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Buttersnipe (Cambridge, UK)

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Odin Sphere Leifthrasir (Playstation Vita)
Odin Sphere Leifthrasir (Playstation Vita)
Price: £37.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Sublime, 26 Jun. 2016
Beautiful addictive and one of the best games I've ever played. My current favorite Vita game so far.

No Title Available

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3.0 out of 5 stars Stay away from sinkholes..., 25 Aug. 2013 don't want to lose these babies down the sink while you do the washing up for your hubby (or wife if you are a gentleman - then again if you are a man wearing these earrings I would be inclined to worry, unless you are transgender which is fine... anyway i digress, close bracket)

Diamonds are forever, unless you lose them. So then they would not a girl's best friend make, the ones you lose are not true friends. Apologies for all the cliches, just trying to get them out of the way first.

This review is quite difficult because I can't justify spending over Thirty One Thousand Pounds Sterling to obtain them. Then why review it you ask? Good question.

I believe that we are here to help each other in life. You may be pondering about buying these rather fetching diamonds. I believe in my life, I have experienced many things which may influence your decision... or not, which is fine. But here I will bear my soul for you all, my dear readers.

I once worked a mundane life in a factory which shall remain nameless, they are pretty much all the same. Every day was spent in twelve hour shifts. I was getting money to spend it all to earn more to spend it again. Lorks, what a vicious cycle I hear you cry!!! And cry I did, when one day I gazed into the mirror. I saw lines there I had not seen before, and some flecks of gray appearing - where was my youth going? I was spending my life working and forgetting one key factor... I WAS ALIVE! What use would money be once I had died... I had to do something. I could not stay trapped here until I am old and haggard, worked to the bone, no use to anyone... filled with regret. NO! I STOOD UP AND THREW DOWN MY TOOLS. I walked out without looking back, I had a little money saved... it would be enough! If I ended up dead on the streets, at least I had tried something... at least I was finally LIVING not watching the clock tick, watching my life drain away like the embers of a smoldering fire, crumbling into ashes and vanishing into the wind, never to be seen again.

Upon much pondering, I made a plan. I approached the ferry port and chartered a rickety Schooner and a salty seadog to aid my quest. Yes, I really did sail the seven seas. I saw new lands, new people. I fell in love, I cried for others, others cried for me. I truly realised that beauty in something we cannot see with our eyes.

In all that wonderous time, I never once amassed a pirates fortune, but the experience of life gained from following faded maps with X marks the spot I got from a guy down the local tavern was more life affirming then finding any trinkets, more rewarding then doing a nine to five job for little or no thanks. Thinking back, I would have stayed in that job. Thank god I made the leap, providence truly followed. I found the girl of my dreams. Infact, she was better then girl of my dreams, she was real.

I sometimes see my old colleagues after they finish another grueling shift at the factory and I try to talk to them. Just seeing them trapped in a soulless spiral of societies senseless struggles saddens me greatly. They are all chasing diamonds when the real diamond they already have... this life.

I believe life is about the journey, not the destination. Those who live to hoard away wealth never really experience the world to see that it is OUR LIVES which are the real things to be treasured.

And that is why - if you are still decided to invest in this lovely jewelry, I do not feel it is wrong. You are living your own life. Just please take the time to look about you once in a while. Stop to smell the flowers and maybe take the time to smile at random strangers. If we can help others on their journey, then that is a true reward of this life. And this is my attempt to say to you, CHASE AFTER HAPPINESS IF YOU CAN, it's far more rewarding then any material wealth.

2.00 Carat G/VS2 Round Brilliant Certified Diamond Solitaire Stud Earrings in Platinum
2.00 Carat G/VS2 Round Brilliant Certified Diamond Solitaire Stud Earrings in Platinum

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3.0 out of 5 stars Diamonds are nice but..., 16 July 2013
It certainly looks good, but what can you really do with it? After all, it's just a pretty rock dug out of a mine and polished a bit.

You could wear it in public, and say things like 'look at me' and 'aren't I special'. After all, having something that expensive dangling from your ears is certainly a good way to show others up.

Before you hit the 'buy' button though, just think... think for a moment what else you can do with 26 Grand...

You could stay in a five star hotel for a month and have free buffet breakfasts, you could help the needy. You could buy 26,000 cans of coke or your choice of beverage and open a little drink shop, delighting customers with tales of how you almost bought a diamond on amazon. But now you have all these friends. Something you never had before. Can a diamond get you that?

You could get a nice car or motorbike. You could go travelling for a few years. You could even spend it all on drugs and escorts.

But if you really REALLY like sparkly things, or just want to get into someone's pants, then maybe this is just the ticket.
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Curious [European Import]
Curious [European Import]
Offered by EliteDigital UK
Price: £23.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Best band in the world? Fair dinkum!, 13 Dec. 2006
I was told about this band by a friend upon visiting Australia. This is the album I purchased from a small little dinky-di record store in Western Australia.

I didn't hear it until I got back to rainy old pommy land, and upon playing the CD, memories of Australia's big skies and extreme climate came flooding back. One of the songs on this album 'The Mangrove Song' almost had me doing Aussie salutes!

And the songs! Amazingly sculptured masterpieces. Each one perfectly capturing a precise feeling be it joy, pain or otherwise. Later on in the days and weeks that followed, the songs kept coming back to invade my mind. Infact they stood out like dog's balls, and have ended up being a big inspiration on my own songwriting.

I love the way the Cello and Double Bass predominates over quite a few tracks, being a big fan of those two instruments. And the lead singer/pianist/songwriter and all round main cobber David Bridie has the most captivating voice I have ever heard on an Aussie, even after a gutful of piss.

So why is their music not well known on our cold shores? I can't answer that question. All I know is they are huge down under and that speaks for itself.

So I can heartily recommend these musos, you can't go wrong. I am sure you will be bowled over by their strong songs and musicianship like I was. And check out Davo's previous band 'Not Drowning Waving' too. Mind blowing.

The Sound of Paint Drying
The Sound of Paint Drying
by John Hegley
Edition: Hardcover

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5.0 out of 5 stars Prose that Grows (on you), 22 Mar. 2006
I cannot believe I am the first to review this magnificent book on Amazon! On the Eve of John's new release 'Uncut Confetti', I thought it would be a good idea to look at this - his previous offering.
Those not familiar with John Hegley's work may find it strange at first, but just like his glasses, the more you look at them, the more things start to become clear. John seems to have left behind his Doggy for this journey and has delved more into Greek Mythology for inspiration, along with his travels to various climes resulting in some hilarious rhymes. There is also an interesting story about John and his reunion with Miss Phelp, who appeared a few books back.
The main part of this book though is Jonh's touching journey to France to recreate a Painting that his dad once did. A very touching piece of work.
John is the national treasure the press claim him to be and this wonderful book can only be enhaced by seeing John perform live which is a magical experience.

The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower
The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower
by Stephen King
Edition: Hardcover

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5.0 out of 5 stars Oh isn't he egocentric!!, 28 Oct. 2004
I have just finished the final dark tower book and loved it!
All these reviews that slate the book just because of King writing himself into it (IMHO) are just silly. He had this planned all along and it's very cleverly done. It's a great read, so give it a go why don't you?

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