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JVC HA-F150-D-E Gumy In-Ear Headphones - Valencia Orange
JVC HA-F150-D-E Gumy In-Ear Headphones - Valencia Orange

5.0 out of 5 stars Keep 'em comin'!, 23 Sept. 2013
My first experience of JVC Gumy earphones was a pair of blue F130 series that lasted me 5 years. I replaced those with blue F140 series earphones and they lasted me 2 and a half years. I am not an intensive user of earphones but I do use them more than occasionally. So I decided to replace them with a more colourful pair of earphones. I wanted the standard orange but what I was sent was the Valencia orange model F150 series with the company making an excuse that that is the only orange JVC makes. I beg to differ! Anyway after trying them out the only difference I noticed was that they have little lips on the sides, probably for extra comfort or something. They fit well in the ear, are comfortable and the sound quality is really good.

A somewhat inexpensive earphone that is worth the price. I'm on my 3rd pair now because I think they are so good. I hope these last me as long as the last ones did although I see a pattern emerging!

A Hundred Years From Now - Essential Elvis 4
A Hundred Years From Now - Essential Elvis 4

5.0 out of 5 stars Come on home Elvis Presley!, 20 Sept. 2013
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The Elvis essential collection takes poignant moments from Elvis' recording career and puts them onto albums. They are great collections. In January 1969 Elvis Presley went back to Memphis to record songs for the first time since Sun Records in 1955. After a 68' comeback special the man was set on boosting his recording career and making a breakthrough again. Those sessions are documented in the album From Elvis in Memphis which I own and spawned huge songs like In the ghetto, Suspicious minds, Don't cry daddy, Rubberneckin' and Kentucky rain; some of his most famous songs. Although that album does have some great tracks on it, much of the non-single material is a bit bland and mediocre sounding. This is where this album is different! This collection focuses on his sessions in Nashville between June 1970 - June 1971. The main part of the sessions began in RCA's studio B. The producer was Felton Jarvis who decided to bring in some new blood to Elvis' band from his own selection including James Burton on guitar. Throughout the 60's Elvis had continued to use Scotty Moore (guitar) and D.J Fontana (drums) with accompaniment from Nashville's top session players. This may have been the catalyst for a change of pace. This album doesn't have any mediocre or boring tracks just great, enjoyable material.

The album has an informative booklet which gives us a history lesson and puts things into context courtesy of RCA and Ernst Jorgensen and Roger Sermon. It also has a few good pictures.

The album is made up of very rhythmical, upbeat tracks and some strong ballads. The album has many alternate takes and 18 songs which are unreleased performances. With these takes there is studio banter and much of the time you get a more in-studio feel instead of just listening to recorded songs. It feels a bit like you're there with Elvis as he jokes around and tests songs. By no means does that take away any quality from the material though, it just feels more intimate.

The album begins with I didn't make it on playing guitar (informal jam) which is basically simply an instrumental track. Then we are entered into the main songs and a great example of an upbeat song is I washed my hands in muddy water which will get your feet moving, just like a lot of the songs do. A hundred years from now which is the title's song is a quirky country song and shows a mix of styles from R & B, country to piano ballads. Got my mojo working/keep your hands off of it, It ain't no big thing, Cindy, Cindy (probably my favourite - infectious), Rags to riches, The fool and Patch it up are examples of fantastic upbeat tracks with rhythm. I've lost you, You don't have to say you love me, Faded love, Just pretend, It's only love and Bridge over troubled water are examples of the brilliant, strong ballads present. The final track is an informal performance of The Lord's prayer which is notable as it is Elvis on vocals, stretching his chords, with piano accompaniment and reflects his religious/spiritual side. What is great about this album is that it shows msuicianship and real music making instead of overlaying vocals and overdubbing instruments.

Essential Elvis volume 4 is an album worth owning for any Elvis fan because it has many songs that you either may have never heard him sing before, or it's different takes of songs which are certainly worth listening to. It is a great experience of listening to Elvis Presley in the studio doing what he does best!

Bud, Sweat & Beers
Bud, Sweat & Beers
Offered by westworld-
Price: £14.98

4.0 out of 5 stars Solid album from a tough man!, 16 Sept. 2013
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This review is from: Bud, Sweat & Beers (Audio CD)
I first heard Brainwashed a few years ago before it was released, on a music video show presented by Tinchy Stryder. Tinchy may've been the reason I watched it but anyway I saw the video and thought the song was awesome, it was immediately catchy, had a very impressive female vocal at the chorus and I thought the lyrics were really quick and smart. Later I downloaded the single when it was released. It's still my favourite of his. The other single I enjoyed was Let it go and those 2 songs stuck in my mind for a while. I'd been meaning to purchase the album for a good while and recently finally did! The album's title Bud, sweat and beers pretty much reflects the style and attitude of James Devlin. The album cover is a picture of him standing up against a wall and that's reflective of the music - he's street, from East London, and in 1 of the songs he says if he wasn't doing what he is he'd probably be a hood. The rap lyrics are quick, smart and often quite clever. That's what I think attracted me in the 1st place was how good he is lyrically and he stands out from the crowd. The booklet has lyrics for just 4 of the songs which I'm a bit confused about.

The album begins with 1989 which introduces us to him and his growing up. He was born in the same year as me. I don't know whether this song's that honest, it's sprinkled with sex references and it's shocking if what he says is true. Apparently Kanye West called him a 'gangster rapper'. He says he's not a gangster rapper he just spits it real! The song has a guitar driven sound to it which I like but it's far from the best track on the album. Days and nights gets much more sincere and follows from Brainwashed into a decent sound for Devlin. I get the feeling he wanted to call the song 'I'll sleep when I'm dead' but the record label decided otherwise. It's a good track and you get the feeling about how serious he is. London city was released as a promo before the album release. The female vocal gives it an attractive sound but it's not a favourite of mine. He's telling a story of a night out with the lads in the city, going to clubs and watching girls "wiggling their arses". The chorus is pretty basic and the song isn't my thing. Marching through the fog is a good improvement with a more serious sound, quite aggressive and puts his message out to those speaking badly about him just because he's 'at the top'. Let it go is a definite highlight. Labrinth takes vocals at the chorus with Devlin taking the verses. The song expresses a man trapped, escaping from a poisonous relationship. "I just wanna be left alone, it's time to let it go" he tells us. "Run back to your mother and tell her I turned out the same as the others" is 1 of my favourite lyrics. Yesterdays news is good, not the greatest. I like his use of 'mince pies' as a cockney rhyming slang and his reference of Elvis; "I've been through the blues just like Elvis at his best time but I ain't wearing suede shoes I've just got the best rhymes". You can tell he's a hard-ass with his lyric "I'm dangerous, I'll dead guys"!

Community outcast is definitely up there with the best with powerful messages and very effective rhymes. He says he represents the jobless, the homeless, single mums and old folk that live alone. I'm sure growing up he was surrounded with the type of people he talks about and in this economic downturn this song really hits home. You can tell how old this song is because he references Gordon Brown. Runaway is another highlight certainly because of the great chorus by Yasmin and also some good lyrics about escaping . Our father is another of the best and 1 of my top favourites. It speaks about how God built this world for us and how he's looking down at all the terrible things that have happened in the world and feels disappointed; as Devlin states "I'd be cross that my son had to die on the cross" and Dogzilla's "My son died in vain" with Jesus supposedly dying for our sins and yet the world is still full of sin, corruption and evil. This song has a strong, moody sound and is incredibly moving with Devlin referencing Haiti, 9/11 and 7/7. He tells us "I was on the train and hour before"! I love the line "I shake my head as I whiz by in my spaceship" referring to God! Finally has a strong sound and Devlin states "how different is my life to another man's? I'm just trying to make a living in this cold, cold place". The song is about making it in the music industry and otherwise. Ghetts and Dogzilla do a decent job with their efforts to make a coherently harmonious and effective track. Dreamer stands out because of Emeli Sande's vocals. World still turns is another moody track with Devlin telling us "now I'm coming up they wanna build me up to break me down" talking about those who've turned their backs on him. "I'm telling you strife you've been through, might make your heart feel colder than Pingu" is a lyrical highlight! End of days begins with explosions and refers to the Mayan apocalypse which was supposed to be on 21st December 2012. I like "I've never seen an atheist pray until the approachment of Judgement day". The song is atmospheric and it's 1 of my favourites because I like apocalyptic songs.

It's a solid album; some tracks are really powerful and there are a few which are good but not great but nevertheless it is an album worth buying.

The Journey & The Labyrinth - The Music Of John Dowland
The Journey & The Labyrinth - The Music Of John Dowland
Price: £25.27

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5.0 out of 5 stars Join The journey and learn about The Labyrinth, 4 Sept. 2013
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This CD/DVD collection was released on February 2007, 4 months after the studio album Songs from the Labrynth, which is a collection of covers by Sting and Edin Karamazov from the Elizabethan composer and Lute player John Dowland. I've been a fan of Sting for quite a few years and I'd been reluctant to buy into this project and avoided it until recently because I wasn't sure if I would like the songs as I'm not generally a fan of Lute music, but now I'm very glad I bought this. The booklet has a commentary from Sting about the history of Dowland and his opinions of the music and Dowland himself. Sting talks about a letter sent by Dowland to Queen Elizabeth I's secretary of state Robert Cecil, which he says 'gives audiences an historical context for the songs'. This is read out on the St. Luke's concerette which I appreciate and I especially enjoyed when he made a similar effort to give context to the songs on If on a winter's night... from Durham Cathedral, but for every single song he described them, instead of making one reading for the whole set. This is enough in this situation because this time all the songs from the main album are from the same man. With this context present it gives the listener a better appreciation and helps them to understand it in a more enhanced scope. Sting also says how he feels rewarded by immersing himself in Dowland's songs and performing them. On the front cover, as with the original album there is a picture of the labyrinth, which is on his estate and is a metaphor for Dowland's music, scholarship, and the journey which led to the album.

The main feature of the DVD is a documentary lasting 56 minutes which takes us into the genesis of the album. It consists of discussions between Sting, Karamzov and 2 experts on Dowland's history (David Pinto and Anthony Rooley), individual interviews with Sting, Dominic Miller, and with Karamazov, performances of a number of tracks; some material taken from the performance at St. Luke's Cathedral in London and some clever music video style takes. My favourite being Can she excuse my wrongs where there are 4 Stings around the table singing in harmony, which leads on from our lesson about how the sheet music would have originally been set out in different directions for each musician/singer around a table. It's quite surreal but looks so cool!

The DVD's bonus features are the St Luke's Concerette with 4 songs - Flow my tears, Have you seen the bright Lily grow, Clear or cloudy and Fields of Gold. I was amused by how the audience were clapping courteously for the Dolwand covers but when Sting does his cover of Fields of Gold the crowd goes wild and do a standing ovation at the end! It begins with the Dowland letter I mentioned earlier after a short Lute interlude.
Behind the scenes rehearsal - this is interesting as we see the 2 performing the songs candidly, making errors and improvising. There is a full performance of Message in a bottle, Robert Johnson's hell hound on my trail, which has a hilarious part with Karamazov using a CD case and then the handle of a microphone to create imitation bottlenecks, which were used in the Blues music at the time and he uses these slide techniques with jovial effect on his lute with Sting chuckling along. It ends with Sting complimenting Edin's efforts and stating "I think it's dinner time" which adds to the humorous atmosphere!
Edin Karamazov solo (Forlorn hope fancy) - this is Karamazov showing off his astonishing talent on the lute with this instrumental number. As if you weren't impressed enough already?!

The CD has 8 songs (originally broadcast on BBC radio 3) which were performed at St. Luke's church. 5 songs are Dowland originals, 1 - Have you seen the bright lily grow is from Robert Johnson (No not that 1 he was a contemporary of Dowland), 1 - Hell hound on my trail is by Robert Johnson (No not that 1! This is the blues master and this song was written in 1937), and 1 Sting original - Message in a bottle which gets a cheer from the audience and big applause at the end.

The music is so pure and beautiful with mostly Karamazov playing lute and Sting on vocals; it's simple yet so effective. It has that classical sound which I greatly appreciated on his If on a winter's night... material but this is far more sparse because there is mostly just 1 instrument and a lot of history behind it. Unlike many bands I like for their solid musical talent who've chosen to trade in their instruments for computers and destroy any musicianship (Linkin Park, Keane, Blink 182, Angels and airwaves and more recently OneRepublic), and the type which most people my age are loving (and far worse!), this is the type of music that artists nowadays could learn from. I'm not saying they should play lute or write like Dowland, just that this is a complete art form expressing talent and great songwriting which so many bands/artists these days either lack or have chosen to avoid. There is nothing wrong with showing talent on any musical instrument no matter how many of them you use, it's just a shame that so many are drawn to computer programmes now. I don't understand why.

This was an amazing project that Sting undertook and we are taken on a "magical" journey into the creation of the music and his inspiration for the album. If you share my skepticism for a lute album and you don't think this will suit you then I encourage you to leave your prejudice behind and step into the labyrinth!

Price: £3.93

4.0 out of 5 stars Xtremely good so Y not get it?!, 26 July 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: X&Y (Audio CD)
This is Coldplay's third studio album released in June 2005. You might notice that the cover image looks quite odd. Well these colours and blocks are a graphical representation of the Baudot code, an early form of telegraph communication using a series of ones and zeros to communicate. The album is split up into 6 tracks for X and 6 tracks for Y, possibly separating the tracks because of a varied style and there's a bonus track. I am a very casual fan of the band's music and after a while of deliberating decided to purchase this album 3 years ago. My favourite Coldplay song is Fix you and that was my main reason for buying this album. I wasn't sure how the rest of the album would sound but I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed the album.

The album begins with Square one and is followed by What if; the first is a mid-tempo track with a decent chorus and the second is a very piano driven track with a slower overall sound. White shadows picks up the pace with a steady beat and is much more catchy sounding. Fix you is my favourite and surely the strongest on this record too. An incredible piece of emotional piano pop music and I love the message with the singer reaching out to someone he loves saying that he'll fix them. It's a powerful ballad. Talk is a good pop track with a very cool guitar riff that is a mirror of the chorus melody. It's less reliant on piano and much more guitar powered. I like how the guitar works with Martin's vocals at the chorus, I think it's smart. The title track X + Y has more of a similar sound to the 1st two tracks and is more experimental with Martin doing plenty of falsetto vocals. Speed of sound is another single with a good beat and impressive high pitched vocals throughout with a pretty catchy chorus. A message and low are 2 of the less exciting tracks with the former being an epic track with acoustic guitar and the better of the 2 and low is a bit slow and trudging throughout but has a pretty good bridge/chorus which saves it. The hardest part was another single and it's 1 of the best here. Swallowed in the sea starts off quite slowly but builds to a great rhythm and is 1 of the better tracks and a pretty thoughtful song. Twisted logic sounds a bit different to the rest with its droning bass sound but at the same time still fits in well and ends the main album nicely.
The bonus track which is not shown on the back cover but appears on the CD as a + on the track listing is called 'Til kingdom come and featured in the 2012 movie The amazing Spider-Man. The song was originally planned for Johnny Cash to do a duet with Martin but Cash died before he was able to do so. The song is quite simple in sound but is very emotional and has a deep message for a loved one. It's a powerful, moving acoustic song quite diverse from the rest of the album and it's definitely one of the best.

If you are a more casual fan like me and you've heard the singles but aren't sure whether to buy the album then I would certainly recommend you do. Even if you're a more long term fan I don't see how this album could disappoint although I am biased because I haven't got any of their other albums but I do plan on purchasing more after how impressive this was.

Gotta Get Thru This
Gotta Get Thru This
Offered by Todays Great Deal
Price: £1.39

5.0 out of 5 stars An amazing mix portraying pure love, lust and undeniable depth, 13 July 2013
This review is from: Gotta Get Thru This (Audio CD)
Daniel Bedingfield is an extremely impressive singer/songwriter and this, his debut album, which was originally released 11 years ago, and then re-released with bonus tracks (my version) was 1 of the 1st albums I ever bought. I really liked Gotta get thru this, his first single and may have heard 1 of the other singles which attracted me into purchasing the album, which I'm very glad I did. The album is mostly made up of romantic songs and although sometimes they could be perceived as cheesy they are too powerful and epic to be belittled. His songs are so open and honest and unpretentious; just real feelings and experiences. Through my teenage years I would often leave this album on the shelf for long periods with my tastes changing and often love songs aren't the type of music to be listening to when growing up but time and time again I would go back to it and I've really appreciated just how good this album is in the past few years. There are no bad songs, dips or mediocre tracks, it's all top quality, amazing songwriting from a lyrical genius! The songs are deep and meaningful with Dan often putting himself on the line, appearing vulnerable, yearning for the girl and trying to do the right thing. If that's your sort of thing then you'll love this but if you're just into chart music about sex and hooking up then stay clear!

Blown it again starts us off, which is a really cool song about making a mistake and trying to redeem himself and is a great start. Solid rock does a fantastic rap which fits in great with the mood and feeling of the track. James Dean (I wanna know) is a perfect example of this man's style, his passion and honest lyrics, telling of how he's noticed this girl and she's driving him mad but decides it's futile towards the end. Gotta get thru this was recorded in DB's bedroom with his PC, a mic and the music software Reason and is 1 of the best, standing out as being a dance track. Right girl (which for some reason is omitted from the US version) is 1 of my favourites with a bit of an eastern flavour to it, an R N' B sound and is a very wholesome song (unlike chart music!). DB is telling how he wants to "Do it right girl" and how he's "gonna wait" and although you may not exactly get what he's trying to say first time Solid Rock comes in introducing himself as `Jahaziel' to clear things up and tell us straight with an awesome rap with killer lyrics. The song is about abstaining from sex until marriage - how many songs are there that talk about that?! Definite highlight. If you're not the one is an epic love song and 1 of the singles and is 1 of the best. He don't love you like I love you has an innocence about it, being another epic love song with DB trying to make this girl realise that he's better for her than her current BF. It's an acoustic song with a fab sound and stands out alone for that. I can't read you is 1 of my favourites, being a pop rock tune with cool electric guitar and a powerful chorus.

Friday is probably the most upbeat track on the album being a dance song with a slightly wacky sound and style that reflects Daniel's state of mind. Throughout the song he talks about how he's driven insane by the desperation of his cravings to see his girl again and how all he knows is "She's coming back on Friday!". Honest questions which follows is surely the softest song on the album, following the loudest. The open lyrics about his struggle make this a standout track. Girlfriend has a really good pop/R N'B sound to it and is 1 of the catchier tracks with lyrics about his appreciation and joy of having this girl in his life. Without the girl I love just for its honesty and desire to do what's right. It's 1 of the slower tracks with a fairly simple chorus but the whole song moves me everytime and is another of my favourites. Never gonna leave your side is another epic romantic with DB demonstrated his astounding vocal talents. The final track Inflate my ego is really funny because the previous tracks have been all about how he wants to treat the girl right, how he yearns for her and she's the only 1 in his heart; songs with integrity and deep, loving feelings. This song is nearly the opposite, where he talks about calling this girl and not knowing how he feels about her, how she should just go. He portrays an uncaring megalomaniac character which is confirmed in the chorus, It contains a sample of 'Peter Gunn theme' which you'll probably recognise and it's another solid dance sounding track. His narcissism is elevated at the end of the song with a crowd screaming for him in a stadium and DB shouting "Thankyou!" as loud as possible, implying his self indulgence which makes me laugh! I think this song was his way of showing he's not all completely serious and can only be deeply romantic, showing a more fun side and humour. It's OK for those who have been shocked by that track because what follows are acoustic covers of 3 singles and these take us back to his soft side. These are great acoustic versions and although they sound slightly diverse they are not watered down versions which so many artists tend do and Dan sounds great.

This album is so good and the music industry would be a better place if there were more artists like DB. The songs are so strong and heartfelt and the album is really influential and positive. The man's extremely talented and comes with a high recommendation from me!

Dogs Eating Dogs
Dogs Eating Dogs
Price: £3.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars A pretty pup lurks but it's mostly a bit of an old dog!, 10 July 2013
This review is from: Dogs Eating Dogs (MP3 Download)
Blink 182's self-titled album is still 1 of my favourite of all time. You can read my review of that and of Neighbourhoods on this website. I was seriously disappointed by the reunion album and felt like the band had ruined their legacy and should've let sleeping dogs lie. I think the album's title is humorously ironic. The word 'neighbourhood/s' is about a connection of people living in close proximity and the title implies the connection of each neighbourhood. That album couldn't have been more disconnected and less unified if they had tried! There was no synchronisation of music and individual ideas and you could pick apart each member's different styles and how they just don't mix together successfully. It is as if you can tell that the band are still not happy with each other's ideas through listening to the music. The band managed to come together as a perfect mix for those first 5 studio albums before the break-up but once they'd had their problems, which were surely still at the back of their minds and once they'd separated with each other's musical ideas for about 5 years it was difficult for them to work together creating that mix.

It has been 10 years since the self-titled album and the magic has well and truly gone and I don't know if it will ever return. That album is evidence of how perfect they once were and how talented they are. It's a world away from Neighbourhoods which sounds almost like a different band. Some of the ideas were just bad but there are some half decent songs put together with only 2 of them sounding good having Mark and Tom at the forefront as a team and that's 'Natives' and maybe 'Up all night'. Tom advocated using separated studios and e-mails for each member's ideas and admitted later that it led to the loss of unity. Travis Barker noted that, "there's some songs on there that I love, but for the most part it was disconnected" and both of those statements support my statement! I know The Police's best selling album Synchronicity was recorded in separate studios where they were barely talking to each other and somehow it was extremely successful but very rarely can a band thrive in such conditions and Blink are no The Police that's for sure!

When I was young is the opener for this EP which starts off sounding like an Angels and airwaves track and this is the first example of why Blink 182 will never sound the same again. Tom cannot separate himself from AVA's style and the rock music of Blink 182 and in my opinion the 2 styles which he tries to mix together; the synthesizers, electronica and straight-up rock just don't mix together well. The overall sound has been ruined. The song itself isn't too bad and it is the chorus which saves it. The verse has Tom basically talking his way through, babbling on in that same exaggerated Californian accent which makes his voice not just sound ridiculous but pales in comparison to how good he sounded from Enema of the state up to the self-titled album. It lacks melody and is boring but the chorus is strong with Tom exclaiming "It's the worst damn day.." and Mark doing his repeated vocal in between which is a perfect accompaniment and sounds good. What works about that chorus is the pure rock/punk sound. The interlude that follows the chorus ruins that mood with a mediocre synth sound. As far as pure rock goes the title track is the best on this EP. The problem is it sounds so much like +44 with Tom as a guest vocalist at the chorus, and shows how each member cannot really separate themselves with their past/current projects. That is their style now. Mark does a cool repeated vocal of the title with drum rolls and Tom's voice is a great accompaniment to this lead off with the 2 doing a chorus harmony. It is probably the strongest chorus they've done since I miss you. It's very atmospheric and moody with good lyrics.

Disaster is the most unexciting track on the record, that's not to say that it is bad though. It starts off with another AVA style intro and Tom and Mark sharing the vocals in the verse and Tom doing the chorus. I think this song is most similar to the sound of Neighbourhoods with the mix of AVA and that rock sound. Many will like the chorus with Tom getting excited and building his voice to a percussion duet end, which sounds quite catchy. The interlude, just like with When I was young reverts back to the AVA synth sound but is short and sounds the same as the intro, which is a better idea. Boxing day, which is definitely the most interesting and original (for the band) song here is my favourite. It is an acoustic track with a cool guitar riff that carries the song. The verse by Tom sounds like something I've heard before and I would be surprised if this melody is original because none of them have done anything this catchy for 10 years! The chorus is brilliant courtesy of Mark and expresses a man in despair but is really catchy. The bridge has a partial harmony from Tom and Mark which is a highlight. This song is a step in the right direction for the band with a new sound I am a fan of. I vote Pretty little girl the worst song. It was wrote about Tom's wife and sounds obsessive, creepy and paedophilic. It features synths and is all Tom. The rap doesn't spoil the song but it doesn't make it any better either.

With each member's lack of ability to separate themselves from +44 and Angels and airwaves what we have here is the band either sounding mostly like +44 featuring Tom Delonge or a poor man's Angels and airwaves.
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Only Fools And Horses: A Royal Flush [VHS] [1981]
Only Fools And Horses: A Royal Flush [VHS] [1981]

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3.0 out of 5 stars The VHS is the best but the episode is not!, 26 Jun. 2013
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I have been trying to collect all the Only fools and horses specials and was put off this particular episode for a while after reading the customer reviews for the DVD, which said that the episode wasn't that good but worst of all because of the edits the DVD version was missing about a third of the episode! I made the decision not to purchase the DVD version and because I still use a VCR to buy this version which is a no-brainer if you also still own a VCR because you get the full episode.

The episode clocks in at 1 hour 16 minutes. Admittedly it isn't the best episode ever with top characters like Boycie missing, the Nag's head pub is absent and it does have a strange atmosphere about it. My Dad is somewhat of a veteran fan who watched the episodes when they first aired and he said he couldn't remember this episode and thought that the BBC hadn't repeated it since. As my Dad put it "Del boy is over the top dull" in this episode. The whole episode he is trying to make things go wrong for Rodney and to ruin any chance he has of a relationship with the Duke's daughter. He is rude, arrogant and just downright obnoxious. Del boy has always been a bit silly but this really is overdoing the stupid behaviour. After a meeting with a woman unbeknown to him is the daughter of the Duke of Mallbrey, Rodney gets invited up to the family's estate. Unfortunately Derek and Uncle Albert follow and Del boy who wants the pair to marry does everything he can to embarrass Rodney, revealing all his secrets and destroying any good impression he could've given. Del boy's character is often silly but has a charm about him and it makes for good humour but this time he is annoying and it makes you despise him, which is completely out of character.

I would recommend this episode to any serious Only fools and horses fan and I would certainly recommend this VCR version because of the full episode. Just don't expect top quality entertainment in the show's usual style.

The Very Best Of Buddy Holly
The Very Best Of Buddy Holly
Price: £6.83

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4.0 out of 5 stars A great collection but not 'the best', 17 Jun. 2013
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I have been a fan of Buddy Holly since 2008 and the only other album I have of his is 'The ultimate collection' which is an awesome compilation with much of his best material on. This album here was a clear choice for me because it has many songs which aren't on that album. It is called 'The very best of' but I don't agree with that title. It would be better to have called it something less pretentious like 'The Buddy Holly collection' because a lot of his great songs which are featured on the aforementioned album are not on this one and therefore I don't think it deserves the title of 'The very best of'. Some of his best work like Learning the game, Raining in my heart, It doesn't matter anymore, Moondreams, Midnight shift and Love is strange are all absent. This compilation is actually a collection of his first 2 albums (he only ever made 3) with bonus tracks from the time. Disc 1 is Buddy Holly - his debut solo album released in 1958. Disc 2 is Buddy Holly and The chirpin' crickets - released a few months before on a different label. Both these albums have some of his well known tracks with disc 1 having Peggy sue, Everyday, Rave on and Heartbeat, while disc 2 features Oh boy, Maybe baby, That'll be the day (apparently 1 of his first solo songs written which went to number 1 here in the UK) and Early in the morning. The album has a cardboard outer sleeve and interesting inner notes. The CD's look like vinyl LP's which I like.

I just noticed that the track listing differs a bit from the actual CD playlist which is quite shabby. Besides the more popular songs I have mentioned there are some really decent lesser known tracks of Buddy's on this collection album which as I've said is what attracted me to it in the first place. Disc 1 opens with I'm gonna love you too which has that trademark Buddy Holly sound all over it and is a charming song. Peggy sue was absent from 'The ultimate collection' and I believe with reason to be honest. I know this song is popular with fans but for me it is nothing special. It is repetitive and uninteresting to listen to. It's very overrated and I can't see what all the fuss is about. If you are like me and you're not a huge fan who has heard nearly all of his material then these new unrecognisable songs will not be uncomfortable to hear because there are so many favourites to balance them out. Mailman, bring me no more blues is 1 of my favourites. Little baby is an example of a lesser known track here which doesn't have the best quality sound to it but I can appreciate that looking at the age of the song which is over 50 years old. Well... all right has an acoustic guitar backdrop and an upbeat swing feel to it and it's 1 of the best lesser known songs here. Real wild child is definitely a highlight but if this is Buddy Holly on vocals then I'll be damned!! Now we're one is a wedding anthem with a cool sweetness and must've had a meaning for Holly having asked his wife to marry him 2 days after they 1st met! Oh you beautiful doll is the wackiest track which is somewhat of an instrumental with weird vocals by Holly with the title being the only coherent lyric. It's all sung with what sounds like him playing up and down on his lips throughout! Lonesome tears is a proper rock n' roll track and a decent ender.

Disc 2 does have more prominent backing vocals by The Crickets but besides that the music is very similar. This has Not fade away which sounds similar to a few other Holly songs but is a good song. Tell me how is another Holly song where he mentions the word 'love' about 100 times throughout a song showing his affectionate and soft-hearted style but it's 1 of the highlights. I'm looking for someone to love is an upbeat fun track which was another early song. An empty cup is one of his melancholy tracks; not quite as effective as It's too late but not bad either. Rock me my baby is a sweet rock n' roll track with a fun sound. Modern Don Juan has Holly confessing "I ain't nothing but a man in love" which suits his style even though it's got quite a different sound. First time I heard Rock around with Ollie Vee was a live Stray cats version - this version is more simple but also much better too. Ting-a-ling has Holly telling us he's "a poor young boy and these girls just drive me wild" which has a youthful attitude reminding us just how young this guy actually was. I am older than he lived to now and I got into his music as an 18 year old. Think it over has strong Crickets backing vocals, a great sound and is a good ending to this CD.

The CD would be a brilliant addition to any fan's collection and would appeal to the more serious fan who doesn't have all the songs present on this CD as well as the new fans as I think it serves as a good introduction of the man. I would have given the collection 5 stars but because of the track listing on CD 1 being partially mixed up and because of the title being unjustified. This album is Holly's first two albums and although it does offer up some fantastic material as well as some of his best songs, with most of it being strong and interesting, this is not always the very best of Buddy Holly and therefore doesn't deserve the title it has.
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Mata Leao
Mata Leao
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Biohazard's fourth studio album marked the end of an era for the band. Bobby Hambel, the band's original lead guitarist had decided to quit after State of the world address and the band did not have a replacement for him on this album, meaning it was recorded as a trio, which is 1 of the reasons why this album sounds quite different from any other. Billy Graziadei did all the guitar throughout the album and as there is no lead guitarist those big solos and impressive, sometimes dramatic guitar interludes are absent. The overall sound is more simplistic but that is not necessarily such a bad thing and I do enjoy this album which has some great tracks. The first three albums were focused on urban life and this album steps into much wider topics, which was a breakthrough the band continued with. The songs are shorter than the average of Biohazard's previous works and instead of the usual metal sound this album is much more hardcore punk. The album's title "Mata Leao" roughly translates from Portuguese as "Lion Killer" and features a man being attacked by 2 lions on the cover. It's also the name of a chokehold in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which may have been a metaphor for what the band felt like they were in at that point.

The album opens with Authority which is fast and has that Biohazard attitude written all over it with the sing-along chorus "F*** the rules, F***, F*** the rules"! It's 1 of the best here. These eyes have seen is a decent track but follows suit with the rest of the material. It sounds less exciting with a pretty short exciting moment, shown in the chorus of this song. Stigmatized is another very punk sounding track with aggressive verses by Billy and a half decent chorus courtesy of Evan. Control is definitely interesting with a droning bass sound and low, husky vocals from Evan in the verse and a screamy chorus. Cleansing is less exciting but does have an interesting speech half way through by an unknown guy. Competition picks up a decent sound and is 1 of the better tracks. Modern Democracy continues with a much stronger sound with the band discussing politics, the American dream and being disappointed with it all. The half decent guitar interlude shows that Billy can do a good job of filling the gaps that Hambel would've usually filled. Better days is great with a sing-along chorus and an all round impressive performance. Gravity is a good song with pounding drums and guitar and a screamed chorus by Billy.

A lot to learn was the single and I can see why with it's somewhat catchy sound and a simple chorus. It's surely the fastest, most punk track on the record and the short guitar interlude from Billy is quite impressive. Waiting to die is my personal favourite and may just be the best song on the album. All the instruments are very up front with the whole guitar, drum and bass sound working in harmony. The bass carries the song with cool high pitched guitar moving along with it. Evan does brilliant on vocals with some really great lyrics about the state of the world and as Evan once put it "the biggest problem in the world right now; apathy". The chorus is definitely sing-along even though the vocals are somewhat unimpressive, with low notes, and I don't know who sings but it doesn't sound like Evan or Billy. A way is nearly as good as the previous 5 or so tracks with a really good, energetic performance from Billy on lead vocals. The whole album is punk and energetic and this song is a good example of that. True strengths begins with a crazy shouted vocal from Billy like he's in pain! It's pretty good but not up there with Better days or Waiting to die. The bridge has a great guitar solo piece from Billy, which is 1 of the impressive displays he shows trying to substitute Hambel. Thorn has a pretty heavy sound to it with lyrics about a life in pain! There's a crazy interlude section with screaming sounds and high pitched guitar with wild, angsty, screamed vocals from both guys which sounds pretty damn good. In vain is 1 of the best on the album, seemingly written about domestic violence/rape, it's got a solid sound with a great chorus. It's 1 of the darker Biohazard tracks and an album highlight.

This album is definitely quite a step away from their previous sound and their material after this album but it offers the only chance to see this band as a trio and what they were capable of at a turbulent time for the band. I think what's here is certainly an impressive effort minus their lead guitarist who created much of their foundation sound for the 1st 3 albums. I understand that not all the fans will appreciate the songs being shorter, punk songs and without solos, with a simpler sound but if you get over that it is a great album that still has that trademark Biohazard feel. This is definitely not the most popular album with the fans but I am sure of 1 thing and that is that it's an underrated album.

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