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Peter Wade (Colchester England)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Tastes great and it works, 17 Mar. 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is the third tub of whey I have ordered.

I have now created a habit by taking 30 grams or one scoop in the morning after my first bout of exercising. I have it with milk as it tastes like a really creamy milkshake.

Also I was worried that the shaker that was free with the first two tubs aren't great for sealing it in so I am taking less of a risk of it spilling.

I am feeling the effects as my muscles are much more toned and I feel a lot better.


The Secret War of Harry Frigg
The Secret War of Harry Frigg
Dvd ~ Charles Gray
Offered by DaaVeeDee-uk
Price: £22.68

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3.0 out of 5 stars Paul Newman plays it for laughs, 14 Mar. 2011
Interestingly I had never heard of this film before. I thought I had heard of most war films particularly those made during the sixties.

I watched it because Paul Newman is in it. it is an unusual role for him as he is playing it for laughs.

It was made about the same time as Dirty Dozen and it set in Britain during the second world war. Although Dirty Dozen is not billed as a comedy there are a lot of comedic parts and it is still a great film. Maybe the producers of this film thought they could cash in on the success of such films but it obviously did not work as I had never seen the film on the television. Also they may have they thought they had a winner with Paul Newman but that did not work either.

The comedy was film isn't that numerous and I had to look at the intent to remind me how many had been made. Most of them were complete farces and did not pretend to have nay serious story line.

It is a romp and the story is fairly light. Obviously you cannot take any part of it seriously and nobody gets shot and even the Nazis are comedic characters. How many funny Nazis do you meet outside of The Producers and Allo Allo,

The film is worth watching for the scenes between Paul Newman and Sylvia Koscina who unfortunately is not longer with us. It 1967 I would have happily watched the film many times as although there is not overt sex scenes she is very sexy and I would describe it as erotic as she is beautiful.

All in all a good film but only as light entertainment not a taxing film to watch, deserves a wider audience that it did not get at the time

Greatest Stories - Live
Greatest Stories - Live
Offered by LuvFilmLuvMusic
Price: £4.57

5.0 out of 5 stars We learned about love in the back of a Dodge, 8 Mar. 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Greatest Stories - Live (Audio CD)
We learned about love in the back of a Dodge

I had a few Harry Chapin on vinyl but have not listened to him in recent years as I hadn't got a CD I was looking for his greatest hits and normally I would not buy a live album

Harry Chapin is different in that he is a solo artist and as result his live album sound great as he can always seem to reproduce a great performance.

I read the reviews and decided to buy the CD. It contains all the great songs.

I had started like everyone else on Cats in the Cradle which was so good it has been covered by other bands and is of course a great moral tale for our times.

The second one I bought and still love is WOLD all about the life of a DJ and how he is reminiscing about his life. It always was a sad song but is even more so as I am that bit older.

Mr Tanner was a man with an ambition and he made it to the big time but was judged as not being good enough but is happy singing to himself.

Taxi is also about a life that could have been it is all about broken dreams and reminiscing about the past.

Harry was a great song writer as they were all really stories put to music

I treat myself by listening to then all again and it has been thirty years since Harry passed on. I remember driving down the road to work when it was announced on the radio as if it were yesterday. That is some achievement for a singer song writer who was not really a best selling artist in the UK.

If you are a Harry fan or even a fan or singer song writers so on treat yourself buy this live album

The Emperor's New Clothes [DVD]
The Emperor's New Clothes [DVD]
Dvd ~ Ian Holm
Price: £3.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great acting superb settings and music, 7 Mar. 2011
I don't normally bother with films like this as I find them too clever.

It is a what if story. Napoleon is exiled to St Helena and a plan is hatched to have him replaced by a nobody. It is handy that Ian Holm was available as Napoleon and even more handy that he was also available to play his double. This got over the problem of his British captors not knowing that he has been substituted.

He makes his way back to France and is unrecongised but finds love. The scenes in Paris are well filmed as obviously Paris doesn't look like that anymore.

There is an interesting scene when he uses to organisational ability to galvanise all the melon sellers like a military campaign to make a lot of money. We see the old Napoleon with his maps and stragetic thinking.

He tells his new partner Pumpkin who he is but she doesn't believe.

When he tells a doctor who he is he takes him to lunatic asylum and he sees what happens to people who claim to be Napoloen. I tHought that was a very clever scene.

I won't give away the ending. It was the ending that concerned me as it could have a fiasco of the whole story but it wAs well done.

All in all an underrated gem that I had not heard of before. Desrves a lot more publicity as Ian Holm is a geat actor and he did it well.

The Conman
The Conman
by Laney Salisbury
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars How one man figured out the art world and fooled the experts., 5 Mar. 2011
This review is from: The Conman (Paperback)
If you like true British crime stories this is the book for you. If there is a slight criticism is that it appears to be written in American no just the spellings but they are giving American expressions and thoughts to quintessentially English characters.

Also there is a running glossary of British expressions and definitions for a foreign audience.
I had itemised this case but it is fascinating

Every trade has its secrets which may not to be immediately obvious to the outsider.

As a non artistic person I had no concept of how experts or anyone else for that matter came to the conclusion that the masters were worthy of the money that people appear to want to pay for them. The answer in a nutshell is that if experts can prove a provenance that is that it really has been painted by an acclaimed master then you can shift the work for a lot of money.

Obviously experts can be fooled in any trade an it appears in art it is easier than most. All you have t do is procure a load of paperwork to show that it has passed through a few well respected people in the profession then somehow it must be true.

Also John Drewe the conman decide that when looking at originals records that non one suspected that someone would be putting evidence in rather than taking it out. He would doctor old catalogues and receipts to prove that it had a legitimate history. The trade was not expecting this to be done so they were not looking out for it.

As a result he could shift inferior art work by showing that it had been through the hands of a lot of experts. This then gave the work cachet which was then believed by the experts.

It proved that these experts could not independently assess a piece of art they had to have provenance which then convinces them. It is a simple con and can work in every trade.

I remember when Robert Maxwell fell from grace literally they explained how he borrowed against assets that he didn't own. He went to one bank and got a loan then used that information go to another bank. The second bank thought incorrectly that the first bank must have done due diligence so lent him more money. It is a basic confidence trick.

I love Dragons Den when someone comes on with some piece of crap and the Dragons looked bored. The presenter then declares' by the way I have sold 100,00 of these pieces of crap to Tescos. They then perk up and offer to buy this stuff.

Again it is the same confidence trick if they think someone reputable wants it then all of a sudden they want it.

The book is a cracking read as you really want to I know how it turns out. Another review said and they are right it is a bit like a magazine article and it is difficult to keep up with all the characters in the story as there are so many of them but there is a list of characters at the beginning of the book so you can refer back if you want to

The main character is John Drewe who thought up the con and assiduously set about cosying up to the art world by offering money and John Myatt was his artist

The conman himself was an amazing character and he would overwhelm people with his supposed knowledge and as a result people believed him. It showed how amatuerish the whole trade is if an outsider with no previous artistic knowledge and no artistic skill can create a con from scratch and take on the art world and make a lot of money.

Drewe found a sales force and one Belman knew nothing about art but believed in the six degrees of separation. If you throw your net wide enough you find someone who will lead you to the perfect buyer.

The detective had a theory about con artists as victims would recall the conman's beautiful delivery as the mark always craved something that was out of reach and the conman knew how to identify the mark's particular longing and zero in on it.

The detectives also knew that con artists take a contemptuous delight in manipulating and making fools of their victims and sometimes will make notes or evidence of how they did it.
They were amazed at the sheer volume of myth and confetti Drewe managed to scatter behind him

Even in my job I know the longer the explanation the bigger the con They repeated the mantra Keep it simple.

The sub title which I have used as the title of this review sums it all up How one man figured out the art world and fooled the experts.
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Pears' Cyclopaedia 2010 - 2011
Pears' Cyclopaedia 2010 - 2011
by Chris Cook
Edition: Hardcover

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5.0 out of 5 stars Indispensible treasure trove of knowledge, 17 Feb. 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I had a copy of the book many years ago and it is a great little one volume encylcopaedia.I know it is regarded as old fashioned these days to get ones informaiton from the internet rather than books. The beauty of books is that you can take them anywhere and they have been edited rather than just a vast mass of information.

This publication has been around since 1897 and this is the 119th edition, they have obviously got something right.

It is set out in various sections from A-Z starting with chronicle of events to medical matters it has obviously been updated so therer are sections on the world of science ,computing and the internet and the environment.

Ther are of course trying to put a lot of information one volume so the pages are thin and the type is small. There are 1056 pages and that is a lot.

I have covered mine like we used to cover school books as I will be taking it everywhere with me.I am a quizzaholic and a triviaphiliac so it is a treasure trove of trivia which I will be dipping into regularly.

Concerning Amazon's service. I cannot fault it. The first copy I received had a printing fault. Printers are cheeeky little people.To hide a fault such as the pages being cut incorrectly they food pages back in.

I had to send the copy back. Amazon said print off a label put it back in the post.They then sent a fresh copy in the first class post even though I had not paid extra to start with.

If only everyone else I dealt with were are good. That is why they get my custom.

Book and service highly recommended.

Bosch TDA7635GB Premier Plus iron white/silver
Bosch TDA7635GB Premier Plus iron white/silver

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Iron man too, 15 Feb. 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought myself a Bosch iron a year or so ago.I have not regretted is as it is a great iron.

Like any job it helps if you have the right tools. Most of us buy cheap old irons from Tesco's and wonder why it is an uphill struggle. If you pay about 60 quid for an iron it becomes a joy as it is so easy.The one I use is now not made any more but it is still a good iron.

I tried to order this one for my daughter as I had attempted to do some ironing round her house and her iron was crap. She has just had another baby and I knew that she would be dong a lot of ironing so as by way of a present I sent her this iron.This is the second Bosch iron I have bought.

I tried it out today and it was great. They have changed the design form the one I have got. This one has a filler at the bottom of the iron.

Like mine the steam pours out which is just what you need on shirts and baby grows.

The only thing you have to look out for is to make sure your hands don't catch the steam as it is very hot indeed.

As one person said in a previous review If Darth Vader were to iron his robes this is the iron he would use. I agree and this is the Mercedes Benz of irons. It is pricey but it maybe the last iron you ever buy. I know I am an aficionado of irons and ironing. This is almost the only hours work I do.

If as bloke you chose what women don't like doing then you get extra points and you get let off other onerous tasks.

Highly recommended

Home to Roost - Complete Series [DVD]
Home to Roost - Complete Series [DVD]
Dvd ~ John Thaw
Offered by 2ndiscs
Price: £14.74

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4.0 out of 5 stars Divorced single dads life turned upside down, 12 Feb. 2011
Home to Roost

One of the beauties of the Freeview box, Sky tv and the plethora of television stations is that they have to fill the time with something. There are only so many coooking, weight loss and reality televisions programmes they can show so they reshow the old comeides.

I have been lucky enough to pick up most of the episodes on ITV 3. I loved rising Damp by Eric Chapell and you can never tire of rewatching that as every episode is good. Home to Roost is not quite in the leagure of Rising Damp but it is very good indeed. I could not take to Only when I Laugh but Home to Roost I can watch any time

It is gentle domestic comedy of a middle aged divorced father living on his own when his 17 year old son leaves his mother and decides to come to live with him.

I suppose at the theme of divorced parents was not really depicted on television and certainly not in comedies.

Henry Willows played by John Thaw has a calm settled life and it is turned upside down by a son he has not seen since he was very young. All the bitterness of the divorce returns but it is very funny as he comes to terms with this grown up son.

Some of the best episodes involves the interplay between Henry and his cleaner who is filrtatous but he seems not to notice and her dsigust at the antics of the son . Also the son Mathew tries to engineer a reconciliation between Henry and his divorced wife Sheila Hancock . They even end up sleepeing together then realise it has all be engineered by the son.

There are shades of Dear John but the differrence is that Henry Willows is happy with his life and has no intention of finding another women to fill the hoe in his life. He clailms he was happy in his little world until his son turns up.

All in all an very good comedy and is not in the first rank of British comedies of the time but is an excellent runner up

Dear John - Complete Collection - Series 1 & 2 Plus The Christmas Special [DVD]
Dear John - Complete Collection - Series 1 & 2 Plus The Christmas Special [DVD]
Dvd ~ Ralph Bates
Offered by Little Giant Toys
Price: £17.95

3 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Were there any sexual problems?, 8 Feb. 2011
I hadn't seen this comedy since it was first shown in the 1980s.It must have been good because the Americans bought the idea and remade it for their market which was quite rare for a British comedy as they claim our comedies are too downbeat and are full or losers.

Remember the first episode when he went into the wrong room and had to admit he wasn't an alcoholic and they didn't believe him.
The characters are well drawn and you could look at the script without the names attached to the speeches and you would know who was talking.

Maybe John's predicament is even more poignant today as there are far more divorced men who are suffering form being divorced and have to rebuild their lives.

John Sullivan created some classic characters with Louise who runs the One 2 One club and is really only interested if you have got any sexual problems which became a catch phrase and Kirk St Moritz and is only there to pickup the chicks and hasn't even been married an lives in a fantasy world. whose real name is Eric Morris who lives with his overbearing mother.

Ralph who grieves the lose of his terrapins as much as his ex wife.

John meets women but even if they take any interest in him they move on or are school girls. His wife uses him for her own ends but still took the money and the house and lives with his best friend. It is funny but the problem is it is true for a lot of people.

It is just as funny all these years latter and is certainly worth a few watches. It shows you that comedy can be funny and does not just have to be effing and blinding or bodily functions, Not that I am against any of those types of humour but it has its limitations.

You could watch it with your maiden aunt as they used to say.

Highly recommended.

Camp 186: The Lost Town at Berechurch
Camp 186: The Lost Town at Berechurch
by Ken Free
Edition: Paperback

5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars An intriguing slice of British and Colchester history, 15 Jan. 2011
An intriguing slice of British and Colchester history

I only live a few miles from Berechurch so I was interested in its history during the second world war.

Apart from "The One that Got Away" and "McKenzie Break" I cannot remember many stories in films about German prisoners of war.

My mum used to tell me that she went out with Italian prisoners of war and I have met a couple of people over the years who were Germans prisoners of war obviously they are quite old now.

I have read articles in the local paper over the years about the origins of the Military Corrective Training Centre in Colchester and I pass it quite regularly. I like the picture in the book of the gates being opened and the prisoners pushing past the guards and into freedom when the place closed.

As a youngster in the 1950 and 60s I was brought up on a diet of British prisoner of war films but apart from the two I mentioned German prisoners of war in Britain never really get a mention.

It is a little know fact that when the war was over they were kept and repatriated over a period of time. Recently in the history of the 1948 Olympics it was revealed that some of the work was done by German POWs still in Britain.

It is interesting that the British public and politicians would ask questions about the treatment of POWs whereas the Japanese Germans and Russians had no compunction about their treatment of POWs. They would happily murder them wholesale whereas the British were playing by rules of fair play and worried that they were not paying them enough or that they should be allowing them to go home to a war torn country that at least 25,000 chose not to go home to.

Quite a few married British women and stayed her permanently bringing up families here. It is an interesting position to fight a country then go and live there and never go home.

He breaks down the book into their building the camp as it was originally just tents and how they then became huts. They would have a theatre and interestingly Klaus Kinski who became a world famous actor started acting there.

The various churches were strong and at one point it became a catholic seminary for those who wanted to become priests.

Once the war was over the British encouraged a programme of re-education and rehabilitation so that they would ave skills when they went home.

They had quite a strong cultural life. There are chapters on attitudes from residents, guards ,neighbours.

Eventually it was all wrapped up and they went home and the site became the MCTC or glasshouse used by the army which is still there today.

The authorities kept very little of the history of the camp and the author had to do a lot of research . The original residents are ow old or no longer with us.

Some of the more unsettling parts were that the prisoners would be various grades of Nazis and it was not unheard o murders to take place amongst the prisoners.

If you are interested in the story of Britain over the last 100 years , the second world war or Colchester this is the book for you. I think it is a monumental work of research and very readable.

I am please to be the first to review it and wish luck to the author

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