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Crossing The Line
Crossing The Line
Price: £3.06

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5.0 out of 5 stars Most certainly one of Barbara's best works for me, 6 Sept. 2015
This review is from: Crossing The Line (Kindle Edition)
Most certainly one of Barbara's best works for me. This is book is a step further (but not too far - kind of ...) in terms of violence and dark deeds but yet still has the Elsborg humor and thrills. Not your run of the mill romance story at all, it isn't one to be automatically categorized as a romance or even a romantic suspense although it very much still is. It's different, dark and torturous, full of heart stopping moments with a really really bad anti hero to twist you into pieces.
Katya is one of my favourite heroines: strong, feisty, sexy, talented and full of vengeance. I loved being there with her, her voice is emotive in so many ways and she held my emotions in her hand the whole way through. I honestly didn't want to put it down.
Kudos Ms Elsborg most certainly a 5 Star find in an ocean of mediocrity.

Destroyed: Satan's Rebels MC Book 1
Destroyed: Satan's Rebels MC Book 1
Price: £0.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars First person present tense format that's amateur at best. Very poorly proofed, 12 Nov. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
What a load of rot!

First person present tense format that's amateur at best. Very poorly proofed, if at all! The miss use of two and too is appalling. There is no structure and too many inconsistencies grated. And then, and then ...ha! It just ends in the middle of a "big moment" so you have to buy the next book if you want to see what happens next. Guess what? I don't.

Summer Girl, Winter Boy
Summer Girl, Winter Boy

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5.0 out of 5 stars Loved it!, 23 May 2014
Great dialogue, great heroine and one of the best first kisses I've ever read.

An original slave fic premise for our hero but one that some readers might find difficult to accept. Blackmailed into being a sex slave over a period of ten years may seem excessive, but I was okay with it. We all get stuck in a habit forming rut and accept the things we cannot change, and for Jai this is what it was. A dark place without any hope of escape until he meets his Summer girl.

Elsborg transforms a dark and horrible beginning into something worth rooting for. I loved the transformation and the reward. Niggles? Yes, I have them but nothing to deter my overall enjoyment of this story. I read it in one sitting - such was the compulsion to see it to the end. Enjoyable romantic and erotic fiction with just enough suspense to keep you turning the pages.

Try (Temptation Series Book 1)
Try (Temptation Series Book 1)
Price: £4.01

15 of 20 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Don't waste your money, 15 Nov. 2013
You know what I love about this book?
The hype! No really, I love it.

I'm thrilled that an m/m book is attracting so much attention and enticing a whole lot of new curious hetero readers to explore the genre. I absolutely love that, and for that reason I really, really wanted this book to be a shiny sparkling example of what new readers can expect from this genre. Ella Frank is not an author I have read before but she comes with a reputation for writing good hetero erotica and so I thought if Joey W. Hill and Kele Moon can pull off the switch so beautifully why not give her a chance.

Ella Frank's first mistake is to not being able to let go of the hetero by including a graphic m/f sex in the first paragraph - a big no-no! "her creamy thighs where spread wide apart with his cock sliding in and out of her soaking wet pussy" is not something that appeals to the typical m/m reader. Yes 80% of us are woman and yet, I do sympathise for the 20% who are GAY men. Is it not polite to mention somewhere in the blurb that this book contains scenes of graphic m/f sex? Not (according to some) necessary, but I do feel it is courteous and respectful. If the roles were reversed I suspect there would be uproar.
Try is a gay-for-you erotic story - that's it - there is nothing else, no surprises, no angst, no humour, no plotline - want and possession - that is all. Logan is the bisexual initiator and Tate is the confused straight guy. The two men circle each other in a dance that's predictable push and pull with dialog that is uninspired - full of clichéd sexual innuendos like this ...
"You'll be hungry then? Logan: Yes, but not for food. Tate?"
Not only is the dialog clichéd, it's very questionable. What man actually says things like "All of that honey-colored skin, naked under me, your curls all over my pillow as I drive my cock inside you--oh yeah, Tate, that's going to happen. Mark my words." - This is not realistic.
The conversation is so borderline cheesy and without weight that I never connected to either of these MC's, they are simply too simple, too fictional and shallow. How old are they? Why is Tate a barman, did he not get a college education? All I know is their petty high school jealousies and the need for constant (girly) reassurance. No matter how many times (at least 49!!) I am reminded of their physical attributes I found them uninspiring; together they fired up about as much chemistry as a bowl of milk.
This book is labelled erotica and yes there is a lot of sex. But each scene is like a copy of a copy of the scene before it - the mechanics might change but the descriptive is the same: rigid cocks, molten kisses, groans and growls, up against the wall, biting lips, heated stares, mine blah-blah-blah. I really couldn't care about a 20 page blow job scene that might as well have been performed by a woman. I was bored while Ella Frank worked her way down her list, ticking every off each sexual act to eventually reach a point of ultimate surrender. For me this writer does not capture the true essence of what m/m erotica is and her effort pales in comparison to what this genre has to offer. But then, your mileage may vary ...

I slump and can only hope that Ella's fans will enjoy this one as much as they enjoy her previous works. I want to embrace all these brave new readers and welcome them into the genre with open arms but I fear that this book not a good representation at all. So please believe me when I say that in comparison this book really is the poor relation.
I find myself bitterly disappointed with it. All of it. It feels so far removed from m/m romance that I could scream and weep for the genre's missed opportunity. I'm sorry I have to be the droll policeman standing in front of the spotlight of shiny gif excitement waving a hand and repeating "Nothing to see here folks, move along ....this way please" and points to the recommendation list below.
To the new m/m reader:
I recommend these books as a great place to start your m/m journey:
Shattered Glass (Dani Alexander)
Hot Head (Damon Suede)
Deadly Nightshade (Victor J Banis)
Promises (Marie Sexton)
Faith and Fidelity. (Tere Michaels)
This genre has SO MUCH MORE to offer you, SO MUCH! If you loved this book then m/m is going to rock your world - if you didn't love it? I don't blame you. This is NOT a good introduction (IMO) but don't give up yet.
Honestly, you don't know chemistry until you have read books by the likes of Abigail Roux, Anne Tenino and Aleksandr Voinov, and if you want great m/m erotica? We recommend anything by Heidi Cullinan or Cameron Dane. There are so many more wonderful authors like Brandon Shire and Tom Webb that offer heartfelt, beautiful descriptive prose and genuine quality to call on.
For the devout m/m readers: There really is nothing to see here, you have read it all before. I cannot recommend this book to anybody.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Terrific Suspense!, 10 July 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Chosen (Kindle Edition)
Chosen is not Elsborg's normal fare but she pulls off this dark riveting thriller with a flair that rivals the best of suspense writers.
This book would not be misplaced on the top shelf of the thrillers and suspense novels in my local WHSmith.

From the very first page Elsborg grabs your attention and doesn't let go. Not for a minute. This book reads like a movie viewed in HD with full cinema surround sound and graphic imagery.
It comes with warnings of shocking content which are not to be ignored. Most certainly not for the faint of heart as the angst alone will send any pacemaker into overdrive, even a healthy heart like mine threatens to jump out my chest at every twist and turn; and there are many.

The plot unfolds layer by darkening layer to reveal a centre of rotten psychological depravity. Every one of the players is skilfully crafted to bring a stunning sense of credibility to the plot.
The villain is a psychotic sociopath who scared the living daylights out of me. Each character evokes a vast assortment of emotions from the reader an the majority of this book is a white knuckle ride without reprieve.

Chosen is NOT an enemies to lovers story, it is one hell of a suspense filled thriller.

Overall an all-consuming book that will have you tripping over your jaw and falling into an angst ridden pit of anticipation. Just when you think you understand the villain, he defies the boundaries of evil and leaves you shaking. I loved it!

Dark Soul (Vol 5)
Dark Soul (Vol 5)

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Intense!! Superb!!, 18 Sept. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Dark Soul (Vol 5) (Kindle Edition)
This is a short review for the entire collection of Dark Soul books.

From the very beginning the tension is palpable, the story takes turns so sharp I was left tripping over myself. This was unexpected, dark and sometimes disturbing. But good, oh so very very good. Take my breath and leave me speechless good.
The author has created an intensely dark and delicious character in Silvio. He is stunning to say the least, a masochistic killing machine with a touch of soft, just a touch...I think?

This series is very very worth your time. I loved and devoured every one of these books, even though the moral content is questionable, it's understandable and works with these characters.

Stunning and Superb stories! Highly recommended to lovers of something dark, dirty, erotic and sinful!!

Long Shots: Books 1-3: Double Shot\A Shot in the Dark\Pulled Long
Long Shots: Books 1-3: Double Shot\A Shot in the Dark\Pulled Long
Price: £4.90

5.0 out of 5 stars 5 Sizzling Sexy Stars. Worth every cent!!!, 18 Sept. 2012
Not generally a fan of Novella's myself. All too often I find them too rushed, predictable and generally not worth the money when most times you can buy a full novel for the same price.

This series of three Novella's is without doubt the exception to the rule. Individually they are offer a clear insight into the characters and plot. They are dazzlingly sexy, and highly erotic reads. Every one of them. I was not at all disappointed. So to have them compiled into one book is superb!

So if you are looking for some hot sexy menage, erotic m/m voyeurism , a seriously sexy fire fighter with a wicked imagination who wears leather pants on his off time;) Then click away, you found it!

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley who sent this to me for an honest

Gambling Men
Gambling Men
Price: £4.20

3.0 out of 5 stars Bust or buy, the cards are on the table..., 12 Sept. 2012
This review is from: Gambling Men (Kindle Edition)
So that was pretty much a loosing hand. I should have folded at 30% when I have a feeling I should cut and run.

Jace and Quent, friends since they where at college together. Jace is the controlling dominant character. Sharp as a whip, a leader and a fierce competitor. Quent is Jace's opposite. His Ace of hearts to the King of Diamonds.
This is a story of when friendship becomes love. So after eight long years of Jace holding his cards close to his chest, just waiting for the perfect play. Quent unintentionally gives up a tell, Jace shows his hand. And it's a full house!!! And Quent is "all in"!

"Sometimes you can't win unless you lay all your cards on the table"

This is all played out in the first 10% by the way. Yep, all cards showing at 10%. So perhaps there might be a bit more in the game I ask myself. Well no, not really.

"Every chip I have is on the table Quent. You know that, right?

Jee, no Jace I wish I had, I wouldn't have really bothered if I'd known.

One positive is, they have lots and lots of really hot sex. But then they ruin it and converse in poker metaphors...a lot! They do play go fish...really erm...well! And enthusiastically break in a new poker table.

There wasn't much in character development apart from what can be deemed from the constant poker metaphors.
So if you think this review is annoying, try reading a full length novel and deciphering the true meanings behind it all.

It was redeemed in so much as that the sex was hot and I have nothing against the writing either. But that's the deal, no much else really.
I think I would like to bet on something else by this author as I have heard good things about her books. Sadly this one was a bust for me.

Double Shot
Double Shot
Price: £2.94

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Sexy little menage, doesn't disappoint., 29 Aug. 2012
This review is from: Double Shot (Kindle Edition)
This is the first of the Long Shot novellas. The Long siblings Sadie, Paige and Ian run and own Pulled Long coffee shop and Bakery.

Double Shot is Sadie Longs tale of finally getting together with her long time lusting crush on her friend Paul.
Sadie is the quieter middle sister, with a tendency to be a bit nonexistent. I didn't feel much for Sadie. She was a bit bland in character until she surprised me by not only voicing her fantasy to Paul but following through.
This is a very sexy menage novel. Not a bit of BDSM in this one, even though Paul works at Mavericks sex club. I thought some his preferences might have been a little more revealing than a threesome. A very hot threesome, but still;)I was not disappointed.

An all round enjoyable read that introduces some likable characters and sets the scene for the books to follow.
And the books that follow are incredible!

Pulled Long (Long Shots)
Pulled Long (Long Shots)
Price: £2.80

5.0 out of 5 stars Just Perfect! Loved it!, 29 Aug. 2012
The Third in the Long series!

I am so glad I didn't have to wait to read Ian's story. Throughout this series I have been watching the growing flirtation between Ian and the mysterious "Blue Eyes"

I was not disappointed! Pulled Long picks up a few months after Paige and Carters story. Ian is still working too hard and too long. The guilt of his past weighs heavily on his shoulders and he fears being alone, always alone. Never being good enough to hold onto something worthwhile without destroying it in some way.

When Ian found out that Jeff/blue eyes used to be married to a woman, he pushes him away. Unwilling to be the straight guys rebound guy. But Jeff knows what he wants and Ian is it for him, he cannot stay away and he doesn't.
When Ian takes a chance on the one person he craves the two explore each other without abandon. This contains extremely vivid m/m sex and voyeurism. The author has a gift of pulling you into a scene that is highly erotic and yet you are able to feel more than the carnal arousal, the passion and affection bleeds through too! It makes for an epic reading experience. I love it!

This was a perfect book for Ian. I couldn't have asked for more. It left me in my happy place:)

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