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F. Hearn "Frannii" (Manchester, England)

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The Goonies - Zavvi Exclusive Limited Edition (Steelbook) [Blu-ray]
The Goonies - Zavvi Exclusive Limited Edition (Steelbook) [Blu-ray]
Dvd ~ Sean Astin Corey Feldman
Offered by My Steelbook Collection
Price: £34.75

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5.0 out of 5 stars Goonies R Good Enough!, 28 April 2014
Wow, I watched this for the first time with this Limited Edition Steelbook Blu-Ray and now it's my favorite movie of all time!

Firstly the exclusive Steelbook is just beautiful, and a great price for such a class item! So glad I chose this over the standard Amaray case! The embossed logo and front and back pictures are cool to look at!

I'm so glad they used this front cover painting of the group hanging onto each others legs from the jagged rock, over the awful cover drawing of the original VHS and DVD with the picture that doesn't even look like any of the characters! The back cover is another gorgeous painting of them looking up front the bottom of the well. It has the Production Credits and Studio Logos at the bottom of the picture. The paintings used look exactly like the Characters in the movie.

Oh then you open the Steelbook and it has the gorgeous picture of the gang on a rock looking at the Pirate Ship at sea! No detail is missed out! The rear of the case as an Obi type card strip with the synopsis and details on, which is removable!

I can't believe I've never seen this movie until now! I'm very lucky to have it on such a great format in such a stunning package!

I love the special features, especially the Cyndi Lauper -Goonies R Good Enough Music Video! Also several Deleted Scenes, including some of the alternate scnes that appeared in different TV broadcasts for different reasons. Namely the ‘Convenience Store’ and ‘Octopus scene’, and Data’s extra gadgets! My favorite feature is the Picture In Picture Commentary feat. The Main cast and Director! It is so funny and interesting to hear their little stories throughout!

The Menu is straightforward and easy to navigate, with the choices on a map with a picture of them in the cave in the background.

Okay the picture quality is superb as a whole, I find a few scenes to be a little subpar in quality such as the scene we see Mikey sitting at the window and yawning before it cuts into his room and he falls back onto his bed. The foreground is clear but the backround in which he is in is blurry and out of focus. Although thinking about it that may be intentional?

Also the scene in which Mouth is hilariously mis-translating what Mrs Walsh wants to tell the Housekeeper! It is a little dark and grainy and the picture is just not as clear as in other scenes! Another scene in the house where Mikey is stood behind Brand on the chair, the background appears out of focus again. Also when Mouth is sat in the sink, the right part of the picture is clear yet the left where Mouth is sitting in the sink is rather unfocused. Some of the skies in the background are grainy at times, especially when the boys are climbing up the hill on their bikes in front of the restaurant.

Though these minor faults are nice as the preserve the original charm of the movie, and don’t make it to clean and clinical as some Complete Restorations of movies can. It feels like we have a HD of the original movie that millions have enjoyed since 1985! This won’t feel like a totally different movie to the one you may have enjoyed on a treasured VHS as a kid!

The rest of the movie has no major faults and is stunning in detail. Namely the scene in which they are under the well with the sheet water. The shots of the town Astoria are beautiful and natural looking. The colourful props such as the contraption in their front garden that opens the gate, and the Overall the colors are vivid and the picture is crisp.

It seems to be a HD scan of the film with some noise reduction filtering and slight clean up, rather than a complete restoration. Perhaps we'll see that further down the line? It keeps the nice natural grain found in film, and there is no major noticeable dirt or artefacts. Except for one scene there is what appears to be a piece of film dirt in the part where Mikey and Chunk with his mouth full are squabbling over the Statue.

To date this is the Ultimate edition of the Blu-Ray! The only way it could be better is to have the Package of the USA 25th Anniversary Edition with the Outer Box with items such as a Mini board game and booklet with storyboard cards etc. It's a nice package inside a nice presentation box. The Disc itself doesn't have any new features or different transfer to the standard Blu-Ray or this Limited Edition Steelbook. Besides, the Box contains the Blu-Ray in a standard Amaray case, not this beautiful Steelbook case you can purchase here!

Goonies never say die!

All The Best
All The Best
Offered by MediaMerchants
Price: £9.87

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5.0 out of 5 stars Tina Turner - All The Best: 2 Disc Album, 29 Feb. 2008
This review is from: All The Best (Audio CD)
The 2004 compilation `All The Best' is a more career spanning compilation than it's predecessor 'Simply The Best'. Although not covering any `Ike & Tina Turner' songs except for `Nutbush City Limits' in which the original recording appears and Proud Mary, which interestingly enough the 1993 Soundtrack Version appears. Also of course the Classic `River Deep, Mountain High', which no Tina Turner Compilation would be complete without. Also features on `Tina Live In Europe', which contains a Live Recording of the song, which I urge you to check out. The new songs are great contemporary pop tunes, however we also see amore laid back Tina with new cuts such as Something Special and Great Spirits from Disney's Brother Bear Soundtrack. Open Arms was the single from the album, it was nice to see Tina back in the charts and on Television for awhile. The song `Complicated Disaster' is such a great track, as Tina says in the DVD Interview on `All The Best: The Live Collection' DVD (which should also be checked out) Tina says it sounds very `now' and is current. It is definitely a stand out track among the new recordings.
The artwork is especially classy featuring a beautiful Tina Turner `as always' in a gorgeous setting, with lovely sunset lighting, she looks relaxed and happy and still a symbol of Courage, Talent and Survival. This album features her most important hits spanning from the 1960's to the mid 2000's, which is truly amazing! We get some previously unavailable on a Tina Turner record songs, such as studio versions of `Tonight with David Bowie' and `It's Only Love With Bryan Adams', however we still don't have `One Of The Living' from the Mad Max Soundtrack here. They all compliment and work well together as the old and new are intertwined within each other and still sound fresh, vibrant but also raw with Tina Turner's amazing voice. Proving that Tina Turner's Music Is Timeless.

Simply The Best
Simply The Best
Price: £5.39

17 of 17 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Tina Turner - Simply The Best, 29 Feb. 2008
This review is from: Simply The Best (Audio CD)
Simply The Best Of Tina Turner... and it is just that. Because although it contains many of the best hits, it omits many loved and essential songs, but it picks the best, intertwines it with the new and is almost full as it contain 18 tracks. So we get some of the very early, to the very latest new songs for the compilation.
The cover has an iconic image of Tina, the booklet has a few nice photos and the back page features a four album Discography. The songs themselves are great, although the 90's Version of `Nutbush City Limits' is questionable, definitely not a patch on the original or the 1993 Soundtrack Version which is on a par with the original. It brings together a few songs previously not available on any Tina albums such as `It Takes Two' A Duet With Rod Stewart, We Don't Need Another Hero' from the Mad Max Soundtrack and the Classic `River Deep, Mountain High' which has never appeared on any Tina Solo record. In addition as I previously mentioned we get three new tracks for the album, which are really great songs, that compliment the older material. However some people feel disappointed that 'One Of The Living' from the Mad Max Soundtrack does not appear here. A Nice Package, good for casual listeners and a must for fans.

What's Love Got To Do With It
What's Love Got To Do With It
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £6.58

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Tina Turner - What's Love Got To Do With It? (Original Soundtrack), 29 Feb. 2008
This Album is the soundtrack to her Hugely Successful 1993 Film of her life story `What's Love Got To Do With It?' It Contains 3 New recordings for the album. It consists of re-recorded versions of the most significant songs from her career that also appear in the film. They are wonderfully produced, giving a fresh yet nostalgic feel to each song. The two songs from the Private Dancer album are the original recordings. The cover photo has a beautiful natural looking Tina on the cover, inside are photos from the same photoshoot where she is playing in the Sea. The middle page has a great photo of Tina sitting in the Directors chair. The back cover has four stills from the Motion Picture. Also notable is the little letter from Tina on the first page of the booklet, she talks about why she decided to have a film made of her life, and how she felt about re-making the old songs, she talks about some of the songs and the new recordings. The Disc is a Picture Disc featuring a photo of Tina on the right hand side. A really great album, essential listening.

Foreign Affair
Foreign Affair
Price: £4.48

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5.0 out of 5 stars Tina Turner - Foreign Affair: Limited Edition Passport Artwork, 29 Feb. 2008
This review is from: Foreign Affair (Audio CD)
This Edition of Tina Turner's amazing Foreign Affair album is an absolutely stunning package. It has the Original album, which is particularly interesting as it was recorded will a full band, no synthesisers and multitracking just pure, raw music. And it shows in the content, it sounds more consistent and fresh, even to this day, than her previous 1980's albums. It just has a good flow and all the songs sound like a Unit, they belong together. However they are in no way repetitive or `samey'
In my opinion this is Tina Turner's most underrated album, and deserves much more recognition, I also recommend the B-Sides from this album such as `Stronger Than The Wind' and `Bold And Reckless' to name a couple as they're really great songs, hopefully one day we will see Remastered album that include all the Unreleased and B-Side Gems.
The Presentation of this Limited Edition is just gorgeous, it comes in a custom passport design with a fantastically designed Tina Turner Coat Of Arms on the cover. Inside we get the wavy background that reads Tina Turner Foreign Affair, which is repeated just like inside a real passport. No detail is left out here, the passport cover is a Navy Blue/Indigo colour with Gold Colour printing for the titles and Emblem. The back of the front cover has Tina Turner's album Logo in a gorgeous blasted rosy pink colour, which turns purple towards the right. It also features some lyrics from the title track, in a handwritten style. After the song credits we get a passport details page for Tina Turner with a nice photo and a printed signature. The following pages contain the photographs from the Foreign Affair album artwork shoot, which is one of my favourite Tina Photoshoots.
The complete set is resented here in a scrapbook/photo album feel way. The Middle Page contains the Iconic Image by Herb Ritts that appears on the Foreign Affair Tour Programme and the Steamy Windows Single Cover. The back page has a full-page photograph of Tina. My favourite detail is that the song titles appear over the each of the pages in a passport stamp nature. All individually designed with the credits for the writers, composers and producers within each unique shape. I love the ones that have something to do with the title, for example `You Can't Stop Me Loving You' has a hand in a stop signal, which is clever. `Falling Like Rain' features a little Umbrella in the stamp. I love how `Not Enough Romance' has a little Love Heart in its stamp. And track four `Undercover Agent For The Blues' although it happens to be track four has the number 4 in the stamp.
The Disc Graphics are also different from the regular edition, as the graphics feature the Foreign Affair Coat Of Arms that appears on the cover of this edition. The Disc comes in a white slip cloth that is housed inside a pocket at the back that you slide the Disc into... So basically a fantastic Limited Edition with a Great Design that goes really well with the Foreign Affair Concept. An amazing Collector's item that is becoming increasingly rare to find as it has been deleted for many years. If you ever happen to stumble upon this item don't hesitate to get it.

Official Kylie A3 Calendar 2008 2008
Official Kylie A3 Calendar 2008 2008

5.0 out of 5 stars Yet Another Beautiful Calendar From Kylie Minogue!, 10 Jan. 2008
I agree Kylie's Calendars are absolutely beautiful! I've had one every year since about 2003 too. I loved the selection of Photographs this year and I agree with the previous reviewer about August, Kylie looks exceptionally beautiful! I also really like May where she looks like she is floating and the one with the Leopard Print Costume from the Homecoming Tour. I also love the Red outfit and Wig with the wild makeup for November! I don't love it as much as last years Kylie Calendar, but I do like it a lot!
As always the quality of the paper is brilliant and the photographs are very well printed. The presentation is very nice, much better layout of the Days as in 2006's calendar. They were getting too adventurous and at one point the dates danced right around Kylie and in another month they were dotted around her making it hard to find the next day. It was like using a Chistmas advent calendar!
This is good if you just want a photogenic calendar too look nice on your wall, but if you rely on calendars to keep notes for dates then this is un-useful as there is no room to write anything in. Although the dates are in order and in straight lines they are close together and there is no space for writing.
It is also printed with white numbers on black background so tiny writing wouldn't even show up. A nice calendar for show but it's functionality is limited. I am rating it 5 stars however as this is all I like in calendars as I've never used them for keeping my dates in anyways. I as they say `just like the pretty pictures'.

Body Language
Body Language
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £2.04

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Lyrically Interesting & Beautiful! Well Produced & Innovative, 12 Jun. 2007
This review is from: Body Language (Audio CD)
I really enjoyed this album, very lyrically interesting and quite experimental, I do hear the 'urban' RnB' sound perhaps it is more closer to her influences and reflects her own taste?

I remember the talk of the first 6 tracks were the electro pop and the second half a more RnB' feel. I feel songs such as Cruise Control and City games should have been included and a couple omitted from the tracklist, especially Cruise Control as it was a wonderful song and very Kylie, maybe they felt the lyrics were a little light hearted you know 'you drive me crazy boy, I like it racy boy' but I loved it...and great for driving lol.

Things I sometimes fall in and out of love with are the latter half of the disc like I feel for you, I always felt was like a love poem set to music.

I see it is a step up from fever indeed though Sweet Music reflects that sound fever had, and it was very experimental and interesting, wasn't made to bring Kylie back on the scene and wasn't as commercial, and added to her creativity, I mean Slow is just omg what an amazing, amazing song! And Red Blooded Woman a lyrically genius song and is definitely a classic for Kylie. Even if it wasn't as commercially accepted it brought some gems at least which happen to be the three singles lifted from the album.

I also really appreciated the look and style of the project the whole Bardot thing really suited her, just beautiful imagery and one of my favourite album covers. Body Language stands as one of Kylies more innovative releases.

Lv x

Sony MDR-EX71SLW Stereo Earphones - White
Sony MDR-EX71SLW Stereo Earphones - White

12 of 12 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Great!...For Like A Week!, 8 April 2007
Okay well got these earphones because they looked great and white colour would go well with ipod, true.

The sound as initially wonderful! Deep rich bass and adequate treble, however like many others have stated the cable started to literally come apart even with being extra careful and replacing them in the case after use, I even kept them in the front compartment of my bag by themselves! Bits started to come away and it was as if the cables were made of plasticine and the cables were actually visible!

The day I planned to take them back the left earphone started to sound significantly quieter than the right, which added to the poor quality of these earphones. Either the actual speaker unit is brittle or it's the cables that are particularly the problem.

Basically for the first week they sound amazing and look really cool, but after a week or two you begin to notice the faults these earphones have. Poor manufacturing and materials makes them an embarrassment to Sony products and do not have product longevity. Unless these problems are fixed and it is known, avoid these earphones, they are not worth even 1% of the price!

However I'd stick with Sony and as an alternative I would recommend their other model that uses a formant that has been successful for over 10 years! The Sony MDR-ED21LP, which are also available to purchase from! I have also reviewed this so do read it as they really are wonderful earphones and they last you years! they cost alot less so what more can you ask for!...

Sony MDR-ED21LP Groove Shaped Earpiece headphones (discontinued by manufacturer)
Sony MDR-ED21LP Groove Shaped Earpiece headphones (discontinued by manufacturer)

16 of 18 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Sony MDR-ED21LP:- Wonderful Sound & Durability!, 3 Mar. 2007
I just received my new edition of these earphones thank you Amazon! The MDR-ED21LP and is predecessors have been a long, successful product from Sony, first released in the nineties I believe and modified slightly every few years to keep modern, but using the same formula that has made them so popular!

I had the older edition for over two years now and they have performed wonderfully in that time! Okay am not the most careful guy with earphones! I try to but end up just throwing them in my bag after a few days of treating them like gold. My being accident-prone has done allsorts to these poor things! Put them in my pocket when having a music break and carried on walking, only for them to fall out and drag down the road for while til' I wonder what's stalking me and making that annoying sound...only to find my earphones are dragging next to my shoes! I get them caught in bus and train seats when walking down the isle! The list is endless!

So after two years of this abuse they said no more! They had always maintained their high quality sound and excellent bass! So basically what am saying is they last! You don't have to treat them like cotton wool, but a little care and respect can make these last you for years! A great investment and seem much better built than Sony's new bud type earphones!

Okay so they last, but do they sounds amazing? Yes! OMG...I'd forgotten how impressive these were when I put on a track on my iPod this morning! I swear I just danced round my room for a good hour and a half, I'd forgotten life existed! ...In other words I was soo late for Uni! I was literally beguiled and engulfed by this wall of sound these make!

I've tried them with my old Sony CD Walkman and friends mp3 players and they make anything sound amazing, but with iPod this is where they shine! High quality digital sound shows the limits of these! First noticeable is the amazing bass response bringing a deep booming sound! You can adjust you settings if boom isn't your thing. It literally sounds like it was coming from inside your head! They produce good clean treble with crisp clean vocals. Tympani providing a clear contrast to the bass and in effect have an escaping outwards feel from you head!...Incredible!

Even old Un-Remastered records sound amazing whilst still keeping their original charm! To me the phones are very comfortable, moulding to you ear shape after a period. Staying in your ear when even jogging or more embarrassing jogging along and having them jump our you ear, or any repositioning when walking. When you put the in, they stay in the same plce. very sleek and small design but amazingly powerful! I only ever have the volume bar slightly further past the album art before the sound is too loud for me! The rubber Groove is such a great feature channelling the sound towards your ear canal, be careful with volume though guys! Okay so impressive specifications that I don't understand reading, but when you hear it you know exactly what they're talking about!

Oh and also they come with a cute little soft leatherette pouch to store your earphones in your bag when not in use, its big enough to fit both the phones and cable and has a little drawstring! Very cool addition...also adds to the longevity! Protecting them from dust and dirt and keeping them protected. No criticism with this edition so far, the cord slider is confusing but you get the hang of it just don't pull on the other bit! ...can't be good!

The too much bass problem is easily corrected with the equaliser and settings in itunes. Just do all you itunes and iPod fiddling and you'll get what you want! CD & Mp3 players that don't have these advantages will just sound right as the original sound from the source is replicated.

So all in all a perfect, great value upgrade from basic earphones that come with you music players. They're more discreet than those pants `Come Mug Me' iPod earphones! Who cares if they're not the pop culture iconic white earphones! If you really want white you can get the more expensive yet poorer manufactured white MDR-EX71SLW but I wouldn't recommend them. The price Amazon are currently offering them is fantastic! Am tempted to buy some backups! But I know they will always be around! There have been no other I've tried for under £100 that make you go wow! And just get lost in your music as I mentioned earlier! You will be impressed; the basic earphone needs fulfilled, wonderful sound and durability! What more do you need! I suggest you put these in your basket shop more and go to checkout!

I'm Glad [DVD]
I'm Glad [DVD]
Dvd ~ Jennifer Lopez
Price: £14.97

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5.0 out of 5 stars Jennifer Lopez I'm Glad DVD Single!, 23 Dec. 2006
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: I'm Glad [DVD] (DVD)
This Fabulous item is a absolute must if you're a Jennifer Lopez fan...or indeed if you're a Music Video fan. `I'm Glad' The Music Video directed by David LaChapelle is presented here as a Dvd single. If you adore Jennifer Lopez you'll be liking this! We all know the song & video by now so I'll not go on! Jennifer's only dvd single to date, Also see her Music Video Compilation `'The Reel Me''...''Reel'' get it!, Oh J-Lo, oh dear! is definitely one for Music Video Enthusiasts as it's a fine example of cutting edge in contemporary Music Video and marketing. So this Dvd Single is only really for the collectors or hardcore Jennifer admirers, or the crazy.

Anyways back to the single, very cool item I think. Gorgeous presentation with the old Vinyl record feel to the disc and old creasing effect to the artwork which beautifully compliments the feel of the video. It is intended btw, so don't be complaining to your seller that that your copy is battered. The Dvd features the outstanding long form Music Video and two remixes & a short behind the scenes featurette. The Disc opens with the first few bars of `I'm Glad' and stars and the logo flying onto the screen. Strangely it is quite reminiscent of the opening of Star Wars films! Hmm feels like am about to see Jennifer Lopez in a new movie `J-Lo And The Attack Of The Bling!'...could be a hit! The cool Vintage squiggle featured on the cover features as a aesthetic decoration too. The graphics finally settle into the menus, it is nicely animated and well presented. As you decide what to select a few photos change and the Squiggle illuminates like a ripple in the background, whilst her name rises and falls like Dominos, it really does look like that, very cute! When you select a transition graphic similar to the Dvd's opening brings you to the desired section. My favourite detail is when listening to the two remixes; you can watch a animated record with the artist and title on the label as you would see on a real record! As it spins Jennifer's name dances across the screen, appearing and disappearing, with the illuminating Squiggle zigzagging vertically. It ends nicely with the record and animations neatly declining. I am so impressed as most Dvd single audio segments consist of a blank screen, or a single photo, or perhaps even a short gallery of photos. But this is a nice touch. Which makes this Dvd single such a gorgeous item! The `Paul Oakenfold Perfecto Remix' is definitely best remix of this record out there! If you want this on Cd the previously mentioned Dvd Compilation contains a bonus Cd with remixes including the `Paul Oakenfold Perfecto Remix'. Fantastic remix which adds another level of energy to the song. The featurette is an nice 2-minute look at behind the scenes of the Video. No direct speech to the camera, quite a voyeuristic feel. Apart from the last shot of Jennifer in her white face attire, also another cute feature here. You can also view a credits page in the bottom right hand corner, for those interested in the industry part. The booklet contains the necessary information such as industry info and Album Plugging, plus 4 nice photos on the right inside cover. All in all gorgeous item, and fabulous to own! May become a rare collectors item? Hardcore fans etc a must, fans of the video also a must, if you want more see the mentioned Compilation Dvd, which is fantastic! Nice features, simple yet effective. Contained inside an Album Jewel Case. Yet another fabulous `Blingin' product from the J-Lo Empire! Check out her other Music & Dvd Releases!


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