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Curtis Allen "capndred" (Birmingham England)

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Terminator Vault: The Complete Story Behind the Making of The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Terminator Vault: The Complete Story Behind the Making of The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day
by Ian Nathan
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £20.40

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5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect for fans of Cameron's Terminators., 16 Mar. 2016
If you like the Terminator films, I highly recommend this book. I've just finished the section on the first film.
It's less about how they created effects (though there is a fair bit of that in there), and more about how the film came to be made: who was involved and how they came to be, and where the ideas and inspirations came from, and the justification of certain things in the film. There's lots of anecdotes and so on.

It was written after Salvation came out, and mentions all the Terminator incarnations up to then, including films, the T2:3D theme park ride, Sarah Connor Chronicles, and games and comics, but mostly as examples of the first two films' legacy and those two films are squarely where the focus lies.

Every so often, you'll come across special features inside paper wallets between the pages: things like reproductions of handwritten notes from the sets and offices of the films, and reproductions of Polaroids etc.

The author ties everything together with a fan's voice - nicely humorous without becoming intrusive.

All in all, a great book!
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Price: £14.97

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5.0 out of 5 stars It's Thrice... but not as we know them!, 25 Oct. 2005
This review is from: Vheissu (Audio CD)
Stick with me on this...
Well - on first listen, I wasn't overly impressed. As I said, stick with me - I gave it 5 stars. It sounds absolutely nothing like Thrice's previous output. I find it hard to find a single track on Vheissu that has that "Thrice" sound. I was disappointed. I listened to the album and found that it has mellow and soft bits that are mellower and softer than Thrice usually does. It also has some grindingly heavy stuff that is heavier than anything I've heard them do before and again I wasn't keen. Also - the lyrics seemed bleaker than normal. While Thrice have normally seemed to have quite a degree of "Righteous anger" in their lyrics, this album seemed fed up with the world, and instead of wanting to instigate a change, wanted it to be over with. Also - the lyrics seemed a little more full of biblical imagery and phrasing than normal.
It was only when I re-looked at the lyrics to "Like Moths to Flame" that something seemed to make sense. When I'd first listened to that song, I'd thought it was about a girl. The last line about betraying my king confused me. Re-looking, I realised this is a song about Peter denying he knew Jesus at his crucifiction!
From then a lot more of the album made sense. The biblical imagery isn't just imagery but quite often retells Biblical stories and messages. The album suddenly seemed less bleak, and more looking to what is to come AFTER this world rather than simply waiting for this world to end and be done with. I'm curious to know whether one or more of the band has become, or has become more openly Christian. I'll go and find out in a mo.
As for the album - it's grown on me a lot from that first listen. They try so many new ideas in this album and do have shades of Muse about them. The album seems more about atmospheres and sounds and moods, and less about technical prowess. The guitars and drumming are an awful lot less fiddly and more mood-inducing. The band seem (as the album cover suggests) a lot more reflective. The racing energy of Artist In The Ambulance seems to have slowed a little as the band have taken the time to explore different concepts. I really think this is almost unrecognisable as Thrice. Almost. They are still as inventive as ever and the lyrics are still beautifully poetic. The new ideas are fascinating and there is so much to listen to. These boys are definitely talented. I don't think there is a bad track on here but stand out tracks for me are "Music Box" - where the epic harmonised guitars balance nicely with the delicate music box that plays throughout, and the previously mentioned "Like Moths To Flame" for it's heavy but pained almost lovesong chorus.
I would reommend this to Thrice fans for the inventiveness and talent they have always shown, but would warn that it is a new sound they are playing with so listen with an open mind and listen more than once.
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Crow: Salvation [DVD] [2000] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Crow: Salvation [DVD] [2000] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Offered by M and N Media US
Price: £37.07

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Better than 2, not as good as 1, 9 April 2004
Well - the second film was clearly in no way as good as the first which it attempted to be a carbon copy of. This one, Salvation, puts a twist into it with the murder-mystery element of it and that is good - it saves the film from being another wannabe despite the constraints of O'Barr's Crow universe meaning that this film must be a revenge film. The plot has a little more to it than simply "man-rises-from-dead-and-kills-people" which could be a complaint about the first two films (though not so much the first as it was a more original idea then) Also, this film loses the long hair 'n' leather look of the first two films, which, again, is welcome to prevent it becoming somewhat of a cheesy cliche, know what I'm saying? And there is an interesting twist on the pierot make-up! The deaths of the bad guys are varied though sometimes there was a nagging feeling of, "oh whoop-di-doo, he has killed another person. I wonder how he'll slip the ol' Crow symbol in there this time" that got a bit samey.
I think the performances are more than adequate with the relationship that develops between Dunst and Mabius developing nicely - though their first meeting is a technically a touch dodgy - she doesn't recognise him?!
I would recomend this for ANY fan of The Crow - It does the books and first film justice. And for people who aren't sure about watching the first one, maybe because it looked a bit too gothy - check this one out. It is a self-contained story so you don't need to have seen that one to see this and he doesn't even look very gothy in this.

Evil Dead: Hail To the King (PC CD)
Evil Dead: Hail To the King (PC CD)

1.0 out of 5 stars Awwwwwwww... phooey! MAJOR disappointment!!, 25 Jun. 2003
I am a HUGE fan of the Evil Dead films and onf Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi in general. I am one of those sad sad people who has watched Evil Dead 1, Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness, and then the pilot episode of Hercules and then Xena in one sitting and understands why that makes sense. So I was hugely excited when I found out about this game.
I started it up and after watching the intro, I was just a bundle of buzz.
But I was disappointed. Unfortunately, throwing together locations from the movies and Bruce Campbell's voice do not a good game make. In fact those are pretty much the only reasons to even rent this game - to go "Ooh it's the cabin! Wow I'm in the room where Ash cut his hand off!" (Told ya I was sad. But if you're not into the films enough to do that, don't bother at all with this game)
There's another review here that has pretty much said what I shall about it. The camera angles are not helpful in lining yourself up with enemies or for dodging their attacks - you get no sense of perspective, Ash is really awkward to control, partly because of said camera angles, the enemies are repetitive and samey, the locations all seem to merge into a monotone... so on and so forth.
Every so often, I pick this game up off my shelp and jackhammer the dust off it and give it another chance, but always, I get too frustrated within a few minutes. I have no idea what I'm meant to be doing. I've been to every location I know how to get to and don't know how to progress. And I'm not giving up on this game because I'm a sap and can't deal with having to figure out a game - but I just cannot bring myself to stagger round the environments and endure the terrible combat system and all the other bad things about this game until I figure out what I'm meant to do.
Check it out if you're a fan... buy it only if, like me, you HAVE to have anything remotely Evil Dead related - regardless of whether it stinks.

Price: £7.11

5.0 out of 5 stars Perfection!, 25 Jun. 2003
This review is from: Fallen (Audio CD)
I heard Evanescence playing in Nostalgia and Comics - a great Sci Fi and Comic Book shop and loved the track then (Bring Me Back to Life). After asking the shop assistant the name of the band, her telling me it was Even Essence, me forgetting and having to go back to the shop a couple of days later, and then not being able to find them on the internet because they're not called Even Essence, I somehow found them and downloaded some of their stuff (Gosh - Aren't I naughty!). And I loved it immediately. I'd been getting bored with a lot of my music and wanted something else and this was EXACTLY what I'd been after. So I went and bought Fallen. I can't tell you how annoyed I was when I found out they were so popular tho - When I'd heard them in that shop, I thought they were some little-known, underground band and that I could introduce loadsa peopole to them. Boy, was I wrong!
So yeah - This album is haunting. I saw the phrase "Sonic Theatrics" in another review and I'll go with that. There's a fair share of eerie, haunting, gothic, almost classical choral sounding stuff to them. One of their influences is Danny Elfman, who did the music for the first Batman film, Edward Scissorhands, Evil Dead 3: Army of Darkness, the recent Spider-Man film and... the Simpsons of all things! So make of that what you will - I think Elfman's influence shows.
A couple of common misconceptions: Fallen is not their debut album. They have an ultra-rare debut called Origin along with some even rarer EPs and half the tracks on Fallen are new versions of songs from these.
And I don't think they sound like Linkin Bloody Park! Ok - so Bring Me Back to Life has a rapper and THAT track I'll grant sounds kinda Linkin Parky (but really ONLY that one) - But the rapper is a guest singer on that track only and the styles of songs on the album vary so much. A couple are even piano driven and soft and many of the songs have strings in - almost as if a couple of spare members from an orchestra have been recruited and there is that sort of sound about it - semi-orchestral. (I'd love to hear Evanescence write a song for themselves accompanied by a full orchestra! But other songs just rock hard! None of them, however, are really upbeat. Most of the songs are about sadness or pain. None of them are really 'happy' songs.
Amy Lee has a great voice and it's not engineered ad nauseum - she can sing live too!
I doubt that Evanescence's sound is completely original, but my musical knowledge isn't huge and so I know of no-one to compare them to.
I have downloaded (tsk!) most of their other tracks since Origin and their EPs are so rare, and in these there is even more variation of sound. One tracks has amazing bass drum rolls and almost death-metal style vocals at one point.
I just love this band and although I've listened to them to the point where the thrill is kinda gone, I still listen to them almost non-stop - I first heard them a coupla months ago and perhaps in total 7 days have gone by where I haven't listened to something from this album once. And most days I listen to all of it once!
Fallen simply has no bad tracks - NONE that I skip through to get to my favourites - I am quite happy to listen through the whole album because I love EVERY song! How rare!
I obviously can't guarantee they're to everyone's tastes, but I think you should give Fallen a listen to - don't dismiss this band as another Linkin' Park clone if you've only heard Bring Me Back to Life.

Adam Ant: Antvideo [VHS]
Adam Ant: Antvideo [VHS]

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5.0 out of 5 stars It's all here! Antmusic for Sexpeople!, 4 Jan. 2002
I was born after Antmusic's heyday I love it to bits! I think the music is great! But perhaps more than thatI think Adam Ant and his Ants had some great looks, and this video is a great way for a new fan like me to get a taste of the way they looked and also the whole theatricalness about them. Stand and Deliver and Prince Charming are great pantomimish music videos and I love watching all of the videos just to see how great and how amusing a showman and entertainer Adam is! Many of the videos had me smiling or even chuckling out loud at him.
Most of the hits from 'Antmusic - The Very Best of Adam and the Ants' are included on the vid with live recordings of Physical and Dog Eat Dog.
A must for any Antperson and a great introduction for anyone else.

Escape from Monkey Island (PC)
Escape from Monkey Island (PC)
Offered by marxwax
Price: £42.97

4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Good...but not AS good, 27 Dec. 2001
I've loved the Monkey Island games for years. I've played each of 1,2, and 3 dozens of times and still find new things in them occassionly!
Monkey Island 4 fights like a cow though!
There are some fresh jokes and humour in them, but the game seems too smug and far to content to think it is funny simply to refer back to the other games and after a while it gets tedious. I think I just got fed up with the game's whole smugness. For a new player it may well be a complete put-off. If I remember correctly, it's never actually explained why LeChuck and the Marleys have been so inextricably linkedfor years in the past games.(I also think Guybrush now seems to realise he's a tad pathetic - he was funnier when he didn't)
Secondly, the puzzles aren't quite as logical as in the previous three games and too many rely on mindless repitition. There's one really good example but I can't remember it now. At that point I had to use a game guide because although I'd actually thought of the solution to the problem, I'd thought "surely the game doesn't expect me to just keep doing that over and over" so I hadn't.
Last gripe - In MI2 (my fave game ever) when you got Captain Dread's ship, there were ever so many puzzles you could be trying to solve at once and if you tired of one, you could go somewhere else. MI4, moreso than the other games, seems to push you from one place to the next with no sense of freedom.
Don't get me wrong - those were mostly comparisons and I actually like this game - I enjoyed most of the puzzles (Monkey Kombat excluded), I found it funny, and I did enjoy many of the references back to the other MIs and to see old characters like Stan, Murray, and Herman(and in 3D as well!). I wish LeChuck had more appearances though. I just don't think this game is as good as the others. If you like the other MIs, buy this. If you don't know the other MIs - play them first, then buy this. If you don't like the other MIs, stay well away!

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