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Wind Rises
Wind Rises
Price: £38.56

5.0 out of 5 stars Hisaishi serenades Miyazaki in his final production, 5 Jan. 2016
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This review is from: Wind Rises (Audio CD)
Joe Hisaishi bids farewell to Miyazaki with this gorgeous soundtrack, accompanying the great anime director's final film. With a beautiful, continental/European style running throughout (thematic in most of Hisaishi's soundtracks with Studio Ghibli) this stunning CD should be listened to from beginning to end. This soundtrack is a masterful stroke to complete one of Miyazaki's finest works (in my opinion, a better film than Frozen and many of the other popular animations in our Western world culture). A serenade to one of the greatest animation directors of all time.

Livie & Luca Hedgie, Girls' Mary Jane Flats, Navy, Child 6.5 UK (24 EU)
Livie & Luca Hedgie, Girls' Mary Jane Flats, Navy, Child 6.5 UK (24 EU)

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3.0 out of 5 stars Wide feet required, 5 Jan. 2016
Design is fantastic - flawless and our daughter loved it... BUT we did not realise that the width of the shoe is so big! Length wise, it was a perfect fit, but width wise there was a good couple of cms gap, which made the shoe unsafe, especially for a toddler still learning balance. This would be perfect for kids with wide feet, but tbh I know many other parents who have the same problem with this brand - such a shame considering the beautiful designs.

Philips AVENT SCH550/20 Bath and Room Thermometer
Philips AVENT SCH550/20 Bath and Room Thermometer
Price: £12.99

3.0 out of 5 stars Takes too long to settle on a temperature, 5 Jan. 2016
Lovely design and accurate readings, but the problem I have with this is the delay in reading an accurate temperature, particularly in a bath, where the addition of hot or cold water can very quickly change the overall water temperature. Our bath is not the best to be fair, with one end of the bath often being much hotter/cooler than the other (even after lots of water stirring to attempt to even out the temp). However, as the bath is running, the thermometer can flitter between 36 degrees (safe but slightly cold for a baby) and 38 degrees (too hot) for up to 30 seconds before finally reaching an accurate reading based on the baths overall temperature. During this time, if the tap is running, you have no chance of getting it ideal. This delay is a big design flaw.

Hi-Tec Men's Altitude Trek Low I Low Rise Hiking Shoes - Black (Black 021), 7 UK (41 EU)
Hi-Tec Men's Altitude Trek Low I Low Rise Hiking Shoes - Black (Black 021), 7 UK (41 EU)

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3.0 out of 5 stars Good, but not good enough, 5 Jan. 2016
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I am a leaflet distributor and I walk approximately 10 miles per day. I am based in Yorkshire, so I work on all types of road surfaces, from newly paved, to cobbles, from muddy paths to loose stone driveways. I work in all weather conditions, so I think I can offer a fair assessment of how these boots fare.

I decided to try Hi-Tec, having heard that even though they weren't as popular as some of the bigger brands (Nike, Timberland, Adidas etc.) they offered good performance. I was surprised to learn that some of the shoe is made by a barefoot company (I think Vibram), which is highly recommended from infancy for good foot posture and development.

Comfort-wise, the shoe is fairly comfortable. I get the occasional blisters on pressure points such as the outside edge of the big toe and the back of the heel on both feet. The lacing system works well to get a comfortable fit.

The shoes are fairly weighty for those not used to hiking boots, but are still a medium weight compared to what else is out there. The quality of the structure is reflected in the weight, as these boots have not so far lost their shape.

The grip of the shoes is ok, but not fantastic. It offers little resistance in the rain and they particularly struggle on wet, mossy or oily paving slabs. In dry weather, however, they do a good job. Please note, the boots are not waterproof.

Where the boots fall down is longevity. After 6 months of use, the fabric around the entry point to the shoe is coming apart and the end of the sole where your toes are is starting to peel back. They are also starting to come apart internally. I reckon I will probably get another 3 months out of them, but that might be as far as they go.

So, conclusively, you get what you pay for with these. I would recommend for those who do not hike very often or would be mostly using them on flat or well paved areas. They've done well considering what they get put through, but I would be looking for a shoe which lasts more than 12 months when put through the paces.

Arrested Development - Season 4 [DVD]
Arrested Development - Season 4 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Jason Bateman
Price: £9.00

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2.0 out of 5 stars Fourth Season doesn't come close to the first 3, 16 Jan. 2014
To be specific, this review is purely about the content of the fourth season and not the DVD itself. I can only comment from having watched this on Netflix recently.

To be fair to the producers and director Mitchell Hurwitz, to pick up a TV series after 6 years is not an easy task. You face the barriers of ensuring the storyline continues smoothly, the actors can get back into character, the pace of the show runs the same way and the jokes, running jokes and wit is of the same calibre. It is my opinion that none of these were achieved in this fourth season.

Rather than have one continuous storyline, the fourth season focuses on what happened to each character after the end of the third season (each episode is dedicated to one character's "arrested development" (hey, that's the name of the show! #runningjoke)). This mismatch of back and forth events is quite confusing to follow, hence the non-smooth continuation of the storyline.

You can see many of the actors really struggle to get back into character - perhaps most disappointingly, the lead, Jason Bateman, does not carry as the same Michael Bluth from the first 3 series. His dialogue often sounds like he is just reading from the script rather than acting. This disjointed effort is also seen in many other characters, including GOB (Will Arnett). Linzi (Portia Di Russi), one of the few actors who maintains their character pretty close to the mark, has had a complete change of appearance. So much so, that my initial thought was that they had got a different actress to play her.

With the different direction of non-continuous storyline, the pace of the show slows down a lot. There are a lot of pauses at things which on script probably look funny, but when played out leave the show hanging like a bad comedian at a stand up gig. This isn't even saved by bringing in names like Ron Howard (as himself) or Isla Fisher (as Rebel Alley). While they do a good job with what they have, they don't really add much to this disappointing sequel series. Above all, there is the annoyance of the narrator seemingly having more lines than the actors. Perhaps their budget meant that more work had to be given to the narrator? Whatever the reasoning, the constant voice-over does become irritating and takes away somewhat from the heart of the show.

Finally, the main jokes of the show overbear on running jokes to the nth degree. At times it seems almost every punchline references a past series, which as any good comedy writer will know, only ever works in subtlety. There is nothing subtle about the blatant blasts to the past, worsened by how often they use the same reference repeatedly, rather than using an array of different references. The joke about using some cheap trial version software to play flashbacks is funny at first but gets old quickly.

Don't get me wrong. There are some funny moments in this series and some very funny ones. And credit is due to Netflix or whoever was responsible for thsi series for salvaging the exact same cast, which can't have been an easy feat. Quite often with revivals like this, you expect there to be at least one substitute actor.

But, overall, it feels like a completely different comedy - one that, had it been like this from the start, would not have been anywhere near as successful. You get the feel from it that it was done on a budget, to make a quick buck and to try and revive a franchise, publicised as exclusively for Netflix (which probably explains the cheap budget). I think the money would have been better spent on a movie, tying up any loose ends from the third series, rather than launching a fourth series completely out of the blue 6 years later.

So in conclusion - worth watching once to see what happened next, but I probably wouldn't give it a second look.
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Komputerbay 16 GB microSDHC Card with SD and miniSD Adapter (Class 6) 32GB w/ USB reader
Komputerbay 16 GB microSDHC Card with SD and miniSD Adapter (Class 6) 32GB w/ USB reader

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Product - Great Value, 14 Mar. 2012
I chose this product because I was looking for a 32GB MicroSD Memory Card in a hurry. This one seemed to be the best value for money because it was the same price/slightly cheaper than other equivalent size memory cards and also came with a USB Card Reader.

Thus far I've had no problems with the Memory Card or reader. It arrived quickly, was well packaged and very straightforward to start using, which was exactly what I required.

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