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Graeme Leggett (Norfolk, UK)

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ZETETIC ASTRONOMY EARTH NOT A GLOBE (The Ancient believe of Earth related to the Sun, moon, planets and stars) - Annotated 5 Misconception about Columbus
ZETETIC ASTRONOMY EARTH NOT A GLOBE (The Ancient believe of Earth related to the Sun, moon, planets and stars) - Annotated 5 Misconception about Columbus
Price: £1.97

1.0 out of 5 stars an old and discredited text that is not easy to read, 8 Aug. 2016
Verbose and factually wrong in many places - obviously - the text is available for free elsewhere on the internet so buy if you want it in a format for handy reading or have cash to spare.
The author is said to have been good with rhetoric but you might find the old fashioned prose heavy going. Eg the author advances a proof that the sun doesn't actually set by invoking mathematical-like terminology to 'explain' perspective but just confuses and does not convince.
The author also argues for the Earth being only a few thousand years old - a Young Creationist viewpoint.
An aid to the study of the Flats Earth belief phenomenon or to prepare yourself for debate with a Flat Earth believer but not a thrilling or informative read.

Homeopathy for Measles (aude sapere Book 3)
Homeopathy for Measles (aude sapere Book 3)
Price: £3.10

1.0 out of 5 stars try thevkindle sample , dont waste your money., 17 Feb. 2016
Read a sample and that was sufficient. In the opening paragraphs, the author says "it would be unethical to make any claims as to the effectiveness of homeopathy" and then tries to backpedal and make claims that it promotes natural healing.

LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4  (Xbox 360)
LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 (Xbox 360)
Offered by Galactico
Price: £10.35

4.0 out of 5 stars value entertainment, 2 Jan. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Bought for my son (as a daily deal). Keeps him amused. Usual Lego game style pitching humour with a suitable level of challenge to make you come back and try an improve on your previous attempt.

Dmso: Nature's Healer
Dmso: Nature's Healer
Price: £8.91

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1.0 out of 5 stars author claims superiority over scientific method, 2 Jan. 2016
I tried the sample the kindle app. Within the first few pages, the author claims that anecdotal evidence ( his own?) is superior to the medical standard of double-blind trial. At this point, he lost any credibility with me. I read on for a bit and its anecdotal example after anecdotal example - no explanation for how DMSO is supposed to work its "miracle". Without explanation you are left reliant on faith, which is not safe with a solvent which can transport any chemical through skin.

Vax U89MAFT Mach Air Force Total Home
Vax U89MAFT Mach Air Force Total Home

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Hard going - poor ergonomics but does clean, 22 Jun. 2012
I find this vacuum cleaner a hard one to like. It does clean but there are things about it that make it only "OK".

It's claimed to have a powerful suck but its difficult to apply this power without straining something.

Firstly, pushing it around it feels heavy - there's no "glide" to it. It won't tilt out of upright position readily and the handle is too short for comfort. Those of you who are less than 6ft may find that less of a problem.

It comes with a selection of attachments - for the cleaning of things other than floors - furniture, curtains, car seats etc. You have to unclip the hose from the brush area, take out the handle and fit the two together to use the attachments, then rebuild the cleaner to use it on floors again. If you want to reach things on the floor, or high up, that short handle I mentioned earlier affects the ease of use of these. Perhaps an extension tube is available to make more comfortable use of them.

Cable stowage I also rate as poor the two "hooks" are very close together and low down on the machine so I found I had to kneel down to wind it on.

Overall, I'd say this is the sort of vacuum cleaner you should test drive first to make sure you'll be happy with it before committing to purchase.

NETGEAR DGN1000-100UKS N150 Mbps Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router for Phone Line Connections
NETGEAR DGN1000-100UKS N150 Mbps Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router for Phone Line Connections
Offered by SmarTechnics
Price: £54.95

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Unusable wireless, doubtful performance, 28 Jan. 2012
On paper this is a capable router from a well-known and reputable manufacturer.

However in practice, for the router I have its wireless functionality is non-existent. The wireless signal is strong but while various computers, iphones, printers can connect wirelessly to the router, most of the time the router won't connect them to the internet. Switching the router off and then on again will "cure" the problem for a while but it generally comes back in a short while.

The problem seems to be endemic to the model judging by the size of the discussion on the netgear forums, and as yet unsolved. I presume it affects sufficient numbers of the router to annoy a lot of people but not so many as to trigger a recall or stop manufacturing the model. I have a work-around: the computers in our house connect to it by wired cabling.

I have tried a different unit of the same model, supplied by Orange to a relative, and while that has (so far) maintained wireless connections, the speed/response of the wireless connection is sluggish such that I switched to a wired connection. Connection onwards to the internet is a bit ropey from my laptop (Netgear's recommendation is to update the wireless network card drivers) and I have gotten several "Internet explorer cannot display the webpage" messages which clear with a reload. My relation could not get the Wireless Station Access list security to work for them but its not something I've tried.

I cannot recommend this router, even at £40, spend more money for a better device or one with a better rating. I bought mine in a hurry when my previous router stopped working - and I regret rushing to replace it.

Doctor Who Cyberman Conversion Chamber
Doctor Who Cyberman Conversion Chamber
Offered by cookiesales666
Price: £22.50

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4.0 out of 5 stars From a father's point of view, 2 Jan. 2012
This is one of Character Options "Lego-like" building sets (with Lego being the benchmark to compare these sort of kits) effectively its a playset you have to build rather than a general pile of bricks that can be reused in endless combinations.

Assembly was straightforward: the construction is broken down into 34 steps and there are pictures of the completed model from three angles to compare your efforts with.

The parts are all cleanly made and generally fit well tightly together. There are some parts that are done differently to Lego and a few seem less robust but not to the extent that they will break easily. The final model is robust though one assembly which I think is supposed to be a "lift" comes apart too easily if you manhandle it - eg but trying to stick one of the figures to it.

Once it was together, my son immediately started playing with it making up his own stories and then came back to it after his tea to play with it some more.

Time will tell how long it stays together or it gets broken up to make new toys let alone gets built again - but in our home I'd put money on some Star Wars crossover action.

No Title Available

3.0 out of 5 stars Suitable but pricey maybe overpriced, 29 Jun. 2011
This external drive seems aimed at the laptop/portable market.
However we got one in for a new server that is too thin to have its own Optical drive fitted at the same time as a full complement of hard drives, so I'm reviewing from that angle.

While the box claims that no power supply is needed for it, one is provided. It comes with adaptors so that it can be used in different countries, UK, USA and Europe from the looks of it. For peace of mind I would always use a power adaptor rather than rely on the USB port.

The case is metal and probably rugged enough for travel in a laptop bag or slung in the boot of a car but it isn't lightweight. The warranty is a limited one year one, so you still have to look after it.

The USB cable - fitted at the case - is quite short. Too short for the server without having to turn the drive round the wrong way, and almost certainly too short to be plugged in round the back of a desktop or tower PC.

The drive can write double layer discs and comes with software but for our purposes - which is likely to 90% reading from software installations discs - all that is largely pointless.

Fortunately it wasn't me or my budget that paid for it. I suspect a £20 drive from another manufacturer would have done the job just as well.

Harold (Thomas Story Library)
Harold (Thomas Story Library)
by Rev. Wilbert Vere Awdry
Edition: Paperback

3.0 out of 5 stars It's what you expect, 17 Nov. 2006
Its a book of the Thomas/Railway engines series for small children.

However, in disagreement with the previoous reviewer, helicopters do have wings. They are "rotary wing aircraft".

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