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LG RHT498H  Digital TV Recorder with 250GB  Hard Disc Drive & DVD Recorder (discontinued by manufacturer)
LG RHT498H Digital TV Recorder with 250GB Hard Disc Drive & DVD Recorder (discontinued by manufacturer)

23 of 24 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic, highly recommended, 16 Jan. 2011
We were very worried about buying this item after reading all the negative reviews, but saw that most these types of items had bad reviews. We decided on the 498 as it had more space than the 497. We wanted it as a dvd recorder and it works great as one. I can't comment on the freeview as we don't use it as the telly has it and we have sky. And most tele's nowadays have freeview so I don't think of the freeview as really being an issue.
The setup was easy, the instructions are as good as any instructions are nowadays, they get you through the setup fine but the actual usage is a bit bare on knowledge.
The whole 1 hour to 27 seconds was abit of a let down as this only works on some kind of special ram disc, which isn't used for storage but for tranfering, so you could burn (dub) it onto the disc then put it into your computer to get the file off, (as it won't copy things to a usb, as far as we can make out). Haven't tried this yet though. It will take a USB though and play files off of that.
It has lots of different modes to record on. XP is the best, then SP but we can't see the difference in these. LP does great too. The others, EP and MLP aren't very useful.
When recording onto disc from the hard drive it tells you how much space is free on each of the different modes, we use SP were it says a disc will give you 125 minutes. After several attempts at trying to burn things that amounted to 120 minutes and wasting discs we gave up and rang LG, who said it needs extra space for menus, about 10 minutes, so the disc can only hold 115 minutes. Fine now we know, but wasted a lot of time before this. So basically on SP you can fit 5 20 minute episodes on, like Friends or something. But with 45 minute programmes, like Buffy, you can only fit 2 on a disc on SP.
You can burn straight to a disc, again the time restrictions apply of it taking off about 10 minutes. It's easy to do, as long as when you're finished you go to disc and then finalze, if you don't do these steps exactly right the disc gets corrupted and won't work and the whole recording is gone.
It records off Sky great, and looks just like the original footage.
The issue about the open/close button being on the other side I don't find an issue as it is clearly marked and there's a button on the remote anyway. We sit about 3 metres away from our tele and dvd recorder and the remote responds from this far away, although you do have to point it quite accurately, and I don't think it feels cheap and plastic, its just like other remotes really, and lightweight.
Ours has been on basically all day everyday as we had a lot backed up on our sky planner and we needed more room so are tranfering stuff to disc till we can get round to it.
The box itself looks really nice, and doesn't feel cheap. It clearly shows you your running time on the display screen.
The edit section is great, you can easily cut things like breaks out. You have to select a start point and an end point and then it chops that section. However where you select as a point it does tend to add on between 1-2 seconds, might not sound much but it does mean that the beginning of a break gets in the way. When you play it back it does tend to freeze for a little bit on the section you cut, but it is only a easy editing programme and not something expensive and professional like Premiere or something. You can also combine clips if you have recorded them in two seperate parts. You can name each of your files and put them in sections, like drama, show, movies, news, documentaries, etc. It plays back fine on other dvd's players and upscales but doesn't upscale on your PC as far as we can get it to, but still plays on it.
Overall we think it is a fantastic item, it does what it says and does what we need it to do. If you're looking for a dvd recorder with good quality then I would highly recommend this item.

Pantone Huey PRO
Pantone Huey PRO

4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Huey pro, 26 Nov. 2008
This review is from: Pantone Huey PRO (Camera)
This is a review on the Huey pro, at first I was very concerned about buying this product as reviews had led me to believe that the Huey pro leaves a green colour cast over your computer.any way long story short came to the decision to buy the Huey pro it got here, and first of all calibrated my laptop monitor and a green overcast was left oh my god what do I do! But then the realisation hit me that I am working in Windows Vista and this, if you know is a very awkward colour management system. Any way for those who have the colour cast and are disappointed with the product remove all other icc profiles you do this simply by going into the control panel double clicking on colour management your very first screen that will appear there'll be a white box, make sure that's empty and then calibrate your monitor. Secondly I then calibrated my mac on leopard so i can verify it works for both vista and leopard. This had a few more issues that where purely because of the monitor I have it's cheap and crappie to be Frank! But once I reset the settings on my monitor and recalibrated and the colours were perfect. After this I then calibrated my wacom it's seen as a second monitor. After this i then recalibrated my miss's monitor, and I've become slightly obsessed and wish to recalibrate everybody I meet's monitor. i recommend to any one, literally any one who can appreciate the look of photographs with supreme colours or if you just like to watch your videos in what appears to be very high quality, even if there not surprisingly. its price is admired and brighten's the screen dramatically, it looks like a new computer!

Charmed Complete Collection - The Ultimate Box Set (Series 1-8) [DVD]
Charmed Complete Collection - The Ultimate Box Set (Series 1-8) [DVD]
Dvd ~ Holly Marie Combs
Offered by kaboodal
Price: £144.95

87 of 88 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic, Excellent Boxset!!!, 10 Nov. 2008
This is the best boxset ever, and best show ever. I have been a Charmed fan for years, and have been waiting for a decent price with a great design for the boxset. I had one before but it was the thin book of shadows one, which inside, the discs are just in crappy sleeves, and thats it, really poor design. This boxset is so more superior. When you open it up it reveals 4 boxes, each with a sister on it, and each box has two seasons in it. When you open this up, on the inside cover there is a list of all the episodes in that box, unfortunately no description of what that episode is about though. And then see-through flip parts with the discs held in it. It also comes with a great bonus disc with some interviews and making of, etc. The only thing I didn't like about this boxset was that you have to shove your fingers in the side to try to get a box out, but this isn't a big deal, just slightly annoying.
Given the other alternatives, with either poor design, or really expensive, like the magic chest one, this is by far the best. Also the ones I've watched so far have English Subtitles, so if you're hard of hearing like me, it's really useful.
If you haven't seen Charmed and don't know what it's like or what it's about then read on. The program is about 3 sisters who discover they are witches and have to battle demons. Every episode they have a bad guy, usually a demon to defeat, and along with that we share in their personal lives, through their heartache, job problems, and watch them grow as people as the series' continue. At the end of each season there is some form of 'big baddie' to defeat, and especially towards the later series these are full of explosions, drama, and varying emotions. In Season 4 there is a huge event, (I won't give anything away incase you haven't seen it but) another sister comes into the show. This show is very funny, sad, tense, and just brilliant. It's about good and evil battling, but also about the importance of family, and true love always finding a way. It's got great actors, great storylines, and a very very hot cast of both female and male hotties. With plot twists, explosions, drama, humour, and love this is by far the best show ever!
If you like programmes like Buffy, Angel, Smallville, etc, the 'good v evil, beat the baddies' kind of programs then Charmed is the boxset for you. I have watched each episode 15-20 times, and could still watch it another million. There are some great programmes out there, but sometimes you can only watch them a few times over, but not with Charmed, I watch it all the time and drive my fiance mad!
It's well worth the money, and the best out of all the boxsets to buy.
If your still not sure catch a few episodes on repeat on the Living channel, and fall in love with this series just as I did.
Hope this helps everybody!
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