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F. Simpson (Edinburgh, UK)

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Remington D1001 Spin Curl Hair Dryer
Remington D1001 Spin Curl Hair Dryer

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Success depends on your hair type but it worked amazingly well on mine., 5 Jan. 2010
I needed a new hairdryer anyway so bought this one because, even if the spin attachment turned out to be a gimmick, the hairdryer itself looked decent enough and was half price, so I gave it a go.

I have long, quite straight hair - it goes a good four inches below my shoulders - and whilst each strand is quite fine, there's a lot of it. So it tends to 'hang' and it's very difficult to get any body or volume into it, but it takes a long time to dry. I've tried rollers, tongs, using GHDs to curl, making waves with a round brush, and all worked, but even with a whole can of hairspray the results would only last an hour or two; it seemed my only option was straight.

However, when I use the Remington Spin Curl, I genuinely do get a result that looks exactly like the photo. Plus it lasts from the moment I dry my hair in the morning until I go to bed at night, without any hairspray or styling products at all.

My method is to first of all tip my head upside down and dry the roots of my hair with the nozzle attachment. This leaves my roots dry and the lengths still damp but not wet. It also gives volume to the roots.

Then I section my hair into two parts - the crown and the underneath section. I then divide the underneath section in to four, and use the spin attachment on each one in turn, spending 45 seconds on each. Then I repeat the process with the hair at the crown - I divide into four or five sections and then use the spin attachment on each one.

This leaves my hair in twists. I leave them like this for 5 minutes and do something else, just to make sure the twists are completely dry, and have cooled down. Then I separate each twist. This makes my hair very crinkly and wavy. However, after an hour, the hair relaxes and falls into soft, loose waves and it stays that way for the rest of the day. I am completely in love with the hairdryer and now use it to curl my hair most days. It hasn't damaged my hair at all, because 15 minutes of drying with this hairdryer is nothing compared to the 15 minutes of drying and 15 minutes of straightening I used to do. I am careful to condition my hair well though, so if you have damaged hair this might not be the product for you.

As soon as my friends and family saw my hair, they all wanted to try it. My best friend and sister each tried it, and followed the same method as me. They have since ordered one each from amazon.

The problem is, you won't know if this hairdryer works on your hair type until you try it. If anyone you know has one, try and use it before you buy it. But if you have hair similar to mine (I think it really needs to be long) and follow the instructions I see no reason why it shouldn't work.

Happy spin curling!

Thermos ThermoCafé Stainless Steel Flask, 1.0 L
Thermos ThermoCafé Stainless Steel Flask, 1.0 L
Price: £11.49

8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Good value flask that actually works, 14 April 2009
This really works - it keeps tea made at 9am hot until after 5pm, although admittedly I have my tea black so it would probably cool faster if I used milk.

Cozy Boots Microwavable Foot Warmers
Cozy Boots Microwavable Foot Warmers

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Great idea but not very durable...., 25 Feb. 2008
My boyfriend bought me a pair of these Cozy Boots for christmas. I wore them around the house as if they were my normal slippers, nothing strenuous, just walking from room to room, for maybe 2 or 3 days, during which time they were microwaved twice, following all the instructions.

However, on the third day I noticed that the little grains used to fill the soles and to store the heat were leaking into the inside of one of boots - the inner lining had split. So my boyfriend sent them back and we were promptly sent a replacement pair. However after two more days wearing them the same thing happened to one of the new ones - I once again found hundreds of little grains in between my toes etc. So we are going to send this pair back and get a refund.

We may have just been unlucky and got two faulty pairs, but it seems fairly unlikely. I would say that it's best not to walk in them, just heat them up then place your feet in them whilst watching the tv. However it would be great if they were durable enough to be walked around in like any other pair of slippers.

They are lovely and warm and soothing, but could be better quality.

Jimmy Eat World
Jimmy Eat World
Offered by ReNew Entertainment
Price: £4.82

10 of 12 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars An unbelievably good album from an unbelievably good band!, 31 Aug. 2005
This review is from: Jimmy Eat World (Audio CD)
I'm not going to start by saying whether this is Jimmy Eat World's best album or not, partly because it's only an objective opinion, but mainly because Clarity, Bleed American and Futures are all such fantastic albums that I find it impossible to choose between them. What I will say, however, is that for fans of pop-punk, melodic emo or even just pop music, you really can't beat this album. It really is of the hightest quality, there is not a single track that I skip when listening to it. Every song could be a single.
1) Salt, Sweat, Sugar: A gritty, powerful rock song with an awesome sing-along/shout-along chorus.
2) A Praise Chorus: Upbeat, tuneful anthem with a hidden reference to a song by Madness...
3) The Middle: Sure, the lyrics may be cheesy but this song has a perfect pop melody and a great guitar solo.
4) Your House: Possibly the cutest lyrics ever written "Winning me over...with everything you say...you rip my heart right out...you rip my heart right out." An utterly brilliant, acoustic driven, heartfelt song.
5)Sweetness: I defy anyone to resist the temptation to sing along to woahs in this song; another example of Jim Adkins songwriting genius.
6) Hear You Me: A beautiful, simply-constructed heartbreaking song, with gorgeous harmonies in the chorus. A much-covered classic amongst me and my friends!
7) If you don't, don't: Another shockingly brilliant melody delivered with real passion, this one really sticks in the head.
8) Get It Faster: Fantastic sinister intro, this song reveals JEW's dark side. Look out for the dual guitar solo in the middle 8...this is my musical highlight of the album.
9) Cautioners: This one is a slow burner which many people may be tempted to skip, but it is actually one of my favourites on the album. Less guitar driven, more bass driven, and the best use of bells on a rock album I have ever heard!
10) The Authority Song: This song is just AWESOME, pure and simple. In my opinion the best way to enjoy this track is to find a pal who also loves Jimmy Eat World and sing along in harmony!
11) My Sundown: A delicious ballad with female backing vocals perfectly complimenting Jim's beautiful, sweet voice.
As you've probably gathered, I am an unashamed MEGA-FAN of Jimmy Eat World. This album won't appeal to absolutely everyone but it's appeal is incredibly broad.....my 10 year old sister sings her heart out to 'If you don't, don't' even though she usually prefers Girls Aloud and Justin Timberlake. Conversely, fans of hardcore punk such as Anti-Flag or The Ataris will appreciate the musicality of this album and the fantastic sound of the guitars. Fans of Green Day, Blink-182, Dashboard Confessional, Hundred Reasons, and even Busted and McFly will adore this album. Clarity and Futures are equally essential.

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