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Britax BOB Revolution SUS Stroller (Orange)
Britax BOB Revolution SUS Stroller (Orange)

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Important info about which accessories do/ don't fit..., 12 Jan. 2016
Not a full review, just a couple of things I wish I'd known at the start... Overall buggy is ace. Use it for running and off road walks. Not one for round town/ everyday- not for me anyway. Function is great, love it. But worth noting:
1 if you want to use from birth, you can fit it with car seat adaptor. But ONLY Britax car seats will fit. Buggy is only from 6m+ in the actual seat.
2 ONLY Bob branded cosytoes will go on this as the shoulder/waist straps do not unhook at any point to allow you to fit a universal cosytoes (or sheepskin liner- or anything like that).
I've only just realised this after 6months of use when moving my baby from car seat in the adaptor to the main seat. I did not check at any point previously as I have never known ANY other buggy where this is not possible (I have two older children and have worked my way through various buggies over the years). It's a pain in the bum as i'd bought a nice footmuff and sheepskin liner a while ago- too late to return now!
Plus the Bob liner is overpriced/ not to my taste and probably wouldn't last us long enough as I produce tall children- I like Kaiser foot muffs for extra length and great quality at decent price.
I'm a bit pee-ed off about it I'm so posting this in the hope other mums can make informed decisions/ not waste money on liners that won't fit!
5 stars for buggy but points deducted for lack of versatility re add ons- manufacturer is limiting to you to one (overpriced) choice - in order to further line their pocket. Even the good but distinctly un-bargain-y bugaboo doesn't do that!
I eventually worked out a way to get round the cosytoes problem- I took my lovely Kaiser footmuff plus a summer weight alternative to my local clothing alteration shop. They zig-zag stitched and opened up a long vertical slit (like a giant button hole) connecting the slit for the shoulder strap to the slit for the side wait strap. Now the straps just feed through it in a oner. Possibly lets in a bit more draft than a conventional cosytoes, but can't be any more so than the Bob brand, and much cosier than no cosy toes at all!

Mildreds: The Vegetarian Cookbook
Mildreds: The Vegetarian Cookbook
by Daniel Acevedo
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £15.49

1 of 5 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Recipes with SOSMIX in the ingredient list??? ..., 18 Aug. 2015
Recipes with SOSMIX in the ingredient list????!
Eh? Is it 1983 again?
(The more recent vegetarian converts amongst you may not get the significance of that, but surely would still be surprised at this kind of 'ingredient' being central to more than recipe in a newly published cookery book...)
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Five: 150 effortless ways to eat 5+ fruit and veg a day
Five: 150 effortless ways to eat 5+ fruit and veg a day
by Rachel de Thample
Edition: Paperback
Price: £7.94

10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Get it, cook from it, love it., 13 Mar. 2015
What a fantastic book.
I have far too many cookery books, but rarely feel as excited about one as I do about this. Every recipe appeals to me, all look like the useful kind that you return to time after time, rather than the kind that whilst yummy, you make once and move on.

I only got this book 2 days ago but have made 4 recipes so far- banana peanut butter cup (so simple it's just just and assembly job, but I probably would never have ended up assembling it without the recipe suggestion), black currant crumble muffins (the comparatively healthy type of muffin, but by far the tastiest I've ever baked. Felt highly dubious weighing out the fruit element as it seemed far too much for 8 muffins, especially of such a tart fruit, but stuck with it as my mum always told me to stick strictly to the recipe the first time you cook it, and then feel free to adapt it subsequent times. It worked perfectly and I won't be adjusting it as I don't think it can be improved on). Also mushroom passanda (another winner, and like all the ones I've mentioned, the kind of treasured recipe where the deliciousness of the finished result is much higher than you would think possible from a handful of big standard ingredients and very simple method) served with green Indian spiced rice- yum, included a whole head of broccoli which my bloke doesn't like and won't eat, but he ate at least two portions worth. Leftover rice with poached egg for me today!). And making the lumberjack stew for tea tonight.
I reckon I'm pretty decent generally at packing plenty veg and fruit into my diet but I think this book is going to get me improving on that in an exceptionally tasty and easy, do-able way. Not an occasional use book, which isn't to say I'm not already planning which recipes I could use if I was cooking for company.
I am a vegetarian- this book isn't so should be suitable for anyone (unless you don't like fruit and veg). I reckon there aren't any recipes in this book I couldn't adapt- the meat or fishy ones often come with a suggestion as how to adapt for vegetarians (or even vegans in some cases) and the ones that don't, I can think if substitutions or adaptations myself.
All ingredients easily source able, and familiar to anyone with a passing interest in cooking. But equally suggestions offered depending how interested in trendy healthy alternatives you choose to be- eg just use olive oil, or use unrefined coconut oil as you prefer.

Only two incredibly minor quibbles- I wish it just said a splash of oil, or some similar wording, as describing it as 'a gloss' all the way through irritated me (how's that for nit picking?). Also I feel pretty sure I'm going to use this so much that the fact it's a paperback has me worried for its durability.

So in case you hadn't guessed, I would highly recommend this book...
Comment Comments (3) | Permalink | Most recent comment: May 6, 2015 9:54 AM BST

Little Wolf's Book of Badness
Little Wolf's Book of Badness
Offered by Audible Ltd

5.0 out of 5 stars little wolf is my friend!, 14 Nov. 2013
Bought the book and a tape set, (which I found in a charity shop) to play on our old car stereo, for my children aged 5 and 3( tho the 5YO has a reading age of 7+). Initially I wasn't sure about it, but the more I have listened to it (and believe me, I have to listen to it A LOT!) the more I realize what a cleverly constructed tale it is. Griff Rhys Jones does a wonderful job of reading this funny, charming and unusual story. My five year old absolutely loves it and asks for it on every journey. It goes over the head of the three year old a little still, but he enjoys it anyway, and I think he will come to appreciate it's anarchic humour just as much as his big sister before long.

Little wolf has become like a real person to me, I can't fully articulate why this book/ audio is so wonderful, you will just have to trust me, it is. Another reviewer commented on the use of language, which mimics how children learning to write and expand their vocabulary may sometimes mis-use words. This makes for lovely gentle humour, which nicely balances some of the story's darker (in a good and age appropriate way) edges - and I find it very appealing. The way the language is used certainly doesn't trouble the children. Have now sourced a copy of the forest detectives story on audio, and are reading our way through the books in order. Highly recommended by me, my children and their dad!

Scoot The Ultimate Buggy Hook
Scoot The Ultimate Buggy Hook
Price: £7.99

10 of 11 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars dont agree with other reviewer at all!, 29 July 2013
Fantastically useful item and much better than other similar products in my opinion!
I do use it to hang the scooters on, (contrary to previous reviewer, I would say it is better than just hanging it on the handles as it does not slip down). I bought two for this purpose but use them for so much more - hanging my bag/ the children's nursery bags/ shopping bags/ coats on. I can even hang the balance bike from this hook. They make my life SO much easier.

They attach strongly, and the velcro-ing design means they will fit onto any brand of buggy. They couldn't be easier to attach, or remove. Once you have attached them, they will not, in my experience, come off again unless you purposefully remove them. Mine have never detached (despite me regularly hanging heavier loads on them than is probably wise! But all mums know that we regularly end up carting a LOT of stuff around...). It is easy to slip items onto them, and take them off again, you probably wouldn't even have to stop rolling. Yet I have never had item slip off.

I am about to buy another two of this product (for my second buggy) to replace my bugaboo hooks, which are much more expensive, and totally rubbish in comparison. For the purposes of comparison, the bugaboo ones only fit on that brand, are a faff to squeeze on to the handle, a faff to take off again, a faff to squeeze on bag or coat on to the actual hook, and faff to take said items off again They don't accommodate a scooter and certainly not a balance bike. Yet despite being so tight to attach, the bugaboo ones regularly spontaneously pop off the buggy, hook, stuff and all (even when I am not hanging ridiculously heavy weights from them, honest!). This has happened mid-crossing the street, scattering our stuff on to the road - with infant in buggy and holding toddler by the hand - nightmare). This has never ONCE happened with the scoot hooks.
After another spate of spontaneous detaching incidents, I am now completely fed up of the bugaboo hooks and am going to purchase another pair of scoot hooks, which I know to be excellently designed and completely reliable. I reckon thats a pretty good recommendation.

The Troll
The Troll
by Julia Donaldson
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £10.99

21 of 22 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars It DOES have the Donaldson magic, 6 July 2010
This review is from: The Troll (Hardcover)
I say don't pay any attention to the 2 star review - this Julia Donaldson book is wonderful, just as all her others are, although I would agree it is perhaps different from them. My daughter is only just over two and loves it - demands 'TROLL BOOK' all the time (now the 'ladybird heard' obsession is waning for the moment). I only have it as a library book, but imagine I'll be buying it as soon as we need to return it - this keeps happening and makes those library trips more expensive than you would imagine.
I initially thought this book would be too sophisticated for her age, but actually she copes fine with the two intertwining narratives. Similarly, I was initially surprised it didn't rhyme, but it flows beautifully and has all the delight in language that you would expect from a Julia Donaldson - my daughter was repeating 'trippin trappin over MY bridge!' after just one read, and practising to say 'i'm not a goat, i'm a spider'. A few reads in and she is loving the pirates names, I heard her chanting 'percy patch' and 'peg polkadot' over the baby monitor last night when she should have been sleeping! I don't think it matters that the subleties of the plot are probably going over her head for the moment - as far as I'm concerned this means she will develop her understanding of the story as she grows, ie it will offer something to her for longer than a simpler book, and that makes it good value for money.
As long as the child is enjoying the book, why would you not want a few more 'challenging' reads in your repetoire along with the simpler ones? Surely thats how children learn and move on?!
I also really enjoy the illustrations in this book. It has a slightly dark edge to it, but that somehow still manages to be ultimately not scary, so its thrilling without being threatening in any disturbing way - children really enjoy that! It links it to history of traditional stories and fairy tales, and allows a way of sorting and coping with fears that wee ones can begin to imagine around that age. Great fun!

ps Also very happy this book seems to be helping my daughter to develop an interest in pirates. Its nice to have a few things balancing out all the super-girly stuff. And the Amy Winehouse-esque Peg IS pretty cool!

Tomy Play to Learn Hide n Squeak Eggs
Tomy Play to Learn Hide n Squeak Eggs
Offered by Megabrokers
Price: £7.75

341 of 349 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great buy, 10 Jun. 2009
I bought these for my daughter in a charity shop initially.
Although they are suggested for 12m+, she loved them from 7m. At first she just held them and bashed them together, but something about them (colour? shape? I could never work out what) seemed to particularly appeal to her, and she favoured them over all her other toys.
Now she is 14m, and still loves them just as much, and has graduated to squeaking the chicks, and fitting the eggs together with their shells.
I can see they will continue to grow in play potential with her, as eventually she will figure out the bases of the eggs need to be 'sorted' into the box, and later still that the faces on the shells can be matched to the chicks. I have to say her 9year old cousin is always volunteers to 'sort' them for her, just to be helpful, you understand!

I noticed any other babies or toddlers who were visiting seemsed to be very keen on them, and have consequently given them as gifts on birthdays etc.
I really dont know what it is about the eggs, but babies seem quite transfixed by this particular toy.
I would highly recommend it for any baby or small child, it has lots play potential, which changes as the child grows and develops new skills. It represents eggsellent (sorry, couldn't resist that) value for money.
It is also very compact, a great toy to stick in your bag when you are heading out on a visit, as it holds their attention for ages.
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