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SoundMAGIC E10 Earphones - Silver/Black
SoundMAGIC E10 Earphones - Silver/Black
Price: £29.95

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4.0 out of 5 stars Decent sound quality and detail for the daily commute, 28 April 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought these to replace a pair of Sennheiser CX400 II headphones which had developed a fault. I use these for my daily commute on buses and trains so important factors for me was the ability to block external noise and not leak sound so that it didn't annoy my fellow commuters. The other major factor was sound quality I listen to a wide variety of music and I want to hear as much detail as possible given the limitations of MP3s and the commuting environment.

The E10's have performed well when listening to Classical, Jazz, Rock and Metal coping with dense mixes from NIN and Peter Gabriel and simpler vocal driven music such as Adele and Tori Amos. It also performs well with music with a wide dynamic range coping with the highs and lows of Cannonball Adderley and Moussorgsky admirably. They provide a good sense of positioning but I think have a slight emphasis on the midtones which sometimes leaves instruments sounding a little lacking in body. The bass is good and controlled and avoids descending into an amorphous boom which doesn't resemble any instrument and reflects the level of bass on the actual recording. Are they better than the Sennheiser CX400 II's that I'm not sure about in some ways I think they might be in other not unfortunately I am unable to do a direct comparison.

The headphones themselves come with a variety of ear buds but I found the default ones fit perfectly in my case. They come with a rather large pouch to hold them in but unlike the Sennheisers don't have anything to wrap them around to avoid tangles. They seem well built with a good length of cable allowing me to have the phone in my pocket and wear the headphones without and discomfort. One nice touch is that the packaging has a code which you can check against the Soundmagic website to ensure that they are genuine with so many fake headphones around (a particular problem with Sennheisers I keep reading) this is a good idea which more manufacturers should adopt.

Overall I would recommend these headphones and am reasonably pleased I decided to give them a try. They are good headphones which compete with others significantly more expensive.

No Title Available

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4.0 out of 5 stars Excellent kit bought instead of Sky Wi-Fi Connector for use with Sky On-Demand (Anytime+), 13 Mar. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought this router from Amazon to use with my SKY+HD box instead of the Wireless Connector offered by Sky. I decided to buy this as not only was it cheaper, it has a higher maximum rate 150Mbps vs 130Mbps of the Sky offering and isn't locked down so could be used with other equipment. It was easy to setup and works flawlessly giving good speeds. The version I bought from Amazon came with a UK plug as I noticed some reviews mention those from other suppliers coming with a European plug. I chose to set it up in client mode (think glorified wifi dongle) rather than any of the other options as this seemed most appropriate for my setup. Overall I found it easy to use and setup and very versatile although the documentation barely mentioned client mode and I already have a TP-Link WR1043ND so am familiar with their web interface. The information for doing this is a bit vague so here is how I got it working (I dropped a star from the rating because the documentation would be confusing for someone who doesn't understand the basics of setting up a wi-fi router)

Setting it up for use with Sky+HD On-Demand (formerly Anytime+)
ON YOUR MAIN ROUTER (Virgin SuperHub, Sky etc.)
1. Note your routers IP Address and mask e.g. 192.168.0.x,
2. If you have a wireless access list setup make sure you add the WR702N's MAC address to the allowed list.
3. Add the router WR702N to your DHCP reserved address list e.g.

1. Connect it via the ethernet cable to your computer and disable wifi on your computer so that the ethernet is the only network connection
2. Point your browser at
3. Login with admin as the user and password (you may want to change the password)
4. During the setup select client mode
5. When prompted for an IP address ensure that it is in the same subnet as your router e.g. if your router address is 192.168.1.x then make the WR702N address for example
6. Ensure the subnet mask is the same as your router e.g.
7. Set the default gateway to the address of your router e.g.
8. When prompted reboot the router you can log back into it via the address you chose above e.g.

Ignore anything on the sky site about activating on-demand you just have to set it up on the box
1. Plug the ethernet cable into the green ethernet socket on the back of the box do not plug it into the WR702N yet.
2. Connect the WR702N to the power supply (the usb socket on the sky box isn't powered so you may need to use a plug)
3. Go to the services menu and select the network page
4. Plug the ethernet cable into the WR702N and wait a minute
5. The network page should detect the network and which point just follow the onscreen instructions.
6. If any of the options on the page say fail just unplug and re-plug in the ethernet cable to the WR702N.

Hope this helps someone who is trying to set one of these up with Sky.
Comment Comments (8) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Mar 4, 2014 2:13 PM GMT

Blue Pattern Leather Contact Lens Case With Mirror
Blue Pattern Leather Contact Lens Case With Mirror

4.0 out of 5 stars Works a treat, 18 Nov. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I was looking for a small case containing a mirror that could be used with different lens cases (which get changed regularly) and not just the one it came with. The latter has been a problem with others I have tried as once the original case has been used and replaced the new case either didn't fit in properly stopping the case from closing or only fit if other items were removed. This case doesn't have those issues and the mirror is big enough to be useful and the case small enough to be pocketable and not too girly a design compared to most similar cases.

Neewer 52mm 3pcs Filter Kit for Nikon D40 D40X D50 D60 D70 D80 and More
Neewer 52mm 3pcs Filter Kit for Nikon D40 D40X D50 D60 D70 D80 and More
Price: £10.31

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4.0 out of 5 stars Wanted a UV filter for protection this hit the mark at a good price, 7 Oct. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought this product for the UV filter to provide some protection for the lens, the other filters were a bonus. I have only used the UV filter and it has worked flawlessly with no apparent effect on the operation of the camera's focusing or any noticeable affects on image quality. It also comes with a small case to hold the filters which is nice. All in all a good buy worth trying for the price.

Ex-Pro High Power Plus+ Lithium Ion Digital Camera Replacement Battery for Panasonic Lumix DMC-G5/DMC-G6/DMC-GH2/DMC-FZ200
Ex-Pro High Power Plus+ Lithium Ion Digital Camera Replacement Battery for Panasonic Lumix DMC-G5/DMC-G6/DMC-GH2/DMC-FZ200
Price: £13.97

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4.0 out of 5 stars No battery meter or sleep mode as expected but works with firmware v1.1, 23 Sept. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought this battery as a spare in case my original ran out during the course of the day whilst on holiday. As expected the battery meter and sleep mode don't work but apart from that it seems to work flawlessly. I didn't actually need to use it in the end so can't comment on how the battery life compares to the original but when charging and testing in my camera I detected nothing unusual. Despite an earlier review the version I bought (purchased September 2012) did in fact work with firmware v1.1 without any issues. As far as I am concerned an excellent buy for the price compared to a Panasonic original battery to provide cover when your battery runs out or you forget to charge it before a day out.
Comment Comments (2) | Permalink | Most recent comment: May 15, 2014 12:53 AM BST

Panasonic NN-ST479SBPQ Family Solo Auto Sensor Microwave Oven, Stainless Steel
Panasonic NN-ST479SBPQ Family Solo Auto Sensor Microwave Oven, Stainless Steel

4.0 out of 5 stars So far so good, 30 Aug. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Well I bought this microwave after our Sharp R-7470 microwave finally died after over 25 years after reading various reviews and it getting a Which? best buy status. I was looking for an oven that had a similar range of sensor cook options and capacity as the oven it was going to replace. I have had this microwave for a few weeks now and so far so good. It heats food quickly and evenly and the sensor options I've tried so far work well when following the instructions, however using smaller than recommended baked potatoes for example can result in them getting completely incinerated by the sensor cook options. The oven is very light compared to our old one and thus tends to move when the open button is pressed with any force also the fact the the motor continues for a minute or so after cooking to cool down the oven does tend to result in you checking the display to see that its really finished after you hear the beeps. The brushed metal finish is however only at the front of the oven with a more general stainless steel look for the sides and top which may not quite match your kitchen décor but it doesn't look bad. The only problem so far has been that my mother who has poor eyesight does find the small black text above the buttons hard to read so bear this in mind if buying for an elderly person or someone with poor eyesight.

In summary I am generally pleased with this purchase although the sensor options tried so far seem less flexible than those of our previous microwave which seemed to handle almost anything well with the sensor cook and more general sensor reheat settings. The text above the buttons is quite small and can be difficult to see against the brushed steel background especially for those with poor eyesight. This microwave heats and cooks food quickly and evenly from my experience in the limited time I have had it, looks good and has a large number of sensor cook options most of which I have yet to use.

ASUS Eee PC 1000HE 10-inch Netbook  (Intel Atom N280 1.66 GHz, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB HDD, 10 GB Eee Storage, Bluetooth, XP Home, up to 9.5 Hour Battery Life, Black)
ASUS Eee PC 1000HE 10-inch Netbook (Intel Atom N280 1.66 GHz, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB HDD, 10 GB Eee Storage, Bluetooth, XP Home, up to 9.5 Hour Battery Life, Black)

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Exceeds my expectations, 19 July 2009
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I spent a long time deciding on which Netbook to buy and at the last minute decided upon this one. The others in contention were the Samsung NC10 and Samsung N110, I eventually picked this because of the cheaper price than the N110, the better battery life than the NC10 and slightly newer components. At the time there were no reviews on here but a few sites gave favourable reviews and pointed out the improvements on its predecessor such a the better keyboard etc., however ultimately a netbook has to be cheap and when you start getting into laptop prices as with the N110 then its not such a good buy.

I was expecting a really slow machine not usable for anything more than web browsing and email whilst roaming around, which was fine as it was bought to replace an ageing PDA which was mainly being used for those purposes. I was presently surprised to find it a lot more capable than people generally give netbooks credit for and perhaps reasonably comparable to early single core Athlon XP's such as the 2000+ or machines of that era but lacking the poke of a good graphics card. That being said I tried it with a few old games from around that era which it played well.

I usually hate laptop keyboards and so was not looking forward to using the keyboard even for the odd e-mail but I was presently surprised by the positive feel to it's keyboard and found the keys to be suitably layed out and well spaced to allow me to type reasonably well. The screen is good with vibrant colours and a decent viewing angle although so far it has only been used indoors. The wi-fi connection is very good finding networks my desktop computer with a usb dongle could not and keeping a consistent connection wherever I have used it. The speakers are fine but I have spent more time using headphones and have a warm sound to them. The mic and webcam work well and were tested with a brief Skype call. Finally the battery life is very good with me getting several hours with lots of wi-fi usage and apps running.

I also installed Mandriva Linux 2009.1 (Spring) on the spare partition and this worked well with only a minor problem due to a bug in the installer that removes the touchpad driver when it asks you to remove unneeded packages (don't say yes). This runs very well and after installing Eee-control I have most of the features provided by the Windows tray icon and utilities. I am a long time user of Windows and Linux plus have several years experience with Unix systems but so far I have not had to draw on much of this to get things working with Mandriva Linux on the 1000HE. Mandriva feels perhaps a little more snappy than the default XP installation and is lighter on resources hence it will probably end up being my default boot system. So far I haven't felt the need to upgrade the memory but reports suggest that this makes it a lot faster under Windows.

I bought it as a lightweight machine to browse the web, read email, stream music and video from my NAS drive to and watch streaming video from the web. It does all these things flawlessly plus more. The only downside is that the 1024x600 resolution can lead to a bit of scrolling and some programs can open windows that are a little large for the screen resolution making it difficult to click buttons although this can be alleviated by using programs such as Altdrag to allow you to move windows without seeing the title bar.

Combat Flight Simulator 3
Combat Flight Simulator 3
Offered by marxwax
Price: £7.47

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3.0 out of 5 stars A break from the Jets, 7 Dec. 2007
I mainly play modern fighter and helo sims but every now and then I fancy a bit of WW2 dogfighting and blow the dust off CFS3. It is not the most hardcore sim but it looks nice enough and can provide a fair bit of fun from the viewpoint of a casual CFS pilot who just jumps in the cockpit and goes with minimum fuss or need to re-study the manuals.

Colin McRae: DiRT (PC DVD)
Colin McRae: DiRT (PC DVD)

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4.0 out of 5 stars mick the tyres and off we go, 7 Dec. 2007
This is a good rally SIMULATION with the emphasis on simulation. If you are after an arcade racer stop reading now and look at the NFS series or similar. As I bought a new machine I figured I should have a new game to really make use of the extra power and this was the one make no mistake this needs a high end machine to perform on my reasonably over clocked Core 2 Duo E6400 and overclocked NVidia 7900GS this runs well with the eye candy turned up but as the spec decreases the game will struggle unless you turn the settings right down. graphics are gorgeous and control is good but as others have said don't consider using a keyboard and really I would say its a steering wheel or nothing. The cars handle well and the damage modelling is much improved from earlier games in the series. Also in a departure from the tried and tested formula there are now a variety of races to play.

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