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Hidden Finance, Rogue Networks, and Secret Sorcery: The Fascist International, 9/11, and Penetrated Operations
Hidden Finance, Rogue Networks, and Secret Sorcery: The Fascist International, 9/11, and Penetrated Operations
by Joseph P Farrell
Edition: Paperback
Price: £19.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Watch Out for the Nazi International!, 28 Feb. 2017
Be honest; how did you really feel on that awful day back in 2001? I was with V8 at the time; I thought I was watching a new disaster movie. But did you feel a certain gladness in the heart when you witnessed this mass sacrifice? I believe that if you had anti- capitalist sentiments you could not help but be pleased; this is how perverse The System has become. On 9.11 we witnessed a Nazi Spectacle; the Nazis specialize in this sort of thing, and revealed their true powers on that day when the towers went “poof”; and then they were gone. Farrell’s book, although excellent does not go deeply enough into the psychology of The Spectacle. How can one be anti- capitalist now without being linked to the supposed perpetrators of this dreadful event? Of course The Spectacle has already produced many by- products; the conspiracy books, the theories and the stories told by survivors, and witnesses. All of this was an aspect of the planned destruction.

Farrell posits the theory that there were three levels to the conspiracy. First the patsies the, Saudis who were on the plane and what they thought they were doing in the name of Allah. Then the rogue element at level two, within the secret government of the US, with George W. Bush as it’s figurehead. Farrell’s book is more about the third. deeper level of the conspiracy, who attempted a coup on that terrible day, and put the willies up Bush and Cheney. The third level is represented by Farrell as the true agents of all of the destruction at the World Trade Centre. They are Nazis. When you see the videos of the demolition you have to have the ability to believe in what your eyes tell you. The Towers were disintegrated by a disintegrating ray directed from space. They used focussed microwave beams tuned to the resonant frequency of the Towers; a technology that Farrell rightly says, has been available since the Cold War. I believe that the technology involved in The Spectacle will be available soon on the arms market openly; available to the highest bidder and then we will all know what caused the catastrophe. Certain Middle Eastern governments would pay a president’s ransom for it.

Farrell is a writer of integrity and calls The Spectacle as he sees it, but he neglects other aspects of the same technology, that could be used for brainwashing. Not all of the players in The Spectacle really knew what they were doing; this includes Bush and Cheney. This is why they panicked when they realised the true extent of the destruction. The key is to think about the psychology of this Spectacle, and how the various actors were completely brainwashed by the same technology that destroyed the towers, Again this is an aspect of the aftermath that has not been investigated thoroughly. As with all terrorist events; the objective is not the open destruction, but the way The Spectacle makes the viewer think and behave.

Farrell references another book by S,K, BaIn that purports to reveal the occult symbolism of the Spectacle, whilst neglecting the technological aspects; this is Spectacular “separation”. The occult is technological as well as mythological. The architects who designed the World Trade Centre complex were not high magicians; but were simply emulating classical architectural forms; perhaps under the subconscious influence of technology which aims to limit and control the unconscious mind. The Spectacle obviously had an occult element to it, Perhaps this is evidence of an even deeper level; Farrell himself identifies this. The towers were like “The Tower” card in a tarot deck complete with victims diving from the structure to stop being fried. The towers were also similar to a binary Tower of Babylon. Even the terrorists on the plane must have realised this, and supposed that they were the agents of God.

Where Did the Towers Go? Evidence of Directed Free-energy Technology on 9/11
Where Did the Towers Go? Evidence of Directed Free-energy Technology on 9/11
by Judy Wood
Edition: Hardcover

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Towers went "Poof"!, 4 April 2016
Awful memories were re= awakened by Judy Wood’s book; the lies promulgated by the BBC. and others; the apportionment of blame whilst the demolition was still in progress, and the terrible sequel to the controlled demolition. Having read the book, it strikes me that there is much to be learned from the destruction of World Trade Centres seven and four. Nothing crashed into these buildings that could possibly account for their collapses and yet after hours of fuming and weakening, they went “poof”! collapsing in a neat pile of dust too. Wood’s book is not a conspiracy theory book, nor a real conspiracy book, it is a scientific analysis of what happened on that awful day in September 2001.

Before justice can be done we need to find out exactly what the nature of the crime was, not putting the cart before the horse. Judy Wood is definitely adopting the right approach here; there is no speculation regarding the evil Bin Laden who was blamed for the atrocity before the terrible events were over. This is a book about “what happened”, not “who did it”. Judy Wood has several degrees in materials science. If anything she is too timid regarding her discoveries. The book begins with a discussion of the impossibility of a gravitational collapse occurring with no resistance from the building materials themselves. The official version states that the two towers went down more or less at g force, and there was no resistance; obviously an impossibility as there would have been high resistance to collapse from the concrete and steel not affected by “kerosine”. According to the official version there was progressive “pancaking” of the one hundred and ten floors of each tower. Again a theoretical impossibility because each floor would have resisted the floor above during the “pancaking”. There was no “pancaking”; the Towers went “Poof!” before the dust had settled. The buildings, their contents and the people inside were turned to dust.

Much of the book consists of detailed forensic photo analysis of the immediate aftermath of the atrocity, and hundreds of photos from all sources and locations are used, There are photographs of the deep dust covering that inundated Lower Manhattan, the weird fires that burned metal but not paper, the 1400 toasted cars which were turned over and burned in ways inexplicable by any other theory. Cars which have been burnt on one half and as good as new on another. Or burnt inside and not on the outside; there are photographs of steel girders bent into crazy and exotic shapes, incommensurate with a gravitational collapse. All of the photographs are somewhat depressing to view bearing in mind the number of people who died on that infamous day. There is a chapter on the “Tesla, Hutchinson Effect”, in which Wood suggests the only kind of technology that could possibly have produced the abundant evidence.

Wood believes that the twin towers were demolished using Directed Energy Weapons. I agree with her wholeheartedly, but she refuses to make this the sole conclusion of her book. She speculates that the atrocity was a kind of demonstration, hidden in full view, of the powers of the ruling elite and their acquisition and deployment of a new utterly destructive technology. Nothing is said regarding the two 757s that were supposed to have struck the twin towers. but Woods appears to believe that the planes were some kind of hologram. One would have to be quite naïve to believe that this is not possible, or believe all of the brainwash telling us that weapons technology hasn’t moved on since WW2. I am convinced that the earth is now encircled by space weapon platforms. It is a real Nazi conspiracy; perhaps this was the sole reason for the space race and the space shuttle; to enslave humanity once and for all, with this planet busting technology.

Kinski Uncut
Kinski Uncut
by Klaus Kinski
Edition: Paperback

5.0 out of 5 stars Here was a man who knew how to live!, 6 Sept. 2015
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This review is from: Kinski Uncut (Paperback)
At the beginning of this book Klaus Kinski is possessed by the cosmic Christ spirit, He really seems to believe that He is Jesus; he obviously knew something, and he was able to drive crowds crazy with his rants, and sacrilegious declarations. Kinski was self taught as an actor and grew up on the streets of Berlin in the decade preceding the second world war. He was a street urchin who had to shoplift to survive this awful period. The one fault of this fantastic auto biography is the lack of dates and locations where all of the sensational events took place. Kinski was a brilliant actor; all the more so for being self taught, but one has to admit that he wasted much of his talent pursuing the highest salary; he could have been a mind blowing Hamlet on screen but instead he whored himself to the highest bidder. One gets the feeling on reading the book that Kinski was not really interested in being a “great” actor he was more concerned in living his life to the full and gaining as much pleasure and gratification in this life.

There are many omissions in the book such as Kinski’s drug habits; surely a hedonist such as himself would have indulged in drug taking? There are only a couple of references to spliffs and coke in the whole book. About half of this book is a litany of Kinski’s whoring. He must have had a large penis and a charming and pleasing manner. Actually there are accounts of dozens of trysts in the book, and it becomes a little boring. Kinski lived as so many of us would like to live, in a way that is probably impossible now. To call this work pornographic would demean it slightly. When reading of Kinski’s shagging, one becomes bored, but his accounts of all of the directors who tried to dominate him are extremely funny; especially his relationship with that “moron” Herzog.

Kinski claims that he had to put Herzog right repeatedly when filming “Aguirre”. He gives a thorough and believable account of the conditions in the Peruvian jungle where he was forced to work. It would seem that Kinski was the greater genius of the two; I am waiting to read Herzog’s version of their relationship. Kinski gives a long list of the directors he turned down, including Pasolini, Visconti, Boorman and many others. He actually met Cocteau and Brecht, whom he turned down too. It would seem that he was in much demand and not just for the size of his penis. I believe that Kinski was a truly great actor, but the book is marred by the lack of a timeline of all of his wild experiences; there is little concerning Kinski’s health and well being. At the end, the book states that he died of a massive heart attack in 1991. Judging by his totally indulgent lifestyle it could well of been something else.

Kinski shows a great deal of sensitivity in his writing which it is difficult for a non- thespian to reproduce or fake, His accounts of his relationship with his son, Nanhoi are tender and imbued with feeling. Kinski was a man who lived life to the full and shagged anything with a hole in it. I didn’t find his erotic escapades particularly stimulating, but I am sure that other people might!

It is doubtful if a sex maniac of the Kinski sort could survive in the world as it is now. He certainly had a very good memory regarding his conquests, film directors are firmly positioned in second place. After reading the book one feels that one knows women much better; part of Kinski’s intention no doubt! I would have liked to have learned more of the way in which Kinski became an actor and his famous voice control exercises, mentioned by Herzog in the DVD box set. If only Herzog and Kinski could have gotten along a little better, then Kinski would not have been cut off in his prime. I am certain that he was a genius, and a man of true feeling and discernment, the kind of actor who will never again exist unless there is some terrible cataclysm to mold and harden their personality!

The Ancient Human Conspiracy
The Ancient Human Conspiracy
Price: £2.17

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5.0 out of 5 stars Fertile Territory..., 3 May 2015
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Whilst one does not believe that Hollywood movies such as “When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth” and the Hammer horror, “One Million Years BC” are literally true, perhaps there is something contained within them with an element of truth. The geology of the US. is considerably different to Europe’s and J.D. Gray’s book contains photographs of fossilized human footprints from the US., which are superimposed on those of dinosaurs. Some of the photographs are of genuine scientific interest, whereas others are obviously made from carvings or plaster casts. There are also some fake photographs of “aliens” reminiscent of Speilberg’s “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. Is it so improbable that extra- terrestrials have visited the earth in ages past? Could “they” be visiting earth even now? J.D. Gray’s book is radical in it’s conclusion that humans are in fact the “aliens” and that we got here via panspermia, or travelled here aeons ago from Mars.

I have stated before that humans do not seem to fit in with the other fauna of Earth, in that we have hairless bodies that are unsuited to Earth’s cold regions and we are dependent on shelter and shade in tropical conditions. Humans rely on the miracle of our brains to survive. It is as if we have been genetically engineered, for some sinister alien agenda, perhaps by the Annunaki, as J.D. Gray posits. However, in the book’s conclusion, Gray states that she believes that the ancient Sumerians actually got it wrong. Perhaps subconsciously they introjected the artificial “slave race” as themselves whereas in fact they, the human being, were the descendants of the “creator” themselves. She believes that Sasquatch represents the remains of the race that humans created millions of years ago to mine gold for our home world. I have no doubt that sasquatch exists, but I will not reveal what I know, so as not to endanger their vital survival. Suffice to say that Sasquatch is more intelligent than the human being.

I feel that it is extremely important to engage with material of this sort, whether one calls it “Forteana”, “Pseudo- science”, “Mythology” or “Fiction”. In every fictional story there is an element of truth, and one cannot say that the “information” now being released is entirely fictional. In Gray’s book there is also mythology and truth regarding the inner Earth or Agartha as it is called in Tibetan mythology. Gray’s thesis is that when cataclysmic events destroy the Earth, every few thousand years or so, humans descend into the “underworld” for a few hundred years until the storm has passed. Who can say what kind of tunneling and boring has gone on in times past? Gray suggests that there has been a technological civilization on Earth perhaps dating back to pre- Jurassic epochs. Technology is from time to time wiped from the face of the Earth, only to be replenished by the survivors from the inner Earth, when they re- emerge; this may have occurred for billions of years. The Nazi breakaway state is currently feverishly burrowing into the Earth with nuclear powered Tunnel Boring Machines to create a haven for themselves. What have they discovered during all of this activity? Have they found some archaic proto- humans?

Gray’s book is fertile territory for creative artists and novelists. Books of this genre have always been so. However is Gray a little naïve? Does she realize that the Nazis spent many years searching for Agartha? It is the Nazi breakaway state that currently dominates politics, the media. and culture globally. Their aim is to subjugate people of color along with the disabled and the mentally ill, in preparation for the staged “Apocalypse” and our extermination. With this aim in mind the Nazis perpetuate the poisonous myth that “no- one is in control”.

4th Reich of Antartica -- Secrets of South America (Nazi I -- Secrets of South America Book 1)
4th Reich of Antartica -- Secrets of South America (Nazi I -- Secrets of South America Book 1)
Price: £2.84

5.0 out of 5 stars Could be a Classic!, 25 Mar. 2015
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I experienced intense anxiety when reading this book. I believe the attacks originated in Neuschwabenland which Mister Grove exposes to public appraisal. The most sensational passages in this book relate to Neuschwabenland or the Nazi base located there. Grove reveals that in 1946, the US. Navy were aware of the Nazi base and sent a task force to confront the Nazi threat. They were repelled by a demonstration of the Nazi atomic bomb, missile technology, superior Nazi technology and air power. A subservient agreement was signed by Hitler and the Americans. The book is like a samizdat publication and could be a classic if there were a little more editing. This is a novel and not a factual book, but the truth about Neuschwabenland is stated unflinchingly.

The story concerns mainly the two robotic characters, “Emmanuel” and “Jose” who are the Argentinean grandsons of an escaped Nazi who fled to Argentina in 1945 along with hundreds of thousands of others within the Nazi elite. Jose and Emmanuel are the privileged heirs of the technology that their grandfather bequeathed to them, originating in the Third Reich. I take issue with mister Grove, though, when he states that we currently live under the kontrol of the Fourth Reich. This is not the Fourth Reich, but the Fifth Reich. The Fourth Reich ended with the tragic collapse of the Berlin Wall.

Emmanuel and Jose are like two cyborgs who have massive data banks and are able to quote Wikipedia at the drop of a hat. The book is filled with Wikipedia factoids, along with the sensational truth about Neuschwabenland. Jose and Emmanuel live a privileged existence, traveling all over the world in a Nazi electro- propulsive disc. It appears that Mister Grove has some insight into the subject of electro- propulsive, zero- point vehicles. He also has a good deal of knowledge regarding different kinds of radar and sonar. The disc that Emmanuel and Jose ride in is equipped with all of the latest computer hardware and software, along with the latest directed energy weapons systems. Perhaps these weapons are now on board satellites and are responsible for the recent wave of plane crashes? As they cruise around the world, Emmanuel and Jose are able to use all of the latest digital scanning technology, and GPS. systems.

I was slightly disappointed when Emmanuel and Jose travel to the moon. The only anomaly that they were able to find was an old power cable. Perhaps this has some significance!? I thought that they might find a Nazi base there too. Emmanuel and Jose often do drug drops in the US. for a mythical South American drugs cartel, and eventually they crash one of their discs in a magnetic storm. I am certain that the electro- propulsive technology described by Mister Grove really does exist, as I have seen examples of it myself in the sky. There is one thread to the story which is not fully developed. Or is it? This concerns an FBI. man who is tracking aerial anomalies over Argentina because he has heard that they are connected to the illicit drugs trade. This book could be a real classic with a little more editing!

For The Moon Is Hollow And Aliens Rule The Sky
For The Moon Is Hollow And Aliens Rule The Sky
Price: £1.98

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5.0 out of 5 stars Aliens are inside the Moon!, 10 Oct. 2014
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There is no doubt in my mind that the entire solar system has been artificially engineered by an entity of consummate technological prowess, possibly the entity that we call Jehovah. Rob Shelsky’s book focusses primarily on the Earth’s moon and the extreme serendipity of almost every aspect of it’s orbit, rotation, and geology. Scientists say that the moon is gradually moving away from the Earth, but it is only now, at the cusp of the New Age that the moon covers the sun’s disk precisely during a solar eclipse. The moon has an almost perfect circular orbit around the Earth and it’s period of rotation about it’s axis is exactly the same as the period of it’s orbit. This means of course that we only ever see one face of the moon, and the “dark” side of the moon is always concealed. These facts alone should give one cause to ponder, and contemplate this amazing feat of cosmic engineering.

Shelsky writes a good deal concerning the NASA cover up of lunar discoveries made by the Apollo missions and subsequent lunar orbiters. When these orbiters have crashed into the moon, the moon rings like a bell, indicating that it must be hollow. Also the density of the moon is much less than that of the Earth, although it’s crust seems to contain similar rocks to that of the Earth, this also points to the moon being hollow. There are also the Transient Lunar Phenomena to consider. These are unnatural displays of lights, streaks of light, tracks and “outgassing” as NASA calls it which have been observed by astronomers for hundreds of years. Shelsky also cites the accounts of the Apollo astronauts who were constantly observed by UFOs from the moment they left the Earth’s atmosphere. I do not concur with him regarding the nature of these UFOs. Shelsky believes that UFOs are alien and that the moon was hollowed out by these same aliens eons ago, and placed in it’s current position from some other part of the cosmos. Shelsky also cites mythology regarding the time when there was no moon. For instance the Arcadians were said by the ancient Greeks to be older than the moon. There are numerous other mythological and biblical accounts of the moon being absent in ante- diluvial times.

The theory of the hollow moon was first presented by Michael Vasin and Alexander Shcherbakov in their 1970 book “Is the Moon the Creation of Intelligence”. They suggested that the interior of the moon was made molten and then pumped up to the surface forming the extremely hard shell that now exists and the lunar “seas”. Today after numerous robotic missions to the rest of the solar system it is apparent that there are several “artificial” moons scattered throughout our local space. Shelsky mentions Phobos, the moon of Mars, but there are others such as Iapetus which appears to have a seam around it’s circumference, and geometric craters and also Ganymede. Shelsky posits the vision of an alien space faring civilization intent on conquering the galaxy or creating a diaspora through interstellar ships constructed from hollowed out planetoids and moons. This is quite a plausible theory, and Shelsky’s vision is quite entrancing, and filled out with speculative detail. This colonization would be an enterprise lasting thousands of years, and inside the hollowed out planetoids there would be a self- sufficient “habitat” which would make use of the ores and rocks of the surface, and other celestial bodies encountered on the way. Obviously these habitats would travel at sub- luminal speeds, slowly drifting through inter- steller space in voyages lasting thousands of years.

His view of the galaxy as a Malthusian, dog eat dog kind of place, where intelligent beings are driven to colonize due to pressure on their planetary resources is somewhat alarming however, and he hints that it may be foolish to broadcast our presence to the universe quite so freely, for fear of hostile aliens eager to snap up the Earth’s resources. It is possible that more than one “moon” has drifted past the Earth throughout it’s four billion year history, and been captured for a while before moving on to pastures new. I am not so sure that the present occupiers of the moon are “alien”. I won’t believe that until I see a bona-fide photograph of an “alien” that hasn’t been genetically engineered on Earth!
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ALIEN AIRSHIPS Over Old America: PLUS 18 other tantalizing mysteries
ALIEN AIRSHIPS Over Old America: PLUS 18 other tantalizing mysteries
Price: £1.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Stimulating Food for Thought!, 5 Oct. 2014
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Victorian Airships are always of interest to those of a certain disposition and poetic sensibility. However there is nothing in the accounts of Pinkney to convince me that any of them were of an “alien” origin. Pinkney has gathered together accounts of the “airships” reported globally in the second half of the nineteenth century. He suggests that the craft may not have been “airships” but the same kind of Ufos seen today but misinterpreted by simple people who had no other word in their vocabulary to explain the phenomena. I believe that if these hundreds of witnesses reported seeing airships, then that is what, in fact they saw. It would appear that the sight of them was not all that unusual and that the witnesses were correct.

There are also accounts in the book of twentieth century Ufos; again I see no reason to assume that they are “alien” in origin either. Significantly, the cases he cites are mostly post WW2. All of these events, airships and Ufo’s, to me indicate the secret development of technology far ahead of open science. Ever since the accumulation of capital in the hands of the few, there have probably been plutocrats who want to confound and manipulate humankind with their advanced technology, and steal a march on their contemporaries, ensuring their place at the top of the pile. I imagine these characters to be like Jules Verne’s Captain Nemo. They may have had philanthropic ideals or a wish to create a “New World Order” from humanitarian motives, and so invested large sums in new hidden technology, poaching all of the brightest minds from universities. This has been going on for centuries; Perhaps some of the technology discovered dates back to ante- diluvian times, and has been hidden on Mars or in underground bases here on Earth. Today the same sort of situation still exists; who knows who controls the hundreds of billions in the “black budget”? Who can tell what arcane secrets they have uncovered? Perhaps the Nazis somehow managed to link up all of these private projects, and thus instigate the new Fifth Reich! Perhaps the Nazis have Magonia as an ally?

There are many other interesting chapters in Pinkney’s book; some concerning re- incarnation, others coincidence, and synchronicity. I have experienced some of these kind of happenings too. Europeans tend to dismiss them as “chance” events and thus dismiss them, but the spirits of the dead are all around us, the dead are indeed with us, and they occasionally leave a subtle calling card. There are many kinds of discarnate entities which inhabit Earth and the stars, some of them may have once been fleshy and others not. These beings like to remind us of their presence by arranging strange serendipitous happenings which may alarm or surprise people during their everyday lives. The problem that must be faced is how to navigate in the timeless nether world after we have passed on. This can only be achieved by strenuous meditation and one pointed concentration. Of course the law of Karma comes in to play, and everyone is answerable for their sins. There are accounts in the book of children who can spontaneously remember their past life in detail, their previous address, their previous family, and the way in which they died in their past life and even where they were buried.

There are also some “conspiracy” chapters in the book. There is an account of the poisoning of Stalin, who apparently wanted to provoke a nuclear war with the US. by behaving completely unreasonably, instigating purge after purge and the murder of his own people. There are other WW2 conspiracies surrounding Hitler’s probable murder of his unwilling lover and niece, Geli Raubal, and a chapter concerning the seemingly crazy mission of Rudolph Hess to negotiate with the Duke of Hamilton to stop the war. He said that Britain and Germany were natural allies and that our common enemy was the USSR. Churchill however was intent on destroying the Nazi regime.

Lost Years of Jesus: Documentary Evidence of Jesus' 17-Year Journey to the East
Lost Years of Jesus: Documentary Evidence of Jesus' 17-Year Journey to the East
by Elizabeth Clare Prophet
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
Price: £4.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Jesus is a Buddhist saint!, 26 Sept. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
There now appears to be a consensus around a radical revision of Christian doctrine, in the light of the research concerning the Dead sea Scrolls, and the Nag Hammadi Library of apocryphal and pseudepigraphical Christian texts. This book is a part of this tendency which began at the cusp of the Aquarian Age. Why has the fact that Jesus travelled to India and Tibet been suppressed for so long? It is quite apparent that most of Jesus’ philosophy is Buddhist. When Jesus said, “my “yoke” is easy and my burden is light” he was referring to yoga for which there was no word in Greek or Aramaic.

Nothing is said in the bible about the lost years of Jesus between the ages of thirteen and thirty, before He began his mission in Palestine. Most theologians have assumed that during this period He was in Egypt. On the contrary, He certainly travelled eastwards to learn everything he could from the sages and holy men of India, Tibet and Nepal. As this book reveals, Jesus is a Buddhist saint known in Tibet and all over central Asia as Saint Issa. Apparently the first “westerner” to “discover” this fact was Nicolas Notovitch the Russian who travelled in 1887 through Kashmir and thence to Little Tibet in search of the books which give accounts of Jesus’ sojourn in the East. I will not name the monasteries where these documents are kept, as I am sure that the monks in these holy places are sick of curious westerners pestering them about the Issa scrolls. To find out you will have to read this book.

Jesus studied the Vedas in India and the ancient Buddhist scrolls of Lassa, and this was how he developed the philosophy that was to overwhelm the world, even if it has been badly and brutally evangelized. In India Jesus preached against the caste system and taught the vaisyas and sudras from the Vedas which was contrary to Hindu law. He also preached against idolatry, and that there is only one God the True Creator of everything in the universe. For this he was threatened and forced to travel northwards to Tibet. There is a precis of the teachings of Saint Issa in the Tibetan books shown to Notovitch, and translated to him, from the Tibetan, by the Lama of the monastery in which he stayed for a few weeks. There are many oral traditions too in Tibet concerning the deeds and the holiness of Saint Issa which were later heard by the artist and polymath, Nicholas Roerich, who did hundreds of visionary paintings on his arduous journeys through the Himalayas, Tibet, Mongolia and Turkestan during the nineteen thirties.

In many ways the teachings of Jesus have become perverted and tainted by materialism and worldliness. Few can reach enlightenment by engaging with the world, and in pursuing wealth. Can faith in Christ be enough to ensure salvation? Actions must count for something too, as Jesus actually said. Surely there are fewer enlightened people now than there were in the first century. Obviously Saint Issa was familiar with philosophy of Karma; I believe that it was a part of his intention, when he returned to Palestine, to introduce the Dhamma to the West, so that the people could see that their actions always have consequences, in a kind of inevitable Newtonian sense. Perhaps some of the Buddhist histories of Issa have been interpolated and wrongly translated, slightly, in the same way as the Bible has. One can only hope that all of the researches continue apace and that the true findings concerning the life of Saint Issa are not suppressed any further. Please do not neglect to read the notes at the end of the book, some of the most interesting material and references are contained therein.
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Saucers, Swastikas and Psyops: A History of a Breakaway Civilization:  Hidden Aerospace Technologies and Psychological Operations
Saucers, Swastikas and Psyops: A History of a Breakaway Civilization: Hidden Aerospace Technologies and Psychological Operations
Price: £6.17

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5.0 out of 5 stars Unpalatable Truths revealed by Joseph P Farrell., 1 Aug. 2014
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This is a book that should be taken extremely seriously. It is the most academic book by Farrell I have come across. I am completely “with” Farrell. He is certainly very “up” and tuned in to the current zeitgeist. The book is slightly disjointed; after reading it you should realize why. I agree with Farrell totally regarding the “breakaway civilization” which is a state without boundaries. All of the ills on this planet can be ascribed to this state within a state within a state. He begins with the an appraisal of the work of the historian, Carroll Quigley and Richard M Dolan a ufologist. Quigley believed that civilization is a by- product of the “Sociology of Weapons”; Dolan postulated the idea of a “breakaway civilization” which is literally underground and escapes the gaze of of the topsiders. The only clues as to it’s existence are the ufos which are on occasion exhibited, to the consternation and alarm of humanity.

Farrell comes to this analysis from an alternative science standpoint and of thoughts regarding ancient technology. Why is it that “we”, on the face of the earth regard ourselves as in control of “our” civilization? At the beginning of the book Farrell appears to ascribe this “breakaway civilization” solely to the manipulation of Nazis after the WW2, when Nazi scientists were farmed out to the USSR and the USA. This is a familiar story and cannot in any way be doubted. But the psychotronic weapons of the Nazis are never discussed openly, except by Farrell. He believes that the “extra- terrestrial” hypothesis was a psy- op; a psychological meme implanted in the host states to cover - up the development of advanced electro- propulsive technology on this planet. There is scant evidence or documentation for this technology in Nazi German documents, but Farrell has found a great deal of published evidence in the post -war years. He quotes a retired employee of the “skunk works” who repeatedly said during lectures that the US. now had the technology to “send ET home” and that the US. had craft that would "make George Lucas drool". Farrell appears to think that this is true and that the technology exists to travel at super- luminary speeds. I still have a few doubts about this, but an open mind nonetheless. The paperclip Nazi scientist Hans Oberth during the ufo panics of the 50’s appeared to know exactly how the ufos sighted in America and all over the world were constructed, and before his death claimed that the Nazis “had help” from “out there”. Farrell also quotes Jacques Vallee who is a deep thinker on the whole question of hidden technologies.

Vallee is interested in the psychological aspects of Ufos too and their affect on the human mind. Vallee believes that they are technological, but also a weapon of disorientation, implanting the belief that there is a superior civilization whose artifacts are magical. Farrell has followed up this line of reasoning, but does not say anything about pre- war ufos, for which there is much evidence in the mythologies and cultures of the world, going back hundreds if not thousand of years. I doubt if the whole question of the existence of hidden technologies can be ascribed to the Nazis. Space is not a vacuum, and there are many problems inherent in the idea of space travel in at super- luminary speeds. How can the craft’s route be plotted through trillions of miles at warp speed? Surely there are many physical obstacles like interstellar particles, radiation of all kinds, and planetoids to navigate.

Farrell goes into some depth regarding the theories of the Paperclip Nazis who appeared to believe in the existence of the “aether” and “zero- point energy”, they refuted the Jewish scientist Einstein’s ideas, and instead suggested with the Nazi scientist, Heim that space is a stationary matrix of geometrical cells, called “metrons” whose spin and orientation can be electronically altered and manipulated by an electro- propulsive vehicle, so that the spaceship is literally sucked through space. But given that ufos have existed throughout human history and the strange creatures which disembark from them, it would seem to me that they must have the ability to travel in time and thus manipulate human history. Perhaps the “breakaway civilization” is more akin the Vallee’s “Magonia” a land of fairy folk, sylphs and nymphs from Earth’s past and distant future!

Ragnarok : the Age of Fire and Gravel
Ragnarok : the Age of Fire and Gravel
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As a schoolboy, I was always very skeptical regarding the science which was taught as absolute truth; there never is any absolute truth in the field of science, and theories are are often discarded, when the new orthodoxy becomes regarded as infallible. Ignatius Donnelly nowadays is anathema to the geological academic community, but I believe that his ideas are worthy of re- appraisal. This book written in 1883 is quite rational, beautifully written, and sheds light regarding the processes of climate change and the periodic geological catastrophes which assail the Earth from the cosmos. Forget about the “ice age”, there never was such a thing, the geology of the Earth is largely the result of catastrophe. The “powers that be” don’t want you to know this, because the idea is extremely unsettling to Joe public.

I believe that Donnelly was the first person in the western world to suggest that all religions are actually cometary cults. The gods of religion are the result of extreme cataclysms which are portended by alarming spectacles in the sky, spectacles of fire breathing dragons, ravenous wolfs, and evil serpents. The images of a large celestial body approaching the Earth. The knowledge of these periodic events is encoded within the mythologies of the world. Donnelly believed that the world was subject to these periodic traumas quite frequently, and that life on Earth was sometimes wiped out and at others modified by cataclysms. The evidence of this is there for everyone to see in the massive “drift” deposits, the gravel, sand and clay which cover the earth up to the highest mountain peaks.

Donnelly was certain that the instrument of these catastrophes was a gigantic comet, equal to, or even larger than the mass of the Earth which deposited “the Drift” upon the face of the Earth. The book has inspired all kinds of writers, and alternative scientists, most of them are more circumspect than Donnelly, some believe that an asteroid was the agency, others that it was a sudden burst of radiation from the centre of the galaxy. The catastrophe which Donnelly equates with the biblical “Fall of Man” occurred thirty thousand years ago, twenty thousand years before the the flood of Noah and Deucalion.

Apart from the evidence which stares geologists in the face, there are also the messages encoded in religion, which Donnelly studied in great detail, he includes native American lore, Norse mythology, Hindu legends and of course the Bible. The serpent in the garden of Eden was viewed by Donnelly as a representation of the evil comet, which destroyed the idyllic Tertiary world, when Earth was an innocent paradise with tropical weather extending to the polar circles. The actual Garden of Eden was according to Donnelly, the lost continent of Atlantis, where man dwelt for eons in a lush environment of natural abundance, and vegetarianism. The satanic comet changed all of that, and man was forced to look for shelter in deep caves, whilst the majority were annihilated.

Fascinatingly Donnelly suggests that the Book of Job is an account which describes what humans felt after this betrayal by Jehovah. He thought that the Book of Job was vastly ancient in it’s origin and was written during the years soon after the cataclysm. The climate since this period has been gradually returning to it’s equilibrium. It is as if the Earth wants to return to the ideal equilibrium of the Tertiary epoch, this explains a lot about current theories of climate change, and the erroneous assumption that the climate of the Earth does not change of it’s own accord. When geologists first came across “the Drift” and tried to explain it, they originally thought that it was evidence of the Noahcic flood. Donnelly refutes this and also the later theories concerning the fictitious Ice Age. In place of the Ice Age, Donnelly posits the catastrophic “Drift Age” when the climate suddenly changed for the worse, and people lost their belief in God. Of course the story of Sodom and Gomorra is also an account of the cataclysm.

When humans eventually emerged from their caves after the cataclysm they were confronted by a new dismal world of intense heat and barrenness, followed by complete darkness and then the bursting of the clouds made from the evaporated seas and lakes, and a new twilight world where the sun was invisible perhaps for hundreds of years. During these years it is likely, says Donnelly that man was reduced to cannibalism, and was forced to engage in incest to perpetuate the human race.

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