prime G360 / Prevail LTE with 1 Black Stylus

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5.0 out of 5 stars game Boy?, 2 Oct. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Bought this as my last cheap phone case boke and snapped.

I liked the fact that this was a Game Boy design so I got it as I thought that it looked cool.

The plastic that the phone sits in is soft am malleable. I thought that this would be a problem however it is not. It is slightly elastic so when you put the phone in you can give it a shake the phone stays in there.

There are holes and gaps for all o the ports in the phone that my last case did no have so I can now charge the phone with the case shut... Always a bonus.

There is a small gripe with he produce as the print is not straight on the cover, so the Game Boy print is slightly wonky. This is not that bad as all of the print is still on there and I can look over this.

All in all I am very impressed with this item.

Energizer Alkaline Batteries A23 MN21 LRV08 GP23A 12V - Twinpack
Energizer Alkaline Batteries A23 MN21 LRV08 GP23A 12V - Twinpack
Offered by Everyday Electrics
Price: £1.70

4.0 out of 5 stars POWER!!!!!, 27 July 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Batteries - they are batteries and they work... I used them in my doorbell and they are still working since the end of May 9we don't get many visitors mind so can't say what it would be like if you used them a lot.

OXO Good Grips Hand Held Mandoline Slicer
OXO Good Grips Hand Held Mandoline Slicer
Price: £7.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Gripping..., 27 July 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
A good little slicer that works well.

There are three levels of thickness that range from 1mm – 3mm thicknesses. (I have only used it or carrots, cucumbers and potatoes and works well). You can lock it closed so that the top is closed, however when it is locked the cutting blade is still accessible from the bottom (I found this out when cleaning it while I had locked it) so just be careful.

The grip fits well into your hand and holds most things well, just a tip, the grip can cut up the top of whatever you are slicing so just take care.

Oh – FYI – not that “grate” with cheese (get it??) – Cheese is just a little bit too soft for the grip.

Gadget Giant® Samsung Galaxy Core Prime G360F Black Leather Flip Wallet Case Cover with Screen Protector Film & Retractable Stylus Pen
Gadget Giant® Samsung Galaxy Core Prime G360F Black Leather Flip Wallet Case Cover with Screen Protector Film & Retractable Stylus Pen
Price: £17.53

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3.0 out of 5 stars Does what it says on the tin..., 27 July 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
For a product that is less that a fiver (including p&p) you get what you pay for. It is a reasonable looking phone case that does what it says of the tin. The leather effect looks ok and you would not have thought that it was as cheap as it is.

There are a few gripes about it – such as there is no hole for the charging cable so when you want to charge it you have to have the case open (this could be easily rectified by cutting a hole in the bottom of the case – it seems thick enough to take having this done.

The hard plastic that hols the phone in the case has a few places of flash moulding – however a quick once over with a file / sandpaper does the trick and smooth’s it out.

Also another little gripe is the magnet at the top that keeps it closed, is a little bit too close to the earphone port so it overhangs a bit. So when you put your earphones in you have to wiggle them past the material at the top – it still fits perfectly, but it is a wee bit annoying.

There are two slots for your cards to fit, and I these aren’t used then there is a bit of a gap between the top of the case and the phone – but there has to be t fit the cards. You get an extendable stylus (extends to about just under two inches) and a screen protector.

Overall though, for what you are paying for this, it is well worth it if you don’t mind the possibility if going over it to smooth out the edges…

Having had this for a few months now I have just had to go out and get another one (not the same) as the right hand side has all cracked and broker. I will admit that yes, I dropped it and the phone is still fine so it did the job - however I would have preferred to have had one that was a bit more robust...
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Aug 3, 2015 6:20 PM BST

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4.0 out of 5 stars Tiny (but they are for children...), 20 May 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I Know this sounds REALLY stupid, but the plates are SOOOOO small. Yes, I know that it is a Childs dinner set, but they are tiny! They are no more than 20cm across. Got these for a BBQ and one bun/burger can fit on them.

But the main reason they were bought was so that if dropped, they will not break. So far (after 2 "test" drops) no breakages yet. The colours are nice and bright (and even though they are advertised as "children's" dinner sets, these were bought mainly for the parents and the in-laws...

You get 6 cups, bowls, plates and a selection of cutlery. As you can expect the knives are next to useless, but as these are children's sets you wouldn't expect anything sharp.

How I Met Your Mother - Season 9 [DVD] [2014]
How I Met Your Mother - Season 9 [DVD] [2014]
Dvd ~ Josh Radnor
Price: £7.84

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3.0 out of 5 stars HIMYM - The "legenday" final season, 24 Feb. 2015
HIMYM – Final season It is a "legendary" final season - but not for the reason that the writers wanted.

I managed to not find out the ending to this show until I watched the DVD – and I must say. I was very disappointed by the ending.

A rundown of the season:

Marshall is not in it as much as past series as Jason Segal originally said that he would bow out after the eighth season. However he came back for all episodes of the ninth season, but in less screen time, finally being reunited with the gang towards the end. So a majority of his season is in on a bus and a rental car trying to get to the wedding on time. Due to this the dynamic of the season is thrown off as, like Friends (as this show is often likened too) the best scenes are when the whole group is together.

The season as a whole is ok, but by no means the best of the 9 year run. I have always found that the casting of the main cast were spot on – apart from Ted. This is just my opinion as I cannot imagine any other actor playing Barney, Robin, Lilly or Marshall – but I could imagine other actors playing Ted and the show still being the same. This said – the interaction between Ted and “the Mother” (later introduced as the character Tracy McConnell) is great. They are both very similar characters and their shared screen time (in flash forwards) is underused as this does show what a sweet couple they are and how much they are meant to be together.

Another thing that I did like is that they did round off minor characters stories such as The Captain, Scooter, Ranji, Carl the bar man and some of ted’s old flames.

We also find out what Barney does for a living!

Now a little background about the final:

You have probably read the other reviews about this but the ending was actually thought of apparently from the very beginning. The bit with Ted’s kids was filmed while series 2 was in production – there were only a handful of people who were present when this was filmed and was kept secret from a lot of the cast and crew. This was done as by the time the show ended the kids were actually in their mid-twenties, and am guessing that the production team did not want the kids looking too old. But series 2!! That’s seven years since the ending was filmed. In that time the characters have changed, their stories changed and we, as an audience, have come to love the characters in how they have grown.

And then the series finale happened and everything that has happened over the past 9 years just kind of ground to a shuddering halt and backtracked to series 2 / 3.


Now I though the biggest spoiler was at the end of series 8 you saw the mother buying a ticket to go and perform at Barney and Robins wedding… But I think that the biggest spoiler was the ending and how in the last 10 minutes they, in my opinion, and that of my partner, spoilt a very good show. The writers have spent the last 3 – 4 years writing Ted’s character to get over Robin and move on. They have written Robin and Barney to be very similar and fans have got on board with this and wanted a happy ending to this. However (**SPOILER ALERT**) within the first 10 minutes of the final episode they are divorced (the marriage lasting three years). The final episode jumps around a bit, moving forward while missing a lot of years and shows the gang drifting further and further apart. Ted further along in his relationship with “T.M” also known as “The Mother” or “Tracy McConnell” eventually getting engaged, having kids and finally getting married.

The final 10 minutes of the show have Ted doing a voice over (**SPOILER ALERT**) – actually voiced by Josh Radnor this time, pretty much summing up what some people suspected after a certain scene from the episode “Vesuvius” (**MAJOR SPOILER ALERT**) in the final season that the mum got sick and it is six years since she died. The kids then tell him that the story isn’t about how he met their mother – it’s about him and Robin. The kids give him their blessing to go after Robin and the final scene is him standing outside Robin’s apartment with the Blue French horn.

As you can probably suspect, this divided fans. Some of whom loved this ending as they felt that ted and Robin were meant to be together – but this ending pretty much makes the whole of the 9th season redundant as they have totally made the whole Robin and Barney wedding and marriage story redundant.

The alternate ending – found in the main list of episodes and not in the special features is the exact same episode, with the last 5-10 minutes re-edited with a different voice over voiced this time by Bob Saget. This alternate ending is a much more viewer pleasing episode and both I and my partner are taking this version to be the ending of the show. If this had been used instead of the original aired version then the fan backlash would hardly have been there at all and would have made a much more happier, viewer friendly version of the show. If does not show any more footage – but the information and different tone of the voiceover gives a whole new version of the ending.

All in all the final season of the show is ok up until the final episode that was, and is going to be a very talked about final episode of any show for quite some time. The fact that this aired version falls short is that the writers have made you love the characters in the final few seasons in their new lives, after finding love with different people and moving on – only to go right back to the beginning of the show. As I have said before – if you would like a “happier” ending then just watch the alternate ending. It still rounds off the show nicely, but will leave much more of a mile on your face

Transformers Generations Voyager Roadbuster
Transformers Generations Voyager Roadbuster
Offered by Acfun Store
Price: £15.95

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4.0 out of 5 stars Armed to the teeth, 29 Jan. 2015
I was a fan of the transformers cartoon, but never the comics. Not that there is anything wrong with the comics - I just never had them, due to that I never really had much knowledge about this bot' - Roadbuster...
However in the newer comics - especially "All Hail Megatron" (a great read by the way...) new are introduces to the Wreckers again, and amongst them, Roadbuster.
The transformation is reasonably easy and I managed to get it from vehicle mode to robot without instructions after only transforming it the once. (go me!)
The vehicle mode is nicely designed. Without the weapons in the ports it does seem a little small in comparison to the final size of the robot, but once you put the weapons in the ports (something that normally I am not a fan of, but in this case do like) it looks better. The one gripe I might have is that in the vehicle mode the colours are very blocky and don't transition at all. There is just a block or orange next to a block of green next to a block of brown. But this is not a huge problem.

I originally started out not a huge fan of the robot mode, but it has grown on me a lot. There are a lot of reviews about QC issues, but mine has none, or none that I have found yet.
If transformed the way the instructions say then the feet just look ridiculous. They are far too big and look like clown feet. If you push them back (if memory serves they are on a double hinge) so that they can slide back and they look much better (in my opinion).

He comes with an abundance of weapons, 6 in all. They are advertised as "customisable weapons" as they can all be combined (very similar to AOE Hound) into one big one, or applied to the ports that are dotted around his body to make him one (not so) lean, mean fighting machine.

Overall for a figure that I got, in all honesty, just to have another wrecker - it is an enjoyable and fun toy.

Oh! Stickers! These are a pain as like most stickers they are not quite the right size, so overlap a bit. But some are

Transformers Generations Deluxe Class Nightbeat Figure
Transformers Generations Deluxe Class Nightbeat Figure
Offered by In Demand Toys (Previously Toyz And Gamez)
Price: £10.84

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars this one was bought mainly to complete the collection (the ever growing – space consuming collection…) and not really because I, 27 Jan. 2015

Here we have Nightbeat – the Autobot detective.

Having never owned a Nightbeat figure before, this one was bought mainly to complete the collection (the ever growing – space consuming collection…) and not really because I liked the character.

However this is a neat little toy. The mould (used a few times now – mainly for Bumblebee incarnations) is quite cool with a reasonably nice transformation.

This is not a perfect figure, the yellow paint could use a few more coats as painted on blue plastic it can look green in some areas where the pain isn’t quite thick enough. The weapons are a mess as well. I have no idea what they are… A big blaster? Energon blades? Who knows? Maybe it says on the back of the packaging… probably but mine is in the bin as I write this.

The possibility of the figure is good with a decent range of motion.

The car mode is a nice looking muscle car.

Transformers Generations Blitzwing Figure
Transformers Generations Blitzwing Figure
Offered by mk_forsale
Price: £34.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Good toy but needs fixing from the off., 27 Jan. 2015
Needs fixing from the straight out of the box.

This is because there were obviously some QC issues in production and the left shoulder does not actually tab in properly when in robot mode. So straight out of the box you do need to take it apart and file bits down. There are plenty of videos on the internet of people doing this (I know this sounds sad… but it does help…)

After all the fixing is done – let’s get to the figure. It’s about time that we got a decent triple changer toy. The original Astrotrain that was released was good, but small. Blitzwing was a big part of the original G1 cartoons and we have had a few versions of him in the past from other continuities (Transformers Animated to name one at least… not sure if there any more actually…) but this is the first generations figure that we have.

It is a decent size, standing well above the deluxe class figures and measuring well with the voyager class figures.

The articulation is good, however if you don’t do “the fix” then every time you move the left arm I will pop out of the joint. The two other modes are good, there are obviously parts of the tank visible when in jot mode and vice-versa, but what do toy expect??

Over all a good figure that looks great with the other G1 decepticons on the shelf (or in the toy box), but let down by the fact that you do need to fix him straight out of the packaging.

Transformers Generations Deluxe Action Figure Windblade
Transformers Generations Deluxe Action Figure Windblade
Offered by animetropolis
Price: £23.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Windblade, 27 Jan. 2015
As the first “official fan made” transformer, this was the result of online polls on Hasbro’s website where fans could decide things like autobot or decepticon, alternate modem weapon etc. and this is the result.

With a nice colour deco of black and red, she does stand out from the other “fembots” that we have been getting recently. She has reasonable possibility and the transformation is reasonably easy. Her weapon is a nice transparent “energon” sword that fits nicely into the sheath that she comes with. This can then be stored in her back or on her thighs in robot mode. Her vehicle mode – a jot with tilting wings and some fans that do spin… oooh is nice, however she does suffer from the “ooh, turn it over and see a robot” problem (but who has their transformer figures displayed upside-down?

She comes packages with a single issue of the on-going “Dark Cyberton” comics series, a nice addition but obviously pointless if you have the omnibus.

All in all a nice figure for the collection.

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