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Dub Come Save Me
Dub Come Save Me
Offered by westworld-
Price: £9.11

14 of 17 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Nice one Cyril, nice one Sid., 26 Dec. 2002
This review is from: Dub Come Save Me (Audio CD)
Chilled summer music. Sit back and relax with some robust beats, bouncing vocals and nod-inducing piano. This album bounces along providing a perfect soundtrack to a sunny summers day. Helpful i the middle of winter you may say, but DCSM reminds you of summer days with an ice cold drink in your hand.
The meandering rhythms and beats plant ideas in your head and they spiral out of control. DCSM is musical weed; just chilled, relaxed and a wonderful spectrum of dub. This album really spreads dub's wings, expanding its boundaries as a genre and creating new styles for future dubmeisters to work on. Vocals aren't necessary on every track, they simply accentuate the beat when used while the other tracks develop. A truly innovative album from Roots, proving he is one of the brightest talents in the current British music scene. He ain't no one trick pony, Roots is versatile and creative and I look forward to more material from him.

Touching Down
Touching Down

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5.0 out of 5 stars Roni Size spreads his wings to the non-dnb loving public, 26 Nov. 2002
This review is from: Touching Down (Audio CD)
The first I heard of roni size was the now world-famous 'new forms' back in 1997. That is rightly considered the greatest dnb album of all time, but since then his standard in cd's has slipped slightly with the less impressive hip-hop influenced 'in the mode'. However, for those really into their drum n bass, roni's mix tapes have kept up the quality. Now his mix tape style has branched out onto cd, eschewing the orchestral style of 'new forms' and concentrating on hardened beats and intense tunes.
For those who aren't used to his style away from the confines of the 'reprazent' group this album comes as a surprise. But whoever you are, whether this is new or not, this is an excellent album. Tracks vary from the chilled 'scrambled eggs' and 'at the movies', through the mesmeric 'sorry for you' to the grinding intensity of 'forget me knots' and 'uncensored'. Despite its eclecticness the album remains controlled throughout with much continuity and still retaining those enigmatic 'Roni Size hooks'.
If your into your drum n bass and jungle this is certainly for you. Don't be put off by it's cd format, it's just as good as any of his finest mix tapes.

The Bends
The Bends
Price: £10.19

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5.0 out of 5 stars The best band ever with arguably their best album., 9 July 2002
This review is from: The Bends (Audio CD)
i got into radiohead when i recieved a copy of kid a as a christmas present. at the time i thought that it was the best album ever; nothing could better the thundering beat of idioteque or the vast musical landscapes of everything in its right place. however, i was wrong.
since that christmas morning a few years back, i have acquired the equally magnificent amnesiac, the spectacular ok computer and this gem, the bends. like all classic albums, every track is brilliant in its own right...
planet telex-super beginning to the album, with simple piano and guitar combining to provide an excellent backdrop for thom's vocals, particularly the 'you can force it but it will not come' line.
the bends-a straight rock song, with a great up-and-down style. magnificent guitars at the end.
high and dry-best song on the album/ever. literally tear-jerking. absolutely fantastic.
fake plastic trees-strange lyrics but who cares with the killer subtle key changes on the acoustic guitars.
bones-decent verses with an incredible chorus. nice feedback, too.
nice dream-another slower number, with a pleasant and relaxing chorus. bitter-sweet.
just(you do it to yourself)-one of my favourites, if only for the first verse. another strong chorus.
my iron lung-excellent, really excellent. thom is particularly good on this track... superspangdanglytastic guitars feature, too.
bullet proof...i wish i was-my favourite track. if this track doesn't make the hairs stand on the back of your neck then WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?! slow, melodic, bittersweet, tearful and beautiful. it has the best line on the album with the haunting 'bullet proof' wail.
black star-a standard guitatr rock song but so so so so f***in' special it doesn't matter. the anthemic chorus is joyous.
sulk-probably the worst track on the album, but would still be the best song on 99% of albums. the (again) anthemic chorus is a wonder to behold, and the song has some of the most poignant lyrics in the album, yet let down by the relatively bland verses.
street spirit (fade out)-tubular bellse-esque intro with hauntingly sorrowful vocals. the best finale to any album, ever.
i feel every track is worhty of 10/10...
so those small track descriptions tell a little of why this album is, in my opinion, the best album ever made. voted second in the 'top 1000 albums of all-time' poll done in 2000, the benss is an immnese album that you will listen to for years. i feel priviliged to possess albums of such greatness from this incredible band.
buy now.

OK Computer
OK Computer
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £9.99

1 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars So...best album, ever? Thought so..., 6 July 2002
This review is from: OK Computer (Audio CD)
I'm writing this review just to say (like everybody else) that Radiohead rule and this album is INCREDIBLE. One disagreement I have with a few fellow reviewers, however, is that 'Electioneering', a sorta sixties clangy guitars uptempo track, isn't out of place on this album;i think it's one of the best songs on the album! So therefore...stuff. Radiohead rule, get this, The Bends, Kid A, Amnesiac and (if your pushing it) one or two more albums, and your music collection is complete.


3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Spangdanglytastic!!! Radiohead rule!!!, 23 Jun. 2002
This review is from: Amnesiac (Audio CD)
You don't often listen to music whilst not doing something else. It is a rare occasion when you sit down, and listen to an album. Usually (or at least in my case), listening to albums/music in generall involves working/waking up/sleeping/etc. Amnesiac is perfect for all of these situations, and this is what I want an album for.
Every song is worthwhile on this album. 'Packt...' opens the album broodingly;a repetitive beat evolves into subtle keyboards and delicate vocals, followed by the 'I'm a reasonable man...' catch-line. Amnesiac begins where it means to carry on;quiet, mysterious and thoroughly enthralling.
The defining moment of this album is the opening to 'Pyramid Song'. Subdued piano blends with growing haunting vocals set the tone for this magnificent, immense song. Later in the track, drums, guitars and violins create a cacophony of sound, arousing the senses whatever you are doing. 'Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors' is easily the worst track on the album, ruining the atmosphere created by the previous track. However, its ugly muffled vocals do mix with the gritty music, and although some pretentious critics say 'Pulk/Pull...' is only worthwhile listened to as a 'thing', its musical values do grow. Not great, but not as bad as most say.
'You and Whose Army?' begins as a sunny sunday morning, and ends as a slow sunday evening lament, with a sad centre. 'I Might Be Wrong' is my favourite track, reminding me of my favourite track of all time(Idioteque on Kid A). The excellent choppy riff builds and builds with Thom Yorke's fuzzy lyrics, climaxing in a tear-jerking guitar solo. 'I Might Be Wrong' is my favourite track on Amnesiac.
'Knives Out' dissapoints slightly, as it begins so well, yet stays there. Don't get me wrong, I love this track, yet I feel it could have been better. The Amnesiac version of 'Morning Bell' is the antithesis of the Kid A version. The lighter arrangements are better for groggy sunday mornings than the original for sure!
The final four tracks bring Amnesiac to a close moodily. Despite 'Dollars and Cents' obscure lyrics, it is a stunning piece. Fitful guitars and an array of other instruments combine well to create another haunting Radiohead classic. 'Hunting Bears' is the defintion of pretentiousness, but I do like it. The unremarkable guitar work does benefit from some crafty production and occasional perfectly placed chord. 'Like Spinning Plates' is confusing to begin with, yet grows with time, and the final track is a real gem. Expecting a moody pessimistic finale to the album, 'Life In a Glass House' throws the listener into a delightful and peculiar jazzy world. Humphrey Lyttleton and his merry band of musicians provide inspiration to Radiohead, with Yorke finally coming out of his shell to sing properly for the first time in two spectacular albums.
Everybody knew Radiohead were the best band in the world after Pablo Honey, THe Bends, OK computer and (my favourite)Kid A, now everybody knows they are the best band in the universe. And don't let some dwarf-like green man tell you otherwise.

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