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No Reason
No Reason
Offered by EliteDigital UK
Price: £25.95

5.0 out of 5 stars NJ HARDcore, 5 Jan. 2004
This review is from: No Reason (Audio CD)
This is a band I’ve had issues with over the years, in 2000 I got their swansong album “This Time It’s Personal,” direct from Victory with a batch of their (Victory not Fury) other CDS (Integrity 2000, Snapcase, the classic Victory stuff!) but I hated “This Time It’s Personal,” for me it was corny, utterly flat, lifeless riffs and excruciating singing, whenever Ismean started crooning I was reaching for the off button. Then about a year ago I was talking to a friend of mine about Fury and he expressed that they were one of his of his favourite bands, recalling my previous experience I couldn’t see why, He told me to get their EP “Telling It like It Is,” which preceded their full lengths.
That EP changed my opinion, it is awesome, very tough and very heavy hardcore with great riffs and excellent songs and no horrible singing! I couldn’t believe this was the same band. The same friend then recommended this album, which directly followed that EP and it continues the blueprint laid down on “Telling It like It Is,” with a couple of surprising elements (better singing i.e. singing that doesn’t make you cringe, keyboards and mucho double bass!).
The production on this album has a crystal clear clarity, each instrument and Ismean’s vocals are clearly defined giving the material ample room to breath. The riffs are huge and when they lock in with the instruments and the vocals it creates a juggernaut cacophony of sound pounding into your solar plexus. What happened to Fury after this record will forever be a mystery, “At War With The World,” was ok, but not as bad as the swansong, this was Fury at their peak.
If you’ve had a similar experience to me with this band then I urge you to track down this album, its not easy to find but it is possible, the label Gain Ground may have gone out of business I’m not sure they are pretty mysterious but they released some awesome albums (Next Step Up’s Fall From Grace, the first All Out War and a double retrospect album for New York hate-core gods Neglect).
Along with their brethren Second To None (find their album Defeat, that is one of the toughest hXc albums ever, even up their with Bulldoze’s legendary “The Final Beatdown,”) Fury were one of the forefathers of “Tough guy hardcore,” this album is their pinnacle and one that any true hardcore fan should own.

Curtain Hits The Cast
Curtain Hits The Cast
Offered by EliteDigital UK
Price: £14.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars My fave Low album, utter melancholy and elegance, 23 Dec. 2003
This review is from: Curtain Hits The Cast (Audio CD)
This is quite an old one but defiantly one of my favourite albums of all time; this is the epitome of utter sadness and melancholy. However sadness and melancholy have never sounded so gorgeous. Low are truly unique entity, their music exists and creates and shifts but fortunately (and this is the way it should be with all music but sadly usually isn’t the case) Low are almost virtually impossible to place them in a context with other artists to compare them to, if there was a kindred spirit that existed on the same wavelength it would have been Codeine, but a testament to Low’s talent, they are able to consistently create context and not become part of another.
Although all the Low output I have (all the full lengths and the EP on Kranky my second favourite) is sublime and of extremely high calibre, this I feel was Low at the absolute peak of their minimalist powers, each individual element here is juxtaposed perfectly, whether it be the faint tapping of the drums or the gentle melodies squeezed from the guitars and on top the ghostly singing that like the aforementioned elements is complete fragile and perfectly balanced to create an equilibrium within the music.
Usually I feel it is unfair to pick specific highlights from any album of any genre because a great album (IMO) is a complete whole not a collection of individual moments, in this case I’m going to make a rare acceptance because the mid-point of the album is bleakly heart wrenching and exquisitely powerful and contains some of the finest music ever created, from “Coattails,” to “Lust,” it’s simply….well, its unfair to put it into words, just buy this album and find out.

At History's End
At History's End
Offered by Music-Finder
Price: £16.38

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5.0 out of 5 stars Brutally beautiful metal-core, 23 Dec. 2003
This review is from: At History's End (Audio CD)
I’ve had this since August and its an absolute cracker, one of my favourite metallic hardcore albums of this year, (there has been so many, xdisciplex, Darkest Hour, Most Precious Blood, Between The Buried And Me, All Out War, + to many more!!). Undying have been through some hardship’s since they released their debut EP in 98, in fact many “lesser,” bands by now would have called it quits and cashed in their hand, not so with Undying which reveals not only strength in character and determination but also solidifies that Undying are quite a special band (well for me anyway).
In my eyes, you cannot beat this style of metal-core when it’s played like this, Undying have a really talent of penning gorgeous Swedish scorched melodic riffs but rather then being frosty (like their Swedish luminaries) and ethereally melodic they are more…of the earth. Whether this is due to their intense ideological beliefs (they are die-hard vegans) or the just their talent shining through that helps distinguish them as one of the most duly underrated metal-core bands around.
If you are familiar with Undying’s previous works, you’ll know the drill. Fast, piercing riffs of the aforementioned riffing style brushed with harsh screaming vocals (provided by new front woman Logan who gives Candace from Walls Of Jericho a run for her money), held together by strong drumming with dexterous dynamical precision. There is not tremoundous or radical progression in terms of style (i.e. no watering down or simplification of the music), the band has just written another stellar set of outstanding songs, the only noticeable difference now though is the addition of killer chugging breakdowns, which gives the song further texture and scope.
If anyone saw Undying with Shattered Realm in September you’ll probably be a fan and already own this record if not I urge you casual readers looking for some new music to give this a shot.

This Is Love This Is Murderous
This Is Love This Is Murderous
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £7.34

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4.0 out of 5 stars Orange county's finest return, 23 Dec. 2003
This has been a hard one, when I got this CD I was immensely disappointed, Bleeding Through’s last CD “Portrait of the goddess,” was one of my favourites from last year, therefore I was waiting eagerly for this one to be released. Above all there is no great progression here from “Portrait,” this is simply a continuation of that album, the songs are still interesting and far from simplistic and there is also a lack of melodic vocals on this record which I found surprising (they are sprinkled here and there). The songs are still 110% maximum metal carnage with plenty of chugging, double bass and the lingering keyboards which give Bleeding Through a distinct edge.
The problem that I found with this record (and this is a purely personal complaint) was the lack of breakdowns/beatdowns, “Portrait,” delivered some vicious neck-snapping breakdowns (just check out “I dream of July,” from Portrait). The riffs are still of an immensely high calibre with songs such as “Revenge I Seek,” and the malevolent title track both representing equally exquisite guitar-work.
Now I have given the record a chance and like “Portrait,” “This is love..,” is a real grower, recently I have found it in constant rotation in my car, picking up the little intricacies and idiosyncrasies that originally I hadn’t absorbed, proof that this is an excellent album that I would recommend highly.

Legions Bow to a Faceless God
Legions Bow to a Faceless God
Offered by nagiry
Price: £7.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Nasty swedish metalcore from the States., 24 Nov. 2003
Metalcore has become a vastly diverse genre these days and the Swedish styled metalcore has become immensely popular but so far the bands playing this style are masters of their profession, unfortunately quality bands like As Hope Dies, Heartscarved, Hamartia (whose “To Play The Part,” was an awesome slab metalcore) and earlier on Prayer for a cleansing (their classic 99 album “Rain In The Endless Fall,” is ESSENTIAL) have only graced us with one full length before breaking up (although As Hope Dies have also released an EP which is equally essential).
This is defiantly one of my favourite releases of 2003, the music is technical but not mind numbing and the riffs are memorable and well written as opposed to some bands playing this style (Falling Cycle yuk), there are a few chugs here and there but no massive breakdowns (unlike Unearth and Undying), the vocals are vehement, even matching the most horrific and piercing screams of underground black metal artists (such as Leviathan, Haemoth, Burzum, Sargeist etc).
Simply I highly recommend this to anyone with a greedy ear for nasty and aggressive music.

Effigy of the Forgotten
Effigy of the Forgotten
Price: £14.30

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5.0 out of 5 stars Probably the best death metal album ever, 25 Aug. 2002
This review is from: Effigy of the Forgotten (Audio CD)
This will remain forever in my eyes as Suffocation's finest hour (Yes better then "Pierced From Within).The vocals are tortured, gut wrenching growls, the music is highly technical and relentlessly brutal and this is probably one of the first albums to showcase "beatdowns," utilised predominately by hardcore bands such as Hatebreed, Arkangel, Caliban etc, just see the first track to see where im coming from, anyhow this is simply a must have along with anything by Dying Fetus, Morbid Angel, Nile, Cryptopsy, Death, Internal Bleeding, Deranged, Immolation, you get the picture.


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5.0 out of 5 stars Their back badder then ever, 29 Mar. 2002
This review is from: Perseverance (Audio CD)
FINALLY. Five years is a long time between albums, especially if your a metallic hardcore band, but the waiting is over, Hatebreed are back ready to kick the living daylights out of conventional music and reclaim their crowns as kings of metallic hardcore. "Satisfaction," was a classic, its simplicity was its strength, but now Hatebreed have increased their scope, this album is just shy of 40 minutes, the riffs are heavier and more gutwrenching, the beatdowns bigger, the drumming harder and Jamies vocals surpassing any level of intensity he reached on "Satisfaction," this along with Poison The Well's "Tear From The Red," Burnt By The Sun's "Soundtrack," and Underoath's "Changing Of Times," are THE best hXc releases so far this year lets see if Europe's best (Arkganel, Length Of Time, Stampin Ground) can respond with the same intensity and scope.

Dead Man Walking
Dead Man Walking

5.0 out of 5 stars Goodlife can do no wrong, 29 Mar. 2002
This review is from: Dead Man Walking (Audio CD)
Once again Goodlife recordings put out another faultess release. Like the majority of their roster Arkangl are angry, nasty and eviiiiiiil. Their combination of thrashy, speed blurs mix well with crunchy beatdowns and frantic double bassing. Put simply if you love aggressive music with a message then look no further then Arkangel and the majority of Goodlife bands.

Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water [Special UK Edition with Bonus CD]
Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water [Special UK Edition with Bonus CD]
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £6.38

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1.0 out of 5 stars Abysmal, 5 Dec. 2000
After the mega success of Significant Other you would have thought the Bizkit would have sat back a while and allow their sound to grow as it did from 3$ Bill to Significant Other, sadly they opted to get another album out quicker then you could mutter "Fred Durst is an arrogant..." As i feared the album is very rushed and contains not a single memorable song other then Take A Look Around and that is not that great. Why this album is being praised is beyond me but what shocks me even more is that Bizkit are earning higher praise then such awesome bands as KoRn, Tool, Deftones, Machine Head, Soulfly etc these are all bands who have been shaping the Nu-Metal sound and whereas Bizkit were also part of this group for me they have ventured down the same ally as Britney Spears and Co more concerned with record sales then creativety which is extrememly sickening. With KoRn planning a summer release for their fifth album we shall see the return of the Nu-Metal kings, amen to that.

Follow The Leader
Follow The Leader
Offered by digitalmediadistribution
Price: £3.68

5.0 out of 5 stars Simply Sublime, 1 Sept. 2000
This review is from: Follow The Leader (Audio CD)
I remember being like a kid at christmas when this came out 2 years ago and of course Follow The Leader has more then stood the test of time, proving KoRn as the kings of Nu Metal and the amount of quality material laid down on Follow The Leader added to the already impressive armoury from the first two albums. The great thing about this album is the complexity of some of the songs such as the titanic tussle of "my gift to you," and the schitzo punk assault of "reclaim my place," just two great cuts from the album others include the morbid rumblings of "Dead Bodies Everywhere," the opening carathasis of "It's On!" and the first single "Got The Life."

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