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nik26 (Humberside)

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Price: £12.34

5.0 out of 5 stars Top class, 6 Nov. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Sadnecessary (Audio CD)
Easily one of the best albums of the last couple of years. My music collection has been boosted no end by Amazon suggestions!

Blood On The Tracks
Blood On The Tracks

5.0 out of 5 stars Just superb, 27 April 2013
This review is from: Blood On The Tracks (MP3 Download)
Bought as an MP3 download, top quality sound.

The album itself? Far and away the best Dylan album I've listened to... musically, lyrically - just superb. The 5 stars are fully justified in this case.

Here with Me
Here with Me
Price: £0.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Dido's best, 15 Feb. 2012
This review is from: Here with Me (MP3 Download)
After having heard most of Dido's songs when they littered the charts for weeks on end, I've been surprised just how good some of them are when I've listened to them years later. 'Here with me' stands out from the rest so I downloaded and it sits in a couple of my play lists.

I think shes unfairly dismissed as samey and bland because of the huge success she had. Great voice and well written songs.

White Ladder
White Ladder
Price: £2.93

5.0 out of 5 stars A modern great, 15 Feb. 2012
This review is from: White Ladder (Audio CD)
Love this album, have owned it since its 2000 release and the CD's pretty well worn!

If you were to download one track, make it Please forgive me. Babylon is the signature track and good for a sing along, but I love the lyrics on Please forgive me, one of very few songs out there, that for me, comes close to describing the head rush and excitement of being in love. Great up tempo track as well - a good antidote to the ten a penny slow and longing songs about being in love that are out there.

Get Out While You Can - Escape The Rat Race
Get Out While You Can - Escape The Rat Race
by George Marshall
Edition: Paperback

8 of 10 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Nice ideas, but Plan B won't work for many people, 12 Feb. 2012
I've read the 4-5 star reviews and the 1-2 star reviews, and the book; and I can see how either opinion could be formed.

I think if you read this book hoping that within a couple of months your life will be transformed, you'll have resigned your job and paid off the mortgage - you'll be sorely disappointed. If however, you want to explore alternatives to a salary, or supplementing it; and have an interest/expertise you think you can make money from online, It is worth a read.

Some complain that this book makes earning money online seem unrealistically easy, and I have to say I totally see where they're coming from. There is money to be made from selling what you know, but is it as easy as spending an hour building a blog page/simple website and then making a few quid a week on ad's? No. I cannot argue with the authors logic, people do pay for information, and simplicity over complexity sells. But I think the time you need to invest in this and the money it will cost, is underplayed. Essentially, this book is guiding you to become an online entrepreneur. This requires time and money to invest. On the whole people do not become successful entrepreneurs without sacrificing their time, money and sometimes family life, to get where they are. Secondly, there is competition out there - lots. There are what they refer to as 'niche' areas out there that can be exploited and money made, but finding one that hasn't already been tapped Is not easy. You may feel you can do better than whats out there, and if you are diligent enough and put the time in, giving the customer more value than other sites, you could do well - but the time you'll have to invest is not going to be an hour or two, here and there. My advice for what its worth, if you think this type of earning suits you and you have the ideas, reduce your hours at work if possible and spend a day a week on your venture. It will take time, but you learn as you go and still have income to fall back on. To be fair, the author suggests this very approach.

The book touches on societies obsession with work, well not just touches on, discusses at length. But anyway, I think it would be a good thing if more people did consider a Plan B. The one thing the coming decades that will change in our lives is job security. The days of a job for life, for many of us, are over. But many, many people have knowledge or skills other people will pay for, and the internet is a great tool for selling your 'brand'. My strategy, inspired by this book, is just carrying on doing what I do for enjoyment, but being mindful of whether what I know or find out can be monetised via a website, ebook or whatever. This book makes you notice more of life's opportunities, and for that alone its worth its money.

On a final note, personally, I think ad revenues are yesterdays news. I avoid ad's like the plague, and I suspect many others do too. If I want a book from amazon, I'll open amazon rather than using links on other pages, purely for security and peace of mind. If you start a website, 1 or 2 well placed ad's might make you a few quid, but not much and not for long. Also, I think you have to be careful whether your site is one suited to ad's or not. If you have a website that acts as a 'how to', visitors will be suspicious of a site plastered with ad's, and will doubt its authenticity compared with something clean and professional looking. £4.50 worth of ad revenue might cost you a consulting gig worth hundreds of pounds.

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds [Explicit]
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds [Explicit]
Price: £5.99

4.0 out of 5 stars An essential offering from one of the modern greats, 4 Nov. 2011
The MP3 download process was easy and quick - and unlike Itunes, success doesn't hang on whether you've installed the latest update. Anyone who downloads a bit and has a download limit, switch to this rather than Itunes. Anyway to the important stuff...

What a great album. Short and sweet, catchy songs and powerful words. What you'd expect and what you get from Noel.

Nikon 55-200MM F/4-5.6 AF-S VR DX Black Lens
Nikon 55-200MM F/4-5.6 AF-S VR DX Black Lens
Offered by Snap it up (UK)
Price: £199.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Solid lens, good value, 4 Nov. 2011
I've had this for several months now, in conjunction with my Nikon D3100 it has given me some great quality images. The sharpness towards the top end of the zoom is surprisingly good. I have used this for Motorsport photography in the main as well as some wildlife. With this combination the AF can be a little slow for the fast moving action that you get with some sports, but 9/10 its fine.

You can't underestimate how many more options this lens gives you though, compared to just having a 18-55 kit lens that comes with most cameras. Its well worth the investment, and a good piece of kit for honing your skills.

Work! Consume! Die!
Work! Consume! Die!
Price: £5.24

11 of 14 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Frankie is back on song, 4 Nov. 2011
This is Boyle's best work in some time. Its been a thoroughly entertaining read so far. His 'everything is fair game' approach Isn't for everyone and he's come in for some stick over the years of course. Its interesting that he does touch on this in the book, many wouldn't have.

As ever he pushes boundaries, this isn't what I'd call a 'family' book, but perhaps it should be as an antidote to the insular, nanny state where caution and risk adversity reign supreme.

Swatch Unisex Watch Colour Code Collection Lemon Time GJ128
Swatch Unisex Watch Colour Code Collection Lemon Time GJ128

4.0 out of 5 stars Fun, low cost accessory, 25 May 2011
Arrived in good time and good condition, its tough enough to put up with a few knocks and its a good watch for the more outdoor inclined.

My yellow peril has been worn a lot, perfectly comfortable... quite a loud tick though - this is nitpicking a bit, but at night around bedtime it is quite audible.

The Thick Of It: The Complete Series 1-3 & Specials [DVD]
The Thick Of It: The Complete Series 1-3 & Specials [DVD]
Dvd ~ Chris Addison
Price: £9.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars A real gem, 25 May 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought this not having seen any of the show when it was TV, I'd seen The Thick of It mentioned here and there and the reviews on Amazon seemed to suggest it was worth seeing, so I ordered it; as ever Amazon doing the business, It arrived a couple of days before I expected and after a seeing it a couple of times, I can say wholeheartedly it is as good as people say and then some. The closest thing I've seen to this is The Office. Thick of It is one of those shows thats believable, laugh out loud funny, subtley funny and a lot of people can relate to it.

It centres around the government (in the Labour mould) and the opposition (in the tory mould) with a sprinkling of civil servant. You go into it thinking the MP's are the villains and finish feeling sorry for them being subjected to the madness of spin, press and u-turns.

It was funny seeing Peter Capaldi's character, a foulmouthed scotch version of the Alistair Campbell communications mogul, thats light years away from the shy, unassuming and innocent type character I saw Capaldi portray excellently in the film 'Local Hero'. I thought I swore a lot but after watching Malcolm Tucker's tirades a few times, I realised I'm a PG rating at worst!! A word of warning for though If you don't like fruity language, I doubt you'd appreciate The Thick of It - Its an 18 rating and it certainly earns it! For me no bad thing, but If you follow current affairs, perhaps have worked in an office then you'll find this a sharply observed and very funny watch. I have to say, first viewing some of the dialogue passes you by, repeat viewing is definitely the order of the day.

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