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R.O (Edinburgh)

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The Isness
The Isness

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5.0 out of 5 stars Proves psychadelic is a state of mind, not just a product of a singular generation, 29 Oct. 2007
This review is from: The Isness (Audio CD)
So there were many super amazing psychadelic albums first time round, in the 60's and 70's.

So, this double album wears its floyd, beatles, donovan, shankar influences on its sleeve.

So, this is as good as, if not better than many amazing albums of the 60's.

Take two visionary producers who gave us some of the most complete, best electronic releases of the 90's, who are now getting to grips with song based structure, and orchestrating real instruments with boundless passion, and staggering craft, and you'll see why.

Best described as retro - future, this album persuades one that the psychadelic spirit existed way, way before the sixties and still will for eons to come. Visually as well as Aurally evocative, this masterwork has stage setting majestic splendour that many film directors would be in awe of.

Reset your music radar to pick up the worlds of the Otherness and the Isness, they're totally off the map baby...

Greg Wilson - Credit To The Edit - Volume One
Greg Wilson - Credit To The Edit - Volume One

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5.0 out of 5 stars headphone soundskapin and bootie ass-shakin, 24 July 2007
Essential for anyone who loves modern dance with an edge - LCD, The Knife, Hot Chip etc. Origins of those sounds.
15 Count-Em rock solid classic tracks surgically re-edited by a man deeply in love with music. The re-edits accentuate the best bridges, choruses, effects of the originals and fuse them together with the ear of a sonic wizard. What really shines on this album is Gregs understanding of sonic space - how much room do we give the vocal, should the build be a focus of a rmx, are two simultanious tracks better than one? - the vocal on one track unexpectedly enters after 4 minutes of build!!!
Some tracks are just that - re-edits, while others such as Raw DMX "Do It To The Funk" are mash ups of two seperate songs that unify with a startling brilliance. All the tracks ooze a true dedication to and love of music.
Its hard to describe that although this a re-edit album, such is the artfulness in the featured tracks re-assemblage that it in fact feels as if greg was in the studio engineering and producing alternate takes of solid gold classics, while in fact many of these reinterpretations feature some 15 years later! Astonishing then that some of them improve on the originals. No mean feat when your dealing with music of this calibre...

Do yourself a favour, grab this and david mancuso's loft series and indulge in disco / funk / house / electro masterpieces from a time when dance music was foward looking, ecstatic and not in the least bit self-referential or cynical.

A truly superb release

Keep Breathing
Keep Breathing

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4.0 out of 5 stars SHIMMERING DELICATE DEFIANT UNEARTHLY, 29 Mar. 2006
This review is from: Keep Breathing (Audio CD)
Vini Reilly (The Duritti Colum) is a virtuoso musician of great talent. His guitar is the tool he uses to connect his soul to the world.

He makes albums that are vibrantly colourful aural tapestries, intricately woven and deeply infused in emotional resonance that shifts and changes throughout his pieces in a mercurial fashion - as unpredictable and surprising as the British weather.

Reilly is The Real Deal. By that I mean a musician who, when you ask for references to his sound, there are none, because his unique sound is so much his own. In this way he should be seen as a british institution. To give you an idea of how important he could be, Brian Eno has cited The Return Of The Duritti Column as one of his favourite albums ever.
He has been around for quite some time now, and has made many albums honing and mastering his signature intstrumental guitar mood pieces.


For me the most exiting thing about this album, and what sets it apart from his previous work is the use of iconic samples that provide wonderful counterpoints to the music.
There is an dynamism and tension that exists between the cut+paste samples and the sumptuously crafted and intuitively meandering layered syrupy guitar work. For example a well structured chorus will provide the hook in the track around which reilly weaves his charming and deeply affecting treated guitar. Improvised, classically beautiful and enchanting, this lifts you up into blissfull reverie... so by the time you finally return to the sample you wonder how possibly can these two elements inhabit the same song. Then before you know it the hook kicks in and (in the way that one might respond to the way a skilled dj segueing two unlikely tracks together)theres a feeling of yeeeaaahrrrs - Nice One My Son.


In terms of marketing Vinni likes to keep things lo-fi and indie (check his website to see how un-flashy he keeps things). The cover of this album is nondescript and unnassuming.Sure the duritti columns music doesn't scream at you but his work justifies artwork with more presence and majesty.
I personally don't subscribe to this "humble pie" artisan approach to image, and I find it deeply frustrating that someone with a talent of this magnitude is given so little exposure.
However when you first chance upon his music it does rather feel like you've un-eathered some rare, ancient gem.

Reilly is a small bloke. He has a frail, delicate voice. But he doesn't need to shout loud to be heard, because he speaks defiantly from atop vast mountainous plateaus of shimmering beauty he has built with his layered guitar. Truth. Beauty. Poetry. Its powerful, spiritual music.


**** - WHY???
(1) This album is not a masterwork instantly enjoyable and accessable to everyone. It is however the work of a rare talent. In partaking in the act of listening to such sparkling virtuosity, one is enabled to connect with echos of the eternal, right in the here and now.

Dear Fellow music lovers, keep your ears to the ground, your head in the clouds and your hands in the air.

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