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4.0 out of 5 stars Initially very happy..., 25 Aug. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought this case off the back of the positive reviews I had seen on here. I wanted a case with a cover that would protect the screen of my HTC One and it's gorgeous display.
When the case arrived I was immediately impressed by the craftsmanship. The phone fit snugly in the plastic grips and the faux-leather cover is held in place well by the suction cups when the cover is closed. I was surprised how well the suction cups did their job without damaging the screen. When flipped open the cover also worked well as a stand for propping up the phone in landscape orientation - useful for watching videos and listening to music hands free and getting the full impact of the stereo speakers.
However - and this is kind of a big drawback as it renders the cover pretty much useless - the plastic grips that hold the phone in place in the cover quite quickly began to disintegrate. Little by little they cracked and flaked away. They seem to be fairly brittle and what started as a little chip by the volume rocker soon started appearing in all four corners. Unfortunately, without these in place the phone will simply not be held in the cover leaving you with a useless piece of faux leather. Mine lasted a couple of months, maybe it was a faulty batch, but buy with caution if you want a long-lasting cover.
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TeckNet HTC One Case Gel Silicone Cover With Screen Protector For New HTC ONE 2013 M7 - Frosted Translucent
TeckNet HTC One Case Gel Silicone Cover With Screen Protector For New HTC ONE 2013 M7 - Frosted Translucent
Price: £3.97

5.0 out of 5 stars Does the job., 9 July 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
After treating myself to a wonderful new HTC One, I needed a case to protect it. This inexpensive case is great for keeping scratches away from the metallic back and fits snugly around protecting the sides too. As a bonus, it also comes with a pack of screen protectors too!

Madonna: Sticky & Sweet Tour [Blu-ray]
Madonna: Sticky & Sweet Tour [Blu-ray]
Dvd ~ Madonna
Offered by marvelio-uk
Price: £9.17

5.0 out of 5 stars Party Time, 13 April 2010
This is an awesome purchase. I was lucky enough to see this concert in Cardiff, the first night of this Sticky And Sweet tour. I had never seen Madge live before and the spectacle of the show is something to behold! Madonna really does have the art of theatricality down to a tea, making this almost a London West End show. The various stages and clever remixed songlists make this a great exhibtion of talent of singing, dancing and stage work. I have seen some of her previous tours on DVD and think this one is amazing, not just because I saw it live, but I recommend you watch the the DVD or blu-ray edition instead of just listen to the plain old CD. The visuals in terms of choreography and stage work are amazing. In addition, the DVD/bluray adds to the Argentinian emotional feel to the Evita song she performs. Plus there is a great making of in the bluray showing the behind the scenes aspects of some parts of the tour. I feel Madonna comes off quite scary and diva-like but this concert shows some other qualities to her that I didn't know existed. Definitely worth a watch!!

Wonders of the Solar System [Blu-ray] [Region Free]
Wonders of the Solar System [Blu-ray] [Region Free]
Price: £7.20

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5.0 out of 5 stars Astonishingly passionate project., 11 April 2010
I am just over half way through this excellent BBC production and felt urged to review it. The passion of Brian Cox, the physicist who takes you on an amazingy discovery of the solar system, is prevalent in each episode. You really get a clear feel for his enthusiasm of his specialism. The explanations of the dynamics of our fragile and complicated environment are well conceived and illustrated by giving on-earth examples. For instance, the mechanics of the rings of Saturn are explained by a trip to the dunes of a desert and how the grains of sand are comparable to the rings. Interesting fact: one of the rings is as little as 3 metres in depth. When you consider the size of Saturn, I find that astonishing. Fact 2: The geysers on Saturn's moon Enceladusj ejects so much ice out of it's poles that it is resposible for the creation of one of the plannet's outer rings in it's entirity! Explanations at a perfect level for the average Joe.
CG imagery mixed with actual photography help make this very tangible. The music and stunning cinematography lend to the production value tremendously.
A very well produced BBC project, with heart and insight behind it. Licence payers money being put to good use at last.
Roll on Wonders of the Universe :-)

Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Full Version (PC DVD)
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Full Version (PC DVD)

5.0 out of 5 stars Much welcome OS, 28 Oct. 2009
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I have used every operating system from Microsoft since Windows 98 (except evile ME) and, despite what some people say, have not had any major problems with any of them. A few week back I started having issues with my laptop which came pre-installed with Vista. I had pre-ordered Windows 7 a couple of months back as was very impressed with the Release Canditate, so the problems with Vista on my laptop are now dead and buried.
The visual side to 7 is lovely, working effortlessly with multiple windows in a tidy and uniform fashion. Customisation is good helping to allow you to set up the UI just as you want it.
Performace-wise, I notice a considerable increase in speed over Vista (which isn't difficult to be fair) and 7 appears to suck up far less system resources. I am running 7 Ultimate on my PC which has a Pentium Quad Core and just 2Gb of RAM. I have many internet pages open, iTunes, Photoshop and a couple of Folders open and everything is running quietly without any fuss.
So far, I haven't had any major hassle with drivers or installs. My only problem right now, is finding a suitable driver for my scanner and realising that Adobe CS3 is not compatible with th 64bit version of Windows 7. If I can't find a way around this, it's no big deal in terms of purchase, as there is a 32bit AND a 64bit version of the OS included in the box.
All in all, I highly reccommend this product. If you're apprehensive about buying this after the bad press and negative feedback which Vista got, put all those worries behind you. Windows 7 is a return to form for Microsoft and a much needed boost in their reputation.

Western Digital Scorpio Blue 500GB Sata 8MB Cache 2.5 Inch Internal Hard Drive OEM - Sony Playstation PS3 Compatible
Western Digital Scorpio Blue 500GB Sata 8MB Cache 2.5 Inch Internal Hard Drive OEM - Sony Playstation PS3 Compatible
Offered by Xtreme_Drives
Price: £41.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Easy Peesee!, 28 Oct. 2009
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Bought this to upgrade my PS3 harddrive. I was nervous about breaking my PS3 during the swap. It literally took 2 minutes to swap the hard drives and once you run through System Restore (which does take quite a long time - not the harddrives fault!) you're up and running again. What a treat it is to have a 500GB PS3!
If you need further information about how to go about upgrading your harddrive, I reccommend going on youtube and searching for 'upgrading PS3 hard drive'. There's plenty of help on there for you.

Batman: Arkham Asylum (PS3)
Batman: Arkham Asylum (PS3)
Offered by Gameseek
Price: £16.16

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars I am Batman!, 28 Oct. 2009
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
I have to say I'm not what you'd call a huge Batman fan. I have seen the films, but didn't read the comics or watch the cartoons. A pal recommended I download the demo for this of the Playstation Network. After the brief playing experience, I placed my order. It's fantastic. The sense of story is epic. There are so many twists and turns in the story, it was like watching a brand new Batman film. The graphics are impeccable, from the opening cinematic to the firework laden finale. At one point I climbed up to the highest point I could find just to have a look around at the great graphics.
I have never been great at fisti-cuffs games but the controls are set out very well here. After a few minutes, you get the basics and then new moves and gadgets are introduced in time as you progress. You'll be doing vertical take-downs and Glide kicks before you know it.
There's lots to keep you busy, what with Joker enlisting a huge array of Batman villains to his dastardly plans. The Riddler also provides lots of extra gameplay which can be frustratingly difficult at times (Some of the question marks were crazy hard to find).
Definitely my favourite PS3 purchse of the year. Buy it!

The Web Designer's Idea Book, The Ultimate Guide to Themes, Trends and Styles in Website Design
The Web Designer's Idea Book, The Ultimate Guide to Themes, Trends and Styles in Website Design
by Patrick McNeil
Edition: Paperback
Price: £18.14

4.0 out of 5 stars Great for inspiration, 28 Oct. 2009
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I am setting up my own website and have no experience in this before. This is a great book for giving you ideas regarding layout, design and content for a range of websites. Filled with lovely glossy pages and in full colour, I think this is well worth the price. Each image is accompanied with a URL to explore the design further.

LUPO Premium HDMI to HDMI 24K Gold Plated Cable 3m 1080p (SKY HD, HDTV, BLU-RAY, PS3, XBOX)
LUPO Premium HDMI to HDMI 24K Gold Plated Cable 3m 1080p (SKY HD, HDTV, BLU-RAY, PS3, XBOX)

1.0 out of 5 stars What a waste of £4.99, 31 Oct. 2008
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought this thinking it would be a cheap way of connecting my laptop to my HDTV. I went for a long cable so I wouldn't have to sit right up close to the tv. The length of the cable makes for a degraded picture quality and I don't know if the cable itself was faulty, as I keep losing the connection and my screen goes black. When I do have a picture, the screen flickers constantly which is very distracting. All in all, I would recommend going for a shorter cable and paying that little bit extra if quality is important to you.
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Lost - Season 4 [DVD]
Lost - Season 4 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Evangeline Lilly
Offered by Venture Online
Price: £6.14

53 of 61 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Best season yet!, 4 July 2008
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Lost - Season 4 [DVD] (DVD)
Season 4 of LOST was absolutely amazing. Even I, an avid and absolute LOST addict, will admit to Season 3 being slightly lacking. There was definitely an uncertainty towards the beginning of season 3 as to where and when the show was going to culminate. The producers, having decided on a six season format, finally ramped up the storytelling mid-season 3 and have rarely let slip on the quality of the writing and watchabilty of this awesome show. Season 3's cliffhanger was totally unexpected and despite the un-Godly wait, due to the writer's strike, season 4 picked up nicely where 3 left off and the pace was clearly quickened due to the shows final season being set. Answers being given out left, right and centre...albeit with more questions being raised along the way. The genius of this program lies within the writers ability to draw the viewer in to and leave us wondering what is going to happen next. Curiousity is surely their best tool, at least for the committed viewer. I understand why some viewers became impatient with the questions upon questions and gave up on LOST, however I stand by my feelings that LOST is one of, if not the most, intelligently written shows on tv to date. I look forward to seeing where season 5 brings us. Season 4 was quality from start to finish with episodes such as "The Constant", "The Shape of Things To Come" and the multi-episode finale "There's No Place Like Home" being stand out episodes.
For new viewers, LOST needs to be watched from the beginning to truly see it's complexities, which shows just how cleverly it is written.
Patience is a virtue and I have faith that this show will live up to it's promise. With episodes filled with action, humour, heartache and a deep underlying mythology, as well as cliffhangers that leave me shouting at the tv for more. I have no doubt when all is said and done, this will be one of the defining tv shows of all time.
As 'Irina Derevko' said in another of JJ. Abrams tv series, "Truth takes time".
The only thing that saddens me is when will the UK be able to buy these LOST boxsets on blu-ray? The US has been able to buy previous seasons in Hi-Def and I am feeling left out especially after comments from America about how great the quality is. UK-ness, please offer us the same as our friends across the pond.
Lostaholic London Lad
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