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J. Burns (Hampshire, England)

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Relentless Flame (Hell to Pay Book 2)
Relentless Flame (Hell to Pay Book 2)

4.0 out of 5 stars Relentless flame, 4 May 2015
Wow !!! Relentless Flame by Jillian David was a great second book in her Hell to Pay series.

You don’t need to read the first book, but a few of the previous characters are in this book. So it helps to have a little background. I was extremely lucky to read the first book, and liked Dante straight away, cold killer, but loyal to a fault, oh and a total hound dog !!!!

He’s in a little town searching for someone, as he has a message to deliver. Dante is an indebted …. An immortal assassin, chained by the devil, he kills evil with his dagger, hoping one day to repay the debt and be free.

Dante is not use to being told NO, men and women flirt and offer phone numbers and favours, so when a mousy librarian says no, Dante makes it his mission to have her.

Hannah is hiding, after escaping from an abusive father. Hannah and her brother have escaped, and now they live their lives on the edge. She has a talent; she takes people aches, pains and injuries into herself. But, after something at home goes wrong, Hannah flees for her life.

The attraction between Dante and Hannah is very heartfelt. I love how Hannah puts Dante’s ego in it place, and how Dante is never sure about how Hannah feels about him. I loved how Hannah’s character grew under Dante’s care and attention.

Dante’s boss sends out other assassins to end Hannah (he is worried after losing Peter to a woman, he wants to keep his indebted), so they end up on the run together. Dante can think of nothing else but keeping her safe and protected. He realizes how much she had come to mean to him.

They end up in the woods in a small cabin hidden away where Dante finally risks everything and tells Hannah the truth about what he really is. Will he also tell her the real reason he is there ? What will Hannah think of Dante? Will she believe him ?

I loved getting a glimpse of Peter and Allie from the first book and seeing how they are doing. I also love Barnaby, and hope he appears in the next book. I have to admit I didn’t connect with Dante and Hannah as much as Peter and Allie, but I did enjoy their story more !!

Relentless Flame and the Hell to Pay series is fantastic, and I highly recommend it. I can’t wait to see where Jillian David takes us next.

Getting Lucky Number Seven (Taking Shots)
Getting Lucky Number Seven (Taking Shots)
Price: £2.84

4.0 out of 5 stars Getting lucky, 28 April 2015
Getting Lucky Number Seven by Cindi Madsen was a fun and enjoyable romance. Lyla wants to step out of her comfort zone and complete a college bucket list, which includes getting a makeover and being more easy going around guys. She enlists her best friend’s help, knowing how much Beck “gets” her and will understand her need to do this.
But Beck is a guy, in fact he is a hockey player, a jock, and a total babe magnet. So who better than her best friend to help her change from nerd to sexy.

The dual point of view took me a few chapters to get into, but once I settled, it was fun reading both sides if this love story.

Yeah it was a little predictable, but who cares, I totally loved the book. It’s well written, the characters are well thought out, and very three dimensional.

There is lots of funny one liners, poor Beck as he struggles with his feelings for his friend, and the labels that go with college, “jock” and “nerd”.

And I’m sure you all want to know, does she get her number 7 on the list ? And if so, who was it ?


Nope, can’t do it to you, it would spoil it for you.

The secondary characters of Jeff, Megan, and Whitney made the book even more entertaining and I really hope that they get their own book. I really hope that this book turns into a series as I could definitely read more about this group of people.

Untrue Colors (True Lies)
Untrue Colors (True Lies)
Price: £0.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Untrue colours, 21 April 2015
Awesome story
Untrue Colors by Veronica Forand
wow !!! What a great way to start a book. Alex overhears her murder !!!

Poor Alex fell for the wrong guy, and after four months of being beaten, her boyfriend decides to celebrate their anniversary with murder. She barely escapes, and plans a new life for herself.

Finding a life for herself, Alex (now known as Gabe) still doesn’t feel safe, and with good reason, it looks like they’ve found her.

Alex lives for art, she lives and breathes it. It’s her passion and when she informs the professor that the expensive painting is a fake, then all hell breaks loose.

Now Henry isn’t a stereotypical professor – he’s a hunk, and an ex-military, he is a brilliant man and sexy, with it. The initial meeting between Alex and Henry was amusing. And then he finds her in his bed

The attraction felt between Alex and Henry fizzed and crackled. The action is fast paced, and well written. The story between Alex and Henry interweaves seamlessly into a gripping suspense plot that had me unable to put it down.

I enjoyed it immensely. It’s a fast paced action read, with romance and intrigue thrown in for good measure. I managed to read it in a day, (once I opened it, I couldn’t Put it down!!)
The secondary character Simon, is Henry’s half brother, he’s an exciting read. And I’m hoping he gets a book, as the ending of this book made me cry.

The Rules According to Gracie (Behind the Bar)
The Rules According to Gracie (Behind the Bar)
Price: £0.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars The rules 😜, 9 Mar. 2015
The Rules According to Gracie by Stefanie London was such a fun read.

Gracie is the main character, she was hilarious. I laughed so hard at her attempts to find the right guy. She wants all the boxes ticked, but the harder she tries, the harder they fail.

I loved her call for help to Des. A certain cocktail, and it’s Des to her rescue. I think this should have told her how she sees her dates, I think subconsciously she wanted either Des to give them the thumbs up, or wanted him to sweep her off her feet and claim her as his.

She promised her dying father to try and make her mother happy (a feat in its self!) so ….. No tattooed bar owners, just white collared boars!!

The character of Des was simply gorgeous. I loved how he slowly steered Gracie from her path of searching for the perfect man, and to see him in that role. He fell for Gracie and that was totally unacceptable, he has his own set of rules, and won’t break them, not even for Gracie.

The scenes were well written, I loved the scenes between the main characters.

Her mother was a nightmare, nothing Gracie did was ever good enough.

And the scenes between her dates had me chuckling. All those nightmare dates we go on, before we meet Mr Right. I highly recommend this fabulous read, passionate, sexy, flirty and fun.

Blushing (The Brightside)
Blushing (The Brightside)
Price: £2.84

4.0 out of 5 stars Blushing, 8 Mar. 2015
Blushing by Katie Delahanty is the 2nd book in her The Brightside series, but it can be read as a standalone. Oh this book was a lot of fun to read.

Berkeley is a pop star/film star, and has just gotten engaged to the woman he loves, but the movie will make him a global star, and to add insult to his poor fiancé, his ex girlfriend is to be in the movie, and everyone is expecting them to reunite.

The scrapes that they get into, trying to sneak quality time with each other, was funny.

But his fiancé is beginning to doubt that he really does love her, and she gets a sneaky suspicion that someone is trying to break them up. Could it be the ex, the promoter, or a crazy fan ?

The fiancé isn’t really keen on the limelight. And starts to worry that she won’t be able to cope, once their engagement is made public. I loved the interaction between all the characters. The doubts plaguing her mind were all genuinely felt. And I did feel for her.

It was a fun read, I sat with my kindle and devoured it in an afternoon.

Trust Me (Southern Nights Book 2)
Trust Me (Southern Nights Book 2)
Price: £2.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Trust me, 8 Mar. 2015
Trust Me by Ella Sheridan is the second book in her Southern Nights series. You do not have to read the first one, as they do stand alone very well. But as there are characters from the first book, it may be handy.

Poor Maddy, after escaping from an abusive relationship, she spends the next four years on the run. But don’t be fooled into thinking she is weak, she is a fighter, literally. She knows how to take care of herself, and in doing so, only relies on herself, trusting anyone is not an option. She keeps her guard up to protect her secrets, and her life.

We met Jack in the first book, so in this book we go into more details about him.

As soon as Jack sets eyes on Maddie, he knows something is different about her. Once he finds out all her secrets and who she’s running from, he must get Maddie to trust him, to make her believe that he’ll protect her, with is life if need be. Both for Maddie’s sake and for his own. Can he win that trust?

Once I got into this book, I could not put it down. Once the story gets going, Trust Me is full of suspense, and had me eagerly turning the next page. It even managed to shock me once or twice when the villains were revealed. Just like with the first book, It keeps you immersed in their world.

I recommend you to read this book, as you won’t be disappointed.

Truly Madly Deeply Vol. 1
Truly Madly Deeply Vol. 1
Price: £1.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Loved it, 24 Feb. 2015
It's the start of a series.
Poor Maddy, her world falls apart, she discovers her best friend and her boyfriend, cheating on her. So she moves away with the hopes of starting a new life.
The new life Maddy hopes will appear, is rather interesting and entertaining to watch unfold.
Logan becomes a councillor after losing a summer job.
The encounter each other, and the chemistry is already there, but Logan is already in love with someone else, so Maddy fabricates her own boyfriend.
I was a little disappointed with the ending, but I'm the first to admit that I like an ending, not a cliff hanger.
I will continue with the series as it's well written and I've fallen for Maddy and Logan, so even if they don't get together, I need them to be happy.

Fury of Obsession (Dragonfury Series Book 5)
Fury of Obsession (Dragonfury Series Book 5)
Price: £4.00

4.0 out of 5 stars Totally obsessed, 24 Feb. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Fury of obsession

He can’t escape the sins of his past…

Toxic to all those who touch him, dragon-warrior Venom lives in self-imposed isolation, a prisoner of the poison in his veins. But when a chance meeting with a woman challenges the belief he is destined to be alone, he pulls out all the stops, vowing to put the savagery of his past behind him and take a chance on love.

She doesn’t want to face her future…

Wanted by the Russian mob, creative accountant Evelyn Foxe isn’t looking for love. She searching for the fastest way to escape instead. When Venom offers to get her out of trouble, she accepts his help, but remains skeptical, afraid he’s in league with those sent to harm her. But when someone unleashes a biological weapon in her hometown, and she gets caught in the firestorm, little choice remains—trust Venom to keep her safe or risk her life by going it alone.

My review .....
I'm going to try to give this a biased review, but be warned .... I LOVE THIS SERIES 😁
So .......
Oh my word !!! Wick is my favourite warrior, but Venom is now a close second.
These warriors are half human, half dragon. Turning into a plethora of different types, fire breathing, lava exploding, and snow blowing ones.
But Venom is special, his forte is toxins. Nothing effects him, but the downside, he can't stay close to a female for too long, only long enough to gain energy, (dragons are only male, they gain energy to survive by tapping into a female energy, using sex)
He has watched from the sidelines as each of his brothers in arms finds his female, they fall in love, bond and live happily ever after, even his best friend Wick, (who hated to take energy from the females) finds a female all of his very own.
Venom is now feeling a little left out, lonely and jealous.
After being taken out of rotation,( not all dragons are good, we have Ivar and his band of dragons) Venom defies his leader and sneaks out, he wants company, the female variety.
Evelyn Foxe is desperate for money, her mother left her with huge gambling debts, and now the Russian mob want it back. And after losing her job, Evelyn is flat broke. She sees her only way out is to sell her soul and body to make the next monthly payment.
The meeting between Venom and Evelyn is explosive, from almost the first moment Venom meets this mysterious lady he is hooked, and once he finds out she is his mate !! Then all bets are off, we are talking alpha male to the max, he wants to know all about Evelyn and how she came to be in the hotel.
There are a few other stories going on, but nothing to distract from the chemistry and the love building between the two main characters.
I've loved this series from the beginning, and I'm hoping Coreene has many more books for us to explore.

Blue Midnight (Blue Mountain Book 1)
Blue Midnight (Blue Mountain Book 1)

4.0 out of 5 stars Blue midnight, 30 July 2014
Oh my lord. 
I love this woman, and her writing skills. 
There is nothing of hers that I have not fallen in love with. Yes the pace is slow, but, dang Its  worth the wait. 
The scenes she writes, put you straight in the picture. The characters are so 3 dimensional, and as can be expected of Tess, tears of joy and sadness will be shed. 
Poor Blythe, on the scrap heap of life, and only barely out of her forties. Replaced by a younger model, all her so called friends have abandoned her, and she faces bringing her kids up on her own. 
Her ex husband is getting married, and he wants his daughters and new wife to bond, so he takes them all away to Hawaii on a honeymoon/holiday. Blythe takes this pretty hard, and the bathroom scene in which she breaks down, had me in tears 
Her sister Bliss, is a no nonsense kind of woman, (I really liked her) she talks her sister into taking a road trip. She wants her sister to take up a long forgotten hobby (of photography) to travel for three weeks, and to take pictures. And after Blythe confesses to her about a mystery man she met and kissed, (and still has his number) Bliss wants her to find him, ANC see where it takes her. She wants her big sister to have a BIG ADVENTURE. 
And as for Finn ....... (I'm not going to say anything) but be prepared for a man who knows what he wants, and knows how to get it 
The scenery that Blythe visits it's so well written, that you can close your eyes and picture it all so clearly. 

So .... To sum this book up, Disappointment, love, heartbreak, suspense, family drama, and a little mystery is thrown in for good measure. This is just a portion of what makes this book a great read. 
 The characters in Blue Midnight are such wonderful people, some i totally loved, others i wasn't so taken with, and others ..... Those i could have happily slapped

The Purest of the Breed (The Community Series Book 2)
The Purest of the Breed (The Community Series Book 2)
Price: £2.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Good grief!, 23 July 2014
Good grief !!! I love this series, and hope there is more to come. What an awesome ride. Got totally sucked in from book 1, devoured this one, and now I want more !!!


DEV, our hero, was in the first book, and he was a secondary character in that one, and I hoped he would get a book. Marissa, our heroine, is human and has DNA that will make her compatible to mate and bear children with the Varcolac. The Varcolac are the vampires that live underground; they are more civilized than the Topside Om Rau. Although both races kidnap human females. The Varcolac woo and win their females, the Om Rau don’t.

This book starts off where the last one ended. Dev and his warriors off to rescue those women. The kidnapping of Marissa and 2 other women was a little hard to read, but it brought home how different the three warring factions are. Marissa and her fellow slaves are rescued by Dev and his team. The fight scenes are fast and furious, but had moments where you would chuckle. Especially, the one liners the Varcolac would throw out.

Dev felt an instant attraction to Marissa, but put it down to the smell of unattached dragon females produce. Dragon females are human women with compatible DNA that match both the Varcolac and the Om Rau vampires.

All Marissa ever wanted was to have her own restaurant. And the thought of owning one in Tarana, which is the underground city in which the Varcolac live, and the Om Rau keep trying to break into,was too good to turn down. She liked the idea of maybe spending time with Dev, what she didn’t bank on , was spending FOREVER with him. And that to stay with him, meant giving up her dreams, and being bitten by a vamp!

We have a lot of the original characters from the first book, so it felt more of a continuation of the whole story, rather than a new book. And we also had a few new threads added as well

Both Marissa and Dev have their own issues and hang ups, and they do hamper the couple from getting together. But I liked that they don’t get down and naughty within the first few pages. Dev HAD to work at gaining Marissa’s trust. And when I mean issues I mean ISSUES !!!! (mothers who hate you, and sisters that sabotage your every dream, and wish you dead)

There were the usual bad guys posturing and doing their usual sneers, and a few OMG moments.I do see a few females being taken in the future (hint hint hint at more books)

So to round this up, I totally recommend this series. If you like your alpha males with a bite and growl, then The Purest of the Breed is the book for you. Oh …. When is the next one out ?

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