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Sherlock Holmes Collection - 10-Disc Box Set ( The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes / The Sign of Four / The Hound of the Baskervilles / The Master Blackmailer / The Last Vampyre / The Eligible Bachelor / The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes / T (Blu-Ray)
Sherlock Holmes Collection - 10-Disc Box Set ( The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes / The Sign of Four / The Hound of the Baskervilles / The Master Blackmailer / The Last Vampyre / The Eligible Bachelor / The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes / T (Blu-Ray)
Dvd ~ Edward Hardwicke
Offered by DaaVeeDee-uk
Price: £85.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars 1st class HD version of Jeremy Brett Holmes looks better than previous releases. Spanish product. Has English Audio plays in UK, 17 Aug. 2017
Much as been said about the actual programmes in other reviews so this review is going to focus on the actual product.

In the UK there has not yet been a HD release of this series. There may well be one eventually and it is most likely that it will be produced by Network on air since they currently have a deal with ITV productions to release programmes on DVD and Blu Ray.
However this cannot be certain and it may never happen. So as far as the UK is concerned there is only the DVD complete set.

But then there is this excellent Spanish release. This set contains all the episodes in glorious HD. These Blu Ray versions are truly excellent. The picture is clear, sharp, well lit and with excellent colour balance.

Don't bother with the American version. That version is a multi region edition so will play on UK players and the default language is in English obviously. However that edition is much more expensive to get. Even if you buy from Amazon.com and pay import duty. So really this is the one to get.
This HD blu Ray set is easily better than any DVD set that has been around. The UK DVD set looks grainy, dark, murky and tired in comparison.
These are true HD masters. Is it worth getting? Yes.
The programmes are divided up by series in individual 2 disc sets. They are all region B Blu Ray so will play in the UK.
Each Series has a Blu Ray double disc case. Then there is a card sleeve that binds them together. The sleeve is a bit flimsy and I found that the Blu ray cases were so slim that it left a loose space in the card sleeve space. This was easily resolved by swapping two of the slim double cases for two standard thick double cases. Now they all fit snugly together in one package.

The card sleeve and the individual case sleeves all have writing in Spanish and English. So there is no problem with the contents list that has its English titles and the interpreted Spanish title.
The programmes are all originally in English but the discs default is on the Spanish Dubbed soundtrack.
If you have a remote control for your Blu Ray player and there is a button for Audio just press play and as the programmes starts go to the Audio button andclick it to change the Audio to Inglais (English)
If you don’t have an Audio button wait till the menu comes up. Go down the list of episodes and over to the far right of the bottom of the screen where it says Mas. Click this and it reveals Catalonian or Inglais. Choose Inglais. Go back over to the left of the screen and to the episode list. Select and press play.

Here is a brief idea about what the programme is about. Sherlock Holmes, possibly the world’s most famous fictional detective was created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. There are many film and television representation of Holmes. But for me this series recorded in the 1980s is the finest of them all.
Jeremy Brett plays Holmes brilliantly and seems to portray him exactly how the character appears in the original books. The programmes are all based on the actual original books. However due to Jeremy Brett’s failing health not all of the books are covered. But the majority are here and certainly some of the best.
There are NO Subtitles at all. If you need them you will have to stick with the UK DVD set.
If you are a fan of the Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes and want to upgrade to HD don’t hesitate to get this excellent set. I am so glad I did. And since there is no UK Blu Ray version thank goodness for Spain.

Hacksaw Ridge [Blu-ray] [2017]
Hacksaw Ridge [Blu-ray] [2017]
Price: £14.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars First class film. Excellent production and acting. Great Blu Ray product., 14 Aug. 2017
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is a first class brilliant film. Everything about it is excellent. First of all we have a true story. And this story is told in such a way that it is a masterclass of top notch script and production. The pace of the plot is just right. There is truly good character development. I found myself easily absorbed into the characters.
The acting is outstanding. Andrew Garfield plays the real life hero Desmond Doss and his performance is incredible. There were times when I believed in the emotions of happiness, love, determination, shock and sheer terror.
This is a Mel Gibson produced film. Gibson has proved that he is good as an actor and producer before. This film has to be one of his best efforts.

The basic plot is that Desmond Doss wanted to contribute to the war effort in WWII, to do his duty like other young men at the time. He felt he needed to prove that he was not a coward. But Doss had a strong conviction that it was wrong to kill. He refused to even touch a gun. He signs up with a view to being a Medical orderly to support and save lives. Being a Conscientious Objector he is not popular with his comrades in the army and he is bullied for his beliefs. The focus of the film is on the events when his platoon are ordered to take control of Hacksaw Ridge from the Japanese. Doss proves his bravery against adversary. The battle scenes are very graphic but a frightening reality and essential to the nature of the plot. The product is excellent too. Great in HD and there are subtitles and audio description for deaf and blind. There is a good extra feature and the product comes with a brief booklet about the real Desmond Doss.

Ben Hur (DVD + Digital Download)
Ben Hur (DVD + Digital Download)
Dvd ~ Jack Huston
Price: £5.00

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3.0 out of 5 stars Good film in its own right but as good as the original., 14 Aug. 2017
Here we go again. Another re make of a classic movie. Is it a good movie? yes. It is well produced and the acting is reasonable, although not great. There are good sets and CGI is very good. It tells the same classic story of Ben Hur although there are some minor changes. In its own right, and as a modern movie it is very good.
However, It is always going to be a mine field of opinion when you re make a classic. If you deviate to far away from the original then it will be criticised for not being as good as the original. And if it is reasonably faithful to the original then you have ask why did they bother. Once again I am of that frame of mind with this effort. It is a modern film and so perhaps for a young modern audience the acting style and production are possibly more suitable. But I have to say that the original is a brilliant film and actually still better than this offering. The acting may be of a more modern style but it is poor in comparison. In the original movie Charlton Heston has far more personality. His performance is much stronger than this Ben Hur.
As I said there are some minor changes in the story. After Ben Hur serves five years of punishment rowing on a Roman Ship the Ship is wrecked in battle. In the original film Ben Hur is adrift on a make shift raft and helps a Roman also from the same wreck. The Roman gives him a second chance that leads to horses, the Chariots and the famous Chariot race. In this film Ben Hur is on his own and washed up on shore is rescued by an African (Morgan Freeman) who helps Ben Hur after Ben Hur helps to look after his horses and chariots.
Also when Ben Hur discovers that his mother and sister are alive but lepers this part of the plot is rushed. In the original there is more development of the emotions of Ben Hur discovering that his mother and sister are alive but the sadness that they are lepers and despite the seeming risk to his own health does try to help them.
This film does succeed in carrying its message through his encounter with Jesus of forgiveness and love. And finally the Chariot race is very impressive and makes an exciting sequence. The CGI is excellent but I have to say that it doesn't feel so convincing, real,or as brutal as the one in the original film that used real sets, actors and chariots.
So Yes it is a good film. But if you haven't seen the original I recommend it is better. And therefore this is good but why did they bother?

Sully: Miracle On The Hudson [Blu-ray + Digital Download] [2017]
Sully: Miracle On The Hudson [Blu-ray + Digital Download] [2017]
Dvd ~ Tom Hanks
Price: £9.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great film, Acting and production are excellent and great Blu Ray product, 3 July 2017
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
excellent film. Good true story. Acting is great. Very well produced. Good bonus feature. Excellent product. HD image is brilliant. Languages English, Spanish and Italian. Subtitles for hard of hearing. Audio Description for vision impaired. First Class.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. [Blu-ray]
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. [Blu-ray]
Dvd ~ Henry Cavill
Price: £8.00

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3.0 out of 5 stars Not like the TV series at all. average film but worth a look if you can get to do that for free., 3 July 2017
This film is based upon the 1960s TV series. Anyone old enough to remember the original series will probably find this film as a poor tribute to that original series. It is nothing like the original series. It is set in the 1960s and has a cold war/nuclear weapon plot and the names of the two central characters are the same. But that is where the similarity ends. It is a bit half baked if you look at it from the perspective of a modern version of the original. But then again if you look at this as a film in its own right. If you forget the original series and just see this as a film set in the 1960s with a cold war plot then the film isn't so bad. There is action and it is reasonably well produced and has its own originality. It is worth a watch at least once. But it is not a great movie. The acting is emotionless and wooden. The characters meant nothing to me. The action scenes are good but its all been done before.
So my advice is see it once. It is reasonably entertaining. Do not buy the DVD Blu Ray or download. its not worth it. Wait until its on freeview TV or if you pay for a streaming package anyway and can see this without paying extra then give it a try.

Poltergeist - Extended Cut [Blu-ray + UV Copy] [2015]
Poltergeist - Extended Cut [Blu-ray + UV Copy] [2015]
Dvd ~ Sam Rockwell
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £5.94

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3.0 out of 5 stars Reasonably well produced but pointless re make of the original means nothing new, 28 Jun. 2017
There are two ways to think about this movie. The first way of thinking is that this is a remake of the original movie and when you consider there was nothing wrong with the original, and to be honest the original was a really good movie, why bother re making it?
The original film is a classic and had that essential ingredient Originality. This remake has new actors, new sets and in some minor ways is set in this new present era. But it copies the original plot and style so much that it lacks originality.
The second way to think about it is that although a remake it is a well produced film with good acting and sets. If you are going to re make a classic film then at least make it well.

So to sum up, this is a well produced movie but has no originality and nothing new to add. There was no point in bothering to re make the original movie and there is little here to make this movie stand out. It lacks any form of scare. There is nothing shocking, in fact if you have seen the original film then this version is predictable because it is a copy of the original. Generally do not waste your money on it. You would be better off buying the original. And the Blu Ray version of the original scrubs up brilliantly anyway. If it comes to TV and you have nothing better to do then watch it because it isn't a bad film. Just pointless making it in the first place.

Independence Day: Resurgence [Blu-ray + Digital HD]
Independence Day: Resurgence [Blu-ray + Digital HD]
Dvd ~ Maika Monroe
Price: £7.00

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2.0 out of 5 stars Waste of money a dud of a film worth seeing once only and only on TV, DON'T WASTE GOOD MONEY ON IT., 23 Jun. 2017
I will get straight to the point here since there are plenty of reviews already. Don't waste any money on this film. don't bother buying either the DVD, Blu Ray. Ultra HD or download. It isn't very good. However since it is a sequel to the original film from 1996 which was much better, and the fact that it is worth watching once, wait until it comes on TV.
The original movie had originality, a good script, good acting and good effects. Although I did think that it went a little of the rails when they bought in alien technology captured from the Roswell incident 1947 and area 51 to defeat the alien attackers. Although a little excusable within the plot originality.
This film brings us on 20 years. we are expected to swallow a plot line that says that because of how close earth came to being taken over by the aliens humans have made great technological advances in order to defend earth should another attack occur. There is a moon base and earth defence system. Many aliens are held prisoner in a secure (not so secure) jail. The aliens look like copies from the Alien film franchise. Humans have adapted alien technology. The scientist from the original film has been in a coma for 20 years. There is a female president. Then earth is attacked again with mighty force and this time there is a Queen alien villain (Star Trek First Contact Borg Queen idea seems to ring a bell here)
The bad plot gets worse. The dialogue is really bad. Direction is a mess. The CGI effects are ok but badly directed. The script is wobbly throughout the film and the ending is weak.
There was a lost opportunity here. They failed badly. No real originality just a rip off of the original. I don't think it even deserves to stay in my collection and stand on the shelf with the original.

Department S Volume 4 bluray
Department S Volume 4 bluray
Offered by rdavy
Price: £14.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars HD VOLUME FOUR OF DEPARTMENT S REGION FREE Best picture quality ever, 22 Jun. 2017
Here we are at Volume Four of the Blu Ray versions of Department S. These Blu Ray HD versions are truly fantastic in terms of picture quality.
The picture quality is stunning. It is so sharp and clear. The brilliance of colour is excellent generally speaking these HD versions are easily the best this series has looked.
The picture is in its original 4.3 ratio as it should be with correct picture proportion. This means it will not fill a widescreen TV but the picture is correct.
The sound is in original mono. It has been restored but there is no 5.1 mix for example. The sound is two channel and very good.

The five episodes here are LES FLEURS DU MAL where three plastic flowers hold a deadly secret. LAST TRAIN TO REDBRIDGE sees many murders on a train lead to espionage DEAD MEN DIE TWICE is a story about a man who is murdered, Three years later a double of the man is also murdered but was the first man really killed, A TICKET TO NOWHERE Departments S try to solve a mystery but they all keep forgetting what they have learned. THE GHOST OF MARY BURNHAM is a story about a man who’s wife is dead but he keeps seeing her and hearing her. Is it a Ghost?

This fourth volume, like volume one, two and three is being released by a company called Network. (Network on air, or Network DVD)
Network are releasing a total of six volumes, one at a time during 2017. If you buy them as they come available via the Network website they will cost £10 each including postage. Buy all six volumes from them and you will get the slip case box to form the box set with the final volume six.
Alternatively you can wait until they release the box set as a set which may be a long way off.
Network have done the same thing with another ITC classic show Randall and Hopkirk. This also looks fantastic in HD.
Every time Network release one of these volumes on Blu Ray I am still amazed by how good the quality is.

These Blu Ray releases are simplistic in that they only contain the actual episodes in HD. They do not contain special features or subtitles.
These Blu Ray discs are REGION FREE, REGION A,B,C.

They have used High end Software colour correction and picture processing tools and some manual repair to HD copies of the original 35mm film stock where possible. (the first generation film stock)

According to the inner sleeve of this volume four all episodes came from the negative original first generation film stock except THE GHOST OF MARY BURNHAM where the only available version was the inter positive from the original film stock.
Department S was a successful series from ITC. It was made in 1968-9. It is a really good series and this is a fabulous volume four on Blu Ray.

Flowers of War [Blu-ray]
Flowers of War [Blu-ray]
Dvd ~ Christian Bale
Offered by b68solutions
Price: £8.98

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1.0 out of 5 stars A product of no use to Deaf or visually impaired customers, 22 Jun. 2017
This review is from: Flowers of War [Blu-ray] (Blu-ray)
I cannot write about the film itself because I couldn't watch it correctly. So for any idea about if the film was good or bad you will need to read the many reviews here already. My review is just on the product and my experience of it. I am also warning people who are deaf hard of hearing or visually impaired that this is a waste of time and money as a product. Thankfully I didn't buy it.
Ok, so what is the problem? well the box says Language/Subtitles English, Chinese/English. This implies that it is in English and Chinese with English subtitles. However this does not mean subtitles for the Hard of Hearing. It means that some of the dialogue is in English. Other parts of dialogue are in Chinese with English subtitles. So when there is English spoken there are no subtitles. No use to the hard of hearing or deaf. Also there is no audio description for the visually impaired so no good to the Blind or partially sighted.
In this day and age there is no excuse for excluding a large part of your potential audience.

Randall & Hopkirk Volume 6 bluray
Randall & Hopkirk Volume 6 bluray
Offered by rdavy
Price: £14.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars wonderful HD image on final episodes of Randall and Hopkirk on Blu Ray, 12 Jun. 2017
The last and final volume of Randall and Hopkirk on Blu Ray is here at last. Volume Six of six gives us the last five episodes of the classic ITC series from the late 1960s.
Once again like the five predecessors the HD picture is just brilliant. The episodes look better than ever. The HD transfer and restoration is outstanding. The picture is sharp, clear, and rich in colour and detail. These Blu Ray editions are the best the programme has ever looked.
The clarity of image, the brilliance of colour, the tone and balance all look fantastic. These HD transfers are some of the best quality HD transfers I have ever seen.

These are the last five episodes. Episode one THE HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL involves a haunted house. The funny thing is even Marty Hopkirk, a Ghost, is frightened.
Episode two THE GHOST THAT SAVED THE BANK AT MONTE CARLO Marty’s aunt Clara has perfected a gambling system that could earn her a lot of money. But she is in danger. Can Jeff and Marty help.
Episode three MURDER AIN’T WHAT IT USED TO BE sees Marty get involved with a Ghost who in life was a Gangster in the 1920s who seeks revenge on a descendant of a man that killed him.

SOMEBODY JUST WALKED OVER MY GRAVE, Episode four involves someone messing around Marty’s grave. Marty sends Jeff to investigate. Jeff finds himself investigating a plot to ensure that a man will inherit a fortune from his father.
THE GHOST TALKS is the final episode. This is a good episode to end on really and it sort of wraps up the series neatly. Jeff is in hospital bed with an arm and leg in plaster. He had fallen off a balcony while trying to stop a safe cracker. So Jeff is out of action and Marty takes the opportunity to tell him about a case that he worked on before his death. He has never told Jeff before because Jeff was out of town at the time. The episode shows us Marty when he was alive getting involved in a case that featured a MI5 official and a spy ring. So most of this episode takes us back to the time before Marty was murdered in episode one.
The original episode script was changed at the last minute when actor Mike Pratt fell and broke his leg in real life and wasn’t fit enough to film the original story. They simply changed the script around a bit so that Marty was doing all the action.

The company responsible for these releases is Network. Or Network on air
Network are releasing six volumes of Randall and Hopkirk on Blu Ray to cover the entire series.
But they are releasing them one at a time NEW from their website direct in the early months of 2017. They are £10 each including postage. Or if you can wait till October 2017 you can buy the box set either from Network or here on Amazon. If you buy direct from Network and you buy all six volumes you can get the slip case box to form the box set with the final volume six. You can then get the box set ahead of the box set release date in October.

Now that I have received the final volume six here, I can confirm that it came with a flat pack of the card carton outer box to house all six volumes to form the box set. It is easy to fold together and makes the set look great. You can only get the outer box by buying all six volumes direct from Network on Air. Or you can wait for a few months until the box set is released assembled as a single item when it is released later in 2017,

A down point about these Blu Ray releases is that there are no subtitles for the Hard of Hearing.
(if you really need subtitles the only edition I know of that had subtitles was the old Carlton edition. The picture is no where near as good but its ok)
The sound here on this Blu Ray edition is restored 2 channel mono.
These Blu Ray volumes are region A, B, and C or region free releases.
There is no mention of special features.
And now that I have all six volumes and the box I can confirm that there are NO special features on any of these six blu ray sets. If you have the DVD release and want to change to blu ray for superior picture quality then it is worth holding on to that DVD set if you want to keep the special features.

The restoration is brilliant and where possible from the original 35mm stock masters. The Blu Ray editions look better than any DVD release before now.
The episodes have their original opening sequence restored with Marty, Jeff and Jeanie at the grave side.
The picture appears in its original 4.3 ratio as it should with correct picture format and does not fill the screen of wide screen TVs. But the picture is correct and it looks better than ever. Colour is brighter and the image is clearer and sharper.

The inner sleeve of volume one said "High end software based colour correction and picture processing have been used to create High Definition masters of the ITC catalogue" (Netowork have announced that they are doing the same six volume release procedure for the ITC series Department S)
They used original negatives for 21 episodes as the best source to be processed. for the other five episodes the original negatives are missing. However they have used a back up image of a positive image onto negative stock that was copied from the original negative.
The inner sleeve of this volume six says that all five episodes were transferred from the original negatives,

Jeff Randall and Marty Hopkirk are partners in a detective agency. Marty is murdered and returns as a ghost to help Jeff. He is cursed to stay earth bound for a hundred years after breaking a rule of the afterlife. Only Jeff can see and hear him.

"Afore the sun shall rise anew, each ghost unto his grave must go, cursed be the ghost who dares to stay, and face the awful light of day, he shall not to the grave return, until a hundred years be gone"

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