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Salt & Stone (Fire & Flood)
Salt & Stone (Fire & Flood)
by Victoria Scott
Edition: Paperback
Price: £6.99

4.0 out of 5 stars A dangerous and gripping page turner., 3 April 2015
A fast-paced, highly charged and exciting read, Salt & Stone is the sequel to Victoria Scott’s Fire Flood and if you thought Tella had a hard time the first time around, wait until you read this!

Tella has faced some hard and gruelling times during the first leg of the Brimstone Bleed. Now she’s at the halfway point and knows nothing good can come from the final leg. As Tella faces more obstacles, more danger and more life threatening situations, she fights harder than ever to try and remain focused on the end goal – to win the cure for her brother and put an end the Brimstone Bleed. But it’s becoming harder to know which of her allies she can trust and so, Tella fights even harder to make each decision the right one.

Salt & Stone is a very easy book to fly right through and once I started, I couldn’t put it down – I didn’t want to put it down until I’d finished. I really enjoyed Fire & Flood and so I had really high hopes for this and Victoria Scott didn’t let us down.

One of the reasons I enjoy this series so much is because of the characters. Tella, Guy and the gang are such a great group. It's hard because I wanted all of them to stay safe and in this type of book you just know that can't happen. Yes, there were a few deaths that I didn't want to happen. It broke my heart but I see why. I do!

For me, Tella has been a great lead for this series. She's grown through the two books and you really see how different she is from the start of Salt & Stone. I think she struggle to gain control of the how she wanted the game to go - she constantly went against every decision Guy decided and at time, it's irritate me. I could understand why she couldn't follow Guy blindly and why she didn't want him making all the decisions but I wish she'd had spoken up about it. Once she starts being more open and honest, it was a big turning point for her and I really started to see the potential she really has to bring this dangerous game to an end. And I absolutely loved the loyalty that she has from the Pandora's. And as normal, these deadly but cute animals really show us that this game would not have been the same without them.

And huh? There's going to be a third book? Was I the only one who thought that this was just a duology series? I've gotta say I was a tad disappointed because I was looking forward to conclusion. But then I thought about it and realise, there's another book to be excited about and now I can't wait.

In all, Salt & Stone is a dangerous and gripping page turner that will leave you questioning everything you read. Who can you trust? Who will win? And more importantly what comes next? Well, I guess you'll have to read it to find out. Enjoy!

A Perfect Ten (Forbidden Men Book 5)
A Perfect Ten (Forbidden Men Book 5)
Price: £2.45

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5.0 out of 5 stars A PERFECT TEN STAR READ!, 1 April 2015
I’ve been dying to get my hands on Ten and Caroline’s story ever since I first heard they were getting their own book. The wait was torture but finally it’s here. It’s here!

Oren Tenning plays the field, he plays girls and he’s more than happy to tell everyone about his conquests. But the one girl he wants Caroline Gamble, he can’t have because to do so would mean losing his best friend.

Caroline Gamble has been attracted to Oren Tenning since the moment she meet him. The problem is, he’s best friends with her brother and therefore she knows Oren won’t touch her. She knows because she’s tried twice and twice she’s been turned down by him. But Caroline is determined to get the man she wants even if she has to resort to extreme measures.

I absolutely loved A Perfect Ten and I couldn't have asked for a better outcome from Caroline and Ten's story. I just loved the way this whole story was set up - it's something very original and in all honestly, fun. Caroline has some major balls to do what she did - I don't know if I could have done it no matter how much I wanted a guy - but bravo to her. She went after the man she wanted and even though it was a bumpy ride, it was a great journey and it was highly emotional, entertaining and hard to put down. I loved every minute of it.

Ten and Caroline are a great duo and if I'm honest, they're very similar characters and have a lot of qualities the same. I really enjoyed that because it showed that they were the perfect match for each other.

And as normal, another reason I love this series is the support the characters get from the other characters that feature in the series. I love the older one - that have already had their stories told but then I love the new ones like Asher - yep! And I'm definitely excited to see more from Parker. In all honestly, I don't want this series to ever end so I'm going to continue to look forward to more books in the Forbidden Man series.

In all, A Perfect Ten is a perfect TEN star read!

Destined to Die (Inherited Damnation Book 3)
Destined to Die (Inherited Damnation Book 3)
Price: £1.99

5.0 out of 5 stars I'll always be back for more!, 28 Mar. 2015
Destined to Die is the third book in the Inherited Damnation series which tells the story of eight siblings born to a Celtic Priestess and a very powerful Incubus. Through the books you will find out more of the circumstances surrounding the union of their parents and what that means for all eight siblings lives, for their Father cursed and damned them but their Mother gives them all a chance at redemption.
This time around we have Belen, now Belen McLaine has been embracing his demonic side, he can manipulate people and their emotions, get them riled up and committing acts they wouldn’t normally do and he’s been having fun for centuries….. but this Yule will be different because the influence he has put on people ends up putting the one woman he ‘could’ feel for in a horrifying situation. Knowing he can’t walk away from Faith Winters in danger, he becomes her knight in shining armour and rescues her. Faith couldn’t be more pleased to know that it was Belen who had saved her, maybe now he will realise the connection they shared on their one date years ago….but sadly no, he pushes her away again…. that is until she decides to make it up to him but in the process ends up needing rescuing again. Faith pushes her luck with Belen and they share something incredible. Belen is aware that Faith could be the one to break his curse but he doesn’t want mortality, he won’t be worthy when he is judged so it’s a no win situation but he will protect Faith with everything he has…. Except his love…..but he doesn’t bank on Faith wiggling her way beneath his surface and definitely not the feelings she brings out in him.
I think this was my favourite book so far in this series, I love an anti hero and Belen is that in spades. He is a contradiction even though he classes himself as evil because yes, he influences people into doing bad things BUT those bad things are done to people who deserve them. That’s not always the case but you can see that he isn’t as black and white as you would think and he rarely does any of the bad deeds himself. I suppose when you have an immortal life, you get bored and people become toys. Belen does not want to become mortal, he has no interest in slaying his father because in his eyes – their mother is just as bad – so when he comes across Faith, he isn’t bothered that she could break the curse the way the other two had been. He needed someone like Faith though because she believed in him without fault, it was like she knew his thoughts and feelings when he didn’t and that was a lovely connection.
I easily became invested in these two as a couple, I think that because of the situation right at the beginning, you see Faith as a damsel in distress and who doesn’t love those when you get a dark, brooding man like Belen to come to the rescue. That shared experience really bonded them together and no matter how many times he tries to deny it or ignore it, they had good chemistry which lead to some great sexytimes.
The storyline was different from the other two books and the threat didn’t come from where you might think but it was constant throughout the book and you could really feel its presence. I liked this because it sent Faith into Belen’s arms and by putting her in constant risk, it also showed Belen what he had and that he could quite easily lose it. Obviously if Belen chooses to break the curse he will have to be judged by his ancestors and that is another snag because he hasn’t really been a good man so there is more at stake here than in any of the previous books. I loved that we got to have a story where the character is on the darker side, it changed things up and also gave us some hope for the other siblings who have embraced the darkness too. I’m a sucker for these type of stories when men find their soul mates and redemption through the love of a woman – I suppose I’m just a romantic but Claire Ashgrove does these so well and I’ll always be back for more.

Chasing Constellations (UGS Constellations Book 1)
Chasing Constellations (UGS Constellations Book 1)
Price: £0.99

3.0 out of 5 stars 3.5 stars! A good read, I'd read more., 28 Mar. 2015
Chasing Constellations is the first book in the USG Constellation series where we meet a recently graduated journalism student – Elisa Jones. The story is set in a time when women were second class citizens and Eliza wants to challenge that by making a name for herself. Having followed the case of the ‘Zodiac’ killer since it began, Elisa has made some new discoveries that she is compelled to share with the detectives that run the case, knowing she won’t have much luck with them over the phone, she decides to up-sticks to California where she plans to take her revelations right to the source.
When she arrives however, she has a strange encounter with a wanted man known as Chase Ricter in which he knocks her over and kisses her whilst sprawled on top of her – which is weird - but at least she caught the attention of one of the detectives on the Zodiac case. After giving the task force the information she has, Eliza must sit tight and wait for developments, but then she gets a phone call threatening her to leave and stay out of the case…. Then she gets a visit…. And she just might not make it out alive.
I really enjoyed this story and I liked how the author used a serial killer from our past in her story. The book is set in the seventies and boy, do those mens attitudes suck! That fact made me gel with Elisa straight away because I love when the oppressed stand up and show people what they are made of. She was very level headed and knew where she stood most of the time but also knew when to push and be heard which also made me admire her.
The story didn’t really have as much of a sci fi feel that I thought it would have, it dealt with a serial killer case in which Elisa tried to be heard and showing the police what she had come up with….. it’s only later that we see how the author blends the two together and opens their world right up. I liked the serial killer investigation and even if that was all that the book was about – I would have liked it, but when you add that to another thread, then the story got really interesting. Obviously from the synopsis you can guess that they are both chasing the same person but it’s the why that gets the curiosity going and that is where the romantic element comes into play. Elisa and Chase share a bond, only Chase is the only one who knows about it with him being ‘other’ – think soul mates and you’re on the right track. I love this type of concept but it was insta love to the max! and Chase seemed to be way ahead of Elisa in terms of where their relationship was and where it needed to go. Don’t get me wrong, I love these things but I wanted them to spend more time together before they were all loved up. There is an event that forces the issue and pushes them together in an intense way that also brings out Chase’s protective side -so that could be forgiven and it by no means stopped my enjoyment of the book.
Then it became all about catching the killer in a ‘need it done yesterday’ kind of way and I liked the plotting and planning that came about but their enemy is just as cunning. There are a lot of things that I liked about this that I can’t speak about because it ties into the why and who of the story but I enjoyed it all and thought it tied the real world drama perfectly with the sci fi drama. We also meet some of Chase’s comrades aboard the ship and see a little of how things are run with Chase being the commander, one of his friends in particular shines out – Tracker – and by the end of this book I think his book is set up. We also see just how important the bond is that Chase and Elisa share which I enjoyed and look forward to seeing it develop more because so far, it is rare to find. For a short book though, this had just the right amount of action & romance with good pacing to keep me entertained and I would definitely read a sequel.

The Winner's Crime (The Winner's Trilogy)
The Winner's Crime (The Winner's Trilogy)
by Marie Rutkoski
Edition: Paperback
Price: £7.99

4.0 out of 5 stars 4.5 stars!, 28 Mar. 2015
I think I was in the minority who wasn’t blown away by book one but because of the ending, which I greatly enjoyed – I decided to give book two a chance and I’m so glad I did because I simply could not put it down.
As the synopsis tells us – Kestrel is now living in the Capital and engaged to the crown prince, a price she must pay for the treaty that saved Herran and its people. The city is abuzz with the wedding preparations and Kestrel must adjust to life at court with endless parties and gatherings but longing for her life back in Herran. Things were left up in the air between Kestrel and Arin and she really wants to explain to him why she made her decisions and there’s no better opportunity than her engagement party, which must be attended by all high powered people – which Arin now is as leader of Herran. Kestrel learns that there are spies everywhere and maybe her relationship with Arin should be hidden forever but it isn’t that easy when she is shown things that will hurt the Herrani and her loyalties are tested. Kestrel becomes what she must in order to gain valuable information for the Herrani people but she also has to keep up appearances with the Emperor who is more watchful than she realises.
As Arin struggles with his feelings for Kestrel and his suspicions about her, he realises that Herran is no match for Valoria, their might is vast and no one is safe from them….. so, what if the casualties of the Emperor’s quest for power banded together to keep what little freedom they have gained? One thing is for sure, both Kestrel and Arin are walking a fine line between life and death because we all know the price for treason.
So, I actually really, really liked this book and that was a surprise because I wasn’t keen on the first book. I thought Kestrel became a more likable character here, we saw what she did for Arin in the conclusion of book one and that definitely started to show her in a different light because she sacrificed herself for their safety. Even though she will have a privileged life, it will not be the life she would have chosen for herself but she will do her duty and be an Empress one day. We see her struggle with what she has done on more than one occasion and I liked how she tried to work out the best option for both sides, to avoid casualties. She had her foot in both worlds and was very torn between them and you could really feel the turmoil in her but her stoic outside kept people at a distance.
I can’t deny that I was waiting with baited breath for Arin to arrive on the scene, I was waiting for their meeting and what was going to happen and I wasn’t disappointed. The meeting was filled with electricity and you can feel the tension between the two, Arin really put his heart on his sleeve throughout this and I was disappointed by Kestrel’s need to push him away because of who he was. He pays a pretty harsh price for holding Kestrel’s attention and I was really shocked that happened but it definitely endeared him even more to the reader. I loved the stolen moments throughout the book, I was desperate for something to happen between them and my pulse raced each time they were around each other.
The progression of the storyline was great, most of the book was set in the capital and we see how Valorian royalty go about their lives and I really liked that the story was told from both Kestrel and Arin’s point of views. There is a lot of spying going on and it seemed to get to Kestrel a bit, she had to be so careful and it subdued her in a way. There are a lot of political agendas going on, plans and plots and some misdirection – it’s really a precarious time for both Kestrel and Arin as they both try to stay one step ahead. Kestrel uncovers some unnerving secrets that will have far reaching consequences and whilst she will do what she thinks is right… it’s dangerous for her. There is a lot of emotional turmoil between Kestrel and Arin where they each see the other in a different light. Kestrel cannot have a life with him and has to handle him in a way that only a person who truly knows someone will, knowing what is at risk and his reaction if she was to confess all to him and when he leaves, he takes a piece of her with him. Arin is looking for allies and the story begins to alternate between Kestrel in the capital and Arin on his journeys, both are in constant danger which keeps you on the edge of your seat and things start to look bleak for them. The pacing was great, a lot smoother than book one and it did hold my interest all of the way through and the ending of this book will leave you astonished but desperate for more. I can’t wait for the next book.

Seducing the Dragon (Stonefire British Dragons Book 2)
Seducing the Dragon (Stonefire British Dragons Book 2)
Price: £3.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Very satisfied!, 28 Mar. 2015
Jessie Donovan delivers another awesome paranormal romance that will have you drooling over the Stonefire Dragons.
Parts 5-8 are a new arc in the Stonefire Dragon series and this time the Clan Alpha is about to bite off more than he can chew in the form of Department of Dragon affairs inspector Evie Marshall. Now, Evie has an agenda of her own when she heads to Stonefire to do an inspection of the humans there because Evie is about to do as the title suggests ….and seduce herself a dragon and that would be none other than Bram Moore-Llewellyn Stonefire’s Alpha. Bram is expecting the DDA inspector and is quietly amused when Evie turns up in her tight clothes and high heels, he knows something is up with her but is willing to let things play out. Evie fumbles around with her attempts at seduction and comes off as a clumsy person but ends up spilling her secrets when Bram calls her on it. Her secret is that she is being threatened by the Dragon Hunters because of her DDA status and insider knowledge, she can’t talk these threats lying down because a lot of DDA inspectors have been found dead lately and with that she deduces that if she seduces the alpha of Stonefire, he will then protect her against those who wish to destroy her. Their mating would mean a lot of changes for both of them plus, it could have disastrous consequences from both the Hunters and the government. The thing is, it doesn’t matter to the Hunters who is protecting Evie, they want her…. And will stop at nothing to get her.
I really enjoyed this book, I like to read them all in one go because I don’t like to wait for the other instalments so the omnibus editions are perfect for me. It was good to be back on Stonefire lands and really easy to get into. We know Bram already from Mel & Tristan’s story so we know there are reasons behind the fact that he is mateless and we quickly find out that Evie is not compatible to be a Dragon’s mate so her suggestion is one of an arrangement rather than love….. or is it? I thought Evie was a fab character, full of sass and determination. I thought she was perfect for Bram because you could really see her leading the Clan alongside him, she has that authority about her and a way of getting to the bottom of things that would come in really handy, I also liked her risk taking too. Bram entered this with humour thinking she didn’t want anything serious but was willing to come to the arrangement with her because it was good for both of them but as the story progresses we see that there is more to the pairing than meets the eye. I absolutely love the relationship Bram has with his dragon and their internal dominance struggle, it was so funny that his dragon was down to his base instincts and couldn’t see past claiming Evie whilst Bram tried to remain aloof, they sort of have different personalities in one body. As usual in PNR there is plenty of sexytime to get us all hot and bothered and these two were hot together.
The storyline progressed perfectly from part 1-4 and the Dragon Hunters become a more prominent enemy. They start to take huge risks here, infiltrating dragon land and causing havoc in an attempt to get to Evie. Evie works them out though and what she discovers is shocking and makes you wonder who the monsters truly are. Of course all of this brings Brams dragon’s protective nature to the front and tensions are high. We meets some new characters who are from the Scottish Dragon Clan and I’m really hoping for more from them, Finn was fun and playful but all business when needed as the Alpha and I’m loving the connection he has to a certain lady dragon that promises to be a good story in the making. I liked getting a really good look at the enemy and what they were about, in parts 1-4 you could easily mistake them for a band of outlaws who are determined to rid the world of dragons but here we see just how organised they really are, what the true nature of their game is and how invested they are in what they are doing – I was quite shocked at the lengths they would go to. There is also plenty of action too where we see the Dragons fight back! Co ordinated battle plans, ambushes, tons of fighting too so I was very satisfied with where the story went and can’t wait for more!

Alfie in the Bath
Alfie in the Bath
by Debi Gliori
Edition: Hardcover

4.0 out of 5 stars Adventurous!, 28 Mar. 2015
This review is from: Alfie in the Bath (Hardcover)
This is the second time my daughter and I have had the pleasure of reading about Alfie’s adventures’ and this time it’s with Alfie in the Bath. Alfie is a cute little rabbit whom has a big imagination especially when it comes to bath time because he turns his regular bath time in a big adventure where he can explore the waves. We see him becoming a deep-sea monster with big tentacles, then a pink crab with claws, making lots of mess when the water becomes big waves and we won’t spoil the rest and tell you what else little Alfie gets up to.

Very much like Alfie in the Garden, Alfie in the Bath has the same style of illustrations which are bright and very detailed. Alfie’s adventures keep you and your little one thoroughly entertained and it’s always exciting to turn a page and find that lovely fold out page with more beautiful details. We had fun trying to pick out the different sea creatures we could see underneath the waves and trying to guess what Alfie would come up with next.

In all, we’d love to see more from Alfie. We’ve enjoyed both his tales so far and we can’t wait to see what adventures he comes up with next.

Homecoming (The 100)
Homecoming (The 100)
by Kass Morgan
Edition: Paperback
Price: £7.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars I'm hoping there's more!, 19 Mar. 2015
This review is from: Homecoming (The 100) (Paperback)
In Homecoming we see the arrivals of the lucky survivors from the Colony. Some people are happy to welcome more survivors but the arrival of Vice Chancellor causes dismay throughout the 100 survivors who have created a home which they happily keep control of. Bellamy soon finds himself imprisoned by the Vice Chancellor for his crimes. Clarke is determined to help Bellamy escape and try to find her parents. Wells tries to hold on to his position within the camp and Glass is happy to be on earth with Luke but not everything is how she imagines. Can these four repair the damages in their life and keep everyone safe?

If you don’t know already I’m huge fan of The 100 TV show. It’s one of the reasons I wanted to read the books because I wanted to see the differences between the two. Honestly, the TV Show is so much better but there is just something about the book series that keeps me interested. Admittedly it’s not the most exciting to read, it’s actually more about the characters journeys. You don’t get any of the big threats like the TV show especially The Earthborns which we doesn’t get explored as much as I’d like, which I guess is a little disappointing but again, I’m still interested to read more. I read the books because I like them. I read them because they’re easy reads. And I read them because I’m invested in the characters’ lives.

The plot of this story is more focused on the problems Vice Chancellor Rhodes brings and I completely hated him. I hated him before and I hate him now. The way he tries to overtake the camp is completely wrong – he causes more problems that resolves.
What I enjoyed about Homecoming was how at peace Wells is with Sasha – wasn’t expecting it but loved it when I read it and I also enjoyed exploring more of the good Earthborn – what little I saw anyway. Clarke and Bellamy have their own troubles and I certainly enjoy their point of views the most. And of course I can’t forget Glass and Luke and while I like both of them, I think their story has become a little pointless. I guess I can’t see why they’re in the story any more.

In all, Kass Morgan’s series is an enjoyable one. It won’t blow you away like the TV show but it’s certainly one to read if you want more from these characters. I was hoping there were more books coming but I think this may be the last one – either way, I’m hoping there’s more.

Accepting Fate (Others of Seattle Book 3)
Accepting Fate (Others of Seattle Book 3)
Price: £3.11

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5.0 out of 5 stars 4.5 stars! I'll be waiting for more!, 9 Mar. 2015
Accepting Fate is another fab read from Brandy L. Rivers.
This time around it is Michael Nights turn to find love. Michael hasn’t had much luck with women, his first love ran out on him when he turned into a monster to protect her and she subsequently became an addict because of that, giving Michael a healthy dose of guilt. He’s always known he had magic but his mother took him to have it bound so they could hide from their father much better, the binding was done at various points throughout his life so that his magic was kept safely hidden but when it was due for renewal, his magic flared… and it’s at one of those points that he unleashed it to save both he and Amanda DeLuna from a crazed man but in doing so, lost the love of his life. He vowed to never unleash his magic again because he didn’t want to be viewed as a monster.
Fast forward five years and Michael is doing ok apart from having his heart broken by Isa and wanting to grab his life back, he encounters Gwen Fate. After a one night stand with the super hot Gwen that had his beast clawing for release, Michael heads off to Edenton to have his magic bound again in what is becoming a weekly occurrence. However, the man who binds it, refuses to do it anymore because he wants Michael to accept who and what he is. Unbeknownst to Michael, Gwen is there and has heard all about his dilemma and it quickly becomes obvious that she is the only one that can help him accept and manage his power. But there’s another threat to Michael, not just from himself but from an old acquaintance……because Amanda’s back and she’s changed in more ways than one…. But with her also comes danger…. And that danger wants Michael’s power and will. Will his love for Amanda cloud his judgement? Or will his connection to Gwen let him finally accept his fate?

I’ve been waiting for this book because Michael is a prominent figure throughout the first two books and he was kinda heart broken in book two when Isa found her soul mate in Toryn. We all knew their ‘arrangement’ would end in tears because Michael had developed feelings for her so I’m glad we weren’t waiting too long for his story. We all know Michael as Roxy’s brother and that their absent father was totally evil and that their mother had hidden them from him…. Well in this we see to what extent she really went because she had bound his magic. Everyone is unaware that Michael has magic, even his own sister and that’s the way Mike would have it, he doesn’t want it or need it but its rising to the surface more often. I really enjoyed getting to know Michael’s character, I never thought he had any magic so this came as a surprise to me. You can really understand why he wanted to keep it under wraps and could empathise with him a lot. I liked how we got glimpses into his past through flashbacks scenes, his child self was cute in his view of his magic before it was bound.
I liked what Gwen had to offer him, her brother had been the same as Michael in his view of magic and it had gone wrong for him when he tried to suppress it so Gwen knows full well what she is dealing with and is in a unique position to help him, this furthered their connection together. I enjoyed their romance and sexytimes, they made a really nice couple and I’m glad Michael could have that, actually Gwen too because we get some of her history and she hasn’t had it easy on the romance front too.
I really liked where the danger was coming from, it’s hard to say anything about it because it would spoil it but their foe is very determined and will stop at nothing. The aim isn’t to kill Michael but to own him in ways you wouldn’t believe. I really liked the way Michael and Gwens stories entwined together (you’ll get it when you read it) like a six degrees of separation thing going on but I like it when they uncover shared friends, acquaintances, experiences etc. but it does make you wonder how their paths haven’t crossed before. I also appreciated the furthering of Roxy and Trevor’s story with some unexpected news that could be either good or bad depending on the way you look at it. The ending is concluded in a way but left open in another way - story wise and I’m really curious as to where that’s headed but for this…. It was another satisfying PNR read from a much loved world with awesome characters and great stories and as always – I’ll be waiting for more.

The Sky Is Everywhere
The Sky Is Everywhere
by Jandy Nelson
Edition: Paperback

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4.0 out of 5 stars Riveting and emotional!, 9 Mar. 2015
This review is from: The Sky Is Everywhere (Paperback)
The Sky is Everywhere is a story about Lennie and her sister Bailey. Bailey was everything to Lennie. They shared everything; they were as close as Sisters could be. They were best friends. So when Bailey dies, Lennie loses everything too. She and her family struggle to move on and throughout the story we see the impacts of Bailey’s death through Lennie’s beautiful words and poems.

For the last few years I’ve heard how great The Sky is Everywhere and for whatever reason I never managed to read it. Now was its time and it’s definitely a story I won’t be forgetting in a long time. Jandy Nelson has a way with words. Her words suck you in right in and don’t let you go until the very last page. They're poetic and beautiful, moving and emotional and most of all, something readers can connect with.

My heart broke for Lennie. At times the story was painful to read because you feel every emotion Lennie was feeling. She struggles to understand why her Sister had to die. She struggles to move on and by doing so, make a few mistakes because of how mixed her emotions are. There were times I wanted to leap into the pages and hug her and there were times when I wanted to shout at her. But characters like Lennie are the ones that leave the most impact because of how heart-breaking her story is and how memorable of a character is she.

What I loved about the story was that even through the dark times, there’s always one bright spot and for Lennie that was her family - Gran, Uncle, Toby and Joe. I really did sympathise with Lennie and Toby over their feelings for Bailey. It was such a whirlwind but I could understand how their feelings could get so mixed, but of course I was rooting for Joe. He pushes Lennie to be better. He helps her move on and start fresh. I liked that.

In all, The Sky is Everywhere is a riveting and an emotional read that will have you hooked from start to finish. If there’s one book you need to read this year, pick this one.

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