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24 : Series 1 & 2 (Limited Edition Box Set) [DVD] [2002]
24 : Series 1 & 2 (Limited Edition Box Set) [DVD] [2002]
Dvd ~ Kiefer Sutherland

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5.0 out of 5 stars FANTASTIC SERIES... FANTASTIC DVD SET... FANTASTIC VALUE!!!, 13 Aug. 2003
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Buying this DVD set was one of the buys of the year for me. I only got into 24 at the beginning of the second series as I was curious, and instantly I was hooked on the unique format and excellent storyline, full of action, betrayal and treachery, as well as shed-load of plot twists and shocking revelations to match. It is a very American series, as in it is not too hard to watch, bit OTT and as real to life as a Alien shoot-em-up game. But this is of little importance as this programme, shown on the UK on a Sunday evening, was one of the best things to come on to television to fill quite a boring time. It is excellent. Nothing is finer than seeing Kiefer Sutherland try and save the day with himself on the line, and only just having enough ammunition to scrape out of it alive. Another fantastic actor is Dennis Haysbert who plays Senator and then President David Palmer. He may play the fundamental key to the whole plot, but he portrays the role of the 'most powerful man in the world' superbly. Just seeing the stresses of trying to do the right thing, being righteous and fair, and seeing how one with that responsibility must cope with the world bearing down on you is quite extraordinary. This is a must buy... not only is the a great programme to sit down to, but it is something which can spread to just watching one episode of the series, to watching a whole three hour disc, it's that enticing.

24: Season Two DVD Collection [DVD]
24: Season Two DVD Collection [DVD]
Dvd ~ Kiefer Sutherland
Offered by Shop4World
Price: £10.28

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5.0 out of 5 stars I'm sorry... but psi1521 is talking complete rubbish!!!, 10 July 2003
Yes it's true... this series is as American as McDonald's, Coca-Cola and (unfortunately) Microsoft. It's a barrage of the mindless Hollywood action-thriller, which tries not to be dull, but is just a tad too predictable with the 'innocent America's war on the world' storyline (sounds like something familiar...).
Even so... the storyline has enticed me. I now dominate the TV on every Sunday evening, sitting down with some Popcorn with BBC TWO for Top Gear (and Jeremy Clarkson's sarcastic quips), and an hour later... 24!!! (ahhhh....)
It's strange to think that something so basic could work so well. Why would a storyline that has been thought up hundreds of thousands of times before, be so good? ... I believe that there are three reasons why the series has been able to achieve so much:
1) The hour-by-hour episodes are like bitesize portions... it's just enough to give you a taste for it, but always leaves you wanting more. It is absolutely terrible when that damn clock reaches the hour as it just comes around far too quickly. It leaves you wanting to see the next episode as soon as possible, nagging at the back of your mind until you get your 'fix' the next Sunday (this condition becomes a lot worse when you do not have digital to watch the next episode on BBC THREE, as you know that others are already settling down to watch something you need to wait another week for!!! Digital... AHHHHH! :@).
2) The casting is flawless. Every part... big or small... was cast to perfection and because of this, the story actually works. I really couldn't see any other actor in one of the roles, it really is that seamless! For instance Kiefer Sutherland REALLY is Jack Bauer and Xander Berkley(?) REALLY is George Mason... their performances are really that convincing... real professionals that seem to work together exceptionally well.
3) The way how from time-to-time, the characters have to struggle with their emotions in this terrible situation. From Marie Warner struggling with the realisation that her sister is helping the terrorists with their plan, to George Mason's determination to keep doing he job when he knows he is dying, to keeping Jack alive by taking over the plane with the bomb in it.
The best performance, though, HAS to go to Dennis Haybert(?) for his role as the one-and-only President Palmer. If the presidency was up for stake between George Bush and Palmer, I know who I'd vote for!!! I know it's an act, but the way Haybert pulls off 'his' emotional and political conflict as a human but as a leader of his people is extraordinary. It really does give you a reality, of how difficult a weight it must be on world leader's shoulders, to try and keep everyone happy and safe.
It is an excellent American series with an aromatic blend of action, emotion, and treachery that is topped of with a well-thought out storyline and fantastic casting.
I cannot praise this series enough... I give the series alone 5 stars because my attention span is actually going to complete over 24 weeks of watching and waiting (sport reasons... maybe 26 weeks), so the DVD is already beyond measure. It is going to be also, so good for the people who have missed an episode or had not watched it at all, to either catch up on all you missed, or even watch as much or as little as you choose, whenever you want!!!

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (PS2)
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (PS2)

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5.0 out of 5 stars WHAT A GAME! HIDEO TRIKES AGAIN!, 8 April 2002
Well what can I say... Metal Gear Solid 2 is easily the best game made on any next-gen console so far and has really deserved all of the hype that has surrounded its development (and what a wait for it to be ready on the shelves!).
Like the original, it's groundbraking stuff for the gaming world and has quashed all of the rumours that the PS2 just can't cut it with the might of the XBOX and Gamecube, which is just coming just around the corner.
If you liked the original, you'll LOVE this game! Graphically, nothing comes close to it (yet...) and straight from the start as the opening movie comes up you just know that it's going to be special. It is absolutely fantastic to see all of the characters in all their "3D" glory, from the detail of the outfit to the individual strands of their hair as they move about. It may just sound like the game has had a face lift, but it is a lot more than that! The game looks better when you play it for real than on any screenshot in magazines etc.
The control system is basically the same but they have added some essential new moves to the game to add real depth to it. You can now fall over rails and hang onto the side to avoid enemy detection. You get a nice first-person aiming mode for better accuracy with your handguns.
There are real improvements in the running of the game now. The guards are *FAR* more intelligent than in the last game... even though it still ends up with them forgetting you ever being found, you have to be very cautious around them. If spotted, they can radio in the heavily armoured guards which are really difficult to avoid. If you escape and hide though it doesn't end there... in evasion mode, they can search the area thoroughily and will look in every space in the room to sniff you out.
Even better, you can hold up guards with your gun and make them give over items in their possession before you put them to sleep either with a tranquilizer dart or a bullet through the head (nice blood splatter...). You can also shove limp bodies into lockers (as well as yourself if you wish to hide!!!) so they don't get spotted by other patrolling guards.
The game has some realistic touches which really adds to the depth of the world. Sexy pictures are dotted around on walls, inside lockers etc. And the part where you have to creep under a person who is !issing down on you from above is just pure excellence!!!
But with all games you have to moan about something. So here I go...
The storyline just isn't as compelling as the last one. It is far too complex and there is more dodgy deals in the game than in the East End, you just can keep up or if you do something just throws you later (I won't spoil the game...).
There are *FAR* too many codec moments in this game, you can't go five minutes without being interupted and Rose is the most bloody annoying person in any game EVER (thank God she's not real)!
And finally... It is a real shame that the main section game is not played with Snake. Of course, this is because of the storyline. There is no similarity between the control of Snake and Raiden but I have never got used to using 'girly' Raiden.
This game has everything! It can make you happy, it can make you sad, it can also make you throw your console into the bin. You can't help but hold your breath as you hide in a cupboard, trying to avoid being caught.
If there is a game to buy it's this one... BUY IT NOW!!!

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