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FiiO X3 II / X3K Second Generation
FiiO X3 II / X3K Second Generation
Offered by EA Audio
Price: £159.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Fiio X3 2nd Gen versus Fiio X3 1st Gen - The Old Versus The new!, 26 April 2015
Test setup: Audio Technica ATH A900X "Art" Monitor headphones (professional monitor class) Fiio X3 Generation 2, FW version 1.0. Fiio X3 generation 1 FW version 3.0 (frankly, as some say, and I'd agree, from FW version 3.4 onwards, when the graphic equalizer was introduced, the SQ of the 1st gen Fiio was IMO 'changed' too, so I use FW up to version 3.0 of the 1st gen Fiio - without the introduced equalizer)

To begin, I'll cut to the chase. Firstly, some reviewers spend most time in their reviews talking about aesthetics, form and function. Let me make this clear: I buy a DAP for one reason only - because I would hope it sounds brilliant! Regardless, *if* you're after a "Grado" like sound - slightly on the warm side, a mellow/'comforting' sound that's slightly more warm than detailed or expansive, then this is your audiophile digital audio player. No doubt about it: buy it. For then, the 2nd gen X3 will be your winner. What's more, the new X3 generation 2, is, arguably, a bit of a beauty too!

With that being said, your reviewer prefers an open, expansive and detailed sound - right through the musical range, from the lowest bass to the highest treble - where every harmonic is almost given air to breathe, and because such is my preference, I honestly still prefer the sound of the 1st generation Fiio. Not that the 1st gen sound is perfect. Just that it's closer to that which I'm always seeking. What's more, I use some of the most acclaimed monitor grade headphones to review, so that they don't add or subtract to the overall musical equation. Then again, and in all sincerity, I found that the SQ of the newer generation of Fiio X3, is closer to that of the iBasso DX50 than it is (even!) to its own sibling! If anything, that discovery blew my mind the most. But then again, just look at the success of the iBasso player (which I would also, in all fairness, put down to the fact that iBassos feature very easily changeable batteries) and you can come to understand why Fiio were, in all likelihood, (at least!) mindful of their competitors when designing the 2nd gen X3.

At this point I have to stress that I personally bought my player, so in no way was it given to me as a complimentary unit for reviewing purposes. The sellers are no doubt aware that I'm a top reviewer here, but I still had to pay the full ask for this player, so these are most unquestionably my personal feelings in this review. I am still grateful to EA (who are well known Amazon marketplace sellers here) for their giving me the opportunity to buy this player sooner rather than later, and I will certainly buy from them again. However, I must stress that these are still very much my personal feelings, as I purchased this player outright with my money.

Aside from the most important element of any portable DAP - how it sounds, the next matters are form and function: Most would say the presentation of the newer generation of Fiio X3 is an improvement over its forebears. Myself, I would not disagree. However, I also have no great complaints (apart, that is, from its non-changeable battery!) about the earlier gen of Fiio X3, which is (as I write) now becoming very hard to buy new - without having to import it from the Orient, I might add. Fiio have largely disontinued from sale the 1st gen X3, which I would say is a shame, for now that all its bugs and glitches have been ironed out, it's indeed a shame that such an impressively finished unit will no longer be available for sale. Having said that, FW 1.0 of the newest X3 is remarkably stable, quite brilliant actually - and unquestionably a massive improvement over the comparable earlier FW of the older X3. in testing I experience no crashes, freezes or anything like that. So well done Fiio! In contrast, it took many more FW releases for its forebear to become just as impressively stable as the newest X3 is. So full marks indeed must go to Fiio for its fantastic stability at release.

In using the player, the most striking difference (apart from the change to front) was the fact that when files are playing, as soon as the screen is turned off, its volume buttons (on the side of the unit) become Forward and back buttons. No doubt many prefer this change, but I must say that I didn't. Sorry. But YMMV. Regarding its battery life - as long as a player will at least play through the night without fading, I'm happy. The 2nd gen Fiio doesn't disappoint as far as its battery life when new is concerned. And I'll leave it at that for now.

As for how it looks, its aesthetics, it's most arguably an improvement over its forebear. It very much feels like a quality piece of gear, in one's hand. It's slightly heavier and that bit more substantial feeling too. I got a slight chuckle from the fact that, unlike its earlier incarnation, it came in its box already "gloved up" with its silicon protection and even glass protection in place! So you've no chance to 'forget' to protect your new Fiio - right out of the box - which was a nice touch. Other than a couple of bizarre stickers (one being an American flag - but why not a British flag too?? & the other with a bizarre plasticky 'wood grain' effect!??) the elements which accompany the newest X3 are much the same as those which came with the original Fiio X3. Albeit, its box is about a third larger than that which came with its earlier incarnation. If you wish to trial the X3 and then return it, be very careful when opening the first fold at the top of the pack, as it's pretty tight and difficult to open without tearing it. In contrast, the earlier X3 by comparison was far easier to open and return (if needed, and I wouldn't, nor did not) without compromising anything.

The old X3 and the newest are chalk and cheese. For most early owners and seminal reviewers, that's a very good thing. While I largely agree, when it comes to SQ, I must beg to differ. The sound signature which I'm always seeking is (alas) dare I suggest, to be found with greater presence in the 1st gen X3. It's still not my perfect audio player - as, of course, its battery will one day fade to grey, so I'm always on the lookout for an improvement. YMMV of course, and judging by the other early reviews for it, most reviewers are absolutely delighted with the 2nd gen X3. Yet, if I may be a sceptic for a moment, one might just wonder whether Fiio would be so forthcoming with early review units, next time around... *if* any current reviewer came out and said he didn't particularly like it, or worse, preferred it's earlier (and now largely unavailable) DAP as I do in some respects, or (greatest faux pas of all...) a competitor's unit!! Run for the hills!! Hmmmm. Perhaps it's just as well that I couldn't find any detractors among that bunch. Anyway, I bought mine, so I don't need to worry about what they think of me. Or at least now, I don't. Albeit, and in all fairness, I still do largely like the 2nd gen X3 and I do largely recommend it to you. Hence the four stars. It just isn't the player for me. Yet I still say you should buy this unit if you like a warm, comfortable sounding - more warm than bright or expansive sounding player - as fans of the DX 50's soundstage, seem to do. You should then be right at home with this 2nd gen X3. However, and in all sincerity, I'll be next trying out the widely acclaimed Hidiz AP100.

I hope this review helps you, but if you've any questions please ask me below. Thank you.
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Black & Decker Lithium Cyclonic Dustbuster, 18 Volt - Black/ Chrome
Black & Decker Lithium Cyclonic Dustbuster, 18 Volt - Black/ Chrome
Price: £59.99

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Battery health Declines Far Too Quickly - Given Both Its Premium Price & Irreplaceability of Its Battery., 27 Feb. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Be warned, most reviewers wrote their glowing reviews within weeks of buying their new Dustbuster. I can't exactly blame them either, because if truth be told, had I written mine in the first week or two, then I too would likely have given it the 'all fives' too. However, now that I've owned it three months, before reviewing, the story is definitely nowhere near as pleasing. The problem: Battery. Or rather the fact that its completely unchangeable battery (which should be a crime!) works great for all of five minutes and that's it.

I've a small apartment, and believe me, 5 minutes isn't enough to do all the little jobs I'd like it to do within my allotted time. In the first few weeks of ownership it worked much better, about 25% better, so that I could use it (i.e,. just about) to do all the little jobs in our small apt, that I needed doing. But I'm shocked at just how quickly its 'oh so great' lithium battery, becomes asthmaticly middle aged.

Surely it should instead work great for a year or two, before eventually allowing only 5 minutes of usage. But no, its greatness fades too fast, and so I have to write an unpopular but thoroughly honest review now: if this looks anything like expensive to you, at its present offering, then IMO do not waste the huge amount of money required to buy this, or in fact any other Dustbuster.

I bought this one, I must admit, because after having owned one from the mid-range Dustbuster series, I was 'reeled in' by promises of battery greatness. Sure - battery greatness for all of a few weeks! Period.

And now, a sigh, because if only you could easily and economically change its current OEM battery, then, and only then, would it deserve full marks. Please don't fall for the many reviews here, which were doubtlessly written within hours, days or weeks of buying. Because they've yet to discover what those of us who've owned it longer, have regrettably realised...

Fellowes Allergy UK Approved AeraMax DX55 Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter
Fellowes Allergy UK Approved AeraMax DX55 Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter
Offered by Purel-PureLifestyleWonders
Price: £176.60

15 of 15 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A comparison of the Fellowes DX55 V/S the far cheaper, & equally popular 'Puremate' Hepa Filter - which unit is the best to buy?, 5 Jan. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I own both the 'Fellowes AeraMax DX55' (hereinafter - DX55) and the over half as costly - 'Puremate Hepa Air Filter' (Puremate), and since no one else has written a review to date, comparing what appear to be Amazon's two most popular air purifiers, it's time to compare them both for you. The DX55, after all, is significantly more expensive to buy than the Puremate. But I wanted to know, before buying it, was it really worth the extra? In short, the answer is that I'll be keeping mine without any question and here's why:

Indeed, if you can afford it, there's no need to read any further, the DX55, despite coming with no remote control, is definitely better than the Puremate. Its quieter in operation, we've found that it chills the room less (a bonus in cooler months) in its default auto mode; it has British Allergy Association seal of Approval (which the Puremate currently doesn't); and my wife swears that when we were sleeping in a room with the Puremate running on its default settings, she always woke up with a blocked nose and dry mouth. No such problems with the DX55!

The fact too is that the DX55's a lot better at *effectively* clearing smoke - as it not only has a Hepa filter *and* a Charcoal based filter, but it also features inbuilt sensors which aren't a gimmick and do indeed detect air quality, before adjusting air speed (when necessary) for optimal clearance. The Puremate, by contrast, works solely on a Hepa filter and therefore is less ideal at clearing smoke from the air. Truth is the Puremate will *appear* to clear smoke from an average sized room in about 10-15 minutes, however the fact that it has no Charcoal based filter means that it will just *not* be as effective at clearing the very smallest smoke molecules (and arguably the most dangerous to human health) PAH's, the PCB's etc., - from the air. I would think, yet stand corrected if wrong of course, that that was one of the reasons why the British Allergy Foundation did not award an approved status to the Puremate.

The Puremate does, however, have some comparative pluses to take into consideration - its far lower cost - being the most obvious, but also as it requires only one change of filter - as opposed to the DX55's two different filters, means its running costs long term, I know will be lower. Nevertheless, please just remember that that second filter is definitely 'there' for a very good reason... Also, the Puremate has its own, ostensively advantageous, and 'mini sized', remote control - which the DX55 lacks. So you, in theory at least, could change it from your seat. The reality, we've found, was that we ended up spending more time just looking for its diminutive remote control, so we most usually ended up simply controlling its operation from the unit itself. YMMV of course... For bedroom usage the Puremate does not illuminate the room as much as the blue lights of the DX55. But we just apply some black gaffer tape, to the DX55's blue lights, for night-time usage. Not an ideal solution, of course, but one that works! However, and in all fairness, Fellowes really ought to have considered allowing users the opportunity to turn off, at least temporarily, the DX55's lights for all night usage. Let's just hope they read this and take heed for their next generation of purifiers! One other way in which the Puremate pips the DX55 is that it has a timer function, which is admittedly basic, and rather limited in scope as it can't be set, e.g., for a whole week's worth of varying days in advance. Nonetheless, even a basic timer is something the costlier DX55 lacks and, quite frankly, ought to have... Lastly, the Puremate might actually be more useful in the few warmer months we have in England, at cooling the room at its default setting - which is definitely breezier than the DX55 is at its default. But then again, the opposite is of course true in wintry months. And surely a higher default fan speed means the Puremate's long term electrical running costs ought to be comparably somewhat greater? Hmmm.

A system of lights warn you of the air quality in the room, which are not present on the Puremate. So you just have to trust that the latter is measuring air quality correctly. Not that I had any reason to believe it wasn't. Just that the DX55 has, IMO, one more, and frankly excellent way, of showing users that it is working correctly.

Then there are the respective warranties to compare. Some have already reported here, that Fellowes have excellent customer service, and I have no reason to doubt that. Nonetheless, the DX55 now comes with three years 'parts and labour' warranty - that is, if the warranty that comes with mine is to be believed. I do nonetheless believe that earlier sold units may have shipped with a shorter warranty. Whereas the warranty which currently accompanies the Puremate is only of one year's duration. Which is another reason to pay the extra for the greater peace of mind!

From our experience it's definitely worth spending the greater sum on the DX55, and all the more so if you can stretch to buy it, particularly if ultimate air quality is what you're seeking. I was sceptical at first, whether it would be worth over double the cost of the equally popular Puremate, but in this reviewer's considered opinion, I have to confess now, that it most certainly is.

- - -

Lastly, as ever, I will continue to monitor both units for any signs of trouble and report back here of my experiences. But if this review is unchanged, you can confidently take it, that there are no changes in my very positive experiences with the DX55 and the (in all honestly) less impressive Puremate. Should you have any questions about either then please ask me below. Thank you for reading.
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Black & Decker Pivot Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum Cleaner - 18 Volt
Black & Decker Pivot Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum Cleaner - 18 Volt
Offered by Ideabright Ltd
Price: £59.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars Its Battery Lasts Barely Five Minutes Now, After A Year's Moderate Usage: Not Good Enough Value for money., 20 Nov. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Battery. Yes, in a word: Battery. I bought mine in May 2013, and now, just over a year later, its battery is lasting no more than a usable 5 minutes. After 5 minutes of use, its suction drops so much that it can barely suck up a peppercorn.

Given the fact that its battery is all too typical of consumer electronics nowadays - i.e., you can expect to throw the whole object away once its battery fails, I can only recommend this item with that overriding caveat. In other words, if only its battery could be replaced, I would give it full marks. The problem is, the reality is, it can't. And so, its dropping to 5 minutes of usefulness (before needing a 12-14 hour recharge) simply isn't good enough, especially after only a year's moderate usage. I'd buy this type of item again, if there are marked improvements in battery life only. Shame really.
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Samsung 840 EVO 500GB 2.5-inch Basic SATA Solid State Drive
Samsung 840 EVO 500GB 2.5-inch Basic SATA Solid State Drive
Offered by shopherellc
Price: £164.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Here is what the other reviewers mean by "fast", 16 Oct. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Firstly, any worries which others have raised about 'performance degradation' over time, have now been completely quashed with the very recent, and latest release of Samsung's EVO Performance Restoration Software. Other than that, support software ('Samsung Magician') for this drive is absolutely first rate, and could not be more useful at squeezing every last iota of performance from this amazing SSD HDD. With that being said, here are the performance results of this Evo 840 series with 'Rapid Mode' enabled, versus the results from my earlier Samsung 830 series SSD (which has no rapid mode), which I've running on another comp.

Not everyone can know what reviewers mean by "it's very fast so buy it", so here are some numerical comparisons which show exactly what reviewers mean by "fast". After all, one man's 'fast' is another's "so what?" But don't worry... because these numbers, for the 840 series, are about as far from "so what" as your money can take you, these days:

Sequential Read 840 Evo 1TB (hereinafter - 840): 553
Sequential Read 830 series 256GB (hereinafter - 830): 541
Sequential Write 840: 532
Sequential Write 830: 261
Random Read 840: 87640
Random Read 830: 51520
Random Write 840: 80262
Random Write 830: 22937

In short: most of those numbers attest to a phenomenal performance gain over the previous generation of Samsung SSD;s.

How to Speak Money
How to Speak Money
by John Lanchester
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £14.39

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5.0 out of 5 stars An Iconoclastic 'Welcome' to the world of money: A Most Excellent & Mischievously Wicked Primer On All Things Financial., 18 Sept. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: How to Speak Money (Hardcover)
If nothing else, this book most admirably succeeds in making the potentially boring and intractable become interesting, accessible and dare I say - entertaining. In other words, for anyone involved in finance, this book is a most interesting economic primer, which also happens to be seasoned with quips and clever humour a plenty. Take "dead cat bounce" for instance. I couldn't help but give a wry chuckle when I read this, following its initial definition:

"'s the same kind of bounce a dead cat would give if you chuck it out a window. If you're wondering who on earth would come up with a metaphor like that, greetings, and welcome to the world of money."

Ouch! It's just as well that the world of money is not quite crammed full of sociopathic, and sick individuals then. Right!?

Some can criticise this book for including many commonly understood terms, such as GDP, inflation, and insurance. But then again, not only is knowledge subjective but even when defining the commonly known, Lanchester arguably does a great job of injecting some fresh, and often downright piquant stimulus into even the most well trodden of monetary expressions. Take 'insurance' which is: "a great idea, but it is distressing how often... it turns out to be a scam dependent on the customer not having read the small print." How true, how very true indeed! But you have to agree, that such a cynical definition, suggests more than just a welcome degree of mischievously inspired iconoclasm. In other words, I love it. And, this book is most wonderfully packed with similar definitions.

This reviewer concludes - you must buy this book if you wish to witness a perfectly spirited mix of wicked entertainment, and (otherwise) boring financial terms.

That is to say, it most certainly deserves full marks.

PowerGen 12000mAh External Battery Pack Power Bank Backup Charger Triple USB Output for Apple iPhone 5S 5 5c 4S, iPod Touch, iPad Air, Mini (Apple lightning adapters Not included) / Samsung Galaxy S5 S4 S3, Note 4, 3, 2 / HTC One M8 / Google Nexus 4, 5, 7; Nokia ; Motorola Moto G 2nd Gen; LG G3; Sony Xperia Z3, Z2 [Designed for Apple and Android Devices]
PowerGen 12000mAh External Battery Pack Power Bank Backup Charger Triple USB Output for Apple iPhone 5S 5 5c 4S, iPod Touch, iPad Air, Mini (Apple lightning adapters Not included) / Samsung Galaxy S5 S4 S3, Note 4, 3, 2 / HTC One M8 / Google Nexus 4, 5, 7; Nokia ; Motorola Moto G 2nd Gen; LG G3; Sony Xperia Z3, Z2 [Designed for Apple and Android Devices]

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5.0 out of 5 stars Review of Both E-Trading Customer Service And this Battery Pack, 15 Sept. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
It's great when a product works so well that you don't even need to worry about its warranty. Nonetheless, my review reflects my experiences when I needed a little problem looked after.

Basically, I had a little problem with my Powergen 12,000mah battery pack after 3 months usage. Basically the input where its charging wire should affix, resulted in a loose connection, which meant I was unable to get a stable charge into the battery pack for long. I wrote a review which reflected my experiences, and before saying another word, to my astonishment, 'E-trading' were apologising and offered to replace it. Frankly that is utterly outstanding customer service!

A couple of days later I'd taken delivery of its replacement, and so I simply had to delete my initial review, and moreover replace it with this advice: have every confidence when buying from 'E-trading', as their 'no quibble' customer service is second to none. If yours develops a fault within its warranty period, I can tell you from experience that you will definitely want to be dealing with E-trading. In other words, buy this battery pack and I can assure you, that you will be in the right hands and very well looked after, should anything go wrong within its warranty period. Utterly excellent! And the battery pack is, otherwise, very good too. Albeit, to be perfectly frank, were I to purchase another I'd likely go for an even higher powered one - as this will only charge my Kindle, S2 and Mp3 player before then needing a recharge. HTH

Audio-Technica ATH-A900X Audiophile Closed-Back Dynamic Headphones
Audio-Technica ATH-A900X Audiophile Closed-Back Dynamic Headphones
Offered by Yokoyama Brothers Trading
Price: £165.82

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5.0 out of 5 stars ATH A900X Versus ATH M50 - If Not For Bass, Then Aural Perfectionists Might Find Themselves Splitting Hairs., 1 Sept. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Firstly, trying to say which headphones are better, of these two 'monitor level', audiophile grade, headphones, is a bit like splitting a hair, and then trying to determine which spliced hair follicle is left with more width. The 'technically' cheaper (remember that it's only because current, imported pricing is artificially skewing the actual difference between these) phones - the ATH M50 are still, it must be remembered, professional grade, monitor headphones. In other words they've been designed and manufactured to be among the best you can buy already. In other words, if you're looking for me to say which one is better, then I'm sorry to disappoint you - because each pair of headphones is as technically marvellous in the most subtly different sounding way.

Then again, let's also not forget that the ATH A900X are usually priced in the UK, at almost double the cost of the ATHM50 headphones; and on paper, at least, they appear to offer a wider frequency response: starting at 5hz and ending at a humanly indiscernible 40khz. Accordingly, on mere paper specification alone, the A900X phones should deliver a wider sound spread, compared with that of the M50's. And yet, I truly cannot perceive much difference (without, that is, my undertaking the aural equivalent of 'hair splitting') - both headphones give the most exceptionally natural, clean, pure, bright, airy and expansive sound, save for only one notable difference:

Bass sounds are but one equal *piece* of the overall musical experience on the A900X's, whereas bass, on the M50 headphones, is very much a slightly more defined *part* of the musical experience - that is to say, with a slight, but indeed perceptible, lean towards a 'phat', and far more punchy presence.

So, if you want an exceptional sound with punchy bass definition (or bias), then you'll want the ATH M50's. I must add that frankly, I had to wrestle with (another type of bias...) 'confirmation bias' in arriving at this conclusion (because their specification suggests that these should be the more 'bassy' of the two), however the sound from the A900X phones is, of course not only absolutely beautiful, it's arguably also (if only) slightly more pure, and moreover presents a most balanced overall sound spectrum; And therefore the sound of the A900x phones is, in the strictest possible sense, arguably just a little more unbiased than that of the M50 phones.

In conclusion, if you want your sound to be the most pure and beautiful that money can buy, then buying either of these headphones would be an excellent idea. Those who want the most pure and neutrally unbiased sound spectrum, should opt for the ATH A900X; and those who like their bass to have a little more of a presence should opt for the ATH M50 phones. Nonetheless, should you remove the slight difference in how bass is handled from the critical equation, then that leaves both headphones with the most perfectly beautiful musicality one could imagine.

Just before I go, I must offer this caution to prospective buyers: the ATH A900X are really only suited to those who have larger than average heads, because the odd looking mechanism, I've found, is just not as adjustable as might be thought from seeing the pictures of them. The ATH M50 headphones adjust in a far more conventional way and thus are more suited to a wider range of head sizes. Unlike me, my wife can't wear these ATH A900x without their slipping off her head some few minutes later. The ATH M50 phones fit her far better. Anyway, that's just something I thought you should all be aware of - *before* purchasing.
HTH - as I own both headphones , please feel most welcome to ask any question below. Cheers for now, t
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5 in 1 Wireless Lost Key Finder Locator Find Locater Alarm Keychain 40m
5 in 1 Wireless Lost Key Finder Locator Find Locater Alarm Keychain 40m
Offered by Shining Shop
Price: £14.37

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5.0 out of 5 stars Should've bought this indispensible, and near priceless, 'frustration saver' years ago!, 16 Aug. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I've been making use of mine for the past week and I must say I'm delighted with it - as a frustration saver, it's almost priceless. But there is something I need to clear up: some people here are complaining that "it's too quiet." Wait a moment... this is supposed to help *you* find your missing items - not you plus your next door neighbour, nor your entire street! For *you* to find your missing keys it sounds perfectly loud. Simply walk around with the locator control in your hand and as you enter each room in your abode - simply press the correspondingly assigned button on it, and voila! The electronic 'whirring' sound gives away the location of your missing item. BTW, it is strongly advised that you do not use batteries purchased from ye local 'pound shop' to power these items, unless, that is, you're seeking the disappointment of repeatedly having to change batteries...

As I said, mine's been working perfectly every time, it's been put to use; and my only regret is not buying it sooner. I'll spare you the embarrassing details of the wasted hours spent searching for my keys, *before* buying this. Nonetheless, if you've any questions in the meantime, then please ask me below. Cheers for now, t

Last, I wholeheartedly recommend this indispensable 'frustration saver' - however should it ever fail to work - then please be assured that I'll be the first to return here to warn you all. In other words, if you're reading this review some weeks, months, or even years later and I've *not* edited it with any complaint, then you can take it that mine's still working perfectly as should yours.

A definite 5/5

Book Wrap 25m long roll by 50cm wide
Book Wrap 25m long roll by 50cm wide
Offered by gcbooks6
Price: £10.90

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Sorry, But the Wrapping Which Is Used in Libraries is Better Than This., 15 Aug. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Firstly, please note that this is to be used to cover hardback dust jackets, rather than paperbacks. With that being said, what both the pictures for this product and its instructions do not show, is that you will definitely need to use plenty of sticky tape to make this stay on the cover of any book. No matter how well you cut it and fold it, you will find, without sellotape, that it simple comes right off any book. And I must stress that its instructions make it out like all you need to do is cut and fold and voila - "Bob's your figurative uncle". Hmmm, not exactly so.

When buying this, I was truly hoping that it would have the kind of consistency which meant that it did, indeed, cut & fold (as per its instructions) into place - without needing any sticky tape. But again folks, that is indeed not the reality: You will need to have umpteen pieces of sticky tape at the ready, if you are to stand a reasonable chance of making an impressively proficient job of covering any book. I've just covered my new Chambers Dictionary and although the finish is reasonably good, the actual process of getting this to look good required a lot of concentration and a dab hand with a roll of sticky tape & scissors. In other words, unwrapping presents on Xmas morning, this is not.

Would I buy it again? Definitely not. Why? Let's just say that I happen to have a library book beside me as I write this review, and it is immediately obvious that the wrap which they use is far superior, insofar as theirs uses an adhesive inside covering - the type which definitely does not require any additional sticky tape to affix to any book cover. And, if that type is good enough for a public library, then I will be passing this 'non-adhesive book wrap' by - and I'll just go straight for the adhesive based wrapping next time. I award it 3 stars because although it is quite good, there is still a far more professional means to wrap books; and while such is for sale too, need your reviewer say more? HTH
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