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HUION NEW 1060PLUS Graphics Tablet with 12 Hotkeys and Storage Function
HUION NEW 1060PLUS Graphics Tablet with 12 Hotkeys and Storage Function
Offered by HUION
Price: £72.99

14 of 14 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Huion 1060 Plus...is it better than a Wacom?, 14 Feb. 2017
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
So is this tablet better than a Wacom? I suspect a few people reading this review might be asking that very question - I was asking it myself not too long ago. And I'll try my best to answer that over the next few paragraphs...

I should point out here that I'll be comparing this tablet to a meduim sized Wacom Intuos 3. My own one is around 10 years old, and every game studio that I've worked at has always seemed to supply me with one too.

I bought this tablet as a replacement for my Wacom. There's nothing wrong with the Wacom itself, apart from it lacking a pen (my fault for misplacing it). Now a replacement pen for the Wacom would cost almost as much as a brand new non-Wacom tablet, so it seemed to make sense to have an up-to-date tablet and after a good bit of research I decided to go for the Huion 1060 Plus.

The tablet came packaged in a nice box, everything in it's place and nothing missing. Included was the tablet itself, the pen/stylus, the pen stand (which is openable and contains 4 spare nibs but can hold 8), and the carry case and glove. After taking the tablet out, at the front of the manuals was a little slip of paper telling me how to set the tablet up in a few quick and easy steps. And they were just that - plug the tablet in and wait for the computer to detect it and the in-built storage, install the software from the 8gb card, and that was it! Easy, simple, no problems at all (unlike installing Wacom drivers).

So first impressions. The build quality of the tablet seems just as good as my old Wacom, perhaps even better. I was concerned that it might feel cheap and poorly built, so I was very pleasantly surprised to find that that was not the case. The tablet surface feels really nice, smooth but not too smooth, letting the pen glide nicely along but with just enough friction there to give plenty of control and accuracy. The buttons on the tablet feel nice too, although I've not really used them much as I generally use keyboard shortcuts instead. The pen itself feels just right, perhaps not quite as robust as it's Wacom counterpart, but I do find that it is easier to keep a grip of and doesn't slide around in the hand as much as the Wacom pen. The buttons are also perfectly placed for anyone who is used to the buttons on the Wacom pen. Another thing to note is that the pen comes fully charged and so far I've not had to plug it in for a recharge yet, so I was happy to be able to start playing around with the tablet straight away without having to wait for an hour or two.

The software that comes with the tablet is also very good. I'd argue that it is more intuitive than the Wacom software and the settings are right where you'd expect them to be. A quick pressure test showed that there was no need to go tweaking any settings along those lines, and after a quick look through some other settings everything was good to go. Essentially, this tablet was ready for use straight out of the box (and after installing the software) and at the end of the day I didn't have to change a single setting.

And then comes the real test. I've spent a couple of days seeing how well this tablet performs with zBrush, and so far I am extremely happy with how it has handled it. The tablet is very quick and responsive with no lag at all. Again, the surface is great, just the right amount of friction giving plenty of accuracy whether sculpting those larger forms or smaller fine details. The pressure from the pen feels perfect, giving just the right amount of variation, and without having to press the pen hard against the tablet when full pressure is needed (as was often the case with the Wacom). All in all, I've found using the Huion to be a very pleasing experience and I can't imagine going back to using my old Wacom.

One other area where this tablet scores bonus points is in the price of replacement pens. Just to be on the safe side, I did order a spare, and while the Wacom pen costs up to £70 the Huion pen only costs around £10 and comes with another 4 nibs (so I now have 8 in total).

Perhaps one little thing that some people may not like about the supplied stylus is the lack on an eraser on the top. I don't have a problem with this myself - I usually use shortcut keys for the eraser when I'm painting in Photoshop, for example, as I find it much quicker.

So is this tablet better than a Wacom? Yes! Absolutely! Like I mentioned earlier, I am comparing this to an Intuos 3 and can't really comment on the newer Wacoms. But the Huion 1060 Plus does feel lovely to use, responsive, accurate, great build quality, very easy to set up, and all in all a really really nice tablet that I'd gladly recommend. I'm actually so impressed that I'm now looking into buying the Huion GT-220 v2 later this year, and I'll be sure to wittle out another lengthy review when I do!
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1.0 out of 5 stars Budget chair, but not worth even half the money!!!, 26 Aug. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
So I bought 2 of these about 18 months ago (one for my wife and one for myself). I spend a lot of time working on the computer, so I was hoping that this chair would be comfortable and durable. Unfortunately, that is not the case...
First off, the chair does look nice. That's probably the one saving grace here. And it does look comfortable. But looks can be deceiving! Now, the chair was as easy as any other PC chair to put together so no problems there. And initially it did feel comfortable and sturdy. But it didn't take too long for all that to change.
The first thing to cause issues is where the seat attaches to the base. This wobbles like wobbling is going out of fashion. It's not just a little bit of give though! It's to such an extent that I think I've left the recline feature on.
And speaking of reclining, that's another issue that is of great annoyance. Basically, the recline lever under the seat seems to have a mind of it's own, and is constantly switching from the non-recline position to the recline position. This often takes us by surprise when leaning back into the chair, and my wife even got a face full of coffee on one occasion!
Another thing to go is the height adjustment. This just doesn't want to behave itself. I keep my chair on the highest position, but I constantly have to keep putting it back up every couple of days as the chair sinks down. And on my wife's chair this is totally broken, stuck on the lowest position and unable to raise it.
Yet another issue is the noise this chair makes. It creaks like mad! Just sitting down gently is cause for a near-deafening noise that can be heard around the house.
And finally, on to comfort. Like I mentioned, it did feel comfortable to begin with. But after using this chair for over a year I'm now finding I have some pretty chronic back pain, which has spread down into my legs. Now it's possible that the chair isn't to blame, but after using another chair for the past 2 months the pain seemed to subside, only to return when I started using this one again. There is absolutely no support for the lower back, non what-so-ever, and I've have to just stuff a pillow down there to help alleviate the pain. Now correlation does not equal causation, but I'm fairly confident that this chair is probably the source of my back problems.
So would I buy this chair again? Absolutely NOT!!! I'll be hunting for something else soon, something that doesn't feels like it's about to fall apart any minute, something that doesn't creak and groan like an old haunted barn, and something that doesn't cause the sort of back and leg pain that stops me from being able to sleep at night. All these problems arose fairly soon after buying the chair, perhaps during the first 6 months, and we've just been living with them since (they're not recent, despite us having bought these chairs 18 months ago).
Avoid this chair like the plague, folks!!! Seriously! Spend a little more and get something well built!

Graco DuoDiner Highchair - Benny and Bell
Graco DuoDiner Highchair - Benny and Bell

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars This really is an amazing chair! We had originally bought a much cheaper ..., 9 Oct. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This really is an amazing chair! We had originally bought a much cheaper one for our baby daughter, and after that fell apart we decided it was time to splash out and get something a little more expensive. "You get what you pay for" is definitely the case with high-chairs, and the build quality and functionality of this one is great. Our baby is much more comfortable and will even sleep quite happily when the back is reclined. It's easy to clean and store away and move around from room to room. Being able to detach the seat is an added bonus, and we're already taken it with us when visiting relative. The tray fits on nicely and is easy to adjust into just the right position for feeding or playing with toys.
All in all, we're very very happy with this chair! Can't believe we didn't go for this one originally, but glad we got it in the end. Highly recommended!!!

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5.0 out of 5 stars These cups and just great! We have two, 9 Oct. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
These cups and just great! We have two, and our baby daughter loves them! It makes drinking by herself a lot easier after struggling to tip her other sippy cup enough to get anything out. The cup is also very easy to take apart and clean. Highly recommended!!!

PhotoGeeks TT2/3L/90 Continuous Lighting Tabletop Photography Kit / 90 x 90cm Light Tent / 3 x 35w Fluorescent 5500k Light Bulbs / 3 Lights / Includes Boom Arm Stand
PhotoGeeks TT2/3L/90 Continuous Lighting Tabletop Photography Kit / 90 x 90cm Light Tent / 3 x 35w Fluorescent 5500k Light Bulbs / 3 Lights / Includes Boom Arm Stand
Offered by PhotoGeeks
Price: £94.95

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great kit and an amazing service from Photogeeks!, 9 Oct. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is a great piece of kit at a good affordable price. After a brief hiccup with one light (which Photogeeks went out of their way to sort out for me in super fast time - amazing service, thanks!!!) I had everything set up and started taking some test shots. Wasn't long before I managed to get some really nice results with some jewelry shots, with the addition of some acrylic sheets, and after a tweak in Lightroom everything came out looking professional. Very happy indeed!!!
The kit itself is all great quality, and feels sturdy and well made. One thing to note is that the tent does unfold itself with quite a lot of force, and after smacking myself in the face with it the first time (my fault!) I played it safe and opened it outside by prodding it with a stick - so just keep that in mind and open with care! The tent is also huge, and even though the size is in the description it's surprisingly large compared to what my imagination led me to believe....even big enough to fit a baby or a small adult. The lights are all a good temperature so no need to go over the top with adjusting white balance in-camera or in post, and the stands give you a good level of adjustability so you can get the lights just where you want them.
All in all I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to get some great results without have to spend a fortune on expensive studio equipment. Thanks, Photogeek!!! :)

Sennheiser PC350 G4ME Corded Gaming Noise Cancelling Stereo Headset - Black/Silver
Sennheiser PC350 G4ME Corded Gaming Noise Cancelling Stereo Headset - Black/Silver

1 of 6 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Not what I would expect from Sennheiser, 22 Feb. 2013
Having previously bought a PC165 a few years earlier (which to this day is still going strong), I had high hopes when I bought this a couple of years ago....

The first issue I had was feeling pressure in my ears which after a while could become quite uncomfortable. I would also usually only use the right ear piece, having my left ear uncovered, so that I could hear the outside world - and while I'm not saying the headset was the cause, I do now have constant tinnitus/ringing in the right ear. I expect this will plague me now for the rest of my life, and possibly drive me insane in the meantime!

The next issue is with the wiring. I've been very careful with this headset, making sure not to jolt it or drop it (after having issues with cheaper headsets/wiring in the past), and about a year ago I noticed that when the volume control was tapped even slightly that the sound cuts out. This has been getting worse and worse and I'm just waiting for the day when it cuts out completely.

Finally, their customer service seems....sorry, what customer service? Utterly non-existent! I submitted a ticket about the wiring issue, and it was shut without any explanation what-so-ever! Not even a simple "sorry, there's nothing we can do"! When I compare this with companies like Logitech, for example, who I've always found are happy to go that extra mile to keep customers happy - I've had numerous quick replacements whenever I've had issues with Logitech products, just outstanding service! Lets just say that Sennheiser appear to not give a monkeys once they have your money.

So to sum up:
I would say that the sound quality is very good, but not as great as I would expect from a headset of this price and from this once reputable company.
Build quality has gone downhill, dodgy wiring, simply not good enough!!!
Customer service department that are probably too busy on Facebook to bother even sending a quick reply to a ticket. I doubt they even read it, in all honesty!
Pressure on the ear that may or may not have resulted in tinnitus...I wouldn't want to blame the headset but I do have my suspicions.

Overall, only getting 1 star from me! I would say AVOID any of the recent Sennheiser products, they're just not what they used to be in all aspects (except for price, of course).
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Travel Adapter EUROPE Multi Extension 2 Pin Earthed Plug 4 UK Sockets Moulded Schuko Type F Plug 1.5m Flex VDE & CE Certified
Travel Adapter EUROPE Multi Extension 2 Pin Earthed Plug 4 UK Sockets Moulded Schuko Type F Plug 1.5m Flex VDE & CE Certified
Offered by Traveldapter
Price: £22.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect for life in Europe!, 7 Aug. 2011
We bought our first one of these just prior to moving to Germany last year, and after finally getting all our possessions shipped out from UK we decided to invest in a second. These adapters are built very well and feel good and solid, and of course they are extremely handy for plugging all our UK gizmos and gadgets into our Germany sockets.

I hope that they decide to make a nice 6-way surge-protected version similar to the Belkin ones, but until then this adapter continues to do a grand job!!!

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