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South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut [DVD] [1999]
South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut [DVD] [1999]
Dvd ~ Trey Parker
Price: £3.55

5.0 out of 5 stars A movie to make you laugh, laugh, and laugh again., 18 Mar. 2012
With South Park now into its 16th Season, you'd think now would be the perfect time to go the way of The Simpsons and turn it into a box office hit. But this was actually made back in 1999, only the shows third year. Don't let this put you off though, this is just as good, if not better, as any of the series' best.

A mixture of fantastic musical numbers, the usual ridiculous story and characters to match, Bigger, Longer & Uncut is sure to make you laugh. But I would recommend you watch the show first, then you'll really enjoy this.

The story is that the new Terrance and Phillip movie, "Asses of Fire", has got the kids swearing and cursing like never before. The government, of course, blames Canada, leading to another great song. As in earlier episodes, Kenny dies early on but does become a major part of the plot. Satan is having problems with his husband Saddam Hussein, and Kenny is their to help. When the US goes to war with Canada, the moment T & P are executed is the moment all hell breaks loose on Earth. I won't spoil the rest, but you can expect many more bad celebrity impersonations and Cartman's mum jokes.

A must for any fan, and still a great laugh for any newbie, South Park delivers its usual dose of hilarity again.

An Idiot Abroad - Series 2 [DVD]
An Idiot Abroad - Series 2 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Karl Pilkington
Offered by Shop4World
Price: £2.63

5.0 out of 5 stars Pilko-Perfection!, 27 Feb. 2012
Anyone who enjoyed the first series of Idiot Abroad or The Ricky Gervais how will love this. If not, where have you been?

The first series was about the 7 wonders of the world. And after watching that I didn't think it could get much better. But this series tops that. This time round, Karl is faced with a bucket list - the 100 things to do before you die. He has the choice of what he wants to do. But along the way he is faced with dozens of unwanted surprises. Japanese "Hotels", American "Cuddle Parties", Magnetic Men, 10 hour treks and so much more!

The extras are good too. How about his unexpected performance on Price Drop TV to flog his one of a kind "Pilko Pump Pants!"
Seriously, You have to watch this!!!!

The Ricky Gervais Show - Series 1 [DVD] [2010]
The Ricky Gervais Show - Series 1 [DVD] [2010]
Dvd ~ Ricky Gervais
Offered by HarriBella.UK.Ltd
Price: £3.53

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars I couldn't eat a knob at night, but Karl Pilkington can..., 14 Feb. 2012
This DVD is an insight to the weird and wonderful world of the round headed buffoon that is Karl Pilkington. And boy, is it enjoyable! For anyone who's not sure, The Ricky Gervais Show originated as a radio show, featuring Ricky and Steven Merchant (The writers behind The Office and Extras). At the time, Pilkington was the radio producer, but later featured on the show. The show went on to become a podcast and these cartoons are the animated versions of the podcast.

The animation style (reminiscent of old Hannah Barbera cartoons) is clever and funny and really helps Karl Pilkington's genius insights. The 13 episodes on this set are all laugh-a-minute. Whether its the regulars like Monkey News, Questions for Karl or Karl's Diary, or simply the running gags like the fact you never see Suzanne's face, this show is bound to make you chuckle.

Gervais and Merchant fans will enjoy this, but Pilkington is by far the standout. My only question is - just where is series 2?

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (PS3)
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (PS3)
Offered by Boomedia
Price: £9.99

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Simply Stunning, 12 Feb. 2012
I had never played an uncharted game before but felt like trying this after a friend said it was good. And good is an understatement for this breathtaking game.

The first thing you'll notice is the graphics. Young Nathan Drake's epic chase through Peru looks incredible and the rest of the game doesn't disappoint. The gameplay itself itself is also fantastic. Combat is good and easy to learn (which comes in handy later), while the shooting aspect of the game is just as good with a simple targeting system (again, helpful).

Then there's the puzzles, which, although you'll have some help, may take some time to think about. Another thing you'll spend a lot of time doing is scaling buildings - dangerously and fearlessly leaping from one thing to another (ledges, chandeliers, pipes, you get the idea).

The story is good and the characters are well designed. Another good thing is you'll never spend to much time in one location before moving on. The clues you'll find will take you all around the world to some stunning environments. I haven't tried the multiplayer yet because I'm eager to progress through the story but I'm sure it's also excellent.

All in all, a fantastic game that's more than worth it's weight in gold. Thoroughly deserves its numerous game of the year awards.

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