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mr.mercury "rock_star737" (Malta)

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One Way Ticket To Hell ... And Back
One Way Ticket To Hell ... And Back
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £4.69

9 of 10 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Will be a future Classic, 13 May 2006
OK, I hoenstly can't understand how so many people hate this album. My conclusion is no one really associates rock with fun anymore. This album is FUN from begining to end. You put it on and all way through you can enjoy it and rock out.

Compared to other 2005 rock releases such as the Foo Fighters' 'In Your Honor' or Audioslave's 'Out of Exile' (both excellent rock albums) this album stands out simply for the creativity and imagination that has been put into it. Roy Thomas Baker has really worked magic on this album giving the band a new dimension, which is very notable compared to Permision to Land(again another excellent album).

The thing about One Way Ticket is it's more than excellent. It's an instant Classic. Easily one of my alltime favourites. 35mins (yes 35mins only) of pure genius. The band have admitted this is more of a vinyl album with 5 tracks on each side. Listening to the album you realise why.

Side 1 (the pure rock side)

One Way Ticket starts off with panpipes, no idea why, but its brialliant. The only thing I don't like about this song is that dreadful cowbell. But otherwise this was the perfect first single for this album. It's got those winning rock elements that worked wonders on their debut, but you can hear the new elements as well. More harmonised vocals and a sitar solo distinguish it from their other songs.

Knockers...i love the chorus to this. Great lyrics. Great vibe. I love the piano and guitar solo piece. Makes me smile everytime I hear it.

Is It Just Me?...has to be one of their best songs so far. Possibly one of the best guitar solos in rock history. The guitar and bass riff is also really cool. Really pumping, and gives the song a great drive. I think this song is a great example of keeping the music simple yet complex enough to entertain and excite.

Dinner Lady Arms...starts of like vintage Leppard. But don't slag this off as being some rip off. The lyrics are beautiful in a quirky way, as The Darkness know how to be. Beautiful overall layered sound. I was really surprised with this one, this is where the album starts verging away from Permission to Land.

Seemed Like a Good my opinion this is one of the best power ballads of all time. I would have never imagined The Darkness using an orchestra, but this sounds glorious. Such a powerful chorus, you can't help but try and scream out the melody. Even though you probably will never hit those notes. I love those jazzy piano chords stuck here and there. This is a power ballad like you've never heard it before. And ''Across a thousand miles of broken glass on my hands and knees'' is the lyric that gets me most. How romantic...ahhhhhhhh *sighs*

Side 2(the experimental side of the album)

Hazel Eyes...starts off with a Brian May-esque lick, really cool. The lyrics are so original and wacky they make you laugh. Great balsy bass. And there are so many sounds in this song. Ebow guitars, a mandolin i believe or a guitar made to sound similar to one, bagpipes, marching drums, triangle. The best Celtic rock song ever. Also introduces a new word to your vocab...HAZELERER. You can't beat that.

Bald...don't really like this one. I think it could have been used so much better. It's mostly the lyrics that ruin this one. I definetly udnerstand Justin Hawkin's humour in his lyrics. But this could have been a sort of Love on the Rocks pt.2. and instead it's more like the Darkness taking the piss out of AC/DC's Hell Bells. Still great guitar work and vocal melody. Definetly grows on you more with each listen. Shame about the lyrics.

Girlfriend...lololol. One of the coolest songs on this album. On first listen I was like WTF. But the more I heard it I became adicted to it. The orchestrations in this song are mind blowing. Especially considering this is a rock song, and it rocks well. It is simplicity that's the key here. This has to have the best synthesiser solo ever(and not only on a rock album). Clocks in at 2.31 and you just want to play it again again. Girlfriend I Love You...soooooooo much.

English Country Garden...their most Queenish song. Actually I think this is the only Queenish song the Darkness have, despite so many people slagging them off for sounding too much like Queen. Again great lyrics and a great guitar solo. First song the Darkness have used the piano as a main instrument. Works really well. Maybe the begining of whats to come on future albums. Again another best in the rock rock song to use a French word. Jardin Jardin Jardin Jardin wooooh!

Blind Man...maginificent is the only word to describe the closing song of One Way Tikcet. The orchestra is used again for beautiful effect. Beautiful lyrics. No drums, no guitars(well no distorted guitas at least)...just an orchestra and lots of harmonised vocals. A not straight forward chorus that grows so well on you with each listen. Pefect album ending.

If this isn't a modern classic rock album then at least it should get the status of being one of the most Underated Classic Rock Albums.

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Don't Believe the Truth
Don't Believe the Truth
Offered by DVDBayFBA
Price: £4.18

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars let there be OASIS, 16 Jun. 2005
This review is from: Don't Believe the Truth (Audio CD)
To be honest i was not expecting this album to be anything special. Heathen Chemistry was good but a bit boring at times and when i heard first single LYLA i wasn't filled with high hopes of anything more than ordinary.
The biggest difference i seem to find that has made this album much better than Heathen Chemistry is, sorry to say, the absence of Alan White. I was abit angry when he was asked to leave the band because Alan was the only other member who has at least been with the band since Morning Glory. But hearing this album i can't help but wonder if Alan could play some of these songs so convincingly. Not that Alan is a bad drummer but he was never anything extraordinary. So welcome Zak Starkey!!
I love Zaks Old Skool playing especially on tracks like Turn Up the Sun and Part of the Queue. He has given this band a new dimension although he is only a session musician. He has given Oasis an interesting rythm section, before it was very simple and static. Along with Andy Bell, Oasis for once sound as mighty as they should. Listen to the bass lines and drums on Part of the Queue. Oasis of old wouldnt have had a clue what to do in that song. I applaud the band for using its potential and resources to the fullest!
What is also striking is this is the first Oasis album to be very uplifting. One could see hints of this in Heathen Chemistry with songs like The Hindu Times and She is Love, but then the rest of the album was full of melancholy songs. On this album Oasis in my opinion sound like their Heroes the Beatles for the 1st time proper. Hummable tunes, sweet melodies, songs bursting with creativity and new ideas.
Oasis' new wrting democracy is also a big help. Liams songs sound fresh and youhtful. Guess God Thinks I'm Abel and The Meaning of Soul have so much buzz in them they make u sing out aloud unwillingly. Andy and Gem have show a great sense of great sounds through their songs. Turn Up the Sun, A Bell will Ring and Keep the Dream Alive have given Oasis three great tunes. Although they seem simple there is alot more to the songs then one can see at face value. All of these have GREAT OASIS CHORUSes. They will certainly sound glorious live. Noel always improves. For the first time since Morning Glory Noel has moved away from his usual way of writing songs. He seems to have experimented alot with different time structures and chord patterns. You only need to liten to Part of the Queue, Mucky Fingers and The Importance of Being Idle. Plus there has been a definite change in his lyrics. They are much more interesting than those on Heathen Chmistry and Be Here Now.
All those fans that argue that Oasis are longer the band they once were are missing the point. If Oasis stayed the same they simply would be stupid. Definetly Maybe and Morning Glory are what they are because they encapsulated an era. They wouldnt have had the same impact in 2005. Dont Believe the Truth is Oasis in 2005, y should i expect them to act as if it was still 1995.
At the end of the day, Don't Believe the Truth will never be the album most fans and critics want it to be but thats not a bad thing. One things for sure. Its certainly a much more interesting album then U2s How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb. Oasis are still with us after a decade. Still making quality albums filled with quality Songs. They've remained Authentic. For the 1st time ever Oasis sound like they are happy with life. Lets just hope they stay happy for the next decade!

One Plus One Is One
One Plus One Is One
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £2.66

4 of 16 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Simply put...Woooooooowwwww!!, 15 Sept. 2004
This review is from: One Plus One Is One (Audio CD)
Well where do I begin. I bought this album since im already a big fan and have The Hour of the Bewilderbeast and Have You Fed the Fish? which I loved and listened to for months on end. So when i put this cd in my stereo I was expecting nirvana... I listened and listened but by the time I got to half the album i couldnt take anymore...what on earth is this?...this was made no sense to me at all. I said to myself "thats it, damons lost the magic"
Fortunately two nights later i couldnt get to sleep so at 1.00am i went outside and sat down on my balcony in the night and since i had nothing to do i thought id give One plus Pne is One another spin. For the next hour i just couldnt believe the music i was hearing..this was incredible. Every single track had something new...a was like watching a great movie.
One plus one is one is an album that needs to b listened to fully and with attention to b truly appreciated. The songs are literally..and i mean this...magical. From easy love to the year of the rat to four leaf clovers to holy grail every song is enchanting.
To me One plus One is One is the Moulin Rouge all crammed in a pub in the middle of an enchanted forest, filled with anything one could possibly imagine...from fairies to beer, from jazz to classical, from Angels to Demons, from fiction to factual..there is something truly time capsulating about this album. Its not now, its not the future, its not the past...its forever.
However b4 i tell u to go buy this album u require two important things otherwise i guarantee u, u wont like any of the songs....requirement 1 a pair of ears and requirement 2 a brain. unfortunately most ppl dont have these requirements. if u are one of the few that posseses such blessings use ur money wisely and by this masterpiece.

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