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5.0 out of 5 stars Second Album by New Seekers on original vinyl, 26 May 2015
This review is for the vinyl album Keith Potger and The New Seekers album that at the time of writing is only available on original vinyl.
Sadly there is no CD edition of this fine album. About three tracks have appeared on various CD compilations but not all the tracks.
However if you are a fan of the New Seekers and you have a traditional record player it is worth getting a copy of this album.
The New Seekers were formed in 1969 as a harmony group in the style of The Seekers that had much success in the 1960s. The Seekers had been Judith Durham, Bruce Woodley, Athol Guy and Keith Potger. They had split up in 1968. Keith Potger wanted to carry on and so assembled a new five-piece line-up of Laurie Heath, Chris Barrington, Marty Kristian, Eve Graham and Sally Graham. This was the line-up that recorded the debut album released in January 1970. They had one hit single."Meet My Lord". The album did not feature Keith. The same year they recorded this album.
This time on this album Keith joined the group as performer for one time only. Also the line up had changed.
Joining Eve Graham and Marty Kristian were new members Lyn paul, Peter Doyle Paul Layton as well as Keith Potger himself.
The hit single from this album is "What Have They Done to My Song Ma", which had reached No 44 in the UK charts and got as high as No 14 in America and No 2 in Canada. However the album failed to chart in the UK and was not released at all in America.

Eve Graham sings lead vocals on many of the songs. The first track "What have they done to my song Ma" is a great version of the song by Melanie. Track two "Follow Me" is by the Bee Gees, Track three "Here there and everywhere" is the Lennon/McCartney song. Track four and track one of side two"shine people shine" and "Beautiful People" are by Rob Lovett and Brian Peacock. Lovett had been in a group called Virgil Brothers along with Peter Doyle who had now joined the group. Track five "All right my love" and Track four of side two are by Keith Potger and David Groom. Track six is by Heath. Track two of side two "Gentle on my mind" is by John Hartford an American country Folk Singer/fiddlebanjo player. Track three on side two "Anything You might say" is by Hans Poulson and friend Bruce Woodley who had been in the earlier Seekers with Potger. Track five on side two is by Paul Simon and finally track six on side two "I'm a train" is by Albert Hammond and Mike Hazelwood two notable song writers that had hits themselves and as songwriters to other artists.
The album cover photo shows the new line up under the pier at Great Yarmouth.
The arrangements are really good with good rock and orchestral instruments. The harmonies are excellent and there is a good strong atmosphere on the recording.
The album may only be available on a genuine 1970 vinyl record that will no doubt be second hand, But it is a great album and deserves more attention that it has received.

Debussy: The Complete Works for Piano
Debussy: The Complete Works for Piano
Price: £18.21

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5.0 out of 5 stars Re mastered Gieseking Debussy recordings makes a handsome set, 8 April 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
For a great example of re mastering of an old recording this brilliant set is a fine choice. The recordings are old. Well, over sixty years old at any rate. Walter Gieseking made these recordings in the early 1950s.
At the time of recording they comprised the complete published piano works by Debussy but although the set claims to be the complete Piano Works it does not include the Morceau de concours. Page d’album, Elegie and images oubilees (the last unpublished works until 1978)

But what do we get with this release? Well we get a CD sized book like presentation with a hard card cover. Inside the front cover is disc one, and then a card page sleeve for disc two, then after a very informative book with pictures of the original LP sleeve covers we get to another card page sleeve for disc three and inside the back cover is disc four.
Disc one
Preludes, Books 1 and 2
Disc two
Images 1 and 2, Pour le Piano, Estampes, Barceuse heroique, Hmmage and Haydn
Disc three
12 Etudes, D’un cahier d’esquissess, Danse (Tarentelle styrienne) Nocturne, Valse romantique,
Danse bohemienne, Mazurka, Ballade, La petit negre, Masque
Disc four
Suite Burgamasque, Reverie, Deuz Arabasques, Children’s corner, La plus que lente, L’Isle joyeuse/

Gieseking Seems to know exactly what Debussy was trying to say. His performance is of the highest quality and it almost seems as if Debussy and Gieseking are one and the same person.
These are beautiful interpretations of Debussy compositions.

The big selling points about these recordings over a modern one is that the performance is brilliant, and thanks to the re mastering the sound is really good for such old recordings.
The re mastering is quite astounding. EMI have researched all available tapes and recordings. They have copied analogue recordings to Digital 24 bit resolution. Then they have used restoration technology on faults. The high resolution resulting sound is excellent.

This set is a great way to get these piano works by Debussy especially with such historic recordings/

Gipsy English - Solo Guitar
Gipsy English - Solo Guitar
Offered by rootsrecords
Price: £9.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Instrumental Folk album, 2 April 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is a great folk CD by the late Michael Raven, Brother of Jon Raven. Here we get a selection of Traditional pieces on Guitar from around Britain. Some are from Wales where Michael was born before moving to the West Midlands when he was 3yrs old. Others are from Ireland and England.

The Tracks are Lisa Lan, Coalisland massacre, Cat tails polka, The Captain’s entrance, First Tuesday in Autumn, Black Joke, Sheepskins, All people on earth that o dwell, Tarantella, Barcerole, Circassian circle, Shepherd O Shepherd, Indian Queen, Maid of Provence, , Glendower Jig, Be thou my vision, Chiapa, Anarchie Gordon,
All tracks recorded in 1999 using natural room ambience and no editing. It really is a wonderful album of instrumental music.

Michael with his brother collected and researched folk music of the West Midlands and Britain. Michael was heavily involved in the folk scene. He wrote 80 books and appears on many folk albums.
Sadly Michael died in 2008 aged 70.

Ballad Of The Black Country
Ballad Of The Black Country

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5.0 out of 5 stars Black Country Folk Music, 1 April 2015
This album originally released in 1975 is a great collection of Traditional songs about or from the Black Country.
Jon Raven is the brother of musician Michael Raven . He has written many books relating to the Black Country. He concentrated on folk lore and music as well as the industry of the Black Country.
The Black Country in the heart of the West Midlands of England has a long history of industry and the people that lived and worked in the area created a wealth of folk songs, The songs reflect the hard working conditions of industry such as coal mining and nail making. There are other industry jobs that have long standing history such as leather work and chain making. The songs reflect the lives and humour of ordinary Black Country Folk.
The songs here are sung with a easy to understand Black Country accent. All the songs come from folk Tradition and there is great atmosphere.
Raven had been a member of a folk trio called the Black Country Three along with brother Michael and Derek Craft. Their debut album had been released in 1966. Then Raven appeared on an album called The Halliard The Jolly Machine in 1968. Then Kate of Coalbrookdale 1971,
Here on this album we get Jon Raven on vocals, guitar and dulcimer. Dave Oxley on fiddle and bowed psaltery, John Kirkpatrick on concertina, melodeon and accordion and Mike Billington on whistle, bodhran and vocals.
The tracks are Side one 1 John Hobbs 2 Nine times a night 3 All Bells in paradise 4 Brave Collier lads, 5 John Wilkinson 6 Wedgebury Cocking 7 The Funny Rigs 8 The Tommy Note Side two The Nailmakers strike 2 The Jews thy crucified him 3 The brave Dudley Boys 4 Souling, Clemeny, Gooding 5 The Oxford and Hampton Railway 6 Perry Crofts Bull Bait 7 The song of the Staffordshire men
There was a CD issue but it is impossible to get and it is more likely you will be able to get a second had original Vinyl version and it really is worth it. A fabulous album and a shame if it is lost or forgotten about.

Mr Turner (Two Disc Special Edition) [DVD] [2014]
Mr Turner (Two Disc Special Edition) [DVD] [2014]
Dvd ~ Timothy Spall
Offered by M & L UK
Price: £29.67

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great film of the latter half of Turner's life., 1 April 2015
I witnessed certain people describe this film as Dull, Slow, Dark, Boring and Drab. It was also suggested that the main Character J.M Turner is depicted as a Dirty old grump of a man.
The truth is that both the film and its main character depiction are actually the complete opposite.
To have formed such opinions shows a lack of knowledge about the famous painter J.M.Turner and a complete lack of understanding of his painting style. It also shows how little concentration there was on what the film is saying.

So what is the film like then? Well yes it is a long film but it needs to be. We begin the film during Turner's middle life. If anyone watches the film with concentration they will be given a picture of what his early life was like through the dialogue. In fact these references to his early life tell us why he is at this point in his life. We see how close he was to his Father and how the illness and death of his Mother affected him. We learn about his school life and why he acts the way he does. As we begin the film he lives with a woman and her children who Turner denies are his. We see how he travels around sketching and his confident view of the work of other artists. Later Turner finds a lover and companion.
We get to see how Turner sees the mighty power of nature in contrast to mankind. His search for inspiration in nature to express his view of the everlasting force of light, wind, sea and God against the mortality of mankind is explored in both the film and his works of art.
The films production in terms of sets, costumes, lighting, camera work and locations is brilliant and often scenes look like something from a 19th Century painting. Timothy Spall is excellent in the role of Turner and the acting is of high standard throughout.

Generally this is not the greatest movies ever but it is a good film. Anyone interested in Art or the life of Turner should like this movie. For others I would say this is a film with great insight and many layers. It could seem long but it is a piece of art in its own right as a well contrasted biography of the latter half of Turner's life.

The DVD presentation is excellent since I does have not only the movie but a documentary and deleted scenes. But best of all everybody has the chance to enjoy it since it has subtitles for the hard of hearing and audio description for the blind or partially sighted.
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The Professionals Mk III [Blu-ray]
The Professionals Mk III [Blu-ray]
Dvd ~ Gordon Jackson
Price: £32.78

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5.0 out of 5 stars Fabulous picture restoration and best ever issue of these episodes. Stunning set., 30 Mar. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
After two fabulous restored and faithful versions of series one and two of the professionals, series three is more than welcome. I can confirm that this release is as good as the previous editions with incredible picture quality and attention to detail

Just like the restored series one and two of the professionals this third series has been faithfully restored (with help from the BBC) to the usual high standard of Network DVD.
Most important of all it is great to see these episodes looking so fabulous.

. The picture is much more clear and sharp than any other previous release for these further episodes. The re balance of contrast and colour is truly wonderful.
The original film stock may not have been the greatest quality on 16mm instead of 35mm but it doesn't matter because the restoration is a massive improvement on the previous releases. The series easily looks better in HD than it did before. let alone the bad copy re edits that have appeared on DVD or TV ever since. The picture is stunning in comparison.

But it is not just the restored picture and sound that make this release so good. It also has all of the correct episodes for what was the true series three running order. Previously I had the series three release by Kult TV Contender Entertainment group. That suggested Digital remastered. But it is clear that it was only a digital copy of the usual old grainy poor re edits. And both the episodes and the episode running order are wrong. This Network edition has all the correct episodes in production order.

There are many sources that provide information about the Professionals by series order. Most of them suggest there were five series. This is actually a reflection of the original transmission periods over the years.
I emailed Network to enquire the method they are using for their releases of each series on blu ray and DVD. They confirmed that they are using production order.
They say for the first three series the Programmes production team in the 1970s worked on thirteen episodes at a time with breaks between each set of 13. And this is the method Network have used for the first three series releases.

So it goes like this so far 1978 transmission series one, (13) Network DVD also included 13 episodes for their release of Series one, but the episodes differ slightly because they represent the first 13 episodes to be produced (in production order) before a break in filming.
later in the same year1978 transmission series two. (10 episodes) Network included 13 episodes in their release for series two and once again the episodes differ slightly because they represent the next batch of episodes before the next break in filming. (production order)
Then 1979 transmission series three, (8 episodes) Once again Network are including 13 episodes for this set since once again there were 13 episodes in production order before a break in filming. .

Just a little note about the future releases,
1980 transmission series four (15) But Network also told me in their email that series four had less than 15 and or 13 episodes produced in the next production run before a break. So it will be interesting to see what Network do for series four. Will they release a smaller set representing the production order for series four and a bigger set for series five or will they join all remaining episodes together? ( transmission series five in 1982..(11))

The episodes in this set are Stopover, Runner, A Hiding to Nothing, Dead Reckoning, Mixed doubles, Need to Know, The purging of CI5, Fugitive, The Acorn Syndrome, Slush fund, Weekend in the country, Take Away, and Involvement,

The DVD release has been delayed for this series three just like the DVD series for series two had a long wait of six months after the Blu Ray edition. It may well b the same for this series three.
The picture quality is excellent in HD on Blu Ray. And the restored picture will look great on DVD anyway. The Blu Ray edition will obviously display the picture in its original square like centre of the screen 4.3 format with black edges but in correct picture proportion. If you cannot afford the Blu Ray edition or prefer to fill the screen with picture the DVD edition will be worth waiting for. You can choose to fill the screen or stick to the correct 4.3 with DVD. Lets hope Network bring the release date forward. Both Blu Ray and DVD sets are in DVD size slip boxes with the informative book.

This is easily the best release of series three so far. There is the restored picture and sound. The true episodes for series three in production order. There is a booklet that is similar to the one that came with series one and two. There are other extra features including subtitles in English.
It is nicely presented and I love the box design that is in true keeping with the series opening and closing credit colour and design. And the Blu Ray set is the same size as the DVD set for series one so if you have The previous professionals on both Blu Ray and DVD formats they will sit comfortably together on a storage shelf.

The episodes in series three are excellent and the show really has found its feet by this set. But just in case you are not familiar with the Professionals what is it all about?

Criminal Intelligence 5, or CI5 is a special branch of British Law that deals with crime of a serious nature that go beyond the capability of the police. It is a Unit that is instructed by the Home Secretary.
CI5 is fictitious but it enabled the writers to give our heroes a wide variety of situations to deal with.
It has similar appearance to the real MI5 or CID but being fictitious also gave the show more artistic licence that the portrayal of the Flying Squad in The Sweeney. CI5 deal with espionage, cold war problems, terrorists, civil unrest, and large scale crime.

The head of CI5 is George Cowley, a no nonsense leader that believes in fighting fire with fire. His best agents are Ray Doyle (Martin Shaw), a softer more caring but hot headed ex detective constable who has worked the tough parts of London, and William Bodie (Lewis Collins) who is an ex paratrooper and SAS sergeant with a calmer but tough attitude.
The pair are a solid unit, faithful to each other and prepared to break the rules if it gets the right result.
Both actors Shaw and Collins had played villains on an episode of The New Avengers ('Obsession') together the year before.

The show has a lot of variety in the plot lines. There is gradual character development and plenty of action. The show is fast paced without a dull moment.
The show was often criticised for its violence even though there is little blood seen. There are scenes of fast chases, car chases, fist fights, shootings, martial arts and asphyxiation however.

There are a number of cars featured in the series. Some are from British Leyland in the early series, with some Rover models, some Triumph models, a Leyland Princess and a Dolomite Spirit. Later series feature cars by Ford with the Capri, Granada, Escort and Cortina.

If you are a fan of the Professionals this is the best release of series three to date. If you already have the restored series one, don't hesitate to get this brilliantly restored series two.
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A Taste Of Strawbs
A Taste Of Strawbs

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5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful must have box set., 18 Mar. 2015
This review is from: A Taste Of Strawbs (Audio CD)
It is a shame that this set was only on a limited release and now is very rare and expensive to get. This is because it is in fact a fabulous set. One of the best box set releases ever. And if you are a Strawbs fan it is certainly one to get. It is packed with recordings that were either rare or unreleased. And although a few recordings on this set have re appeared on CD again since its release, most of the contents still remain unique.
I have to admit that considering the high price you would have to pay to get this set even second hand and that there are many alternative versions of some of the songs available cheaper, you would have to be a Strawbs fanatic to even consider it. But let us look at what you get for your money.

Disc one begins with two tracks originally recorded for a BBC radio programme called Songs from the Folk Celler. The Grey Hawk and the Cruel Wars are both Traditional pieces performed by the group. Track three is another Traditional piece called You don’t think about me and track four is Not all the flowers grow written and performed by Cousins. That is the first of Demo recordings that are just brilliant. The other two are You keep going your way and Sail away to sea. Then there are alternative demo recordings of other Strawbs songs – Nothing else will do, Oh how she changed, Or am I breathing, All the little ladies, Ah me ah my. There is then the man who called himself Jesus with the full length original intro with Richard Wilson. A version of The Battle recorded for BBC radio one show Top Gear from 1968. A song by Lambert called Its just love. recorded here by group called Fire. Then back to the strawbs for Another Day recorded for the Radio show Meet Peter Sarstedt. Then an unreleased version of Forever followed by Where am I and I’ll show you where to sleep both from a live concert in 1970. Then Canon Dale from Radio one and a track by Rick Wakeman for the Strawbs called RMW and also Sheep recorded for the John Peel show on Radio one,

Disc two begins with three tracks from Radio show sounds of the 70s Tomorrow, New World and Here it comes. Track four is See how they run, a Demo. And then Going home and The actor alternative versions. There is then a Hudson and Ford Demo of Part of the Union and a Lambert Demo of The Winter and the Summer. Then there is an alternative version of Wichever way the wind blows.
Following this are studio rehearsal versions of Betrayed, Shine on silver sun and Words of wisdom, After that we get studio demos of Out in the cold, Round and Round and The writing on the wall.
The Disc continues with a Studio session called the Four Queens and an alternative version of Ghosts an Home demo of Lemon Pie, a French version of Grace Darling. Home demos of So shall our love die and Still small voice and an Old Grey Whistle test version of How I need you,

Disc three begins with a home demo of a recording called the Merchant adventurer. Then there are out take versions of Blue Angel and Goodbye. This is followed by a home demo of Deadly nightshade, an out take versions of Midnight and Sweet voices, home demos of Bring out your dead and Another day without you. A Lambert/Cronk track called Touch the Earth, A studio session with Juan Martin and Strawbs called Armada. A Cousins and Whilloughby track from the Sidmouth folk festival called A glimpse of heaven. A track from a TV film with Rick Wakeman and the Strawbs called Gastank and the song The hangman and the papist. A Cambridge folk festival version of I’ll carry on beside you. Then Heavy Disguise from Hudson and Ford with Strawbs in Rehearsal. Then there is a concert version of that’s when the crying starts. And a home demo of Evergreen by Dave Cousins. The disc ends with a 1988 Dranouter Folk festival version of Song of a sad little girl.

Disc four starts with Ringing down the years from the TV special Bedrock. Then a home demo of Further down the road. A live version of Heartbreak hill, Then Don Airey plays Extravaganza on a theme of Strawbs And this is followed by another track featuring Don Airey Files of Facts. Then after Hero and Heroine we get The Ten Commandments a soundboard recording. After that we get two tracks from Wakeman and Cousins The king and Hummingbird instrumental. A radio version of Alice’s song, an unreleased version of Who knows where the time goes recorded live from Acoustic Strawbs. We’ll meet again sometime is another unreleased version by acoustic Strawbs followed by Sunday morning and on a Night like this also unreleased versions. Then a studio session by Acoustic strawbs on Dragonfly A Dave Cousins home demo of Canada, a festival recording of Here today gone tomorrow

Disc five (on some sets) a bonus disc, offers the Strawberry hill boys The happiest boy in town, a track called Draught Raga from 1971 then The rip it off blues and stay awhile with me from Dave Cousins 1972. Oh so sleepy from 1976 Barcarole instrumental from 1977 Cousins and Kirby, Time and life by Cousins and Cronk, Heartbreaker from The intergalactic touring band 1977. Then Andalucian Express with Juan Martin and the Strawbs. Then Lay down from 1984 and Over the Hill from Blue Weaver. You never needed water from Cousins and Willoughby and then If and Cold steel from acoustic strawbs. Finally The River and down by the sea from Strawbs 2006

The sound is brilliant throughout the discs and even the live recordings sound great so don’t be put off they have all been re mixed or treated in the studio for this set.
The box is a long box that has a long booklet with great information and pictures, It is a great release.

The Bach Recordings
The Bach Recordings
Price: £37.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars First class box set of all the Hogwood recordings of THE BACH FAMILY on L'OISEAU-LYRE, 12 Mar. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: The Bach Recordings (Audio CD)
Without a doubt this is an excellent box set. The price may put you off but think again because actually you get so much for your money that it is a wise purchase.
There are 20 discs for a start. That means that there are 20 albums. You may have some of the discs already but if you think that each disc cost around £10 at a time (actually maybe more than that) it is worth doubling up on a few recordings to get the others.

The box contains all of the Bach recordings made by Christopher Hogwoood and the Academy of Ancient Music for the L'Oiseau Lyre label on Decca. The whole set is compact and takes up little room on a storage shelf. The spine measures just two and a quarter inches thick. The box is a clam shell box,
Each album is contained in a card sleeve. And the front of each sleeve has the same picture as the outer box. The back of each sleeve has the information about the album content. The box also contains an informative booklet.
The recordings are on period instruments and the sound is excellent. Hogwood offers a wonderful alternative to the more familiar versions on modern instruments and the attention to historic detail makes these recording very special indeed.

This is a list of the contents
Disc one
Brandenburg Concertos 1-3
Disc tWO
Brandenburg Concertos 4-6
Disc three
concerto for harpsichord stings and continuo 1,3,5 1051,1054,1056
Disc four
" " " " " " 1,4,7 1053,1055,1058
Disc five
Concerto for 3 harpsichords, strings and continuo No2,1064
" " " " " " " " " Second version
" " " " No 1 1063 Concerto for 4 harpsichords, strings and continuo 1065
Disc six
Violin concerto No 1 1041, No 2 1042, Concerto for harpsichord, 2 recorders, strings and continuo No 6 1057, concerto for flute, violin harpsichord and strings 1044

Disc seven
Concerto for violin and oboe 1060R Concerto for 2 harpsichords, strings and continuo 1060. Concerto for 2 harpsichords, strings continuo 1062, Concerto for 2 violins, strings and continuo 1043
Disc eight#
Suite 819, 818a, Allemande 819, French suite 1 and 2
Disc nine
French suite 3,4,5,6
Disc ten
Suite No 3 1068, Suite No 1 1066
Disc elven
Suite No 2 1067, Suite No 4 1069
Disc twelve
Trio sonata 1039, Musical offering 1079, Christmas Oratorio 248, Fugue 579
Disc thirteen
Coffee cantata 211, Peasant cantata 212
Disc fourteen
Wedding Cantata 202, Cantata Ich habe genug 82, Cantat O holder Tag 210
Disc fifteen
C.P.E BACH Sinfonia No 1,2,3,4,5,6
Disc sixteen
C.P.E BACH Sinfonia in C and D, Flute Quartets Wq 93,94,95 Fantasy in C
Disc seventeen
C.P.E BACH 6 Sonatine nouve Wq 63, 7-12, 6 Sonate Wq 63 1-6
Disc eighteen
C.P.E BACH sonata V in C, Tro in E for 2 flutes and continuo, J,S BACH Sonata op 18
Disc nineteen
J. C. BACH Six favourite overtures Orione, La casscina, La pupilla, Artaserse, Cuori, Astarto re di Tiuro W.F. BACH Duo in F and Trio in A
Disc twenty
J.S. BACH concerto for 2 harpsichords strings and continuo 1061a, The Art of Fugue Contrapunctus 13 W.F. BACH concerto for 2 keyboards in F C.P,E, BACH four duets J.S BACH Duet in G op 15

Blended [DVD] [2014]
Blended [DVD] [2014]
Dvd ~ Adam Sandler
Price: £4.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent film, Funny, good fun and with audio description for visually impaired, 23 Feb. 2015
This review is from: Blended [DVD] [2014] (DVD)
Although not all films with Adam Sandler are great, this one is worth a look. I enjoyed it very much. I am not going to give away too much of the plot but if you think of other Adam Sandler films you get the same familiarity, There is good funny moments and romance.
Two people looking for a partner don't hit it off first time but then are thrown together along with both of their families of kids and chaos, humour and feel good moments erupt as they work things out.
A lot of the film is set on a holiday in Africa and the film does have a great originality with this theme. There are some great wacky moments and good scenery moments.

As someone who is visually impaired. I have to say full marks to those involved in making this DVD have audio description. This helped me to enjoy the film so much and I much appreciate this feature. Sadly it is not the standard feature on DVDs that it should be these days so this is an excellent product to have such a feature.
In fact this is not the greatest Adam Sandler Movie and I might be tempted to reduce a star rating for it but since as a product it has audio description and I enjoyed it I give it full star rating.

All Is Lost [DVD] [2013]
All Is Lost [DVD] [2013]
Dvd ~ Robert Redford
Price: £5.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent film with audio description option for visually impaired., 23 Feb. 2015
This review is from: All Is Lost [DVD] [2013] (DVD)
I enjoyed this movie greatly. The film has a basic plot but it is handled very well indeed. There is only one actor in the whole film and that is Robert Redford. And he only says really one word,
But this thriller is excellently acted and directed.
In many ways this film is old fashioned in its style and delivery and many people may find the action a bit lame in a world of fast paced action packed, CGI thilling epics. But it does offer a good tense story and there is clever direction as we get to know the character and is dilemma.
The basic plot has our character trying to survive after his Yacht is destroyed on the ocean. It is a film about survival.
Robert Redford is excellent. Don't expect a film that pushes the boundaries of originality. But do expect a good movie with good old fashioned action and drama with edge of the seat moments of survival.
As someone who is visually impaired I have to say full marks to the people involved in bringing a product with audio description as this is not as standard as it should be these days. Here ion this movie there is audio description and it added to my enjoyment greatly. The film also has subtitles for the hard of hearing. Both are just options but it is good that anyone can stand a chance of enjoying this movie. Easily worth the money.

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