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Between the Buttons [UK Version]
Between the Buttons [UK Version]
Offered by silver-disc-uk
Price: £30.03

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3.0 out of 5 stars The Stones Own 'Scottish Play', 5 Sept. 2003
Mick Jagger has said some harsh things about BTB most of it to do with Andrew Oldham's production and it is indeed a bit twee in parts but that said it does contain some very good songs in 'Yesterdays Papers', 'Connection', 'Back Street Girl', 'Complicated' and 'Miss Amanda Jones'.
The fuzzed out cod Bo-Diddley of 'Please Go Home' and awkward Dixie strut of 'Call Calm & Collected' with it's awful kazoo solo lose it stars but it's still worth having in your collection for the above mentioned tracks.
Worth noting is that this was the last Stones release to have different tracks on both the UK & US versions


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5.0 out of 5 stars Super Rail Band Guitarist Solo, 3 Sept. 2003
This review is from: Sigui (Audio CD)
Recorded in Mali in May 2000 this recording is many things, for one it is the first (I believe) solo recording from the master Malian guitarist, for another it is a drawing together of a stellar African band of musicians and singers, the music herein is in turns elegant, passionate, spiritual, and most of all a true labour of love.
Tounkara was, and still is, part of the legendary ‘Super Rail Band’ which gave a stage to both the monumental talent that is Salif Keita and the exuberant personality of Mory Kante and as part of the electric ‘Rail Band’ his long, impossibly melodic and rhythmic improvisations have delighted the dancers at the Buffet Hotel de la Gare in Bamako time and again, now, I’m happy to say, it’s our turn to be amazed.
All eleven tracks feature Djelimady on acoustic guitar, again his style is many things, touches of Delta blues, flights of frightening flamenco speed, classical sounding openings that turn into something Arabic or Algerian sounding, African openings that lead to Cajun sounding choruses. All the musicians and vocalists are first rate, the singer Samba Sissoko is especially fine but it is the genius of Tounkara that you are drawn to on every track.
It’s hard to pick out stand out tracks when they are all so very good but for me the Spanish inflected opener ‘Mande Djeliou’ and the Instrumental ‘Diaoura’ along with the beautiful closer ‘Yamaryo’ would just about clip it.

Offered by mrtopseller
Price: £8.17

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5.0 out of 5 stars Mali's blues legend, 3 Sept. 2003
This review is from: NIAFUNKE (Audio CD)
This is the first new recording from Toure in five years and it has been well worth the wait, recorded in his Malian hometown of Niafunke, situated on the banks of the Niger at the edge of the Sahara, this is a rewarding trawl through the ages and genres of African music, you can feel the heat and taste the dust in every one of the twelve superlative tracks. Those of you who loved his recording with Ry Cooder (Talking Timbuktu on World Circuit) will not be disappointed.
Toure has, perhaps unfairly, been compared to John Lee Hooker and it is true that both men share a shimmering intensity in their solo playing, both are easily the most dominant voice in a group context and neither has real respect to the regimentation of a song, it’s as long or as short as it happens to be, but where Hooker is angular, rattling line after line of sparse menacing notes, Toure seems to glide, his tone brighter, with less distortion than his American counterpart, it is the light to Hooker’s dark.
The CD’s opening track ‘Ali’s Here’ is possibly the most Hooker like in the repeating lines but the comparison ends as the Arabian sounding drums enter setting the stage for the chant like vocal that declares Toure’s gratitude and thanks to his people.
The joyful praising of God in ‘Allah Uya’ and the majestic simplicity of the slowly simmering ‘Mali Dje’ where Toure pleads for Mali to educate it’s young for the future follow.
I’ve put a summery track by track, but no review will do real justice to this very, very fine recording
‘Saukare’ see’s Toure playing the Njarka Violin on a beautiful ballad that he says he learnt in 1946 at a wedding.
‘Hilly Yoro’ see’s the return of one of Toure’s trademark licks in a song about co-operation and stability.
‘Tulumba’ has a traditional Malian rhythm dancing guitar figures and a political message.
‘Instrumental’ seems to be a free guitar piece rather reminiscent of John Fahey.
‘ASCO’ another breathtaking ballad dedicated to the musicians Toure has worked with over the years.
‘Jangali Famata’ Once again has Toure on the Njarka Violin in a quick tempo plea for the right of education.
‘Howkouna’ slows the pace for a call and response Malian style.
‘Cousins’ a lovely acoustic guitar workout dedicated to the people he grew up with.
‘Pieter Botha’ inspired by the end of apartheid and played spontaneously.
Overall this, as I’ve already said, is a great set of recordings and if you only have 1 African blues recording in your collection this is as good as it gets.

Do You Get the Blues?
Do You Get the Blues?
Offered by VECOSELL
Price: £15.04

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars The Brother Done Good, 3 Sept. 2003
This review is from: Do You Get the Blues? (Audio CD)
I’ve kind of neglected Jimmie Vaughan within my own collection, I have a couple of Fabulous Thunderbirds discs with Vaughn in the guitar chair but I bought those for Kim Wilson’s voice and the hit singles so I was surprised to hear that he’d won a Grammy for ‘Best Traditional Blues Album’ as I’d never really thought of him as a blues guitarist even when he won his first Grammy in 1990 with Stevie Ray for ‘Family Style’ I thought of him more of a rocker that was playing the crossover game (like Gary Moore at about the same time).
A couple of days later I saw him give a sparkling performance on the BBC 2 show ‘Later with Jools Holland’ and this convinced me that I should hear some more so I bought the CD the next day and to be honest I didn’t like it at all on the first play. It seemed half arsed and directionless, a real mishmash of ideas with no cohesive whole but with each subsequent play I found something new and interesting that I could get hold of and that I suppose is the beauty of a really very good recording.
I’m not sure why it won ‘BTBA’ because it’s a mix of ‘blue groove’ type instrumentals (there are three) the best being Billy Willis’s Jimmy Smith like ‘Dirty Girl’ that opens the disc, a country tinged duet, ‘Power Of Love’, with JV’s old cohort Lou Ann Barton, straight ahead blues like the excellent ‘The Deep End’ with fine slide from Vaughan and a delicate harp underpinning from James Cotton.
So ‘Traditional’ it may not be but very enjoyable it is, Vaughan has crafted a little masterpiece here every listen has further rewards the unusual sounding vocal arrangement on ‘Out Of The Shadows’ gives the impression that Lou Ann Barton and Greg Sain are the ‘Shadows’ of Vaughan’s lead, the blue funk of Jimmie & Greg Sain’s ‘Robbin’ Me Blind’ had me humming the melody for ages.
‘In The Middle of the Night’ brings Vaughan & Lou Ann Barton together with Double Trouble for a slow burn soul inflected blues that is perhaps the stand out track.
Vaughan’s guitar playing is subtle and reserved throughout but never underplayed.

Fast Fingers
Fast Fingers
Offered by marvelio-uk
Price: £8.09

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Worth a listen if you love the Chicago sound, 3 Sept. 2003
This review is from: Fast Fingers (Audio CD)
Jimmy 'Fast Fingers' Dawkins spent a long time as a side man on club dates for Magic Sam & Jimmy Rogers and on recordings from Wild Child Butler, Koko Taylor, Sleepy John Estes, Carey Bell & Luther Allison before recording this, his first as a leader.
Recorded over the period of November 68 to mid Jan 69 these tracks also boast the guitar of Mighty Joe Young and the piano & organ of Lafayette Leake.
Dawkins likeable voice and solid staccatto guitar bursts combine with the talants of an excellent band to deliver a swingingly good album.
My only quibble and it's a small one is that the two bonus tracks have a new vocal track added (in 98) and it is too apparent on my equipment.
That said Dawkins deserves more recognition and this fine album proves it.

Hoodoo Man Blues
Hoodoo Man Blues

13 of 14 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Wells & Guy set Chicago aflame, 3 Sept. 2003
This review is from: Hoodoo Man Blues (Audio CD)
Hot foot from Muddy Waters and Earl Hooker Wells teamed up with guitar master Buddy Guy, bassist Jack Myers and drummer Billy Warren to record this Chicago masterpiece, reputedly the first LP recorded by a working Chicago blues band it crackles with menace, Junior commands you to 'Snatch it Back and Hold It' at the opener before tearing it out of your hands and pushing it back in your face, this is a superb set where everything gels, Guy (I think billed as Friendly Chap on the original cover) tears it up and Wells meaty harp compliments the onslaught parry and thrust, what it must have been to see this band in its prime.

West Side Soul
West Side Soul
Price: £31.60

29 of 30 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Soul meets the blues and explodes, 3 Sept. 2003
This review is from: West Side Soul (Audio CD)
Sometimes things just do live up to the hype, I'd heard about this recording in hushed tones from 'serious' guitar players and singers for years and I never believed a word of it. Well it's all true this is a masterpiece par excellence.
Although people tend to put Sam in the Hendrix camp he is a lot less distortion & flash and more feel and harmony his singing is somewhere between Otis Redding and Sam Cooke maybe a little reedier but a beautiful thing all the same.
Every track is a classic and you've heard them all a thousand times played by every bar band you've ever seen but you've never heard them like this, go on do your ears a favour.

Smile on my face
Smile on my face
Offered by uniqueplace-uk
Price: £14.97

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Under rated Piano master at his mature best, 3 Sept. 2003
This review is from: Smile on my face (Audio CD)
Unissued for many years these sessions, which were recorded for part of what should have been a series of five, 8 track LP's featuring Sunnyland, Lacy Gibson, Lee Jackson, Joe Carter and Willie Williams are a great introduction to a pianist who although well known on the Chicago blues circuit never became the star that these tracks indicate he should have been.
Sunnylands playing is an amazing cocktail of both the solid chicago and dextrous barrelhouse styles, he was a master of both and every track on this CD benifits from his genial touch.
He is well supported on guitar by the quicksilver Lee Jackson and the ferocious Lacy Gibson both of whom have had tracks from the aforementioned sessions included here, indeed the Lacey Gibson track 'Cryin' for my Baby' is one of the best tracks propeled as it is by Sunnylands over driven riffs and staccatto fills, with Gibson thrashing the life out his guitar.
Well recommended solid Chicago blues at its best

Black Rat Swing
Black Rat Swing
Offered by KELINDO³
Price: £23.94

19 of 20 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Not Just For Collectors, 31 Aug. 2003
This review is from: Black Rat Swing (Audio CD)
This is the retrospective that Kelly fans have been waiting a very long time for. Jo-Ann's tragically short career is well served by this beautifully presented 2 Disc set, from the aching heart solo acoustic moan of 'Where Is My Good Man At' through the 'Tramp' & 'Second Line years' until comming full circle with the 1988 solo version of 'Love Blind' this is the timeless stuff the legends are made of.
Highly recommended as an introduction to a massive talent that deserves wider recognition.

Ready for Love
Ready for Love
Offered by marvelio-uk
Price: £13.72

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The Best Hammond Album for Years, 26 Aug. 2003
This review is from: Ready for Love (Audio CD)
I've been a fan of John Hammonds for many years and loved his last recording a Tom Waits covers 'Wicked Grin' with the great man himself at the helm but 'Ready For Love' is a different kettle of fish.
It starts off with the first song that John has written himself in 30 odd years and it is a corker even if it does owe a lot to our Tom, 'Slick Crown Vic' rocks with its stuttering boogie and Waitsesque vocal.
It's not just blues covers that get the Hammond workover this time but songs from Jagger Richards (Spider And The Fly), Tom Waits (Gin Soaked Boy & Low Side Of The Road), David Hidalgo (No Chance & I Brought The Rain) and the grand old man of country George Jones (Color Of The Blues & Just One More).
Every track is a labour of love and the band (including the venerable Augie Meyers) are really on top form esp' on the great version of the old classic 'Money Honey'
Go out and buy it now

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